Unaccountable Civil Servants


WHERE DOES ONE START? THERE IS SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM, Civil Servants in Jobcentres, The Inland Revenue, The Department of Work and Pensions, The Council and Councillors, Members of Parliament, National Health Service and a Mayor...... we will show you all of these, name them and reveal how they are fleecing the taxpayer and covering their tracks with lies, deceit and corruption.


CIVIL SERVANTS are supposed to be ordinary people just making a living, but don't be fooled, they are nothing of the sort.  They agree to sign up to the Official Secrets Act and have Crown Protection, they are bought and paid for in their salaries, and they will treat other members of public with contempt and complete disregard if they choose to do so.  They cannot be challenged with total success and proving anything against them is a waste of time, you will lack evidence and they will subvert all and any enquiries.

The Complaints system in the DWP and Jobcentre is designed to take six months.

The  Complaints/Appeal system in the Tax and Inland Revenue will take four months

The Complaints system in the Council can last over twelve months or more.

Most Court Actions rely on the claimant going through one of the systems mentioned and if you chose not to (because you cannot trust them) the Judge will probably strike out your claim  ----  your freedom of choice has been eroded completely.

Just lately, in the Spring of 2009 The Daily Telegraph exposed the Fraud and Corruption in the House of Parliament, and it went very deep.  The public were shocked at how many pigs were in the trough helping themselves in the grand name of expenses - The Expenses Scandal - the attempted cover-ups and denials.  But one group has been missed in this expose by The Telegraph --- The Civil Servants.

So let us get down to business and expose some of them here:


' Where Government Corruption Started '

IT MORE OR LESS STARTED IN THE 16TH CENTURY, as with the Police, corruption in government isn't a new thing, no, it began around 1700 with ' THE SOUTH SEA BUBBLE ' a bubble that burst exposing the government and those who dealt with shares and a company that had no assets.  It led to a financial scandal of huge proportions.  Investment and shares was the game (not unlike the recent banking scandal), and the government were in the thick of it.  The South Sea Company was in trouble, it showed a deficit in the accounts and owed the Chancellor £14million (in that time!), which was half the size of the National Debt.  Thomas Brodrick for the Government was looking into these affairs as they had become very serious for the country.  He told MP's he had uncovered the largest scene of villainy and fraud that was ever perpetrated.  ' The Committee of Secrecy' - yes, one can hardly believe that eh?  a government department said the company ledgers had false and fictitious entries.  Before they could complete their findings, some of the Company books went missing and others were destroyed.  Brodrick dropped a 'bombshell' in the House of Commons, as he declared that he had evidence of corruption at the heart of government -- exposing that Sunderland had taken bribes, and that Robert Knight had concealed Sunderland's role at the request of John Blunt.  Deputy Governor Charles Joye said Knight insisted that £100,000 worth of stock shares should be reserved for ' the friends' of Sunderland.  The Commons listened to news of corruption on a staggering scale -- and share dealings carried out by the Treasury Secretary Charles Stanhope that were amazing.  The Committee could not find any evidence of Stanhope paying for 10,000 shares he claimed, then worth £25,000.  As the calamity unfolded more names in the house were exposed all going up to the King, professional investors and the Church.  Yet when it came down to charging them with crimes,  (the government lawyers were hurriedly changing the law and its interpretation) - they were all protected from the full force of justice?  The Public were outraged, but there was little they could do, they didn't have power over soldiers, legislators, all favourable to the government and Crown, and it just faded into history.


HMRC - the untouchables -- or corruption on a new level?

ONE GROUP OF CIVIL SERVANTS HAVE MORE PROTECTION AND POWER THAN THE OTHERS and that branch is known as HER MAJESTY'S CUSTOMS AND EXCISE and THE INLAND REVENUE -- HMRC --who can practice it the utmost secrecy without fear of prosecution or investigation -- No Minister has authority over them -- There is no known investigation that has ever been successfully lodged against this branch of civil servants because of the immunity they have been granted. The power they have was never granted by the people of Britain it came from the politicians and the judiciary.

We list the following cases, reports and articles in support of another Web Owner who contacted us for information to put on his site which entirely focuses on the Inland Revenue and Excise Officers.

' Customs and Excise Elite Squad investigated for Corruption '

Police claimed that officers of the Customs National Investigation Service were being investigated for corruption.  They said some officers in Customs Excise were allowing informers to sell on heroin.  It is stated that Customs officers have skimmed off a proportion of seized drugs to resell on the black market.  The inquiry will look at a number of officers who have perverted the course of justice.  Doubts over covert Customs operations have seen four separate major court cases collapse during a three year period.  The Police would not say how many Customs officers were under investigation claiming they did not have the power or authority to act as they normally do in other cases.


GRAHAM ZELLICK a former Principal of Queen Mary and Westfield College was alarmed that a customs officer should have the power to override a decision in the criminal courts.  Such power should rest with the Home Secretary.  A review of their status should be checked as they are not above the law even though they think it.' he said in a statement.

' Customs Officer arrested for groping women in trains '

A SENIOR OFFICER NICHOLAS SHAW appeared in court accused of groping women in busy and crowded trains.  Manchester Crown Court heard that there were a number of incidents involving women who claimed they had been touch up by Mr. Shaw during their journeys. A fifth woman said she felt uncomfortable when Shaw stood so close to her on the train.

HIGH RANKING CUSTOMS OFFICER'S NAME KEPT SECRET BY OFFICIALS - We have been prevented from naming a senior customs man by the Ministry. Our Private Detective Richard was following a lead based on a tip-off that a senior customs man was corrupt and in the habit of taking bribes in order to make things okay for his contacts.  Richard found this to be the case and made enquiries about the man and his personal life that in turn showed us the cause and reason he was engaged in certain activities that would eventually jail the ordinary man in the street. However, when we checked with the customs and excise we were forbidden to name the man, and there has been no case in the papers relating to it, so it appears to be secret and one of those things that this government are good at, and that goes for the police who we mentioned at the beginning who were investigating several customs men in our first article.


' Customs VAT man in spanking tax dodge '

CUSTOMS TAX INSPECTOR PHIL McHUGH only spanked female bottoms, shapely ones, and gave the girls £30 to £100 for photos while he spanked them.  He said ' you won't have to pay any tax -- it's all cash in hand '.  He worked in the Customs and Excise Investigations Department in Blackburn, Lancashire.  The Department later said they were looking into his activities.

TAX INSPECTOR JAILED OVER BLACKMAIL -- PHILIP McHUGH was found guilty at St Albans Crown Court of Blackmail. It was said that he made a demand for £1million from TESCO and threatened to bomb the store if the ransom was not paid.  The 52 year-old also threatened to contaminate products at the store in Lancashire.  It was stated that he was addicted to gambling online and had debts of £37,000.

NB: The HMRC refused to say whether the 'two' McHugh's were the same....and pretended not to know!

Yes you're not seeing double, we know it is the same taxman involved in the two cases. Having now linked these cases together it certainly needs questions asked at the HMRC in Blackburn, and answers?   - What activities did they look into regarding the spanking situation and how is it they missed the gambling debts and his eventual prison sentence for blackmail.


' HMRC Investigator in fraud '

JONATHAN MIDDUP an Investigator with the Inland Revenue was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining £16,000 in benefits for his wife -- he aided and abetted her scam to swindle for income support, housing benefit and council tax in Hucknell.  The deception was calculated and the plan to let his wife sign on as a single parent was carried through.  Nottingham Magistrates Court found Middup guilty of dishonesty, the Judge said ' It is appalling that this man was a criminal investigator for the HMRC '  He was given an 8 weeks suspended prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

' Those H & M Revenue & Customs blunders '

HER MAJESTY'S REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, yes, not so squeaky clean either as we show you here.

Retired David Betson had regular problems with tax codes etc, and what was annoying was that this kind of thing continued over and over again despite contacting them he said. He made a formal complaint, but guess what? he hasn't had a reply or anything from them.

Elizabeth Booker had a tax demand for £858 going back over a two-year period. She was now retired and the mix up again was tax codes, but still the matter had not been sorted. Even after contacting them she still was sent the wrong codes.

George Stewart tried to get two tax rebates owing to him after tax was taken incorrectly from his saving accounts. This matter went on for 18 months, yet he was promised by someone at the centre that he would receive a response by September 2010, it never happened?

Mary Stephen got a shock when the tax people said she owed £3,207 in underpaid tax. After approaching the tax office on several occasions and getting more stressed she was dumbfounded to find out that they thought she had a second job at a place she has never worked?

Stan Bradburn was sent a bill by the tax people for £3,200 which stated he had been underpaying for two years. After much effort and running around for faceless tax collectors, he discovered it was all based on incorrect tax codes. The Tax people had confused information due to three sources of income, but couldn't get the matter right with all the expensive expertise they claim they have. A spokesperson said they were looking into it as a matter of urgency?  --- not a lot of hope there eh?


AN Unidentified civil servant at the Inland revenue seemed unconcerned that a lie interfered with a claimant's valid request.  He actually said the info was on the pc regarding a claim for Income Support, whereas the claimant had never claimed income support at any time.  His bungle and false statement quashed the claim and it was only after trouble and delay to the claimant that it was finally put right.

They were requested to reveal the civil servant, but denied this and said there was a clerical error??

HMRC GO AFTER INNOCENT PEOPLE AND THREATEN THEM --- Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs staff are continually getting away with the crime of threats and harassment and they get away with it without any fear of prosecution, and why is that?  they have immunity provided by the police and Crown, they cannot be touched. They are above the law. The new report says they threaten to take possessions over tax demands to those who already agreed to pay off bills, and they do it to people who owe nothing. Any errors they make are not errors? simply just something that happened -- just like one un-named civil servant who wrongly assessed some claimant even though he had other information to the contrary, had their claim denied and was not held accountable when the mistake showed up. The HMRC would not investigate him, suspend him or hold an inquiry into his behaviour because he was protected.  The report highlighted the fact that these threats flouted the Office of fair trading rules -- guidance to debt collectors --- yet amazingly the HMRC is not bound by the rules because it is a government department?  This situation revealed itself when Mrs Perry was hounded by the HMRC debt office in Glasgow and then by another debt office in Croydon.  The Office of Fair Trading was contacted and that's when it was revealed that they were above the law and could not be investigated by the Ombudsman or Office of Fair Trade, even the police are tied when attempting to investigate, they are immune from prosecution.

TAXMAN FAILS TO WIN CASE AGAINST MAN WHO WINS APPEAL -- Tax Inspector Hayden Hart thought he would nab his man easily, and said he was attacked by him whilst doing his duty. Initially in a lower court the taxman got his way, but Paul Clarke took his case to the Appeal court and the judge overturned the decision saying the facts were exaggerated, and it could not be proved by just a few marks that Clarke did it. Lawyers for the taxman tried to change the charge, but the judge would not let them.

IN RELATION TO HMRC THREATS one MP said ' The tone of these demands were deeply offensive and threatening ' ' In some cases they are sent to the wrong people saying they will seize possessions and take property if the bill isn't paid'  The MP said this was disgraceful. especially as it was a public body paid for by taxpayers.

' HMRC Tax Officer is Jailed '

SENIOR TAX OFFICER MARGARET SCARGILL was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of taking more than £10,000 in false tax payments.  It was discovered that she had perpetrated the crime over five years under the noses of colleagues at the Dewsbury HMRC Office.  She opened two accounts in order to place the stolen money. It was amazing to learn that she had acquired a senior position during those years, and all the while fiddled and falsified documents.  She was jailed for six months.

' The Taxman in blunder refuse to accept the facts '

THE INLAND REVENUE in Preston do make mistakes, do enter false information, deny it and carry onto the next occasion -- Miss Tonie Francis was dead according to their records, another gaff, but when she actually phoned to correct this, the operator said she could not enter into any dialogue because she was dead?  The mother of two from Northamptonshire had her benefits frozen because of it as they had classified her as ' deceased ' even an officer from a department said he could not enter into any conversation?  Amazingly, the civil servant on the phone actually asked the deceased!! for a copy of her will and details of next of kin. She has since consulted with a solicitor and intends to sue the tax authorities who claimed this was a 'computer error '

THE INLAND REVENUE THREATEN WIDOW --- Indeed, A case has come to light that clearly shows the HMRC   have shown their true colours again. A 95 year old widow was threatened with bailiffs over a bill that was actually wrong and their mistake. This comes at a time when a Commons Committee hauled them in over the chaos and complaints by the public.  Widow Beryl Frew was told in a letter she would have her possessions seized for non payment. It was only after outside forces went over their bills that it was found that she had actually paid £380 more, and that was what they owed her. This example clearly shows how insensitive these people are and that they are quite unconcerned about using their power to crush anyone, even when they get it wrong.

' VAT Taxman Jailed '

RICHARD THORNTON, a VAT Inspector with the HMRC was sent to prison for two and a half years for swindling taxpayers out of £32,000 at Mold Crown Court.  It was heard that the tax Inspector set up a fake company with fictional directors to help him make a bogus sale and claim back on VAT.  He was convicted of fraudulent evasion.

IT HAS BEEN REVEALED THAT MISTAKES ARE NOT ALWAYS MISTAKES as claimed by the tax departments of the UK Government.  An internal document showed that Officers often deliberately try to trap and cheat claimants in order to reduce any tax benefits or rebate. It showed the staff had a system geared up to performance targets within offices.  Often they knew that a wrong demand had gone out, but ignored this in case 'the fishing trip' netted results.  One trick was to get people to rewrite claims and compare them word for word, and if it didn't do that, they then had another worker lean on that taxpayer with more requests for information in the full knowledge that they were running a subtle intimidation that the claimant could do nothing about.

' Dishonest Tax fraud Officer on the fiddle '

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER AT THE REVENUE AND CUSTOMS PROSECUTION OFFICE DAVID PARTRIDGE, found himself being prosecuted instead. He was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed for awarding his wife a lucrative contract said to be around £100,000 of taxpayers money.  He was found guilty acting dishonestly over a period of eighteen months.

TAX OFFICE COVER-UP OVER BOTCHED ASSESSMENT FORM -- Why the tax office lie, cheat and deceive is a mystery, but they do; even over the little things.  The North Country Inland Revenue Tax Dept made what they call an 'error' yet kept the identity of the civil servant a secret and would not have him identified when requested by the taxpayer/claimant.  The claimant had given in forms that showed the exact circumstances, yet, the civil servant wrongly filled in another knowing that he'd received other paperwork that could not be right and its status wrongly listed.  But this officer continued with the incorrect assessment which affected the claimant badly and delayed him, thus causing stress and further trouble. 

HMRC TAX DEPARTMENT THREATENS LEGAL ACTION in letter to 69yr old Widow in regard to bill that was incorrectly assigned to her when they knew it was the responsibility of a former employer. Yet they demanded that she paid £217 a month to clear the £2,607 bill of which she was first told to pay within one month.  The pensioner already lived on a strict budget and found coping very difficult.  A watchdog contacted the office, and in seconds the mistake was seen; but only because someone in the newspapers intervened. It is quite clear that they would have hounded her and taken the money --- and never looked to see if it was correct, accusations levelled at the tax staff of bullying and threats is well founded, and someone likened them to back street money-lenders who put the frighteners on debtors --- this describes the Inland Revenue exactly.

CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST HMRC PERSONNEL ARE FLAWED -- Investigations are carried out by the Police Complaints, and as we already know they are notoriously a whitewash in the case of suspected police wrongdoing, so it doesn't carry much weight when one considers they handle criminal charges against tax staff at the Inland Revenue Departments. Our Investigator Richard asked them for details of how many tax people they were currently investigating, how many had been to court and how many had been jailed as a consequence of criminal acts, but they refused to give any information.

TAX INSPECTOR AND TWO STAFF RESIGN over harassment charges by pensioner. A leaked internal memo from one department to another says that 'there is no reason to take the matter of harassment claims against the dept any further as resignations have been accepted and the pensioner has received a full apology for the distress.'  We have learnt since that the tax premises in Bristol have closed and staff moved to other areas??

HMRC face angry Treasury Select Committee over only 40 telephone calls in every 100 are answered by the tax office staff, whereas their published target said only four calls in every hundred can be allowed, which shows what this department is up to. HMRC Chief Executive Dame Leslie Strathie did not seem all that bothered about the horrendous record and glibly said ' Let me accept that as a challenge? '  A thirty minute call held at their office can cost a staggering £12.30 to the worried caller, one pensioner spent £54.12 as he waited two hours on the line. HMRC Managers are to be hauled in over the chaos the dept is causing to the taxpayers.

PAUL FOOT REVEALS LOCAL TAX OFFICE DILEMMA -- Back in the 80's the Investigative Journalist revealed that tax blunders were rife due to the hire of students in many offices, hired to fill the gaps needed of staff away or just not able to cope with workloads. But this led to wrongly assessed people and more outrageously the purge on innocents that became like a game to many of the civil servants that had a free hand to choose what they liked. No proper checks were being made of their work when in fact, they were not properly trained and many could not understand what the system was about anyway. One senior tax officer admitted it was going on, but he did not have the time or resources to put all of it right, ' some things just had to be pushed through right or wrong, and you just hoped the outcome would not seriously get anyone into trouble.' he said.

' Tax Office Cover-Up over Vodafone Interest Mystery '

The more this department try to bury the issue of the unpaid interest involving Vodafone, the more the questions are asked -- without any satisfactory answers?     It became such an issue that the Commons Treasury Select Committee called in top civil servant, Dave Hartnett  who by some strange moves -- became a top official at H.M. Revenue and Customs.   Time and time again Tory backbencher Jesse Norman, pressed him about the ' smelly ' deal that had allowed Vodafone to settle its tax debt which had been overdue and incurring interest, but Hartnett become more unconvincing as he threw in ' Government errors' as a cover-up, and we've heard about these 'errors' that civil servants cling to as a way out to get the public off their backs?    As to the matter of the unpaid interest? well according to law it is a criminal offence not to pay interest on tax owing....but the HMRC is above the law and makes its own rules as we have shown....they have Crown Immunity!!

' Rogue Tax Inspector becomes Whistleblower on HMRC '

PETER CLARE, a former Tax Fraud Investigator with the HMRC for 22 years has appeared on the web offering two CD's of interviews in which he claims to expose the secret and nasty tricks that the civil service staff use on the public in their game of cat and mouse -- which they perversely enjoy!  He cites disgruntled employees who could and did fit up people and fabricate evidence against them.

' USELESS INCOMPETENT HMRC '  --- Mr K. Bland of Isleworth reminds us yet again of the overall incompetence of the Tax civil servants throughout the UK.  He tells us of a demand sent to a client of his telling him to pay a penalty of £100 for non-completion of a tax return.  It wouldn't be so bad if this could be considered a fair mistake? but it wasn't, the man had died two and a half years earlier!!  and what makes matters worse, some idiot member of staff addressed it to ' Mr. P. Warbrick Deceased '  Mr Bland and many others wonder what kind of civil servants are they recruiting and the obvious answer is -- not up to the job and clearly incompetent.

' Tax Inspector is suspended and Arrested '

PRIDE OF THE HMRC MICHAEL ALLCOCK found himself suspended and then arrested when bosses turned against him. Amid rumours of bribery, that never went away, the seemingly successful tax investigator was being accused of 'improper collusion with the Serious Fraud Office '  He was told there was a possibility of charges being brought against him under the 1906 Corruption Act. -- Unfortunately we cannot report any more of this peculiar case because it suddenly went underground and silence followed???


Research has revealed that Michael Allcock used bullying in his techniques, and was not a pleasant man?  so I guess many ordinary citizens hope that he was prosecuted or even jailed. ( he was jailed see later article)

'Tax Officer in Theft and Burglary '

TAX OFFICER STEVEN SMITH of the Kingswinford area was found guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court of theft and burglary  --- he stole a key to the property of a woman and took £25 from her purse  --- he was given a community order and court costs of £750, plus an oreder to pay back the money he stole.

CALLOUS ACTS BY HMRC -- Mrs. Brenda Williams tells us a woeful tale of civil servant aggressive behaviour, when she wrote to query a demand sent to her which turned out to be completely wrong and based on the wrong tax assessment and numbers.  She was told by a member of staff ' We don't really care what you think of us, if we say you must pay this then you will or we shall take your house and anything else, we have the power to do so '  After several other attempts and on receiving a notice that a debt agency was now handling the claim she approached a watchdog in her local area for help.  It was just a matter of days and they found that the tax office had made error after error. The ombudsman was sent copies of letters and the HMRC backed off and claimed that somehow she had been given the wrong data.  They never apologised for this harassment and got away with it -- no civil servant was brought up on charges nor identified.

' Tax Officer Accused of Theft '

HMRC's JOHN MEAKIN faced theft charges brought by a member of the public and claimant.  It is said that The Tax Credit Claimant Compliance Officer abused his position and withheld documents in order to disable a valid claim and cause maximum distress.  Of these charges of wilful misconduct, the HMRC said they were looking into the matter and needed time to respond?  Beyond that, they wouldn't comment!

HMRC TAX BLUNDERS TO BE WRITTEN OFF --- A report has shown that billions of pounds are to be written off involving unpaid bills that go back several years.  They claim it is a result of the PAYE system going back to 2004. The HMRC are to send out letters to those who overpaid in 2003 to 2004, those who owe will be required to pay £600 each on an average. It says the HMRC has been in a shocking mess for a number of years, but they deny this and do not accept the criticism?    Yes, that is them and business as usual.

' Tax Boss denies Lying '

In the GOLDMAN incident, HMRC boss, Dave Hartnett denied telling lies at a Parliamentary Committee when he was repeatedly accused of lying over a settlement with the U.S. bank Goldman Sachs, which cost the taxpayer almost £8 million. He claimed he had not overseen HMRC's dealings with Goldman. But a leaked confidential document shows that Hartnett had been involved in settling a dispute over taxes with Goldman Sachs. He later admitted to assisting colleagues to deal with the difficult issue??


' Swindling Tax Officer in elaborate fraud '

HMRC TAX OFFICER ELIZABETH GIBSON deceived colleagues and others making claims totalling £58,042 using dead people's identities and non-existent relatives.  To support the fraud she acted as agent in respect of the claims and deposited cash into her own bank account.  It is claimed by the HMRC that they were unaware of this? -- but seven years is hard to swallow despite this feeble claim by the tax authorities.

' H M R C hide errors to stop taxpayer appeals '

Evidence has been revealed that indicates that HMRC is suppressing and concealing mistakes and information from the taxpayers. An internal memo leaked events surrounding secret decision making when dealing with appeals, and shows they are denying leniency in matters of unpaid income tax. It shows that the tax officers chose to conceal the details and went on to demand thousands of pounds despite being able to approach claims fairly.  The discovery of HMRC refusing to accept official employers' forms in appeals cases is widespread in different districts. It showed that many claimants would not get a fair hearing at their appeals.  The memo shows the true arrogance and incompetence at the HMRC.  Experts say the revelations cast grave doubt on the decisions made against more than 100,000 taxpayer's appeals which have been rejected this year alone.

' Tax Officer's Fraud and Double-Dealing '

Assistant Tax Commissioner NICK PETROLOUS was accused of dishonestly benefiting from rulings he gave as 'gamekeeper and Poacher ' in his intentions to deceive and play both sides.  He is said to have received profits from a company to which he ' looked after favourably '.  In court it was heard that he used his position as Senior Tax Officer to obtain information on tax schemes that exploited ' loopholes'  -- he then passed on that information to former associate Richard Morgan who turned it to both their advantages financially.

' Mastermind Taxman behind £4million Scam '

SENIOR REVENUES OFFICER BRENDAN MURPHY of the HMRC appeared before a special sitting of the Circuit Court at Ennis.  The Criminal Assets Bureau's Detective Inspector told the court that he did not believe the story Mr.Murphy gave in evidence and that he masterminded the £4million VAT fraud.  Mr. Murphy pleaded guilty to conspiracy with others to defraud the Revenue Commissioners.

THREATS BY HMRC ARE OUTRAGEOUS SAY TREASURY COMMITTEE --Deputy Chairman of The Treasury Committee, Labour MP George Mudie said ' I think it's disgraceful to treat elderly people and taxpayers in this manner and it offers no respect or concern for the people who pay their wages.'   The Treasury Committee have urged Ministers to make 'Menacing Letters' sent out by the Tax Office illegal in the light of new threatening demands being sent out by the HMRC. Ministers have been asked to urgently consider drafting new regulations to curb the abuse of power the Inland Revenue have at the present time.

TAX OFFICER IN COMPLICITY TO WITHHOLD BENEFITS is now known, PAUL GERRARD has been named in a case as we  cover the issue of penalties the HMRC can inflict at their own discretion on people who 'they believe have cheated the system let alone made a mistake' --- yet by the same token if they make the mistake on the taxpayer they pay nothing, no compensation and nor can they be penalised.  But we are here to remedy that by naming them and we have our first -- Paul Gerrard a taxman in Preston, who is using bullying tactics and more. The case concerns a struggling bookseller in Hampshire whose receipts don't buy the bacon and a little support from tax credits keeps the wolf from the door.  In collusion with John Meakin who arbitrarily axed the credits, he too on the 17th of October acted immediately to close the claim, yet the pair were from two different offices, Meakin at Bristol and Gerrard at Preston, yet they both acted swiftly to end the credits, but Gerrard was prepared to do more. The claimant never received any notice, and Meakin stole his documents. On the 3rd Nov he discovered when ringing Bristol on the letter from Meakin asking for documents, that they'd upped and went leaving a recorded message saying contact Birmingham. The claimant contacted Birmingham and was told his claim had been terminated. Mr Somal told him to appeal and send the appeal immediately. On the 9th Nov, the claimant had to attend an interrogation at Cosham over ID caused by Preston!!  He was successful. On the 10th his appeal had succeeded and was confirmed by Mr.Somal in Birmingham. However, still by the 15th things were not right and Mr.Somal could not understand the delay, Preston were ignoring the decision.  On the 17th Nov two days later and 7 days since the appeal decision, he wrote and said the claim was being shut down,  and on the 21st he confirms that it is his final decision despite being overturned at the appeal. In revenge or an act of vendetta he tells Glasgow to turn the screw and go after the claimant and they issue an overpayment demand. The claimant sent a complaint to Preston on the 13th mentioning the appeal, but they do not reply until the 21st - the same day as Gerrard acts against the claimant, which is more than a coincidence.  The Complaints write to say they will sit out things until the 9th of December, taking nearly a month? yet when Gerrard and Meakin acted together it was done within a day...what does that tell you?   Corruption, nothing less and collusion.

DATA BREACH BY HMRC is down to PAUL GERRARD we can reveal. It appears in a report that 50,000 people suffered as a result of his incompetence and staff at Preston.  Gerrard is the Director of Tax Credits in Preston and Deputy Head of Enforcement no less, and we can also say that it is Gerrard who pushed for compliance investigations in all departments of tax at a meeting with bosses.   It appears after waiting several days to see if things would conveniently blow over, that he had to apologise for the Data Breach which resulted in thousands of people being compromised in having their personal details read by others. Getting details on his personal life is well guarded as we tried to unearth some background on him only just to get as far as his relatives (Denise, Anthony and Winifred). The strange thing here is that he was not called on to resign, yet another officer did, Paul Gray, who caused the data breach allowing details of 25million Child Benefit claimants to go missing on two unsecured disks.  Legal wise -- The law says it is an offence to breach the data protection act -- The Information Commissioner's Office was recently granted powers to fine firms and bodies £500,000 for serious or negligent breaches of the Data Protection Act, but no action was taken against Gerrard, so we can take it that he has pals in the Government prepared to get rid of any occurrences and have him remain immune from prosecution??

We are staying on Paul Gerrard as there is something else not right about this tax officer, and we are following up a lead that has some nasty background to it. At the very least this man is guilty of misconduct and should be dismissed by a Disciplinary Tribunal.


A Report to Parliament revealed that 116 HMRC staff have been sacked for 'undisclosed reasons? ' among a total of 369 who have been disciplined.  However it goes onto reveal a more true picture when it says 294 members of staff were sacked in relation to performance issues?  Tory MP Priti Patel asked how many staff were sacked for errors?   The Department replied -- 'It does not record 'error' as a reason for dismissal? As one can see by this report, it doesn't actually reveal anything other than the tax office maintain their secrecy and will not be transparent about anything. It's interesting to note that they led with a claim of 100 instead of the true figure 369.


' Inland Revenue telling 'Official' lies over figures '

We can now say categorically that the HMRC lie when publishing or divulging figures on sackings like the above. A former employee who left because they didn't like the way some senior staff dealt with people told us that these official figures were massaged to look less than what they are. He said some people are urged to leave very strongly and when they do, they are not in the official figures.  ' You are taken to one side if you disagree with the aims or work ethics of the Department and you are in no way allowed to comment or say anything against a fellow employee. They are very tight knit and it gets around if you have said the wrong thing or are outspoken. Head of operations or a manager will suggest this is not the job for you and before you know it they are putting pressure on you to leave before they push you out or take a 'sanction' -- this literally means doing a report on you that is not favourable and adding opinions and making references to your unsuitability, and if that doesn't work they make something up that makes working there nearly impossible.  One chap I knew worked to the letter of the department protocol but strayed when he offended a senior member of the Investigative Branch by likening him to Hitler as a joke. But in a matter of weeks he was out, the guy in question with colleagues had embarked on making his life a misery, and after a while he just said he'd had enough and left. the others claimed that he would have been sacked, but I doubt that because he was a pleasant sort; not like many others, who actually cared about the public.

' Former taxman is jailed for fraud '

HMRC Employee Errol Mark was jailed for four years after defrauding his bosses the Inland Revenue out of £185,000. The former tax officer arranged false tax repayments over a period of four years before being caught out.  he created fictitious records to generate repayments on tax actually never paid, and covered his tracks by using false passwords and created identities.  it was said in court that his scheme was hard to detect and his skill to deceive had been remarkable in that it lasted four years.

TAXMAN DELIBERATELY DELAYS CLAIM -- We have come across a case where the Preston Office of the HMRC have deliberately gone out of their way to delay a process on a claim. We can confirm that they knew about an order to reinstate a claim issued from Birmingham after a successful appeal by the claimant. An officer told us that he was amazed to find that the claim had not been rectified by Preston as he'd already issued a notice on the computer, which they would have seen, but did nothing about it. We have learned that the order had been put out the same day of the appeal and the staff in Preston would have had it several days. no other conclusion can be arrived at other than a deliberate attempt to interfere with the claim. We also have confirmation that the Birmingham Tax Office deliberately do not answer back on telephone calls, and one case in particular said they left a message every day for more than a week and no one bothered to get back to them?

' HMRC break Data Protection Laws '

THOUSANDS OF TAX CREDIT DETAILS WERE SENT OUT TO THE WRONG PEOPLE -- The HMRC said they were sent out ' Accidentally' but we can tell you they do not 'accidentally' do anything, quite the contrary in fact.  A Spokesperson used that tired phrase -- 'error' to describe the appalling Data Protection Breach, which is for mere mortals against the law, but not for the HMRC of course as they are above it.  A Greater Manchester recipient got her neighbour's details of earnings, bank account records and more -- which could have been used in ID theft, a charge they level at many taxpayers!!  Several thousand people received other taxpayers personal and private details because of the HMRC -- and we are told that all of this originated in the Preston Tax Offices.

SEE THE PAUL GERRARD ARTICLE ABOVE and why he was not ordered to resign?

TAX AUTHORITIES CONCEAL MISTAKES ---  Workers at several tax districts throughout the UK, London, Newcastle, Preston, Bristol and Birmingham have had their lies exposed in a 'leaked Memo' sent to the Mail Newspaper.  It showed that 1241,000 people had applied for the A19 concession, and as many as 5.7million people had paid the wrong tax.  It showed that when the taxmen realised they'd made mistakes they levied these on the taxpayer.  It also revealed that they fail to act on information requested and sent by claimants, or simply ignore it, thus causing stress and great problems for the individual.  The HMRC make the hollow claim of 'sorting things out quickly ', but we have evidence that this is a complete fabrication of the truth.

On one rejected appeal -- it said Mr. Williams had queried his bill as he knew it was incorrect. However, the HMRC mistakenly in posting a reply - enclosed an internal memo not meant for him nor to be seen by him -- from a technical advisor to a tax officer telling him a very different story. revealing the deceit by HMRC managers.

' Insider Dealing Taxman is jailed '

BIRMINGHAM TAX INSPECTOR LAWRENCE CHAMPION of Harborne Park Road, Harborne was discovered to have abused and used his position as assistant technical administrator in the Capital Gains and Clearance Section at the Inland Revenue Office to make a profit of £15,000 with insider dealing. The money was said to have supported his children's school fees. He worked at the Solihull Tax Office. He was sent to Prison for six months.

HMRC SUSPECTED OF CORRUPTION OVER CORPORATE DEALS -- The National Audit Office is to go up against the might of the Inland Revenue to investigate the 'cosy deals' with Vodafone and Goldman Sachs. It says outsiders will be brought in to scrutinize goings on at the HMRC, as they revealed they need tax experts to uncover impropriety and underhand deals struck behind closed doors.

' Former Tax Inspector 'Untruthful ' about assets '

A HIGH COURT JUDGE WARNED TAXMAN MR SHAY DALY that he could face jail if he did not disclose the full extent of his assets to the court within two weeks.  The Judge said that his answers and disclosure presented was 'untruthful' in the case of ACC Bank and Inland Revenue seeking to get back £4.5million.

UK REVENUE AND CUSTOMS ASSIST FRAUD OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUPER RICH -- Martin Deighton in a letter explained how the HMRC were making it easy for the yacht owning rich to grab half of their tax money back in '  reclaimed expenses called business amenities set up as tax losses.  The Tax collected is around £160 billion, but £80billion is paid back. He mentions ' Carousel Fraud' which enables 'criminal elements' to illegitimately reclaim around £200 billion in VAT, all negotiated and done with ease and expertise. he says the cost of administering the reclaimed tax and paying it back is staggering and not something they are willing to discuss.

THE HMRC COMPLAINTS THAT ISN'T --- The farcical nature of the HMRC is to put up a Government website that tells you how to complain, but not exactly where? it can and does tell you to leave the matter in the hands of the department you wish to complain about? which is like letting the enemy decide your fate. Anyone can see at first glance that this is not suitable at all and is a scandal. It mentions getting small payments if the the tax office caused you worry, handled your complaint badly, or took too long -- but try and get this? and in more cases than not you will be told they don't pay costs or compensation by many staff. They and this goes for most of them, do not even know what the rules are or the pages on the HMRC.Gov site. They also have contact us, but not by e-mail, one click on that meets a dead end, and a flimsy explanation saying how much they'd like to be able to deal with e-mails!! ---Government Joke -- and in pretty bad taste.  All in all, the complaints procedures are not worth a bean and anyone going on the site are wasting their time.

£100 MILLION POUNDS SPENT ON STAFF TRAINING IS A WASTE SAY WATCHDOG ON HMRC SPENDING -- The latest report condemns the huge spending bill of £100million on one year training courses for staff. The National Audit Office said these courses for the 2010/2011 period had revealed a poor benefit in terms of money spent. It was hard to conjure up 38percent of staff who claimed they'd learnt something. One in five said they didn't really like working at HMRC and wanted to leave?  The Audit Office said the scheme lacked strategy hence the poor figures and waste.  The tax organisation had taken on 730,000 courses and spent on average £1,419 on each member of staff in order to improve the system. It would be fair to say this was a failure as staff we have featured here do not possess any skills in handling taxpayers properly and with decency Mr.Gerrard!!

INLAND REVENUE AND MONEY-LAUNDERING CONNECTION --- Concerns are growing over how the HMRC are actively helping crime bosses and syndicates, prostitution rings and other illegal operations to launder millions of pounds every year.  Andrew Alderson in his article of 7th Dec 2011 points out criminals are using the HMRC to set up and take over illegal companies, bogus claims and predictions of company profits so that they can offload ' dirty money' from crime and then wait for a rebate - refund from overpaid tax -- which turns crime cash into clean currency!!

DIRTY LITTLE 'FISHING TRIPS' BY HMRC -- Devious, underhand, corrupt, yes, possibly all three -- yes, it's the HMRC Business Records Check -- When Inspectors randomly and otherwise pick out names for their ' inquisition practices' -- they merely just mail a businessman, company or individual and tell them they wish to call on them.  One accountant says - ' These checks are not for the client's benefit at all, it's just an excuse for a fishing trip expedition in the hope they get a reason to claim extra tax -- and as a warning he said -- 'every answer can be twisted and perverted (just like the inspectors themselves) so say very little and reply cautiously '

' Suspended sentence for Former Tax Inspector '

TAX INSPECTOR RICHARD GRIFFITHS from Bridgend was sentenced to a 10 month suspended prison sentence after he pleaded guilty in court. He was convicted of running an illegal money-lending operation that had 54 customers. The report said that he refused to co-operate with police over identifying his victims --- he also was said to have targeted the most vulnerable people in society.

TAX OFFICE AT PRESTON SUPPRESSES INFO ON REDUCTION OF PUBLIC SERVICES -- Preston Tax Office came in for criticism by the Union PCS over its high handed tactics in reducing opening hours to the public, which would seriously hinder the tax payer. The union said that the HMRC did not consider anyone else in its move to force people to go online whether they liked it or not.  They did liaise with the union on the matter, and that this was typical 'running roughshod' over anyone else.

HMRC WRITE OFF £27BILLION BUT ONLY FOR THE CORPORATIONS -- The Inland Revenue could not prevent a report showing them having to write off 27.4 billion pounds in five years to corporations and those who could afford to challenge them. Ordinary taxpayers were treated entirely differently and of course ended up footing most of the revenue the tax man wanted.  Letting off the big firms is not new in tax circles, the denials from them have always been seen as lies and mistruths.  Getting any information about the Inland Revenue is difficult and often blocked by the powers that be.

IN 2008 THE TAXMAN IDENTIFIED 57 BARRISTERS AS FAILING TO NOTIFY THE INLAND REVENUE in regard to unpaid tax -- As yet, this has not led to any prosecutions?

FORMER TAXMAN WARNS HMRC AGAINST THE SUSPICION OF CORRUPTION -- Claude Currey of Portishead, Somerset, a taxman for 42 years both at the Customs and Excise and re-developed Revenue and Customs HMRC, warns the staff and Inspectors about perks and hospitality new taxmen take up raising the suspicion of corruption. He tells how it was thought risky accepting a cup of tea or coffee at most and that management stressed they were never to accept hospitality in case it was seen as accepting bribes. He says today's standards have slipped in the HMRC which is very sad by those in the organisation ready to accept big bonuses and hospitality packages so readily.

LIES AND MORE DAMN LIES AT HMRC - It appears they tell all investigators to say the same thing in parrot fashion, -- 'We want the money to go to the right people who need the help' --- so this validates their extreme campaigns to pick on anyone, because who is going to check to see if that's what they are doing? good question, but you will not get an answer that satisfies.  Recent news tells us that two out of three big firms win over VAT payments, and the taxman has been accused of serving up fines in order to confuse while penalties relating to tax disputes have been overturned on mass.  The report says that thousands of taxpayers have been unjustly penalised and where not equipped to challenge the HMRC decisions while big business had a field day getting cash back.  25,633 tax decisions were found to be incorrect. Their arrogance even stretches to them saying that even if a decision 'appears' wrong it doesn't mean that the figure was wrongly levied?

' HMRC Taxman fiddles on benefits '

TAXMAN DANIEL BELL of West Lothian, an HMRC Tax officer was found guilty of a £6,000 fraud.  In court he pleaded guilty to falsely claiming £3,413 in benefits during 2007 to 2010, and falsely claiming travel expenses amounting to £2,907 in 2009.

THE HMRC IN 2008 ADMIT TO HAVING DISMISSED 610 MEMBERS OF STAFF from various tax departments over a three year period and 192 members of staff disciplined in 2007 to 2008. This report was followed by insider claims that the figures were massaged in order to lessen the impact.

HMRC TOLD TO PAY COMPENSATION OF £100,000 -- Judy Clements of the Adjudicator's Office stated that complaints have risen sharply in just one year over the way the HMRC sought repayments even though they'd already been paid.  She accused them of targeting pensioners and vulnerable groups of people having to pay unexpected tax bills, which they didn't understand. She said most of the complaints came over the way they are dealing with tax credits and as a result of failures by tax staff who fail to act on information it had been supplied.

THE HMRC AND THE CARELESS MISTAKES LEAD TO SUSPENSION OF A PENALTY -- Phil Benwick a Director of Tax investigation admitted in a case that the tone of the correspondence sent by the HMRC was not appropriate for an unrepresented taxpayer according to the guidelines because there was no dialogue about the error and what category it fell in. he accepted it was a mistake on behalf of the department.

'Former HMRC Taxman in £190,000 Fraud '

TAXMAN CRAIG GORDON went on trial in Edinburgh for defrauding his bosses of £190,000.  It was stated that he committed the offence while being employed at the HMRC Lothian 2 Area in Broomfield Drive, and formed a fraudulent scheme to obtain money.  It was said he set up a business called Capital Tax Services, opened a bank account under a false name and created false income tax repayment claims, and then as a tax officer, processed them for repayment. Interestingly, he has claimed that other people did it in his defence!

HMRC INVOLVED IN MAKING NUISANCE CALLS --- Nuisance telephone calls are an offence according to the Telecommunications Watchdog, yet the HMRC have been making around 300,000 of these, and getting away with it due to their immunity.  The menacing silent phone calls were instigated by their automated dialling systems which chase late payments it is said, However, Lib Dem MP John Hemming said the practice must end and warned the HMRC it risked fines of up to £50,000 each one. The Ofcom Regulator said ' It is quite clear that the taxman is responsible for persistent nuisance calls'  One other MP remarked that the HMRC should be fined £15billion -- the culmination of 300,000 calls, and that they should appear in a public court charged and found guilty.

SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGES ON HMRC HAVE QUADRUPLED -- Due to major errors by the HM Revenue and Customs, challenges that overturned their judgements have soared by four times.  446 complaints handled by the Adjudicator were upheld in 2009, and in 2008 out of 229 cases -- 108 claims were successful.

THE HMRC AND THE PHONE LINE SCAM --- The Money Mail reports of the HMRC phone line that intentionally keeps people on hold for up to 30 minutes, and then redirects the person to their Internet site before cutting them off.  The Mail also claims that they have revealed cover-ups, evidence of tax errors and ineptitude such as: Failure to respond to letters and phone calls --- Giving out incorrect and misleading advice to pensioners  --- Sending out aggressive and threatening demands -- Showing a lack of consistency in dealing with appeals. It also points out that accountability is zero, as we said at the beginning of this list --- there is no Cabinet Minister specifically dealing with the HMRC, and this comes as a stark fact and worry when you find out that all other departments are responsible to a Minister in The House Of Commons.

'Two and a half years jail for thieving tax man '

HMRC TAX OFFICER GEOFFREY ELEY of Redditch was in charge of collecting overdue tax payments from the taxpayer. He was authorised to collect payments from businesses and individuals; collecting payments from as little as £1,000 right up to £28,904 from fifteen taxpayers, which he later pocketed. It was estimated that he had stolen around £84,950 according to the Inland Revenue. He pleaded guilty at his trial and was sent to jail.

' The HMRC Bribes Scandal '

THE JAILING OF MICHAEL ALLCOCK who worked at the Inland Revenue Special Office No 2 for accepting cash bribes to support a lavish lifestyle has initiated calls for another corruption investigation into the HMRC; especially in the light that Allcock was one of their top investigators. Members of the Commons Public Accounts Committee are being pushed by another former taxman John Gwyer, to look into matters more closely when they question Inland Revenue Chairman Montagu about Allcock and the freedom he had to move around in that allowed bribery to take place.

Note: Allcock is being sued by the HMRC for the return of £150,000 he took in bribes.

'H.M.R.C. Lose tax evasion case against Rednapp '

THE TAX OFFICE PURSUED HARRY REDNAPP FOR 6 YEARS ACCUSING HIM OF CORRUPTION AND TAX EVASION, the case cost the taxpayer £8million and was backed by the CPS. In court barristers for the HMRC accused him of criminal activities and secretly hiding money in off-shore accounts. Mr.Rednapp told of the sheer pressures inflicted on him by the tax people, making his life a hell. The spokesman for the Inland Revenue acted unconcerned and just said they did what was necessary to stem tax offenders. It is time, and we hope that Mr.Rednapp sues the Inland Revenue for multi thousands for bringing criminal charges against him. £5.5 million would be a fair price for the HMRC to pay in this case.

ANOTHER CASE OF VICTIMISATION BY HMRC -- The VAT Inspectors swooped on Richard Williams of Leeds who has a scaled replica of a U-Boat. They arrested him as part of a fraud probe. His German type U-Boat was modelled and converted from a narrow boat to be a floating museum. A Spokesman -- Mike O'Grady of the HMRC was vague as usual as he pattered out the 'party line' saying the 64 year old was on their list and investigation into VAT fraud called Operation Cloudcastle looking into the laundering of criminal profits?? no doubt they think Mr.Williams the 'Mr.Big'. Maybe their probe into his U-Boat my unearth some nasty German Troops with treasures hidden from the war!!

TAX BOSS DAVID HARTNETT IS REPLACED BY  CIVIL SERVANT OF CHAOTIC BORDER AGENCY FARCE -- The press are quick to point out the reward for failure is another top job for LIN HOMER who took around a £1million in salary for the border agency position.  Despite scandals surrounding her last post she has now been made chief executive of the Inland Revenue. 

' Tribunal claim reveals deceit and malpractice in HMRC '

TAX INSPECTOR ALAN CURTIS appeared as a whistleblower when he stood before a tribunal explaining why he was unfairly ruled out over pay. He stated that he had been examining other officers work and taking details of how they fiddled tax details.  He said they unfairly charged traders too much tax to make it look as if they had successfully solved cases and in turn, deserved performance related pay bonuses. He said hundreds of thousands of pounds had been illicitly obtained from unsuspecting businessmen. He named Mr IAN LOBLEY an Area Manager for local compliance at the Reading Office and IAN RAWLINSON as being involved in a conspiracy to cover-up in a case file. He condemned the practice as a 'criminal offence'.  He also added that since 2008 and 2009 he had been on the receiving end of persecution for raising the matter. He said certain colleagues at the office deliberately over-taxed businessmen so that they could boost their pay packets. Of course, the Tribunal went against him saying that he brought the allegations forward because of a grudge.....but the grudge element was not proved only suggested, and although they dismissed what he said, there is no reason to believe it was not true....because as we have seen before, when employees get annoyed, they often have the courage to tell all....and what he has told has a ring of truth about it.

TAX OFFICER CREATES FALSE ACCOUNTS IN FRAUD --- JONATHAN DAVIES, a Revenue Executive Officer at the Wrexham Tax Office, was jailed for eighteen months after admitting to three counts of conspiracy to defraud. He created bogus National Insurance Numbers and a network of false accounts, nominating several friends who would receive the payments. He falsified all the tax returns and managed the whole fraud methodically it was said at Mold Crown Court.

£2.3MILLION WAS STOLEN BY HMRC STAFF IN 2008 --- An internal memo of findings of fraud inside the Inland Revenue revealed that a clerk stole £220,000 from taxpayers and a senior member of staff fabricated her expenses claim to obtain £100,000 by deception. Nine people were convicted of serious criminal offences and others disciplined were allowed to resign. A total of over two million pounds were lost to those inside the tax office during a twelve month period. A report in the following year said that fiddling in the HMRC had actually increased and the figure of £3.6million was put forward.

TAX INSPECTORS SNOOPED ON 25 MILLION --Branded as Intrusive --They logged in details of anything and everything that could be either misconstrued or vaguely taxable that added value to properties including sideline activities, even charity work, in order to get more tax revenue.  This intrusive information was gathered secretly and ordered by HMRC bosses. Minister Eric Pickles said he was appalled by the extent of the intrusion into privacy by tax inspectors. He promised to reign in their right to enter and access properties on a mere whim or suspicion.

TAX INSPECTOR FOUND GUILTY OF EXPENSES --- Tax Inspector JOHN EVANS appeared before a tribunal after his own employers the HMRC looked through six years of records when Evans left the tax office.  They discovered that during the six years, he had been overclaiming on employment expenses. The tribunal charged him tax penalties for negligence?  (7th March 2010)

PETTY CASH COMPENSATION PAYOUT BY HMRC FOR CAUSING DISTRESS  --- If you qualify? Yes folks they come up with a piggybank sum of £25 for any injustice, distress and alarm etc, so don't spend it all at once -- but if it's the other way around you could well face a penalty of hundreds or thousands of pounds? fair justice eh?

HMRC INJUSTICE -- The taxation of Savings Income, a tax on interest, according to annoyed David Cardale of Tetbury in Gloucester. He says that this tax on interest -- already negative after inflation -- is pure confiscation and a blatant injustice perpetrated by the Inland Revenue.

' Tax Inspector goes to jail for fraud '

TAX INSPECTOR MARK RICHARD BAKER created 44 false identities in order to make tax repayments to himself -- Swindon Crown Court heard that Baker who worked at the Swindon HMRC defrauded the taxpayer out of £300,000. The Judge said he had misused his position!  Baker was jailed for three and a half years.

THE DENIED HMRC FINANCIAL INCENTIVES -- Every time they were asked about the incentive question, the HMRC denied all knowledge -- but a Freedom of Information request revealed it did exist. A Grade 7 member such as an Inspector gets a bonus of £1,549 on top of around £51,000 a year. All employees who deliver a high level of performance and behaviour which exceeds the required standard level set, can receive bonuses or promotion known as ' A Performance Award'

TAX OFFICER IN £3 MILLION FRAUD IS JAILED -- A Tax Administrator, IMRAN AJAIB worked at the Yorkshire, Shipley branch of the HMRC for just six months, in which time he passed on confidential data to use in a multi-million pound scam with others.  The info about company's details were passed to the members in order to claim £3 million in rebate payments.  Bradford Crown Court heard how bogus addresses and false bank accounts were drawn up, and false applications submitted for tax repayments. Ajaib from Bristol, was jailed for 2yrs-9months.

'HMRC 'Secret Tax Policy' revealed in ruined fraud case'

The Judge at Leeds Crown Court hit out at the HMRC over a 'secret policy' they had NOT TO PROSECUTE fraudsters who may have cheated the taxpayers out of millions in a car scam. This revelation happened when a case against nine defendants collapsed. The Judge discovered that not only he, but the Police and CPS were unaware of the HMRC Policy, when they were informed by a tax official that two of the men accused were given immunity from prosecution. The Judge told the Inland revenue that huge amounts of time had been wasted and a police investigation to get the case to court. The wasted costs were said to be approximately £500,000?

FIFTEEN MILLION CALLS UNANSWERED AND IGNORED BY HMRC --- One in four taxpayers are unable to discuss their tax problems or get a polite reply, that should be protocol.  Only 74 per cent of callers were actually able to speak to someone.  A consumer group said 'it is like a lottery where most of us lose' and that can have dire effects for many callers who are caught up in a claim. They actually say they have improved and admitted to only 48 per cent getting through to an advisor in 2010. (And in that year they claimed improvement, familiar?)

In 2010 there were 73,455 complaints lodged against the HMRC -- During the period of eighteen months April 2010 to September 2011 it only revealed that 212 behaviour related complaints had been investigated categorising them as 'compliance stream work' so as to avoid comment on the majority of the other complaints received??

HMRC CONCEALS ERRORS TO CURB REFUNDS -- Money Mail informed the public that they had been able to get a look at a secret confidential internal memo that revealed the HMRC was actively hiding mistakes by staff and inspectors, concealing vital information and did so in order to lessen claims for refunds that would have been due.  One notable comment they singled out was the following -- ' Although we made errors, the taxpayer should have picked up on them and pointed them out, which I know seems unjust'  -- which more or less says - if they don't call us (catch us) -- we don't call them'

HMRC INSPECTOR and his Lesbian Fetish --- One of Cynthia Payne's clients at the later described ' house of personal services, sex, spanking and ill-repute' by the court, was a Tax Inspector (un-named) who wanted to pretend to be a lesbian. This was mentioned in the autobiography book - 'An English Madam' by Paul Bailey.

HMRC DIRECTOR FEATURED IN PROGRAMME OF TAX AVOIDANCE - The Director Phil Hodkinson ducked and dived turning black into white as the programme made suggestions of him being involved with an 'off-shore- Guernsey Company who were implementing measures to avoid paying tax in the UK....this link went onto involve the HMRC debt collecting Agency APEX which was connected in the equation. It was evidently clear that some sort of 'slight of hand' manoeuvres were being made by the group he was involved in! 

TAX INSPECTOR OVERCLAIMED EXPENSES FOR SIX YEARS -- Chief Taxman Mr Evans got the post of Clerk to the Commissioners, a job that involved attending and overseeing tax tribunal hearings. He had just left the HMRC....who kindly looked at his tax situation and discovered that he had been over-claiming on his expenses for six years!  The HMRC charged him tax penalties for negligence?

HMRC BEHAVIOUR REPORTED TO ADJUDICATOR --- Tax Man threatens yet again, not surprising having seen all these items about the Inland Revenue -- all a fact, and every item true.  Taxpayer Brian Costigan was suddenly presented with a tax bill of £2,500 in 2010...... he was a victim of the HMRC Chaos......he'd retired at the age of 60, so he decided to help in the local charity shop Age Concern.  It was a part-time job and he did everything by the book -- sent in a P46 form, and thought no more about it.  Then in 2010 he received the bill for unpaid tax 2008/9 and 2009/10... he found that the HMRC had awarded him two personal allowances -- one for his pension, and one for the small salary at Age Concern....which had triggered this bill because of their negligence and in-house accounting....they have told him they want £57 a month.....for a clerical error and negligence on their part.

HMRC WHISTLEBLOWER GROUP - 'DISSENT' have said they will expose abuse of expenses and benefits by Senior Management.  The disgruntled workers in the HMRC say they have members with similar aims are in every tax office in the UK. They claim that they have taken the blame for far too long while Senior Management have stood by enjoying fiddling the system without being brought to book.

THE SHAMEFUL PENALTY CHARGES LEVIED BY THE HMRC -- A report says that 850,000 people are about to face the dreadful £100 penalty, that is neither fair or justifiable in a 'natural justice' belief held by the public but rarely called for.  They say the £100 is demanded if even if you don't owe any tax just because it is late, and it covers tax already paid...its just about their 'jobs worth form'......its strange how this can be regarded as legal, yet if you sent them a bill for their lateness or negligence, you're not entitled to a penny....in fact it did say on a form where you complain...that you 'may' get £25 or a payment?     so as you see it doesn't work fairly at all, your demand for recompense is examined by them before they pay, and it's not even an independent investigation into your complaint...the aggressor gets to decide.....and your only course is the Ombudsman, but he has no power with the Inland Revenue to make them pay anything.......and after that you are left unable to sue them.

HMRC MAKE ANOTHER BLUNDER -  Anna suddenly received a notice out of the blue informing her that they had changed her tax code.  Anna could not find out why or how this should be as nothing in her circumstances had changed.  Even when she approached them they led her in a merry dance of circles.  Eventually after making a complaint they said there had been an error, but it would take a year to amend the mistake.....and told her the problem was really hers!  Not satisfied Anna hit back, and sometime later they apologised and put her code right.

TAXMAN JAILED FOR STEALING -- William Franklin, Tax Advisor, handled the accounts of a Surrey Solicitors -- was found guilty of stealing £1.8 million.  He admitted to 217 counts of deception at Woking Magistrates Court, and was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

BUNGLING TAXMAN HELD TO ACCOUNT? -- Service, Particularly Customer Service and The HMRC have lurched downwards for years according to James Coney of The Mail.  He cites a NAO report that the targets the Tax Organisation sets itself are way below similar public bodies.  One of those targets was to answer fifty-eight per cent of telephone calls made by the public.....

THE IPCC SAY INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS AT HMRC ARE WOEFULLY INADEQUATE -- The Police Investigation Authority have said that Internal Investigation Processes at HMRC are 'Woefully Inadequate' and that things are not getting better despite targets being issued and later being missed.

HMRC RESIGNATIONS ON THE INCREASE -- A Report has revealed that they are up by 45 percent in just one year - 2011 -- Forty Two managers gave in their resignations in 2011 to 2012.  In the year 2010 it was only 29.  It is said that some of the resignations centred around the PAYE Code mistakes....an insider said quietly, 'you could also not rule out the working tax credit situation -- things have not been going well there either'

HMRC NEW TAX 'IT' SYSTEM CAUSES  WIDESPREAD ERRORS --- The HMRC merged 12 regional computers into one system --- which caused widespread errors with tax bills affecting around six million people, who are now to be reimbursed for making overpayments.  An Insider who said 'they wish to remain anonymous' said of the new system, 'when a mistake is made, it's a big one, and very instant'  they blamed this on those who were running the system ' the intellectual quality is just not there, errors are commonplace '  It is said that the merger of the 12 regional computers has sent the tax coding system into chaos.

HMRC CHIEF HUMILIATED IN QUESTIONING BY PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE -- David Hartnet the former boss of HMRC found himself being grilled by Margaret Hodge Chairman of The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee over a deal that let Goldman Sachs get off with a deal involving only £10million of tax. He was criticised for for a failure to seek proper legal advice involving specialists and not taking notes during negotiations with big companies.  When he retired he did a deal with the HMRC to work for up to 40 days, and the pay is not being disclosed!

HMRC LOSE £2.36 BILLION MOSTLY OVER MISTAKES!  The National Audit Office reported that the conservative estimate of £1.6billion was lost by the HMRC as a result of mistakes in their tax assessment departments rather than fraud by claimants.  The report went on to take its usual course of exonerating the tax principles, rather than own up to its own dodges and short-comings...and as reports usually go...tell of how they are managing to over come difficulties despite missing their targets?

'HMRC Lies revealed - Lawyers tactics'

As the Public become more aware of the 'gagging' orders frequently put in place by government on civil servants; something that has been going on for many years, we managed to search out and contact a 'victim' employee of the HMRC and their lawyers.   Mr R. says he was unfairly made the scapegoat in an incident when he pointed out to Senior Staff at the HMRC that they had deliberately tampered with paperwork that clearly showed they had compromised a claimant wrongly (but wouldn't own up to it) -- deciding in their 'wisdom' to carry on with the 'cover-up' and action against the claimant knowing that they had found an error, because it would show them in a bad light and lead to recording the incident showing faults in the tax system.    When Mr R. appeared at a tribunal for the Inland Revenue (already geared up to win against the appellant), he was told by their impressive group of lawyers (who'd arrived mob handed), that he was only to reply and say what they had briefed him to say (even though it wasn't the truth).  One lawyer took him to one side ' failure to repeat what they had told him may have an effect on your employment at HMRC' he said reminding him of the consequences of making the Inland Revenue look bad.  When Mr R. read what he was told to say prior to going into the tribunal, he said he couldn't agree with the prepared statement and wasn't willing to be involved in a lie and cover-up.  This caused a bit of a shock to the lawyers gathered, and within minutes he was withdrawn as a witness and told he was not needed.  Mr R. said he was willing to go in, but only to tell the truth...but at that point he was barred from entering the tribunal that had got under way.   Within a month following that day, he found himself 'dismissed' and his employment terminated on the grounds of misconduct --- and to make matters worse, he suddenly became aware that his colleagues deserted him, and the union didn't want to know; even though the literature and conditions of membership said they were there to protect the rights of members in all kinds of disputes arising from their employment.  One other worker eventually told him that they were not allowed to converse with him because a 'gagging order' was invoked preventing discussing anything with him, 'you don't say anything against management or other employees, you should know that'

HMRC CIVIL SERVANT ARRESTED IN CORRUPT PAYMENTS PROBE -- An un-named tax employee was caught by the police team investigating phone hacking 'Operation Elveden'   The civil servant a 50 yr old man was taken with a female from their North-West London home to the Central London Police Station in connection with the making of corrupt payments and on suspicion of misconduct in public office.

CUSTOMS CORRUPTION CASE ORDERED TO STOP BY GOVERNMENT -- The Government ordered police to drop a corruption case against the HMRC Customs Department involving 20 customs officers.....An investigation by the police which had cost the taxpayer £5.5million and six years, was unexpectedly brought to a sudden halt by the government.  Customs Director Terry Byrne and HMRC Lawyer David Pickup, were ordered to stay away from their offices while police examined allegations against them. The focus then turned towards the investigation of twenty customs officials.....the inquiry concerned smuggled alcohol besides a number of other incidents besides Senior Customs Officials.  But suddenly out of the blue, the CPS without explanation, said that 'it was not in the public interest to continue the investigation' despite the cost to the taxpayer.  MP Norman Lamb said 'it was disgraceful' for the government to be so secretive and decide the public should be kept out.

NB: As we said at the beginning of this list, this department is 'untouchable' if required, and any threat to them such as a huge corruption investigation against the HMRC can and will be dropped......just like the above......it happened with the heroin case and officers in an earlier corruption case......it was stopped by the government.

FORMER HMRC 'FRAUD BUSTER' CAUSES ANGER -- Former Inland Revenue Chief Richard Alderman angered MP's because of 'The big pay-offs to pals' at the S.F.O. where he works now, especially the generous travelling allowance of £27,600 he gave to Ms Williamson (who was a former colleague at the Inland Revenue when he was there).  MP's branded Alderman as 'dilatory, sloppy and slovenly' and were angered by the big pay-offs which he handed out to Senior staff without consulting the Treasury.  He also approved payments of £15,000 to Williamson and Chief Capability Officer Chris Bailes, to head off legal claims that the two were planning to bring in relation to 'whistle-blowing' allegations made by SFO staff on the advice of his HR Chief, rather than the lawyers.

' HMRC Officer jailed over £12,000 Theft '

KAREN HINDLE a Co-ordinator with the HMRC was jailed at Southampton Crown Court for 12 months after she was found guilty of stealing £12,000.  It was said in court that she had plundered the accounts of those she was asked to pursue over unpaid tax,  The Hampshire Tax Official had bank details of around fifty taxpayers.  She was found guilty of 67 dishonest transactions.

THE HIDDEN WRONG-DOING AT THE HMRC  ---  Concealing data on those tax officers and employees who have committed 'minor offences' has been revealed by a former worker who we sadly cannot name due to what is termed as a 'Compromise Agreement' roughly translated as a gagging order, which prevents them officially from 'spilling the beans'.....however even so, the whistleblower said there are deals done between the DWP and HMRC behind closed doors in regard to the real 'discipline figures' and the figures for public consumption.  She tells that the cases are looked at over and over again by 'legals' in an attempt to find a way of 'downgrading' an offence or complaint so that it can 'disappear' officially....and be dealt with in-house.  She said that some of those involved call it 'the dilution process' which enables the team to submit fewer cases to the final panel.  Then there are the 'Assessors' a group who sanction the use of 'written or verbal warnings' to errant staff who have not wriggled their way out of the situation....these are kept out of the figures for submission to the Standards Committee.....who then issue the final 'doctored figures' for the Press and Public to see.  Of course, the union of Public Servants in the Civil Service are consulted at that point so that they can agree that figure......and that's how this whitewash can be done......nice and tidy eh?

HMRC PRESS OFFICER CHARGED OVER MISCONDUCT -- A recent case, quickly shoved out of the way....it concerns Press officer at the HMRC Jonathan Hall who was caught in the 'Operation Eleveden' for exchanging Revenue Information for payment according to the Internet article.  The CPS said that Hall and partner Maria Bukarwicz, and a Sun Newspaper Journalist Clodagh Hartley will be charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.  Details say that The Sun Newspaper paid £17,475 to HMRC Press Officer Jonathan Hall via his partner Maria Bukarwicz. The file on this case was submitted by The Metropolitan Police.

MAN TO SUE THE HMRC OVER ARREST --- Public Relations Executive Richard Hillgrove has threatened to sue the Tax Office and his accountants over a wrongful arrest.  He said that the HMRC and Police arrested him in Somerset and subsequently charged him with cheating the public revenue of £10,000 when he appeared before Taunton Crown Court in September 2012.  'I shall be making an official challenge over this arrest' he said.

SWINDON HMRC TAX OFFICER IS JAILED -- Tax Man Pervaze Masih's cancelling tax penalties for a friend led to his downfall and a jail sentence.  Masia was found guilty of 'defrauding the HMRC' of £43,327 by the court, who heard that he had decided to help out a 'childhood' friend and pal, Paul Cole who was having financial troubles. The court found the taxman guilty on four charges and said that he had abused his position in the HMRC for his own benefit and that of his friend.

THE HMRC 'DEBT COLLECTORS' CONTRACT -- Debt Collection Agencies and the Government Tax System would at first seem unreal, but it isn't, this abomination of twisted legal practice could only be invented and carried out by 'the civil service' and the many employees at the various tax offices.  It's no use calling them 'heartless' as one former taxman, Mr Avery, admits it's like water off a duck's back to most of them.  He tells us he has worked in London, Birmingham and Preston, and has frequently seen 'mistakes and callous vengeance' exacted  on some claimants leading to 'falsified paperwork' (when someone alters a form rendering it suspicious and wrong)  leading to demands of payment being handed over to 'debt collection' without any real checks having been made -- often made an excuse with that phrase 'work overload'.  He tells us it is quite a 'cosy' relationship they have, one the managers enjoy.  Mr Avery tells us that many people have suffered hardship and wrongful accusations, and when on occasions it has discovered (because the claimant has complained and fought back) no-one at the tax office has been brought to book, dismissed or penalised? -- and neither was the debt collection agency!  He informs us that many officers and staff in the tax office just laugh and put two fingers up at the successful claimant...... that is the tax office, and how they react to the public.

HMRC BOSS and Chief Executive Lin Homer tried to quash allegations that the HMRC were acting in a 'brokers' roll by introducing tax advisors to private companies.  He denied the accusations challenging the press to show evidence to support it........probably knowing if there was any, the HMRC held all the cards!

HMRC KNEW ABOUT TAX LOOPHOLE FOR COMPANIES BUT SAID NOTHING  -- The HMRC let several government contract companies on lucrative contracts use a legal loophole to avoid tax.  The private Care Companies cut their taxable UK profits by taking high-interest loans from their owners through the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.  They racked up large interest payments to their parent companies so that they could reduce and cut their tax liabilities. A watchdog said over thirty companies were benefitting from this, and the Inland Revenue knew about it.  The Government introduced the quoted' Eurobond Exemption' in 1984, which received very little public attention....definitely hardly at all outside the financial institutions.

THE STRANGE BUSINESS AT THE HMRC -- Tax Avoidance Scam? within the HMRC!  Well it seems that the HMRC are not all that squeaky clean, especially with tax deals made behind closed doors.  One hears of the case of Mr Ed Lester and the HMRC agreeing that 'no PAYE to be deducted in a nice deal that the treasury was not aware of' and the one about IT Officer Deepak Singh who was turned down for promotion......resigned, and then was rehired to do the same job, and given a 'tax free lump sum'  said to be £19,200.... and what others have benefitted from moves like this?  obviously you'll not find them....the HMRC will take care of that.

' Nine HMRC staff in racial misconduct case '

THE REPORT HEADS WITH THE MISLEADING 'SEVEN WORKERS SACKED' --  But two others resigned before going in front of the Internal Inquiry.  They tampered with office records and deliberately underpaid child benefit to people from ethnic backgrounds.  The HMRC officials who worked in a Belfast Office were dismissed for racially motivated gross misconduct.  It was found that they altered and tampered with claimant forms and data in order to deliberately reduce the proper entitlement to which they should have been paid.  Interestingly again, the HMRC refused to identify the people involved!  (Aug 2010)

NB: Tagged onto this Belfast/Northern Ireland item is 'A Coercion racket going on regarding VAT Registration'

HMRC TAXMAN RESIGNS AFTER SECRET FILMING --  David Heaton was caught in a camera sting and probe by BBC's Panorama team and Private Eye..... he was caught on camera offering advice on how to avoid tax.  The Government Tax Advisor resigned shortly after the programme..... saying he had 'done nothing wrong ( a somewhat familiar and tired phrase used by Government workers).   The HMRC immediately began to distance itself from the tax man,,,,,,,which comes as no surprise!

HMRC WORKER ARRESTED BY POLICE --  a Bootle HMRC employee was jailed for four months at Liverpool Crown Court because he appeared to be a risk to the public.  Gordon Redfern an HMRC worker phoned the police to warn them that he was having thoughts about killing fellow workers at Litherland House in Bootle.  A hunt was launched and he was tracked down and arrested.  It was stated that he had been suspended and then dismissed from his work for gross misconduct in 2012.

HMRC ADMITS TAX MAN IS AT FAULT -- As 57 per cent of claims made against the HMRC are won by the claimant. Internal Data says that over half of the challenges to wrong tax are upheld on appeal.  In 2011 out of 58,110 complaints made against the HMRC over half were won by the public.  Many complaints were about the Debt Management Office,,,,complaints received often said there was poor treatment by staff, delays and errors and mistreatment by staff.  In 2011 to 2012 HMRC paid out £363,954 in compensation along with a total 'errors' cost of 1.3 million.  In 2012 they received 75,000 complaints.

TEN HMRC CUSTOMS MEN were accused of organising drug runs into Britain to boost arrest rates -- It is said that Customs Officers encouraged smugglers to send shipments to the UK so that they could swoop on them.  See the full article and details at www.thefreelibrary.com

HMRC BOSS FACES PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE -- Not for the first time either.  JIM HARRA The Director General of Business Tax has been called by the Commons Committee to explain accusations against his department of letting several firms breach tax rules.....this came about as Google and other giant Internet firms used the immoral tax avoidance ploys to dodge paying the right amount of tax.  Harra is one of three Inland Revenue Officials who will be called by the Committee.

'Former Tax Inspector Jailed '

FORMER TAX INSPECTOR (TRAINEE) MALCOLM MACLEAN previously with the HMRC was said to have used his knowledge to defraud the taxpayer of £358,000.  He was jailed for 3 years after pleading guilty to fraud.   He appeared before Newcastle Crown Court, it was said he and two others running an accountancy and taxation firm falsified documents and manipulated clients' accounts to cover up the tax fraud.

HMRC 'BULLYBOY' TACTICS - Yet again we find that the Tax man has no qualms about sending threat letters to even innocent families in an attempt to get tax owed or otherwise.  This new move rests on the tax staff thinking you owe more than you say, and the amount of tax they expected.  It is said that nearly 11 million people file self-assessment forms each year, yet officers are making assumptions that have menacing consequences to the person.  It says most of their targets have been in the self-employed professions...where even coming out without a loss is hard, never mind a profit...but the tax staff continue to think they're lying and concealing a stash of cash......and why is this happening?.......because they have a shortfall of £35 billion (the tax gap).

HMRC HUMILIATED BY AUDIT OFFICE - THEIR SUMS ARE OUT BY £1.9 BILLION --- Well, humiliation doesn't last long with these people, its like water off a duck's back... The National Audit Report said the tax people had wrongly claimed to have beaten its targets by £1.9 billion a year since the coalition government arrived.  The Accounts Committee said it was a 'serious error' which brought into question whether the tax people were up to doing the job properly.  They said if the HMRC get their own figures wrong then how can they go attacking the others hurling condemnation they filed inappropriate tax returns.......... they can, and do, an error to them means nothing.....they have immunity from the state.

HMRC PICK ON EASY TARGETS TO BULLY -- A report shows that the Big Corporate Tax Avoiders are doing rather nicely, and that is backed up by the Parliamentary Watchdog -- The Public Accounts Committee. Margaret Hodge the Chairman said tax officials are holding back from using legal sanctions to recover money from large companies who use aggressive tax schemes to minimise their bills....leaving the small firms and individuals to make up the shortfall of what the revenues should have taken.

HMRC ' HOUND' CAFE OWNERS...JUDGE TELLS THEM THEY WERE WRONG TO.......The HMRC yet again chose to pursue and victimise a target they said owed them £500,000.............but Judge says the Cafe Owners were 'transparently honest' (unlike the HMRC)... Icilda and Hugh Newell had a small takeaway cafe in North London, they didn't make much money....and because of this tax staff and Inspectors became suspicious....they came to the conclusion that the Newell's were hiding the true profits.... because they can never accept someone runs a business on a 'shoestring' ( because they like what they're doing or indeed have to).  HMRC and their suspicious little minds made their own 'dreamed-up' estimates  saying they were hiding £700,000 in profits....which didn't actually exist.  But they were having none of this, the Newell's had to be exposed and brought down as true criminals of the system....that is how the staff at HMRC see people.  They constantly demanded payment and the case went before a tribunal.  The Judge Roger Berner said on summing up the case ' The HMRC was wrong to demand extra tax and ruled in favour of the Newell's who'd suffered months of stress and worry caused by the staff at HMRC.   A spokesman for the HMRC said they didn't comment on individual cases? ...... especially when it shows how callous they really are!

'BLATANT REVENGE TACTICS BY HMRC' -- Becoming obvious isn't something the HMRC care about any longer and taking revenge on a critic is seen as fair game and within their remit.  Reporter and Journalist Alex Brummer revealed this when he was prepared to say that he had been targeted as a result of doing articles on the  HMRC and what they were up to.  He said he was recently the subject of an HMRC inspection, and his tax affairs were highly scrutinized..... for any sign of tax avoidance!  This inquiry certainly followed  two opinion column pieces questioning the alleged sweetheart dealings of former HMRC Boss David Harnett....and he believes this led to an order being made to go after him.

'Arrest of HMRC taxman halts expensive court case '

A CASE CONCERNING £31 MILLION was adjourned and halted as news broke that DAVID DUTHRIE a Tax Revenues Officer in Edinburgh had been arrested by police..... relating to 'Criminal behaviour in relation to the officer's role as a tax official'    Duthrie at the time (2008) was involved in a 12 man team investigating firms and preparing witness documents.  A Spokesperson for the HMRC said that the adjournment of several months could be very costly to the taxpayers, and improper behaviour lodged against a staff member is taken very seriously, and we cannot comment further?

UNIT MANAGER AT HMRC IS SACKED --  The un-named woman, a line manager in 2012 was dismissed but not charged by the police despite an IPCC recommendation and the CPS knowing of it.  It was discovered that she was involved in a £10,530 credit card spend over a 12 month period.  Being a 'team leader' she had access to a number of HMRC credit cards, and the money she spent on 'Intelligence Purposes' in her claim was disbelieved by the tribunal who said that it was highly implausible.  She said some of it had gone to the Unit's petty cash, but the Internal HMRC Disciplinary hearing decided on her being dismissed.

HMRC IN PENSION FIDDLE? -- Possibly so as they win even if you suffer a loss.  One man invested his £37,000 pension pot after being advised by one of these Pension Companies.  He later found out that his £37,000 was reduced to about £25,000 after their fees etc, and then the HMRC reduced this to around £10,000 saying that he'd been misled by the info given and the tax had to be paid......so he lost £27,000 for trying to do right for his pension and HMRC made out that it was his fault.

HMRC IN TROUBLE OVER WINDING-UP PETITION PAY COMPENSATION --  'The whole episode can be described as 'Civil Servants Syndrome' said Enta Chairman Jason Tsai, 'there is no accountability when civil servants make mistakes.  The HMRC should not have placed the petition in such a hurry, and luckily the Royal Court of Justice has ordered HMRC to compensate Enta for all legal costs incurred in us having to defend the petition.   Enta Technologies were served with a petition from the HMRC.  An HMRC solicitor refused to comment about it, and would only confirm that the petition was no longer 'live'

' Taxman guilty of £17,000 fraud '

NICHOLAS KNOWLES an HMRC Employee from Rochford, appeared before Basildon Crown Court on seven charges of fraud, and was found guilty of stealing more than £17,000.  It was said that he submitted 47 fraudulent invoices to the Benenden Healthcare between 2005 and 2011.  He submitted 'home made' invoices totalling £17,610.20 for medical treatment he had never received.  It was heard in Court that he intended to challenge his dismissal?  and that his crime had been affected by a Drink Driving conviction and marriage trouble.... the Judge gave him a community order with tweve months supervision.

HMRC TOLD TO PAY £246,000 IN COMPENSATION TO COMPLAINANTS -- The Tax Adjudicator said the HMRC were very poor on treating complaints, and that the Independent Watchdog found for nine people in every ten who had lodged claims against the HMRC.  He said many of those dealt unfairly by the Tax Office endured many months of stress fighting the HMRC for justice, which was never likely to come their way had there not been an appeal system.  The adjudicator said over a 12 month period he had received 12,074 complaints about shabby and awful treatment at the HMRC.  The Watchdog resolved 2,311 complaints, and of this number, 2,7073 went in favour of the complainant.

THE HMRC 'HIDDEN AGENDA CASE' -- Secret actions, no public accountability.  'The Baxendale Affair' a case that the HMRC would not like to be shown -- but here it is -- This involves secret identities, The Inland Revenue and the Legal Profession (more details of this are revealed in Featured Lawyers).  The Baxendale Case ended up in the High Court far from Press interest and public view via The Queens Bench.....it involved a  Mr David Keys referred to in court as BWS....Keys was a fictitious name.....his real name was Paul Baxendale-Walker, who was a player in the Law Firm of Solicitors.. Baxendale Walker.  He was taking on 9 prominent defendants.  'David Keys' was posing as an Investigation Director with The Special Investigations Section SIS... said to be working for the HMRC as part of its Private Investigation Initiative......He later denied being an HMRC OFFICER?  He claimed to be a very well known and high profile expert in tax matters!  who devised schemes for clients (the nine defendants) who made accusations of fraud against him....saying that he'd never been challenged by the HMRC on this matter.....he also uses the word 'Successfully' in relation to this too?......Baxendale said that prior to the events and leading up to the court case, he was a Solicitor of the Supreme Court?.......You may be puzzled by all of this and asking what the HMRC was up to?......sadly we don't have those papers or documents, our source managed only to supply these.....but what we do know is that The HMRC do get up to some activities they want kept very secret.

NB: A law firm involved in the above was DELOITTE LLP and that comes up again in the next article?

We have decided to print this next case in full so that you can truly see how the HMRC operate when they wrongfully tried to destroy a company, families and jobs based upon false evidence and lies...... read it all and see what you think of a department that bends the law to suit and protect itself..... but in this case, they are now being sued........

How one family were brought to their knees by the taxman

One businessman tells how his life was destroyed after being wrongly accused of fraud by the HMRC.

By Alasdair Palmer

9:00PM GMT 01 Dec 2012

Rick Hone will never forget the morning of February 5, 2009. “I was in the car when I got a phone call from the office. The voice at the other end of the line was hysterical. I couldn’t really understand what was happening. I just knew I needed to get back to base immediately.

When he returned to Abbey Forwarding in Woolwich, London, the drinks warehousing business of which he had been a director for five years, he was shocked by what he saw.

”There were about 20 officers from HMRC [Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the tax authorities],” he remembers.

“Some of them were already changing the locks on the doors. Others were going through the company’s documents and computers, packing them up to take them away.”

One officer came up to Mr Hone and told him: “You owe over £5million in taxes. You can’t pay it. The company will be closed down to protect the creditors.”

He introduced a woman whom he said had been appointed liquidator by HMRC to liquidate Abbey Forwarding.

“She told me that I had just been sacked, along with half the other staff,” Mr Hone remembers.

“She would sack the rest in four to six weeks time: for the moment, she needed their help in winding down the company.”*

The woman was Louise Brittain (correct). She now works for Deloitte, charges around £750 an hour, and is described as very tough and experienced. In 2010, she was ranked 17th in Accountancy Age’s list of the industry’s top 100 power players.

She has said that she works out “the pinch point for the fraudster in advance. It could be their family or a house they’re particularly emotionally attached to.”

Having identified it, she goes for it. Mr Hone’s 'pinch point’ was his business. He and his fellow directors, Richard Mills and brothers Pat and William Owen, whose father had started the company in 1971, didn’t know what to do. “We were looking at financial ruin. Louise Brittain told us our personal bank accounts had all been frozen. We had been ejected from our own company. Thirty-two people had lost their jobs. We didn’t even know where we would get money to live on.”

The action by HMRC had come out the blue. “Our business, systems and accounts had been given a very thorough going-over by a man from HMRC only a month prior to the liquidation order,” Mr Hone recalls.

“We had a letter back from him which gave no hint that we were suspected of fraud. In fact he said our accounts were in order.”

I have seen that letter. It identifies a failure to keep some records according to approved protocols, but also states that “no inaccuracies were identified.”

So what had persuaded HMRC that Abbey Forwarding was “at the centre of a large, multinational, multimillion pound fraud”?

It had a turnover of several million pounds a year on the business of storing and arranging the transport of beer, wines and spirits. The taxes on alcohol are a large part of the retail price, and a great deal of money can be made by avoiding them. But why, having been through Abbey’s books and not identified anything which indicated fraud, did HMRC think the company was engaged in avoiding taxes?

The details of HMRC’s case changed several times: its essence was that its directors had systematically aided and abetted the evasion of the duty on the drink they stored and transported. But it was based on suspicion, assertion and the conviction of its officers that fraud was being perpetrated, rather than hard evidence.

“It was a nightmare, everything that we had built up over years of hard work was destroyed in an instant,” says Mr Hone.

“And the worst thing was, we couldn’t even appeal against HMRC’s order to liquidate Abbey because of its assessment that we owed £5 million.”

When the liquidator takes over a company, and the employees are sacked, the directors all become ex-directors. They have no standing in the company - legally, they no longer have any relationship with it. So, in law, they cannot appeal a judgment affecting the company. The person who can appeal is the liquidator. But the liquidator, although appointed by a judge, is selected by HMRC.

That Catch-22 situation looks very unfair to the ordinary citizen, who can be crushed beneath the juggernaut of a huge state agency, without most of the usual checks and balances to ensure that it is not misusing its power. Mere suspicion by HMRC officials that fraud is occurring can be enough to ruin a business.

HMRC can apply to a judge at an “ex-parte” hearing: one at which the company it wants to liquidate is not represented, and so cannot defend itself.

That is what happened in the case of Abbey Forwarding. The judge admitted he did not have time to go through in detail the evidence that allegedly proved their involvement in “large-scale fraud”.

He was persuaded that “these gentlemen are fraudsters.... there must be a risk, if they are given even a chink of light, of moving assets, removing computers, shedding documents. [But if] a liquidator can go in, properly armed in terms of numbers of people, none of this will be possible.”

The judge agreed to the appointment of a liquidator. But in fact, “these gentlemen” were not fraudsters, and HMRC’s “evidence” turned out to be spurious. The judge who granted the liquidation order could not have known that at the time because he was not given the opportunity to test that evidence. And what happened subsequently shows the dangers of granting liquidation orders on the word of HMRC alone.

Eighteen months later, a different judge was given the opportunity to assess HMRC’s evidence in detail. Ms Brittain, as liquidator, decided to sue the former directors for “malfeasance”: they had failed in their duty to operate the company honestly. Judge Lewison was given the task of assessing whether or not HMRC’s claims about Abbey’s former directors were true.

He found that they were false. Ms Brittain had, for example, alleged that on 301 occasions, HMRC had stopped lorries recorded as having picked up cans of beer from Abbey’s warehouse -- but each one of those lorries had, when stopped, been empty.

This showed that Abbey was part of a conspiracy to sell the alcohol without paying the duty owed on it.

But Judge Lewison discovered that, in fact, there were only three occasions when HMRC stoppped empty lorries from Abbey. As the judge pointed out, HMRC and Ms Brittain had exaggerated “by a factor of a hundred”.

How such an allegation came to be made was, as Judge Lewison dryly observed, “unexplained”. But, whatever the explanation, HMRC presented sworn evidence to the court that was untrue. Furthermore, on each of those three occasions, there was an innocent explanation.

Judge Lewison was astonished when one HMRC employee admitted that he had no evidence that Abbey had been involved in fraud, but maintained that he had no proof that it was not involved in criminal activity -- which, as the judge pointed out, is not grounds in law for liquidating the company.

In July 2010, he found that there was not a single item that proved that anyone at Abbey had been involved in any conspiracy to defraud HMRC, or indeed any fraud, and he dismissed the action against Mr Hone and the Owen brothers.

It was an enormous vindication for them. In the 18 months since Ms Brittain had taken over their company in order to liquidate it, their lives had been total misery. “I came very close to suicide”, Mr Hone told me.

“It just seemed so hopeless. Every possible way of proving my innocence, of getting my business and my life back, was blocked. The strain on our family was terrible. My son felt he couldn’t go to university: he had to start earning. My mother’s pension was tied up in the business. The legal bills were huge. We had to mortgage everything, and borrow as much money as we could.”

Mr Hone, from Chiselhurst, Kent, who has been married for 26 years, said: “The liquidator took possession of my mobile and called every single person in my address book, including my mother and godson, and asked them how much money I owed them.”

HMRC and their lawyers were ruthless. Two months before Judge Lewison reached his decision, they sent a letter reminding the directors that they were “bound to lose all of their assets and are all likely to go bankrupt”, and that there would be actions against their “family members who have profited unduly from Abbey”.

It warned them that they could only “avoid complete ruination” by admitting their guilt and settling the case.

”We knew we were innocent,” stresses Mr Hone.

“We were never going to give in, not even if they took everything from us.”

And despite Judge Lewison’s ruling, they came very close to doing precisely that.

Not only did HMRC maintain they had been right to close the company, they increased the amount owed to £7million. Ms Brittain, the only individual with legal standing to appeal HMRC’s assessment, refused to appeal it. HMRC’s strategy seemed to be to wear down Mr Hone and his fellow directors by attrition: there were further hearings, costs mounted.

Backed by the state, HMRC had infinite funds. They knew that their opponents had very limited resources.

But they did not give in. They won a series of rulings against the prevaricating tactics of HMRC. On August 4, 2011, five days before their appeal against HMRC’s assessment and tactics was finally to be heard in court, HMRC withdrew their claim that Abbey’s ex-directors owed £7 million in taxes and duties.

In a highly unusual step, Ms Brittain stepped down as liquidator. A new liquidator has been appointed on the recommendation of Mr Hone’s lawyer. He is still awaiting delivery of the relevant documents.

Last week, Mr Hone and the Owen brothers were in court again, suing the liquidator and HMRC for damages for having wrongly frozen their personal bank accounts. After that, they hope to launch a case against HMRC for the loss caused by the liquidation of their company, which amounts to millions of pounds in legal and other fees.

What happened to Abbey Forwarding is not an isolated case. Lawyers who specialise in liquidation proceedings note that HMRC frequently use ex-parte hearings to obtain liquidation orders against companies they suspect of fraud. Of course, many are guilty as charged. But some are not.

There has been disquiet for some years in legal circles at the extent of HMRC’s power. Geraint Jones, QC, a barrister who has been involved in many high-profile tax cases, notes that, as it stands, the law allows HMRC to be “judge, jury and executioner” in its own case. But there are no plans to limit that power; HMRC argues it needs the power in order “to catch the bad guys”.

HMRC will not comment on individual cases, but they insist there are sufficient checks and balances because they have to apply to a judge for a liquidation order.

“We only use ex-parte applications in the most serious cases to deal with the risk of assets derived from fraudulent activity being hidden, or company books and records being destroyed,” said an HMRC spokesman.

“We set out to the Court why we think this approach is the right one. The granting of a provisional liquidation order is then a matter for the court alone.”

To which, Mr Hone responds: “When a judge was able to test HMRC’s evidence properly he found it was all rubbish. If there had been a proper test at the ex-parte hearing the liquidation order would never have been granted in the first place.”

In his view, HMRC’s ability to liquidate companies without robust evaluation of its evidence takes on a sinister quality. He thinks himself lucky not to have been flattened by the power of HMRC; others may not be so fortunate.

NB: HMRC will deny all and anything, and Liars Team, the Lawyers team will be there to suppress all truth.

' Iceland Boss takes on the HMRC '

Chairman Malcolm Walker waged into battle with the tax authorities when they ordered him to pay £2.5 million of tax because he flew his staff to a £4 million conference with all the entertainment and trimmings.  He saw this as a company expense and therefore being deductable.  But the HMRC doggedly suggested it was 'a reward to staff' as a benefit of kind and should be taxed.  Walker who is boss of Iceland and is said to be worth £215 million disputes this and intends to challenge the HMRC.

THE HMRC £2 BILLION BLUNDER OF UNPAID TAX -- it is reported that tax officials wrongly calculated their own performance to make it look like they had recouped nearly 2 billion in unpaid tax, in other words deceive, this was revealed by MP's in a highly critical report.  They went ahead and massively overstated their achievement record in 2011 to 2012 and 2013 in annual reports.  They claimed they had exceeded their performance targets even when going before The Public Accounts Committee; up to then the 'error' as they like to call it went undetected.  Despite this deception, the HMRC intend to continue in the same way, business as usual?

' HMRC send out cheap flowers as compensation for demand of £979.000 '

As we have seen before, such is the nature of the taxman and staff who work at the Inland Revenue, their generosity know  s no bounds, except that it must be cheap enough.  Mr Coke said it was 'Insulting that a taxman thought he could compensate his wife for the trauma of being sent such a massive demand with a cheap bunch of flowers.'  Cafe Owner Florence Coke couldn't believe it when she saw a tax demand for £979,092,858.00, she had just opened the new business.  It was only later that Inland Revenue officials agreed that the amount was incorrect and should have been £17,000 for the five year period their calculation should have said.  Of course. this is far from the first time HMRC have blundered, they've apparently sent out 100 bouquets of flowers and actually don't know the cost of them......which is no surprise as they are funded by the taxpayer!

HMRC , THE GOVERNMENT AND THE EXECUTIVES -- TAX AVOIDANCE and the help -- a report says that a government-sponsored loophole is saving these millionaires and executives £700 million a year. News is that the loophole is not closed and nobody is doing anything about it.  Tax campaigners said the arrangement was brokered by HMRC and the British Venture Capital Association amounted to a government-sponsored tax avoidance on a massive scale. 

HMRC SEND PENSIONER TAX BILL OF £4-7 BILLION -- Retired pensioner Douglas Yeomans who lives in Derbyshire was absolutely shocked when he suddenly received a tax demand for £4,742,354,255 and was allowed to pay it in instalments £950 million a month.  He laughingly said in response to the demand, I can afford £255......the demand was for unpaid income tax?......HMRC have since apologised for the 'error'

HMRC IN TWITTER PLAN SAID TO BE LAUGHABLE if it weren't serious.  Politicians have called the plan rather ridiculous, and Margaret Hodge of The Public Accounts Committee says the idea is 'laughable'.... no customer based service should tolerate such a poor service.  It said that people struggling with their annual tax return due at the end of the month should contact the Inland Revenue via Twitter.  All amid telephone waiting times of 10 minutes and 53 seconds to get someone to answer at the Tax Office.

The tax office will of course say that this is not representative of the HMRC, but we question that in the light of a confidential document that suggests that regional tax offices contact them before revealing wrong-doing by a member of staff, --- and that clearly indicates they want time to choose what or who can be offered up as a sacrifice - plus the evidence of your own eyes here showing cases and documented incidents and reports.  We have already seen the secrecy indulged in and we know that some investigations are suppressed and dealt with in privacy.  We are also assured by our friend who devotes his website entirely to exposing the HMRC that he has hundreds of cases, and we have at least double what we have shown here. We have only scratched the surface and further probes across the Internet will reveal more.

That is our little but not exhausted list, (at least 30 more waiting) we have more for later on these departments.

NB. Additional item --- Civil Servant avoids and dodged tax for ten years!  A 'back page' two inch column news insertion in the Finance pages offered up the report that a highly paid civil servant worked the tax system by being 'off-payroll' for a decade to avoid paying tax. It is said that MP's were reviewing the case 'behind closed doors' as around 2,000 public officials are getting anxious about being named if it goes public, and the majority are in The Ministry of Defence, plus several others in the Treasury?

'THE ONES THAT GET AWAY' - What we found in many cases was that other members of staff involved could not be 'got' due to insufficient evidence despite suspicions they took part.  A lawyer said this result was commonplace ' They do not leave enough of a paper trail or computer evidence available because they are well versed in covering one's tracks, and what might be mistakenly left is not enough to take before a court or the CPS, so they are assumed and deemed as innocent, and Investigators are unable to take the matter further'    Statistics will always show a 'lower' figure of corruption at the HMRC and they rely on this to virtually con the public -- the government use these figures for their own use in denying that civil service crime is not 'worrying', when in fact this is a deceit (one of many).

In addition to the above - We found that many of these 'white collar' suspects can go and often do turn to the Internet to find lawyers who say they can represent any 'accused worker' --- their pages glorify cases they have won as a result of taking on the Department -- so there is an obvious reluctance to pursue a case or investigation against the civil service, who of course, can also represent that office worker with their own lawyers.




This appeared many moons ago, an anti-sleaze commission was to be formed.  ' Open Government ' and all that guff, it was another lie.  It was supposed to be a purge on 20,000 councillors and senior executives, it was to investigate serious allegations of malpractice and have proper standards of behaviour.  It was to be overseen by Lawyers? oh dear, ( see them in the other files go to index). 

A list appeared naming Labour Councils - Birmingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Glasgow, Hull, Tyneside, Hackney in London, Paisley, South Tyneside etc, it should have included Torbay, Waltham Forest, Havant and Hastings.



A report which highlighted fraud within councils.  It estimated that £600 million was lost each year through staff, yes, civil servants, and councillors, again over allowances to a greater extent (this is before the Expenses Scandal of Parliament).  140 authorities investigated showed that 1 in 4 had housing benefit fraud being done by the staff and councillors.  Fewer than half of the councils investigated employees nor were they set up to, which resulted in it being largely ignored  --- they had enough claimants to go after.




PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL has agreed to pay out compensation to 19 claimants who were abused at the Cosham Children's Cottage Homes from 1947 to 1971.  A leaked memo gave city solicitor Michael Lawther permission to pay the group up to £92,000 - £3,000 each plus £35,000 legal fees.  The solicitor Anne Bevan for the council said the payout does not mean they accept liability for what happened.  The campaigners only wanted an apology, but ended up with a two year battle to get Portsmouth council to recognise what Council Care had done in the past, how it ignored the situation, and it was trying to ignore the abused yet again.........Incidentally, the Lawyers in this affair made sure the payout would mean that the claimants sign away their rights to any further legal action.................here is more on this story, a story that Portsmouth would rather go away.

' JUDGE HELPS PORTSMOUTH COUNCIL AVOID ITS DIRTY PAST'  --- What comes next is a scandal in which the Crown helps a council to cloud the issues and have a selected judge sidestep child abuse in favour of a libel case and CPS orchestrated involvement to suppress 'Portsmouth Child Abuse'    In the 1950's when Portsmouth was being praised as a place of great Historical importance as a Navy City...another piece of History was being denied and covered up by members of the council.  The abuse of children at 'Cottage Home' run by the council and it's investigation revealed that no-one was going to be charged!   The case of 'Councillor Hancock and Cummings' (libel case) helped that tight wedge to be opened despite the judge trying to take the emphasis away from that evil....Cummings wanted justice for that abuse, he'd been one of those children and he wanted justice which the judge was anxious to deny him throughout the hearing....which was at the expense of the past...the judge preferred not to have the details or reports of sexual abuse presented even though they figured in the case....it was not to be discussed as far as Judge Callaway was concerned....even when a council was up to its neck in the sordid affair that ruined children's lives.  The council during those years were receiving pleas and reports of council officials hindering and dismissing reports of abuse...some were engaged in it too.  21 men and women who were children at the time say they were abused and some others just vanished at night, never to be seen again.  Carers and staff would take boys out of the rooms to use for their own gratification, to hurt them with punishment or sexual acts. Certain un-named council figures would turn up and chose a boy or girl and they had to go with the so called 'important visitor' said one of the survivors who is still campaigning for an apology from the council.  Because some of the perpetrators were in their 90's the law allowed them to go free...with the CPS approval....and this included one individual  who had been arrested, (now in her 70's and living in Wales).  The Legal Department at Portsmouth actually advised the council that there should be 'no apology given' for what had happened to the children at the 'Home'  This was to limit the compensation, which you can see at the beginning of the article (solicitor Anne Bevan for the council was quick to explain paying out meant they were not sorry or liable)...they wanted to pay out as little as they could ....or nothing.  The case went against Cummings...but not unexpected...it's not unknown for the right judge to be picked for a case!     So we are presenting the case they dearly want to bury.

In connection with the above we found this item --- 'PORTSMOUTH COUNCIL CENSURE VOTE ' -- Councillor Mike Hancock was arrested on allegations of indecent assault - Oct 2010 -- Portsmouth solicitor Michael Lawther warned councillors of contempt if anyone prejudiced a trial. The Internet features several pages on the Mike Hancock affair which have not been challenged -- and Portsmouth council do not come out smelling of roses!

THE MIKE HANCOCK CASE RE-EMERGES AS WOMAN LAUNCHES CIVIL ACTION -- HAMPSHIRE was yet again thrown into turmoil, and Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock seems unable to shake off his past.....although the allegations of assault were more or less thrown aside by?  May 2013 has now brought him accusations of    sexual misbehaviour and an interview he said he wouldn't attend, and did so, with the Lib Dem leader and Chief Whip.... in his TV appearance he accused others of waging a war against him and said he would not be bullied out of his job.  The matter arises from the 2009/10 allegations that he groped a woman and exposed himself...but he was never charged.  However, despite this, the woman has now launched an action for damages against him in the High Court.  She was recently interviewed and told her side of things, those being 'that Mike Hancock was 'arrogant' and that she was not his girlfriend and never felt good with him even though he bought her, and her 12yr old son, presents......she said she never wanted a relationship with him...it was him that pursued it'

THE MIKE HANCOCK CASE --  Update, Twists and turns in this long running saga that has gone on for a period of two years....... It now appears that the Lib Dems have suspended Hancock, and the Portsmouth Authority also decided to 'hide' a report and not publish a document commissioned by the Portsmouth City Council.  And not do so until the High Court Case was over, but the woman has now requested this leaked document for her case and rightly so.  Nigel Pascoe QC said the woman's version of events were 'credible' and that there was evidence of  'Serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour by the MP'

ASSAULT ON REPORTER - MIKE HANCOCK'S SON -- The son of Mike Hancock was arrested for assault on a local reporter outside Mike Hancock's house in Fareham.

Update: Mike Hancock's son was found guilty of assault -- he was given a 200 hour community service order and was told to pay £3,000 in compensation to the journalist he attacked.

THE MIKE HANCOCK CASE: Since losing his seat in the 2014 elections, Mike Hancock has apologised to his victim and admitted making her feel abused.  The news said he confessed to 'a inappropriate relationship with a female constituent'  It stated that in regard to the court case, he had made an 'out of court settlement'



PORTSMOUTH COUNCIL was fined around £15,000 by the local NHS Trust for failing to find enough beds for elderly patients in need of care.  The council came up with various excuses for their failure to meet the problem including blaming families. 


' Portsmouth Councillor bailed over bribery and corruption faces police investigation '

PORTSMOUTH COUNCILLOR JEZZ BAKER faced a 27 hour investigation by police from the serious and organized crime unit over corruption allegations.  He was arrested after he took money to support a planning application. The City Council Planning Officer was arrested for corruption following accusations of dishonesty within the council's planning committee -- it soon became apparent that council staff and the Council Legal Department began a cover-up that would distance themselves from Jezz Baker -- it went so far as to the Hampshire Police making pretence of the fact they had arrested the 45 year old for corruption in public office and declining to say who it was? when it had already been established.  The Chief Executive of the Council rolled out the usual denials and said they were assisting the police but could not comment further.  Councillor Steve Wemyss  gave out 'the innocent statement' much expected by this council.

JEREMY JEZZ BAKER was jailed by the court for 12 months for taking a £500 bribe...obviously innocent?



PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL was served with proceedings for money owed to them.  Social Housing Co. Mears is suing for £151,858 concerning repairs and decorating.  Lawyer for the council Michael Lawther said '   It will not assist the process of our ongoing discussions for the council to comment on matters that are the subject of negotiation.  Steve Wemyss, councillor was demanding for more transparency when dealing with public money.

That word 'TRANSPARENCY' -- Lawyers don't believe in it and neither does the Government.


' Portsmouth Council found guilty of Maladministration '

MALADMINISTRATION -- Failure of carrying out a required duty, a misfeasance in public office -- for those who don't really understand the word.  The Local Government Ombudsman was alerted to the following case against the council and after due consideration found them guilty...the party affected by council misbehaviour was offered the meagre compensation of £200 which they refused.   Indira Chudasama wrote many letters to the City Council, many requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act.  She was being harassed by noise, late parties and anti-social behaviour.  The council replied by trying to belittle her in her attempt to have things clarified saying that certain fees would have to be paid for administration in order for them to answer questions put by her...so mail went back and forth with no end in sight -- they were playing the game of 'ignorance and wasting time'   She sent in reports of the ant--social behaviour which the law advises to be kept and written about -- these were all ignored. She made an official complaint in 2009....which got her nowhere.  In desperation she contacted the Ombudsman who had no hesitation in finding the council guilty of outrageous behaviour (much of this perpetrated by managers and staff at the council).

The Council replied to the findings later admitting there had been a wrong done, James Hill the Portsmouth Council Housing Manager said they had identified the problems? (the council being the first one) --- Miss Chudasama turned down the £200 compensation and said the council needed to learn a lesson from the awful treatment they had showed -- that's all she wanted.  The council never learned a thing from this!!



PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL tried to suppress news that its own social club for employees was worse than any low cafe, it was lacking the basic sense of hygiene.  The council is supposed to uphold standards, but instead it tried to prevent the information coming out.  It revealed dirty floors, rotten shelving and freezers not being monitored that contained risk food.  Out of date bottled beers, cracked utensils, and a fridge.

(See 'secrecy over Porchester Community Centre')


' Portsmouth Council uses Benefits Fraud cases to suppress own Cover-Up'

The council has been 'congratulating itself' for being at one with the DWP and Benefit Fraud Agency misleading its residents into believing it plays on a straight bat.  The council says it will not hesitate to take action in order to protect public funds!  Rather laughable really, and it stinks of corruption --- corruption they say does not exist in Portsmouth Council.  We can prove otherwise -- we had one of our team go undercover to obtain information posing as a resident. They were told to contact Freedom of Information and state in the request what they were looking for.  The request for info on how many people on staff had been sacked for misconduct and any other similar offences more serious was suddenly passed to the Legal Department. They denied that such information existed, but were eager to point out that ' if such information was available they wanted to know what it would be used for before handing it over (at a cost) and there was another fact -- they could refuse to supply the supposed information and they still wanted total control so that they could have it stopped being used under their ruling of 'confidential and subject to approval' -- which rather defeats the access of such information when they can deny use of it, which means a Cover-Up and not an ounce of transparency from this cynical council. The Freedom of Information Act said that accountability was assured but it left out the bit about ' Only some bits are available'



We came across this dedicated site who were publicising corruption cases in the council at Portsmouth, and thought it only right we should feature it.  PO12BG Fighting Corruption in Portsmouth City Council has expired according to a notice (the domain fee has not been renewed or something worse)  We would like to access the information that it had so we appeal for the owner of the site to contact us -- so if you are the owner of that site, please contact us via our Investigator Richard at his e-mail address on our home page.


'Portsmouth Council accused of 'Ripping-off' Charity Shops '

Councils across the UK have been accused of scandalous behaviour --- one is Portsmouth Council (plus Gosport) by the Association of Charity Shops who say Hampshire is a major contributor to this state of affairs. They say Portsmouth Council is acting against the law by making charity shops pay waste disposal costs, and goes onto accusing them of 'overcharging'  A Spokesperson said 'it is wrong for these councils to take money away from these needy causes and it is utterly deplorable to act in this way'  Portsmouth were accused of using 'delay tactics' rather than scrapping the fees.


' Residents 'betrayed' by Portsmouth Council over new houses '

PORTSMOUTH RESIDENTS VENTED THEIR ANGER with Portsmouth Council after new homes in Warwick Crescent, Somers Town, were allocated to other people!  The residents said they had not been considered saying the 'wrong people' had been given the homes.  They met with Councillor Steve Wylie at a meeting. Some of the residents said they had been waiting up to 12 years for new homes, and they were just as needy!


' Was Portsmouth Council and Ombudsman in Cover-up over Land Development?'

Keith Edmunds feels strongly enough to point out that the Local Government Ombudsman system covered-up and assisted Portsmouth City Council in a 'Maladministration' case (the second one so far).  It began in 1993 when a wealthy developer with all the 'financial appeal' that the council liked, applied to develop an area of land in West St/Broad St. The application was eagerly supported by Portsmouth Council -- which had two High Court cases pending in 2008 against them concerning 'planning corruption' and irregularities -- according to Keith who researched this information well.  He also managed to see an Architect's report on file about the site which stated that the development did not meet the 'light requirements' of the BRE -- and in order to meet it would mean that the whole development would have to be scaled down.  He applied for a copy but staff turned this down, but with persistency he finally obtained that and entered it into 'evidence' with his complaint to the Ombudsman.  What followed this was countermoves by the council, subterfuge and mind games -- application denied, application granted in a seesaw battle until the council pushed it through, yet nothing had changed in regard to the light requirements, they were determined to get the developer's plans implemented....Mr Edmunds officially complained and accused them of committing perjury and the Ombudsman of aiding and abetting the council....the council still refuses to admit their wrongdoing almost saying 'come and prove it' knowing that they can shield the necessary partners in crime and withhold paperwork by claiming Crown Privilege knowing they have a solicitor who is handsomely paid by the taxpayer to do the dirty work that is necessary.

NB:  Full details can be seen on Keith Edmunds web pages; and if you type in Portsmouth Council Corruption.



THE PRESIDENT OF THE LOCAL STUDENTS UNION has accused the council of outright discrimination against students.  Union President Godfrey Atuahene says their new policy is unfair and is actively being used to discriminate students by limiting the number of students in shared accommodation in an area to ten percent which will have a massive impact on where students coming into the area will be able to stay economically.


'Portsmouth Council try to use the law to cut the vital services to the needy '

Redefining the law so they can save on money, Portsmouth council chose to cut services to the less well off in society as they were easy targets and complaints from them would be easily tossed aside if challenged.  But this didn't go according to plan when the Council made an application to the court to terminate help for those in sheltered housing.  The judge turned down their application despite the council offering the explanation that the changes would not have an adverse effect on those who needed it.   Judge Jarman QC ruled that they had a duty to provide the service under the 1995 Act, and to maintain the services at the present standard. He said the failings in the council case presented were serious enough to quash the application and told them to reconsider their position.  This council makes big claims of caring for the vulnerable.....but apparently not in this case!


'Portsmouth Council staff waste public money (sat accessing Facebook) '

A REPORT has revealed that council staff were sat at their desks going onto facebook when they should have been attending to council business.  It was said that more than 400 hours a month were snatched out of the work timetable.  A spokesperson for the council said that it has now been banned from the workplace.

HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL said 46 employees had been discovered spending more than an hour on the Facebook site each day.....but they had no plans to ban it as yet!

£4.2 MILLION WAS SPENT ON CONSULTANTS WHICH LED TO £10 MILLION OF CUTS IN PORTSMOUTH -- Lynne Stagg of Portsmouth City Council attacked the spending of £4.2m on consultants who in the main did little for the situation in the area and the roll on only forced the council to put through £10m cuts in services to residents...see the case below.


'Portsmouth Councillor in Consultancy Secrecy '

COUNCILLOR CHERYL BUGGY - Senior LibDem -- just happened to forget? or not mention that she was being paid as a consultant whilst chairing a commission to scrutinize the spiralling bill of consultants for the council with the intention of cutting the bill to the taxpayer.  Authority spending had gone from £4million to over £5million in just two years -- the Tories on the council accused her of acting in ' a conflict of interests' and said she should have declared this fact before heading the commission and stood down. (not surprisingly, the council came to her defence with the usual rhetoric ' she done no wrong' ) -- none of them ever seem to do wrong so I guess the expenses scandal was just a myth, rumour and a figment of the nation's imagination?


'Investigation into Portsmouth Council Misconduct'

2014 council defeated in elections -- newly elected council boss Conservative Donna Jones has requested an investigation into previous misconduct by councillors in the ousted LibDem council, which included Mike Hancock who lost his seat.....at the time of this he was still facing a court case which had been delayed by his reported illness.....however, it has been established that he made an admission and settled out of court.  Donna Jones has vowed to make Portsmouth Council 'transparent' and accountable to the people (June 2014), but that remains to be seen?


' Bad behaviour by Portsmouth-Fareham Councillor angers residents '

COUNCILLOR SEAN WOODWARD of Fareham Borough Council, Hampshire, was accused of showing disrespect at a meeting at Porchester Community Centre.  Stella Bell one of those at the meeting made a formal complaint concerning his conduct saying it had breached the code.  Woodward showed no signs of being bothered by this and claimed he had shown consideration by attending the meeting.

THE ABOVE FOLLOWED ' THE U-TURN OVER SECRECY OF WHO RUNS THE NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE ' and therefore sheds more light on Woodward's attitude at that meeting.  The running of the new £2million centre was originally going to be kept secret -- and councillors at Portsmouth City Council claimed it ' was financially sensitive and confidential ' -- despite being bought with taxpayers money!  The Porchester Community Centre in Fareham was to be discussed behind closed doors, and that changed at the last minute, hence a possible reason that Sean Woodward showed little interest in the meeting he originally opposed.



PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL OFFICER WENDY COUCH was suspended after police started an investigation into an overnight stay on a yacht during Cowes Week.  She was suspended over ' the gifts claim ' by chief executive David Williams.  The investigation was centred on whether there had been any misconduct in public office.


' Portsmouth Council -- The North End Injustice Scandal '

Yet another bit of ' dark history' involving  the Portsmouth Council --- Searching yet again into Portsmouth Council dealings and archives, there appears to be 'The concealment of past crimes the council wishes to forget' as we arrived at 'The Vaughn Street Urban Renewal Project of the late 60's ' when the council literally threw people out of their homes in order to pass through a financial project they could profit by.  Joey Cresta ran an article that suggested the council 'atone' for the injustice it perpetrated -- Violation of the City Code was done, and that greed among City of Portsmouth Politicians was responsible.  It was also stated ' not only were the city and council officials culpable -- so was the newspaper ' The Portsmouth Herald' who colluded with them.



For many years Portsmouth City Council along with neighbouring Havant, have been taking risks with visitors on holiday and residents who had no idea that deals were being made with other councils to have their bad tenants move into such places as Southsea, Portsmouth and Hayling Island and Hampshire in general. This is all being done on the quiet (one  council worker we spoke to said 'they can't tell the public or there would be hell to pay.)  In one case, they allowed Bristol to send their 'unwanted trouble makers' to the region. Another factor which has gone on since 2000 is the 'St James Hospital Scenario' -- this hospital feeds pills to the 'unstable' 'drug addicts' and mental risk offenders who either stay there voluntarily or are sent by the courts.  After a period they are released, and some just walk out and back into the community when they feel like returning to the place where they got arrested for an assault.  One such spot they congregate is in The Crescent on Hayling Island (you can read that account in Related Topics). Many of these people have been sanctioned under the mental health act, and despite this, the council quietly imports this danger and lets it loose among 'the so called rational citizens' who have no idea of the risks they may be taking.


' Portsmouth Council try to impose fines and suffer defeat '

PORTSMOUTH COUNCIL made desperate attempts to have people fined up to £80 for anyone flouting the barbecue free zones on Southsea Common --- and were reliant on the Government coming to its rescue by introducing legislation that would curb public activities.  But a delay has occurred in the passing of this 'restriction of freedom' law which meant that Portsmouth council had to back down and admit defeat -- as it was powerless to go ahead without the relevant by-law powers it needed.  (one in the eye for the council eh?)


'International visitors conned by Portsmouth Council '

Portsmouth Council has staff printing up fancy brochures for visitors urging them to visit their so called many features of historical interest?  One dire experiment in this area is The Dickens Centre on the East side of the city towards North End...nothing of Dickens can be found except a sign...there is no centre stocked with things on Dickens....his original birthplace address is as dull as it sounds in a pokey little area and nothing much to look at.....the Mary Rose exhibits are overcharged as people see water running down over unrecognisable bits of rotting timber through glass panels.....expecting the visitor to imagine much more than what is shown.  The Galleon of Trafalgar looks more like a plastic set up with fibre-glass construction meant to imitate wood....and the Spinnaker Tower is pathetic and most unimpressive as one looks up at it...most of it was hype.....and the Gun Wharf is a tourist trap meant to fleece the visitor out of as much cash as possible....and the small museum tea room at the Naval display more or less gives the game away....all in all Portsmouth has very little of interest to offer except parking tickets, football louts and yobs who spit on pavements and use ' F ' and ' C ' in almost every sentence........of course, if you are attracted to lying, fiddling, incompetent council staff and boozy football fans, then this is the place for you.



SOUTHSEA TOWN COUNCIL have been experiencing difficulties and look to closure after years of political arguments.  Suggestions of Portsmouth City Council riding rough shod over Southsea were made by Councillor Symes.  The people are being invited into a public consultation on whether the council should continue.


' Portsmouth Medical Services suspends Paramedic Involved with boy '

The City's Medical Services suspended Paramedic David Oliver after finding that he had been engaged in sending sexually motivated conversions to a fifteen year old boy (online) on a social networking site. The case came to the attention of the Health Professions Council in 2010, and they sacked Mr Oliver.


' Registered Social worker with Portsmouth Council was sex offender '

DESPITE their claims of vetting, Portsmouth council approved sex offender Mudassar Khan  who had over 6,000 indecent images of children...... he pleaded guilty to 17 charges at Winchester Crown Court, where he was jailed for a period of 2 years and 8 months.  It was later revealed that two police forces in the UK knew about him and even America's FBI had him on their radar.



FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL came under attack for fleecing the motorist because of the huge profit they were making from the beleaguered motorist.  It collected in one scoop, £48,285 in fines, with more due.  Portsmouth Council pockets more than a £1 million a year doing the same thing.  Fareham came under attack later when they were taken to court over speed cameras and a court found they had acted illegally and were required to pay compensation to many drivers.


'Council and foster care blamed over child's death '

PORTSMOUTH COUNCIL and it's Foster Care system was blamed for the untimely death of toddler Anna Hider by her mother. Due to several circumstances the child was placed with more affluent adults by Portsmouth Council, but due to either a lack of care or otherwise, during a party at the new foster parents home, she made her way to the pool and was found drowned.  Anna's mother says Portsmouth Council were culpable, and there were still questions to be answered over the incident.

NB: THE MAIL by coincidence uncovered details of how many councils are offered bonuses of up to £2million; over a three year period to meet adoption targets if they raise adoption rates by fifty-per-cent!


' Portsmouth Council pay Kinetic £500,000 '

New Council leader Donna Jones says that the payout of £500,000 to Kinetic was a result of the previous council administration who made many mistakes while they were in office.  Apparently £125,000 was already paid out as part of the settlement to Kinetic in 2010.  The award concerns the matter of a beach, rare birds etc, and a wrangle that has gone on for 9 years.....concerning a plan that never happened.




An Independent Watchdog revealed that more than £4m in allowances were being claimed without having to account for the money spent.  Expenses were yet again being hyped for travel and other things needed for them to carry out their duties.  The arrogant councillors rubbished the report immediately.  Suggestions to reform the expenses system were said to be unpopular with those involved the Chairman Peter Humphrey's said.

SALARIES KEPT SECRET - Hampshire Council leader says he is caught between trying to abide by the Freedom of Information Act while paying respect to the Data Protection Act.  Hampshire refused to answer a request for Information on Salaries under the Act when The Taxpayer's Allowance applied for the information.  Policy analyst Ben Ferrugia said of Hampshire - ' Everyone else who  works in the public sector has to produce this information.  It just makes us wonder what it's trying to hide.



SOUTHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL LEADER RICHARD WILLIAMS shocked fellow members at an extra-ordinary meeting called in connection with inquiry into the departure of Cabinet member Councillor Keith Morrell.  It was discovered that Williams persuaded Keith Morrell to pretend he was resigning on health grounds when in fact, it was over a disagreement of policy.  Williams abruptly resigned and told the Press it was for a number of reasons.



DISGRACED MP ASHLEY MOTE was found guilty and jailed over benefit fraud.  He was not required to pay back money to the Chichester District Council and the Department of Work and Pensions.  But he was ordered to pay back £67,000 he took out of the public purse.  He was convicted of 21 benefit offences, let out of jail early and went straight into a well paid job despite the conviction. He was allowed to keep his £60,000 Euro MP job?



HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL really did nicely for its headquarters when it came to furnishing it with quality fittings --- they spent £12,000 on designer taps, £141,000 every year on bottled water and some £1.25 million on furniture ---desks and chairs.  Renovations to the Headquarters cost around £40 million.  The taxpayer is so generous, but they never really know it.


'Hampshire Council payout £800 damages'

AFTER BEING CHALLENGED SUCCESSFULLY, HAMPSHIRE COUNCIL PAID £800 to ratepayer Howard Floyd who took on the Highways Department and won.  He compiled a report making sure it was properly detailed over 'pothole damage' caused to a vehicle and lodged a claim for compensation.  He said most people don't do this and the council's get away with it, but I used the 2000 Freedom of Information Act and pursued them by using the information to make my case water-tight.  The County Council's Legal team didn't contest it and I was paid the compensation.  He received £825.26 in September 2012.


' Hampshire Council delayed invoice payments -- just usual business? '

While others struggle to recover outstanding monies for goods and services supplied, we note that Hampshire Council's new initiative is to put several departments together, for simplifying procedures....which in turn caused an increase in delays to people being paid and invoices being put on the back burner....which included the police, and The Police Federation said their members have overwhelmed them with complaints.  A council boss more or less said this was inevitable really because with any new system the dust has to settle!  strangely on the opposite side of the spectrum, the public are never allowed to delay payments to the council without those threats of legal action from their power mad lawyers.


'Havant Councillor in vote-rigging is jailed '

In 2002 RAY RACE a councillor with Havant Council was arrested and charged in connection with vote rigging -- fixing ballot papers.  He was found guilty and sentenced to four months in prison.  He was subsequently arrested a year later for threatening a witness who appeared for the prosecution at his trial and helped convict him.



HAVANT COUNCIL was criticised over the behaviour of Alan Page  described as a villain, who holds a contract to pursue motorists in the district.  Page's henchman Chris March is said to engage in criminal activities by many of the victims.  Havant Council seemed unworried about this and would not comment on the way this contractor threatens and bullies the motorist.  They are obviously happy with his methods and those probably reflect their own.


' Hampshire County Council no insurance contingency '

HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL faced a huge payout of up to £12million after its fire brigade was sued for tackling a blaze.  The brigade turned off a sprinkler system which could have minimized the damage at Capital and Counties Plc.  The giant digital computer firm took the council to court seeking the payout.  Hampshire County Council which funds the fire brigade admitted they had no insurance to pay compensation.  It estimated its liability was up to £5m and were considering an appeal while legal representatives try to agree a figure.


' A Council where transparency is a word not to be taken seriously '

HAVANT COUNCIL is run by the Tories, you might think they would be open and accountable after the expenses scandal of 2009, but no, despite playing 'we shall have transparency in government card' they actually dismiss it as being of no consequence.  Tory councillor Tony Biggs agreed to having the public barred at a meeting with Capita and for the session to be in private.  There was no sensitive information to be discussed said Mr.Hart - leader of the Havant Labour Party, so why the secrecy? because they have learnt nothing from being caught in the corruption fraud.  They intend to go on doing business as they did before the scandal.

The meeting concerned £50m on public services in the hands of Capita, public money, held in secret?


' Hampshire  County Council in 'Clerical Error? '

THE OLD 'ERROR' STANDBY EXCUSE -- An 'error' which upset 150 home-owners who received letters from the council telling them their homes were to be torn down by a bulldozer actually caused alarm.....but Councillor Sean Woodward played the whole thing down saying ' letters should have only gone out to five landowners?  Little does he realise that Stubbington Residents are quite well aware of council doing exactly what they are going to say rightly or wrongly.......and 150 recipients of those letters are not in the slightest amused!


' Councillor is given a 2 year ban by colleagues '

GOSPORT COUNCILLOR PETER CHEGWIN was not amused when he found himself suspended and then banned for two years after being accused of failing to declare his interest.  The Councillor was involved with Wickham Festivals, a firm that was to provide services for a planned event.  Mr. Chegwin was the organiser, and other members said he should have declared certain facts, but did not do so at the time.


' Council staff failures create customer problems '

HAVANT COUNCIL send out forms that immediately fail on return dates deliberately to cause the claimant problems.  A form was sent to a council tax payer dated the 17th of June, it arrived 22 days later on the 9th of July, and stated that in order to avoid delays or the removal of a single occupancy discount the form must be returned within 14 days?  Even if the customer sends back the form the same day they are 8 days overdue, and this could spark off the difficulties that the customer should not have.  This problem is either deliberate or just one more inefficient error of a civil servant -- they cannot have it both ways.


'Gosport Council Accountant in Fraud goes to jail '

CONWAY WARNER was found guilty of perpetrating 17 fraudulent transactions netting in public cash of around £307,000 in just a nine-month period.  It was said that he took this to feed his gambling habit, and was only discovered when he took early redundancy.  It was also said that he attempted to put the blame on a colleague to avoid being nabbed.  He was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for the sophisticated fraud scheme.



FORMER HAVANT COUNCILLOR CHRISTOPHER MINCHAM is in jail for a second time.  The disgraced Havant Councillor was jailed in 2004 and now again in March 2009.  His chequered History includes bankruptcy owing the council thousands, guilty of a swindle, two people burned to death in one of his properties, Illegal dumping, another bankruptcy, a row over benefits and numerous breaches of council orders.  He was thrown off the council in Havant.

During the beginning of the millennium, Havant was also rocked by a story of councillors vote rigging.

It is also worth mentioning that Havant's Solicitor Nicholas Bennett claimed that there was no corruption in Havant Borough Council?   1 in 4 councils have corruption see (councils cover up their own fiddles).

Would he tell anyone if there was?     NO.


' Hampshire Member of Parliament rapped over non declarations '

DAVID WILLETTS MP told the Electoral Commission that the£45,000 in donations which were not declared was a mistake.  He received five donations between May 5th and September the 28th in 2007.  The Hampshire Havant MP was reprimanded for not following the rules.

As this article went into production, David Willetts was yet again in trouble for another non disclosure (20/6/09) and maintained it was another mistake.


' Council tax rebate Scam '

We come across many cases of council staff messing up tax rebates that have been claimed by people sending in the annual bill in one lump sum, then having to claim two or three months overpaid.  HAVANT BOROUGH COUNCIL features here as one council that abuses this (though there are many others).  A claimant who mailed us said they paid the whole bill and left before the year were owed two months.  The council then went onto ignore the claimant as if they did not exist.  One can easily see that by ignoring the claim they the council, benefit from not paying a rebate out.  But when they overpay, it's straight to their council legal department and lawyer with intentions to put that person before the court.  Council solicitors are a murky lot, and as we have already seen in the bent lawyers section -FEATURED LAWYERS - are ready to threaten and bully ordinary people whenever they feel like it.  They often have an understanding with certain district judges and come out on top - and who is surprised at that?  The council knows the claimant will eventually get tired of phoning or writing for that matter and quit.  We know for a fact that councils like Bournemouth, Chichester and Arun act similar when having claims for rebates lodged by claimants seeking money.



COUNCILLOR ANDY SUTTON on the Isle of Wight was given a six month suspension for irregular activities regarding planning regulations, he was said to have been involved with four un-named individuals.


' Hampshire Councillor Arrested '

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNCILLOR DAVID WHITTAKER spoke out over the 'toilets arrest' by officers. He was charged with the offence of sexual activity in a public lavatory, and was due to appear before Isle of Wight magistrates in late August. He denies the charge.


'Gosport Councillor arrest'

PORTSMOUTH - GOSPORT COUNCILLOR NEIL REDRUP had his computer seized by Hampshire Police in 2007 when they raided his home.  Details were not forthcoming from either the council or police, and the only information available was that he had set-up cameras to spy on lodgers.  He was given bail.


' Council  look other way as their bailiffs harass Romsey Woman'

SOUTHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL - HAMPSHIRE just sat by as Rhia a resident in Romsey was being hounded by threatening bailiffs over a debt she had already paid.  They were asking her for £500 and made four visits to her house.   She tried to tell them that she had already paid the prior debt to the council of £646 - 50....but this did not put them off making further visits that amount to harassment.  The Southampton City Council later admitted that they had made an 'error' in this case, and said that the behaviour of the bailiff firm was not acceptable and that they would do something about?.........the council were the ones who set this action in motion!


' How many council vans are needed to deliver info to one crescent?'

HAVANT BOROUGH COUNCIL used three vans, three people and spent over one hour in a single crescent delivering info on waste disposal.  Most of the time was spent chatting by these officials.  One arrived using the flashing light as if he thought he was a cop.  The building is multi occupational, but only a few hundred yards long.  How much did this cost, -- we will never know?  One thing we do know is -- most of what they delivered will be thrown away in their own bins.   Crescent inhabitants have no time for the council or abide by any of their rules, and the council have known this for years.


' Conditions at Portsmouth Removal Centre not improved for vulnerable detainees '

A REPORT BY THE H.M. PRISONS INSPECTORATE said there had been a lack of investment in the Immigration Centre which had left it with some of the worst accommodation in the Immigration Estate.  It was also a fact that none of the recommendations on immigrant casework had been achieved --- in one case they did not respond promptly to new evidence to support a young person's age dispute case --- who was subsequently found to be a child --- which meant the boy had been detained unlawfully at the Removal Centre...as it was inappropriate to have a child of his age remanded their.


'HAMPSHIRE -- The Andover Workhouse Scandal of 1845 '

ANDOVER in Hampshire may now be passed-off as a pleasant little town, but this was not always the case, it like many others had a dark secret hopefully consigned to History.  There was a workhouse, infamous for beatings, brutality and starvation of its inmates --- yes inmates, because it had a regime like that of a prison, and it treated men, women and children as if they were sentenced to punishment.  The abuses were many and very distasteful throughout its history, and its reputation resembled a Dickens Novel.  As with times of today, the elders of the parish and town council tried to conceal what was going on, but luckily, John Walter a journalist with the Times exposed the scandal of this place to the nation and brought it down.


' Hampshire -- 230 arrested in child porn raids '

DURING 2011- 2012 THE POLICE MADE 230 ARRESTS IN HAMPSHIRE in relation to searches for people having connections with child porn sites and the storing of indecent images.  Many of those arrested were downloading and exchanging photos with others besides those making the indecent child images for trade.  It was said by the NSPCC that the sheer quantity of images are staggering and increasing month by month....one man in Hampshire had more than 11,000 images on his pc; he was arrested for possessing and making indecent images of children....and a Portsmouth Judge was forced to resign over having indecent images (see Rotten Judiciary).

Considering there are more than twenty counties.....there could be more than 4,600 people regularly accessing child porn, making it, and distributing it on the Internet.....at any one time.....and this is just a conservative figure based on the Hampshire arrests.


' Hampshire County Council in Child Abuse Scandal '

VICTIMS of a home run by the council in the 1970's have embarked on suing the council to gain closure on the suffering they went through and have been left with over a long period of years.  A Report says that up to 16 members of staff are being accused of carrying out the abuse in the 'Historical Case' --- The council remained quiet on this just saying that they couldn't comment while legal proceedings were taking place.


' Winchester Council Leader breaks the law '

A judge condemned council leader Robert Humby for breaking the law over a Shopping Centre which would cost £165 million.  Campaigners had denounced the plan as ruining the city and its present standing.  Development plans are now being considered by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles who may 'Call them in'  In the meantime Robert Humby has resigned in the light of the judge, Dame Beverly Lang, ruling that procurement rules had been breached.  This all came after the council appointed developers Henderson to go ahead at the Silver Hill site with significant changes on the original plans without putting it back out for tender.  Although Humby stands by his decision which he says was taken with 'external legal advice' he will abide by the decision of the Judicial Review.


' Southampton Council neglect family feelings '

A family from Southampton were staggered and horrified to find a huge pile of gravel dumped on their family grave when they visited it to leave flowers.  It was only after the angry sisters complained that the council felt bothered enough to offer an apology.....they claimed the cemetery was running out of space and workmen had to put the gravel somewhere!


' Portsmouth Mayor in reputation downfall over Building Society Scandal '

HISTORY THE 1890'S -- MAYOR JAMES MOODY - MAGISTRATE OF PORTSMOUTH.  Another historic situation that Portsmouth had to bear when a trusted and revered Mayor fell from grace.  Moody was well liked, a grocer from the Isle of Wight. All went well until he was linked with a financial scandal -- Portsea Island Building Society.  He with others - Tom Scott Foster, Robert Barnes and Sir John Baker found themselves facing prosecution.  They were accused of accepting money under false pretences -- they were charged with 76 offences and were due to appear at the Old Bailey in London, but Moody died before the date of the trial.  One man who was handling the office accounts etc, already pleaded guilty for his part in the scandal......Portsmouth's past has not always been a rosy picture of accountability and honest living.


Now onto the neighbouring area of Bognor and West Sussex County Council, including Arun:


'The Corruption that is Bognor Regis '

'BUGGER BOGNOR' became a phrase that had the council fuming in the early days, and they failed in attempts to get revenge on 'Royalty'......and it could be very apt today.  The coastal town is rife with corruption, increasing crime.... apart from it being very tatty.  The Arun Council along with West Sussex County Council will go to any lengths to cover up scandals and wrongdoing.  The town can only be described as 'manned' by 'pay-packet' civil servants' who embrace the corrupt practices, and make sure the public do not become aware of the fiddles such as 'expenses' and 'dodgy payments made to contract applications' that they claim were arrived at by 'fair' means??  And how do they get away with it?.....often this is taken care of by the Legal Department and bent lawyers, some of whom have hidden past indiscretions that have been 'whitewashed' by the SRA and SDT....we once exposed a lawyer for a council (Michael Smith) who threatened a pensioner saying that he was not to talk to the Press or us about the payout they'd made.....and he was the 'big shot Council Lawyer' (we have featured a few of these council solicitors in 'The Featured Lawyers' section)

and continuing with Bognor etc, let's go  briefly to some more stuff.

Think Twice before Eating out in Bognor!

TASTY BITES RESTAURANT FAILS IN HYGIENE -- Manager fined £2610-78 plus costs at Chichester Crown Court for contravening food safety standards in April 2013.

And if you have dental trouble and teeth playing up!

BOGNOR DENTAL TECHNICIAN WAS NOT REGISTERED -- Clive Woods was illegally practising in dentistry at the Dental Surgery in Sudley Road, Bognor Regis.....He was fined £1,300 when he appeared at Worthing Magistrates.

And if you want to ask a policeman...be careful with your information!

BOGNOR COP Thomas Grant was arrested, suspended and charged with misuse of data.....using the police computer....he was charged with misconduct.... and found guilty (See full story in 'Featured Cops'  Sussex).

And if you fancy a bit of rowdyism to spoil your holiday or visit?

BOGNOR BANS 19 YR OLD FOR ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR -- Chichester Magistrates gave 19 year old Duncan McDonald a three year ban from the town centre after he was charged by the council of unpleasant behaviour that caused a nuisance to residents.

LATE NIGHT FIGHT IN BOGNOR -- Three people needed hospital treatment because of a fight that started outside McDonald's Take-away Restaurant in the High Street adjacent to the promenade.  This was at 1 am in the morning between two groups of people.  It is said to have started over the hire of a taxi.

But that's not all really, There is often shouting and drunkenness late at night, and there has been two murders and a suicide (man plunged from balcony in holiday hotel), a mini riot and punch-up at Butlins, plus old age pensioners growing marijuana.....and other delights we have yet not mentioned....at this 'interesting' seaside town....plus a seafront nightclub that has low turnouts....and noise complaints from the elderly neighbours.

TWO BOGNOR COUNCILLORS RESIGN -- Conservative members Cunard and Daniells left the Bognor council in a situation 'hung balance' causing a stalemate for the beleaguered council.... interestingly, Cunard said he could work better 'Away from the group's political influence'.....which tells you something else!

COUNCIL ELBOWS RESPONSIBILITY -- Bognor homeless has now become the responsibility of Charity Workers at a new shelter.  Described as one of the most deprived areas of West Sussex, the council shifted its care in the community conveniently to the charity at Glenlogie House..... (that'll save them a bit of money eh?)

BOGNOR POLICE HIT OUT AT POLISH INFLUX IN TOWN -- Local Police complained about the council allowing Eastern European Polish Prisoners being urged to begin their new life in Bognor Regis. (Daily Mail Rant)


' Bognor Regis Parking ticket enforcement scam '

NOT EXCLUSIVELY BOGNOR, but Arun and West Sussex County Council -- It seems like they are filling their cash boxes with money from parking and traffic enforcement fines in order to balance the books and 'cover-up' decisions involving money lost on schemes they don't want the folk to know.  The RAC recently published a report saying that councils were involved in an 'unacceptable mass-ticketing culture' pulling in £600 million, thanks to the issuing of penalty notices and parking...... obtained only by applying for this material via a Freedom of Information request under the Act.         These councils such as Bognor Regis, Arun and West Sussex (and Hampshire) operate in the same way as the dreaded 'Clampers' using the same ideals and methods........some enforcement officers have been filmed 'fixing situations' as a YouTube video showed in 2012 - 'The Snow Incident'..... in another investigation BBW....it was revealed that some of these enforcement officers have criminal and civil court records..... 'supposedly missed' in 'error'.....which quite frankly is a load of bull!


' Bognor Councillor caught Drink-Driving '

BERSTED, BOGNOR, ARUN and WEST SUSSEX COUNCILLOR Simon McDougall was arrested by police after they stopped his car in Aldwick Road.  The Councillor appeared before Chichester Magistrates where he was given a year driving ban.


' West Sussex in Blunders Scandal '

COUNCILS WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL, BRIGHTON AND HAMPSHIRE have all been named in a Freedom of Information report on the BBC News Website as committing costly mistakes to their townsfolk.... the item referred to 'Mast Approvals' when companies putting up masts applied for permission..... despite also having contenders to this who raised objections.  It was found that councils actually let the matter run out of time, which meant the permission was 'automatic by default'..... and this happened on 68 occasions!    Action Group member Charmaine Depres said ' I was not surprised to hear about the blunders, the council officers are a law unto themselves -- they work for us! they are paid to do a job, yet they are not doing it properly'


 West Sussex Councillors in Expenses Furore '

THEY WANT MORE?  In the face of poverty and austerity to those around them, West Sussex County Councillors decided to increase their allowances..... in a time when the council are facing £140 million of cuts to services in the area they pretend to care about!  Despite local protests by people who came out to oppose this, the council Conservative Bob Lanzer thought the recommendations for a rise was 'sound judgement' claiming to exercise the principles we believe in?

WEST SUSSEX MP's  GET ANGRY ABOUT THE ARGUS DIGGING INTO EXPENSES CLAIMS..... as the Daily Telegraph carry on their relentless exposure on MP's fiddling their expenses.


'West Sussex and Arun Council Intransigence born out of greed and 'jobsworth '

ARUN DISTRICT COUNCIL (and West Sussex County) exercised their authority on Bognor when they threatened to evict Ice Cream Trader, Alex Miller, because he served ice cream cones with a chocolate flake.  They claimed (amid all the important things to do) that this action broke the terms of his lease.  Arun council went into the issue of 'Concessions' (which they mostly give to themselves or friends) and pretended they were acting fairly?


' Councillor accuses West Sussex County Council of Cover-Up '

The call for a debate on the £1.2 million cuts to the Youth Service was 'blocked' by Peter Evans, the West Sussex County Council cabinet member for youth, who 'forced through' the decision to penalise the County's Youth.  The Council Select Committee refused to consider further discussion on the matter.  Councillor Jones went as far as to accuse West Sussex County Council of 'A Cover-Up'  - when he said 'the refusal to allow councillors the right to challenge this further, is in my view a 'shabby cover-up'.  This decision didn't take account of people's needs, it was purely done for financial reasons.



WORTHING BOROUGH COUNCILLOR MARK McCARTHY appeared at Oxford Crown Court on charges of sexually assaulting a child.  After four hours the jury acquitted him of the sex charges but upheld the offence of threatening to publish intimate pictures and making threatening phone calls with the intention of perverting the course of justice.   The Judge warned Mr. McCarthy of his drinking problem and said ' I do not propose to pass a custodial sentence.  I am concerned that you have to do something about your alcohol abuse.'

PS: What should not be missed here is that Mark McCarthy was found guilty of 'witness intimidation and the intention to pervert the course of justice'   he was actually prepared to blackmail a witness in order they did not testify against him.......it is a strange thing for an 'innocent man' to do?


' More on West Sussex and Arun Councils '

ARUN COUNCIL IN FANTASY say village Action Group  as it becomes clear that Arun council plan on wasting taxpayers money to do mass house-building on an area of vulnerable flooding.

ARUN COUNCIL FAIL TO MAKE ADEQUATE EMPLOYMENT PROVISIONS for young people.  Councillor Paul Dendle made this statement.......sort of out of the horses mouth!

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL SUED -- A Schoolboy won £3,215 for an injury at school when the case appeared in court, but West Sussex were having none of this.... they took it to appeal and found the right judge and overturned the decision.....which as one would say, its all about who you know and bearing the cost!

ARUN/WEST SUSSEX -- AND THE TAXPAYER FUNDED CREDIT CARDS -- Many local Authority Executives are enjoying treating themselves to first class rail travel and staying in 5 star accommodation according to a report by the Daily Telegraph (the ones that exposed MP's Expenses).  The report highlighted the amount of public money being spent...... 186 councils were unable to account for more than £20,000 without receipts.  If this had been an individual in the public, they would have been probably charged with misappropriating money and false accounting.....one asks why this isn't so here?

SUSSEX BRANDED AS HAVING THE WORST ROADS IN THE UK -- A report has featured West Sussex as having failed in its maintenance of its road network throughout the area.   The Road Safety Foundation said that between Chichester and Petworth (going up to meet the A3 at Guildford) the roads were some of the most dangerous encountered by traffic, and that there had been several fatal crashes as a result..... and that these had increased by 16 percent in the 2007 to 2012 period.  Considering the Council really had a major influence in keeping the roads safe, they offered very little in the way of an explanation.


' The Arun Enigma and Draconian Views '

ARUN once had Chief Executive Ian Sumnall....until 2011.  He helped the affluent retired residents repel visitors which other seaside destinations welcomed..... but Arun was into 'No this, and No that'  the rich who swayed the council decision makers didn't want cyclists everywhere running amok, kite-boarding, no dingy sailing etc, and this was enforced by Sea Front Police Officers who took on the task of quickly and painfully stamping out such 'unlawful activity'.... after all, it was a by-law, and these tourist types had to fall in line!   Sumnall was earning something in the region of £115,000 with Arun District Council.  Then came along the replacement, one Nigel Lynn, with a new vision so it seemed, until he got together with Councillor Dendle who some in the district say conspired to close The Windmill Cinema without seeking any public consultation!.......it was interesting also to read that the district is run down and badly in need of redoing, and that the visitor input has fallen?


' Disgraceful Court Action by West Sussex County Council says Judge '

Lord Justice Thomas said the case of Pet ambulance owner Derrick Spooner wrongly suspected of breaking licensing laws 'Should never have been taken to court by the council'    Mr Spooner 72, provided a voluntary service for other elderly people and their pets in Angmering, West Sussex.  He only charged a small fee to cover himself and donated most of it to Charities,  Yet ARUN DISTRICT COUNCIL tried to prosecute him (with their trusty solicitors department) claiming loudly that he was not licensed (Council Officials decided this...staff).  Worthing Magistrates threw out the case when it was brought to them,,,, but in spite of this, the council could not bear to be seen losing, so they challenged the decision at the High Court.....running up a bill of £10,000  for the taxpayers!   The Judge added this comment ' A quite extraordinary way to spend public money'   During the hearing in which he turned down their appeal, he said that the council had pursued this case well above what could be seen as normal actions.

PS.  a Council Spokesman tried to excuse this small-minded tenacity in pursuing the case to the High Court as being necessary?



A CHICHESTER DISTRICT COUNCILLOR West Sussex, Mary Green was fined £5,000 for failing to comply with an enforcement notice after failing to demolish a building that had not been granted planning permission.  It appears the councillor was at one time on the planning committee. Mr Green said of the council ' they say one thing and then change their minds, they should be held accountable for their decisions -- nobody is scrutinizing their actions. 


' Public Incident involving Councillor who accuses council of secrecy '

COUNCILLOR DAVID HOPSON of the West Wittering Council in Sussex accused the council of secrecy and legal malpractice.  He said ' They are trying to shut me up and it's been going on for some time. I will continue to say the way in which the parish council proceeds through its working parties is unlawful'   His resignation which he wished to have cancelled was turned down and the council at the meeting declared him 'resigned' and said he was obstructing the meeting. 

What we have here is either a councillor out of sync or a councillor who is being a 'whistleblower' and the forces of corruption in the civil service are at work again to suppress the incident and defeat their enemy in any way they can --- and this is not unheard of if you have read the many cases on this site.


' West Sussex County Council does have a 'maladministration' judgement against it'

A MALADMINISTRATION DECISION rather hidden away in a report on the Web -- It is featured in a case called 'A mistake in West Sussex County Council's School Admissions' which had a knock-on effect that initially denied a child a Primary School place.  A woman 'un-named' complained  that her son was refused a place at his local Primary School, even though he was at the top of the list because of a 'mistake' (more of that error and mistake nonsense council's get away with) made in admitting another child.   The Case (4th March 2009) was heard and considered by Local Government Ombudsman Tony Redmond, who found the council had caused an injustice through maladministration, but did not recommend any remedy because the situation resolved itself during the investigation.

PS: Most councils do have maladministration cases against them, but many keep this information secret.


' Council to be sued by girl '

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL are being sued by teenager Natasha Caley-Winborne over an accident she suffered when she was 6 yrs old. It states that she fell in her school playground and hit her head after tripping on uneven grass at Ardingly, East Sussex. She went on to experience personality disorders which makes it difficult to sustain relationships with people. The writ issued claims £100,000 in damages for pain and injury, she has legal representation with Neurological Lawyers Osborne Morris and Morgan.


' West Sussex Chichester Councillor resigns over racist remarks '

WEST SUSSEX CHICHESTER COUNCILLOR John Cherry resigned after he had made remarks considered racist in an article in The Sunday Mail.  He said that 'Pakistani children would fail to rise to the top and that 'certain' nationalities were uncertain when it came to doing hard work'  The Police were brought in when complaints were made.... and of all forces, The Sussex Police are investigating?


' West Sussex County Council tries to lessen court damages at Appeal'

THE JUDGE SAID THEY WERE GUILTY OF A BREACH OF CARE yet the West Sussex County Council went ahead with an appeal to get out of paying the full amount of damages.  Sarah C Russell sued West Sussex County Council's Traffic and Highways Authority after an accident when she lost control of the vehicle due to improperly maintained road verges.  The Judge said the council breached the 1980 Highways Act and had a duty of care to make sure the Highway and verge was inspected and maintained.  At the Appeal, he said the Authority had failed to establish a defence in their appeal to reduce damages.


' West Sussex County Council in funding Rows '

WE LOOK AT TWO ROWS:  ROW 1 -- 'The theatre funding bias'  Crawley hit out at West Sussex County Council and its only funding of The Chichester Festival Theatre since 2001.....apparently the local authority have given in the region of £2.6 million to it.  Brenda Smith a councillor for Crawley said 'the funding should be distributed to theatres across the county, not just one'  She was making a case for Crawley's theatre The Hawth, who were left out again.   ROW 2 --  'The Council's deal with Amazon'   David Hide, Chairman of Horsham Labour Party said --- 'Many of our members are upset by this innovation, and I cannot understand why a public body like a library funded out of taxation, should think its okay to bolster the profits of a multi-national company -- the very same company that deems it inappropriate to pay its fair share of taxes'


' West Sussex County council spends £100,000 on silly adverts '

Considered one of the most ridiculous campaigns, West Sussex Council which is facing £79 million of budget cuts, spent £100,000 on 92 You-Tube videos on how to wash your hands? -- a scheme slated by taxpayers who heard about it.  An opposition councillor said 'it was hardly viewed at all, and certainly not much by people in the West Sussex Area. Spending money on 'Patronising videos' by a council that is cash-strapped beggars belief'


' West Sussex Council staff on leave over stress '

A report says 88 civil servants who work at West Sussex County Council took 905 days off for stress. Many claimants who look for their help have stress, but they get nothing, not even sympathy. One wonders why they claim this excuse of twaddle when they are compensated for this sick leave very well. They have a nice fat rich union who look after them. They cite worrying over job cuts as the main reason, those who have no jobs often get the worst service from this lot.


' £250,000 Payout for council man who gets new job '

A HIGHLY PAID WEST SUSSEX COUNCIL CHIEF got £250,000 in redundancy pay, and then went on to get a new job with a six-figure remuneration.  MARK HAMMOND is now getting £130,000 a year at the Human Rights Commission. This man was with the above 'stress council ' West Sussex County Council. It certainly seems good when you walk away from one job, grab a big handout, and then walk straight into another nice little earner. Further news on this says it was worth £400,000, and that his leaving was over a row he had with Council Leader Louise Goldsmith?


'   West Sussex County Council in Secret Payouts '

GAGGING ORDERS -- known as contracts that prevent issues being known to the public.  These so-called 'confidentiality clause' are written contracts designed to suppress sensitive information that the public might find offensive..... in that the payouts could well be over tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money.  A Report says that West Sussex County Council  engaged in 55 gagging orders with staff since 2005, and that could add up to a lot of public money.....the exact total paid out will never be known because of the confidentiality clause in the deals.  Campaigner for Transparency Paul Cardin said ' They should not be seen using public funds to conceal sensitive issues or potential malpractice beneath a veil of secrecy'



' West Sussex Councillor uses police to suppress public challenge '

WEST SUSSEX, HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCILLOR Philip Circus called in the police when a member of the public at the meeting, Dr Geoffrey Richardson refused to back down when speaker and councillor Claire Vickers refused to answer a question on housing that he had put to her.  He repeated it, but was ignored, and Philip Circus intervened, threatening him with the police.... Dr Richardson objected to Circus acting as a 'shield' to Vickers and they exchanged words.....Dr Richardson rightly pointed out to Circus that ' We pay you to be where you are'......and in true council style the police were called to eject Dr Richardson.


' District Council Reneges on Promise '

HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL made a promise they could not keep, and simply tossed away any moral values they may have claimed.  They made a promise to the Horsham Indoor Bowls Club, but went back on the decision to re-house the  indoor bowls facility within a new leisure centre.  The 400 member strong club feel let down especially as it pays the council £50,000 a year for using the facility.   Tony Male, the Men's Captain said the club helped the local area and gave the disabled and other groups something that was needed, but Horsham Council led by Mr Chowen don't seem to be bothered about that and merely pushed these factors to one side.


' West Sussex Council run roughshod over Protestor's rights '

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL were told by the Judge that the council had not taken the Protestors rights of freedom of expression and assembly into account when making their initial application to evict the fracking protest members, and adjourned the proceedings.  He also had to remind the council that it would be courteous to discuss and consult with protestors!

PS Councils like West Sussex show very little regard for outside points of view, and think their own as law!


'Two Councillors accused of Misconduct '

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL District -- LANSING DISTRICT PARISH COUNCILLOR Sid Hilsum has made a formal complaint about the conduct of two other councillors - of Adur District Council, Keith Doliemore and Pat Beresford.  Mr Hilsum says they made a personal attack on him following an altercation at a Committee Meeting.  It was a vicious verbal attack he said, and he was amazed that two other councillors could speak to another councillor in such a belligerent and offensive manner.


' Horsham District Council in Data Blunder '

WEST SUSSEX -- HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL released 'sensitive' staff data in an e-mail, after Roger Gill wanted to know why he had not received a response to a complaint he had made about the refuse lorries reversing into his lane.  In an e-mail exchange with staff at Horsham District Council he was sent data which breached the data protection Act 1998.  More embarrassingly, Mr Gill is a 'civil servant' too, and he said ' it's just not good enough, it's sloppy and embarrassing..... they just hoped the problem would go away.   No staff member or the council were charged under the Act, nor was anyone disciplined... according to Mr Gill.


' Hove City Council Manager in Drugs Supply Case with Cop '

DARREN SIMPSON a Council Manager at Hove in Sussex was arrested with Cop Boyfriend P.C. GRAYSMARK for moneylaundering. Simpson was stopped in a vehicle check on the A23 out of Brighton, and a cocaine haul valued at £148,000 was found in the car. Simpson was charged with having drugs, and intent to supply.  He was found guilty at a court hearing and is awaiting sentence with two other men.  The case against the disgraced Detective Constable can be fully read on the 'featured cops page --- Sussex Police '


' West Sussex Council is sued, and pays out £169,000 '

£169,000 was paid out in compensation at an Employment Tribunal Court -- to an employee who they considered guilty of sexual harassment in the case AUSTIN Vs WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL.  (the woman involved said there was no sexual content when asked).  The claimant Mr Austin resigned because of the way the council behaved and conducted the situation.  The tribunal found there were serious flaws in the council's disciplinary process.... such as the defendant's rights in that the council refused him access to information, and that he was actually suspended by telephone.  The Council internal Disciplinary hearing also went ahead in his absence while he was ill.  The Court also said there was sufficient evidence to suggest the council pre-judged the outcome from an early stage.    (Case: 3102059/ 2012)

NB: The court held the view that West Sussex County Council acted 'High minded' and without due consideration for the accused.  One must question their Legal department who supported the action and the staff who helped the managers to ride roughshod over a fellow employee's rights to a fair hearing.


' West Sussex Council Mishandled Care Costs '

THE LOCAL OMBUDSMAN Dr Jane Martin criticised West Sussex County Council in its handling of an elderly woman and her care costs.  She found that the council 'did not' follow government guidance, and took up to 18 months to find out that what interest she had in her property had little value.  The Ombudsman said that the actions of the council were hesitant in making decisions which caused 'significant stress' which could have been avoided.  They could have also held back on its legal action which was later retracted!  She said, had the council conducted proper discussions with clear explanations, the matter could have been resolved swiftly, which could have also avoided the woman having to seek legal advice.


' Sussex Council's blunder passed onto taxpayers '

Around 500 elderly and disabled residents in the West Sussex area will be penalised as a result of a computer glitch in the council's pc accounts. Many of whom are special needs and require all the help they can get are to suddenly receive bills of around £888 and in some cases £2000 because the system did not collect at the right time and led most of these people to think they had already paid. One Watchdog group called it disgraceful!!


' £60,000 for wrongful dismissal payout by Mid-Sussex Council '

MID-SUSSEX DISTRICT COUNCIL in 2009 paid out £66,000 in compensation to Mr Roger Mills of East Grinstead for wrongful dismissal.  He had a spotless 14 year record of work, yet found himself on the 'wrong side' of his boss Shaun Morley who it is stated, used taxpayers cash to hire private investigators to spy on him and 'get something' during a four month surveillance, ordered by Morley who sacked Mr Mills for 'spending time at home' during working hours.  Apparently, Morley didn't know or look into the fact there was an arrangement allowing him to work from home agreed by the council.  The Judge Mary Stacey found the actions of Mr Morley unreasonable and disproportionate -- and that any suspicions he had were whimsical.


Brighton and Hove Council Audit Boss Suspended '

West Sussex County Council - This is the strange case of Audit Exec IAN WITHERS who was suspended for alleged misconduct, and amazingly, this is the man who conducts investigations into fraud and wrongdoing in the local authority?  The report says that Mr Withers had not been seen since being suspended...yet adding more to the mystery of this.  The council said they couldn't comment..... so nothing new there.   Ian Withers joined the council in 1997 and is reportedly earning around £50,000 a year.  Words of fraud are being bandied about in the direction of Mr Withers, which might indicate another reason to engage in foul play....reason being because this man is a sort of 'Internal Affairs' investigator.

An Insider revealed that during 2012/13 Mr Withers investigated 164 fraud referrals of suspected fraud irregularities.....resulting in a member of staff being dismissed for theft.... two more resigned whilst being investigated......and it goes onto mention one employee being dismissed for housing benefit fraud, who was later successfully prosecuted in the court system.......and obviously leaves us to wonder how many more there were that have been left out.


' Worthing Council fine Pensioner for error on Parking Permit '

WEST SUSSEX -- WORTHING DISTRICT COUNCIL certainly have a way about them, and one that gives them no points in the ' Morality Department'.  77 year old Anita Willsmer of Goring entered a wrong digit of her registration in the wrong order when applying for a parking permit and on visiting her daughter in Westbourne Avenue, Worthing, found that an enforcement officer had stuck a £25 penalty notice on her car.  (Don't get the impression that enforcement officers are human, they are 'jobsworths'...they probably saw how near the number was to the car's but chose to ignore it).  To make matters worse she also lost her appeal even though she explained it was an error that she failed to see on that day.

NB:: Amazingly, the council themselves can do 'errors' against the citizen, and they can get away with it time after time with no consequences (see 'Hampshire County Council in Clerical Error' case).


'Worthing Council Officer is Dismissed for Gross Misconduct '

West Sussex County --  Worthing and Adur Councillor Cliff Harrison was removed from his job amid and following a disciplinary investigation by the council.  Because of 'tight-lipped' silence by the council it has become a mystery.  Harrison whose job earned him around £71,500 as the Executive Head of Technical Services was charged with gross misconduct........yet offered no details to their constituents?


' West Sussex County Council in serious Data Breach '

CHILDREN'S DATA in fact, West Sussex County Council was named out of three when The Information Commissioners Office took action against them for Data Breaches.  He said that staff at these councils showed very little regard for the importance of protecting children's personal information.  He furthermore said that staff were not properly trained on how to handle personal information.  It emerged that the West Sussex Authority had a Laptop computer stolen which contained unencrypted files on thousands of children, making it easily accessible.  He said that poor regard for data could put the children at risk, or anyone else's.

NB:   No staff have been held accountable or mentioned, these people are shielded by the Authority.


' Sussex Councils and the 'Pot Hole' Payouts '

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL PAID OUT £195,044 in compensation to motorists who claimed against them for car damage caused by unfixed potholes in the road during 2012/2013.  Figures revealed showed that there had been 1412 claims launched by drivers over the failing state of repair work.  Neighbouring County, EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL PAID OUT £99,883.....They had 1308 claims made against them in 2012/2013.  It was said that the potholes caused near-misses on the road as drivers often swerved to avoid the holes and damage to their suspension.  The average cost quoted to repair a pothole was quoted as £50.

PS: if you need to make a claim then contact:  potholes.co.uk website. and they will help with your claim.


' Council Squabble leads to dangerous cycle path '

WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL and BURGESS HILL TOWN COUNCIL are at 'loggerheads' over a brand new cycle path, neither of them admit liability over lighting, so the cycle path has been in total darkness since it was made.  It cost the taxpayers thousands of pounds....the path on Queen Elizabeth Avenue links both councils. The two councils were said to have gone into this stalemate and the path remains without lighting...and no one had any idea when it would be resolved.


' West Sussex Councillors Accused '

A story that remains unchallenged on the Internet by Whistleblower David Joe Neilson, makes online claims that Sussex Councillors MP Norman Baker and MP Simon Kirby of Lewes District Council are covering up a fraud and drug dealing.  The former Candidate for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner made these allegations and cited the Sussex Police Force, saying that official documents kept from the public identified up to 50 cops in the Sussex Force of a cover-up in relation to the 'Katrina Taylor Case'  He goes on to say that MP Simon Kirby was linked to corruption scandals and an accessory to witness intimidation involving fraud and a murder cover-up?

NB: It appears on searching further, that these accusations have not been fully answered, investigated or dealt with appropriately by the council or police....... and simply denying it does not provide the truth, or convince anyone that there is no substance to the allegations.


' The Chichester Council soak the motorist campaign '

CHICHESTER COUNCIL in league with WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL   plotted for ages on a scheme to deprive visiting motorists of 'free parking' -- and one day, they did it, they changed the signs and drew up new lines, preventing a huge number of parking customers from staying in and visiting the town (they call it a city!)  Now they can fleece the 'chancers' and force the others to pay fees in their already full car parks.  'Fines' on the motorist is a common sport in such councils like Sussex and is spreading like a plague around the country.  They make huge and excessive amounts which are often used to 'bolster' failed schemes, and this extra cash helps them shore up the shortfalls in their accounts.  They ought to be looking into the behaviour of some of their own staff, especially in the Accounts Dept or Finance..... corruption lingers in many of these areas, and clever accounting can siphon off some good extra money.  Councils of course, deny this and just about anything.....wrongdoing is denied at every level in favour of the word 'mistake and error'   Cover ups do happen in order to prevent public snooping.  Hitting the motorist for extra cash might be good sport, but it is these same councils that previously accused big outside superstores of ruining local traders, but they welcomed motorists and did not impose charges....so what do you expect if the council use anti-car campaigns...a loss of trade for shops.... caused by the council.

CHICHESTER COUNCIL TAKE £50 --- A resident found that she had a ticket on her car outside her own house, and the ticket pointed out that two of her vehicle's wheels were on the kerb, and fined her £50.  The area was a resident's parking area and she felt safe on that, and only parked in this position because it is a narrow road and wanted to be a good citizen and allow enough room for vehicles to get by, and avoid damage to wing mirrors.


' West Sussex County Council Round-up '


West Sussex County Council Children's Home residents Sue Council for Neglect ---- Former residents of a West Sussex County Council Children's Home are suing the council, in fact two councils, because of what they suffered -- years of sexual, physical and mental abuse.  (we tried to get to this case but it seems to have been suppressed and torn out of the diary....it has only one reference)

The following case could certainly have a bearing on the one above?

Child Protection is inadequate with West Sussex County Council --- Inspectors from Ofsted found that West Sussex County Council were inadequate at safeguarding children from neglect and abuse..... two many cases had very significant delays in visiting vulnerable children.... and they were slow at completing assessments, (Dec 2010).

National Car Parks Sue Worthing Borough Council -- NCP are suing the council for breach of contract, and have assessed their claim to be around £600,000.  This happened because Worthing announced plans to take back the running of car parks themselves -- NCP have refused to comment....and it also appears Worthing Council were not pleased with their cut of the take (profits). especially as NCP prices had more than doubled.

Corruption Suggestions makes Councillors get nervous --- Online Kempton ben dared to head his blog 'Corruption at Brighton Council -- an Update'  It began with Councillor Tony Janio who he says works for one of EDO's partners proposing a motion condemning a planned lawful protest, whilst being with a firm that produces Military Equipment.... and that Thales has worked with EDO before (register of interests), and that Councillor Janio declared no such interest at the council meeting?  and suggested that it all looked a bit dodgy!

West Sussex Council and the £55 million cuts......a report says that many people were angry as the council meeting to discuss the cuts in the budget, and leaked suggestions point to the real possibility that it will be aimed at the elderly services, and they will face the worst of these cuts in 2014/15.

We shall be back with more later.



' Hastings Council lose case after bullying allotment owner '

THIS CASE DESCRIBED AS DAVID DEFEATING GOLIATH tells us how far a council will go to use might and £3,000 of public money to crush one individual...... who was in the right.  That man who won against them was Michael Rock who fought them for over two years when they tried to evict him.  What was his crime?  He grew some fruit trees, which at first they didn't show much concern.  But one day, Michael received an eviction notice out of the blue, but he wouldn't go....there was nothing in his contract to show he wasn't allowed to grow these trees.  But they insisted they had the law on their side, and that's when the bullying started and heavy hand tactics began to develop.  He challenged these orders and unfortunately met Judge Smith who allowed the council to do as they liked......this pleased the council who were now out to get Michael.... but that wasn't the end, the case went to appeal and Circuit Judge Robin Bedford came to the conclusion that Judge Smith had 'misdirected and mismanaged the case'  and said the Judge's findings were 'unsound'....Michael had finally won.


' Council in parking meter charges incident '

HASTINGS COUNCIL in Sussex forcibly prevented photos being taken by an irate motorist after he complained about excessive parking tariffs and excess add-ons.  he told us ' the civil servants have no intention of hearing a complaint, what they say goes, and they will not listen to reason'  The man apparently received an excess and huge charge despite the attendant being in a doorway some yards away from the meter.  The man went to complain in the council offices in the back area of the town in a grubby off road and council staff refused to see him and then objected forcibly to him brandishing a camera and taking pictures.

This certainly confirms the attitude of civil servants and the evidence gathered so far on this site.


' Former Councillor arrested '

HASTINGS BOROUGH COUNCILLOR Richard Vallery-Peters was arrested by police on suspicion of fraud by false representation.  The matter is said to be about the medals he was wearing and his entitlement to have and display them as being an accurate entitlement.  The report says that he was bailed by police.


' East Sussex County Council Gagging Orders '

EAST SUSSEX which takes in the council of HASTINGS issued 21 gagging orders, where they paid out unknown sums to staff who had a grievance.  The union claimed this was a good way of resolving issues, but made no comment of public concerns over secrecy and the payouts, he seemed to bypass this subject very rapidly.


' East Sussex and the 'secretive case of the sex abuse school governor'

A REPORT revealed that the council actually knew of sex allegations and historic information for 14 months without doing anything.....in fact the school knew too.....there had been a CRB check that revealed that school governor priest Canon Gordon Rideout had a bit of an history.  He remained on the school board as chairman despite child sex abuse allegations being investigated for the period of 1965 to 1972.


'Hastings Council's Bailiff Bully Boys '

EAST SUSSEX -HASTINGS BOROUGH COUNCIL boasts of having used their bailiffs 7,000 times in 2013.  Hastings Spokesman Kevin Boorman didn't consider this as poor or a bad thing, and defended their use of bailiffs.  He said they only go to bailiffs after the case has gone to court.......but we know that most of these cases submitted to the Magistrates are 'on block' without the defendant being there or even being aware that an action is in the court.... because the council do not inform them....most only know it when the bailiffs come or send one of those threatening letters, that council lawyers are familiar with and condone.


' East Sussex County Council -- 'Abuse of Power '

A SENIOR JUDGE IN 2008 said that East Sussex County Council were guilty of 'Wholly unacceptable abuse of power' for the act of rushing through the adoption of an 18 month child and blocking a legal challenge by the child's natural father.  He accused the council of deliberately setting out to prevent any challenge to their authority by the father.   He said they had planned a strategy to suppress his rights and act beyond what the law intended under the Children's Act..... which is designed to protect the child from acts of abuse.


' East Sussex County Council to take Pensioner to Court '

A CASE THAT ANGERED MANY TV WATCHERS --- When in December 2014, East Sussex County Council made threats to take an 100yr old frail pensioner to court over care home fees.  The Violet Davies case shows just how rotten a council can be because she cannot afford the £9,000 nursing home fees.  Her son is 71, and not in good health, he tried to reason with the council which as we know on this site, is like hitting your head against a brick wall in frustration.  Staff at these councils are 'Jobsworths' who often turn their backs on fellow humans because their bosses and pay-packets require them to abandon morality.  Mr Davies 71, who is suffering from cancer says 'they are just heartless'   The family at Seaford have tried in vain to get commonsense out of the council who keep saying 'The information request has not been provided.'    Just try and get information out of them? and they more often than not ignore you or begin quoting data protection and have lawyers who ask why you want it and what are you going to use it for, in fact any attempt not to grant permission....and if they did you'd have to pay a fee.....yet they use customers data freely and sell it off without ever getting permission because they think they have a right to it granted by law.


We will come back with more on this lot later.


' The Scandal of two councils, one boy, and maladministration '

The Councils --  KENT COUNTY COUNCIL and  DOVER DISTRICT COUNCIL, two councils that showed total ignorance and a lack of care to a 16 year old boy, they didn't even operate within the law, they thought that didn't apply to them...... and let's not forget, it was a large number of staff who were engaged in this... but never named or brought to book.  Kent County Council were found guilty of the serious charge of Maladministration ( a charge most councils deny and say they never have done?) they breached their duties under The Children's Act 1989....but this one is on record....Dover District Council were found guilty of 'a lack of care' and breaking the Housing Act 1996.  Both councils were ordered to pay the victim £5,500 each and apologise.

The Ombudsman said that both councils actions were 'inexcusable'......Dover District Council actually turned the boy away when he applied for housing!  ..... and this must have been staff, not managers....when someone walks into a council for help... they are met by staff, so let us have no lies on this one.  This case was dubbed in the news as 'BOY FORCED TO LIVE IN A TENT'  and he did for 'nine months' because both councils did not properly assess his needs....they probably thought they didn't have to!  and what did they care about this boy?... not a lot as it shows.  During his time in the tent he was subjected to having his property damaged, attacked etc, and in desperation he sold his personal possessions just to pay for nights out of the rain and threat of assault with friends etc, until it ran out. 

These councils go on about protecting children, but in practise do not deliver what they preach, but expect others to abide the law..... and come down on those who do not provide adequate protection for a child, and at times taking them out of their homes.... and into care.......but with this boy, they didn't care at all!


' Heartless Council threaten terminally ill woman with court action over £14 '

CHILTERN DISTRICT COUNCIL sent Phillipa Madams a letter threatening her with court action to get the payment of £14.... they said was non-payment of council tax.  But, she had previously informed by that council that she didn't owe anything.  Widow Phillipa Madams had just been diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer.... and felt she must pay it in order to get the worry and stress over.  It then transpired that the council were actually to blame for this because they had got 'their calculations wrong' with a previous bill meant to end her responsibility to this sickening council.  These civil servants (staff) didn't get it right, and what's more, they didn't really mind putting her in court.....as with all council cases, no member of staff were held responsible?


' Councillor's tea break costs the taxpayer £7,000 '

TONBRIDGE WELLS BOROUGH COUNCILLOR SEAN HOLDEN left a meeting while in situ, and as a result of the hold-up to proceedings, an investigation into his disappearance cost over £7,371 and eight months to complete.  He had been reported to the council's standards assessment sub-committee



LAMBETH COUNCIL BOSS DEBORAH UGBECHIE's  treatment of two workers amounted to racial and sexual discrimination.  The Council paid out four figure compensation amounts to Ian short and Mr.M.Monaghan the only two white persons present in a meeting.  They were excluded from many  meetings and given trivial tasks.  A tribunal accepted there was a deliberate policy by the black majority led by the council chief to trivialized the roles of the two whites. 


Bristol City Council was found guilty of maladministration by the Ombudsman.  His report said that house improvement grants were being deliberately held back by council staff and officials. ' They have mishandled the scheme .  Ordinary people who have been waiting to do renovations to their run-down properties have suffered an injustice at the hands of people who should know their job.'  The council apparently did not know the difference between an application and an enquiry.



PETER GOULD of Northampton County Council received £291,000 in a lump sum, and a guaranteed pension of £100,000 a year.  He had been in the position of Chief Executive for only seven years before retiring.  The Public Sector pension deals were criticised by Ros Altmann a former treasury pensions advisor who said ' this is another vivid demonstration of how out of touch public sector pensions are.'


' Councils take on extra staff when the private sector is forced to lay off '

At a time when people in the private sector are losing their jobs and in some cases take less in pay, the town halls are taking on 10,00 pen pushers to bolster and support existing staff. 


' Council fined by court over safety breaches '

NEWHAM COUNCIL -- 'Caused the horrific burn injuries to teenager' by neglect --- The Court found the council guilty of a serious safety breach in which a 15yr old girl was severely injured in a fireball incident while on an organised outdoor activity.  The court said if basic precautions had been observed as a matter of importance then the accident would have been less likely to have occurred.  The council were fined £15,000 and ordered to pay costs of £17,246.


' Snooping councils make their own Data Protection Rules '

Nine in ten people being spied upon by councils are innocent according to findings that looked into the reported 10,333 times the legislation has been used.  Over 1,650 council staff were given authority to become a sort of secret police.  They were even allowed to see DVLA files of 270,000 motorists in a bid to trap people for 'environmental crimes'   Peter Booth of ' No to ID ' said ' What we are seeing is powers which are brought in for one purpose being abused time and again for relatively minor offences.'

COMMENT: it's amazing how council workers go on about not being able to give info because of Data Protection yet they abuse this rule themselves quite frequently as can be seen in files on dwpcorruption.co.uk.  The solicitor Nicholas Bennett likes you to think they abide by these rules too!! - he of the ' no corruption in my council '


' 7 Charges of Vote Rigging by Tory Activist in Council Elections '

JOHN HALL Chairman of the Whitely Conservatives found himself in Guildford Crown Court.  Claims of falsifying poll papers were alleged, but only four of the seven charges had merit.  Hall claimed that he had acted out of good faith and was only found guilty on four counts of using a false instrument  with intent. 



WALTHAM FOREST COUNCIL in London resorted to threats of intimidation and legal bullying to hide an out of court settlement of £2,000 to a pensioner accused of not paying owed council tax.  Chief Solicitor Michael Smith began bullying pensioner Mr. Aspin of Bognor Regis by saying he would withdraw the offer if it were mentioned to a third party.  This all came about when the council instructed bailiffs to collect council tax from the pensioner.  They had already had without his knowledge gone to the magistrates court to have him convicted as a tax defaulter.  However, proper investigation would have shown the pensioner was not liable and that he no longer owned the said property in the period taxed.  They didn't bother, even though the pensioner approached them with proof.  Instead, they employed bailiffs.  When they admitted their error it was called a mistake, but they followed this with threats to silence him and suppress the compensation from the public.


' Birmingham City Council may have to sell assets to pay claims against them '

BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL have found themselves in a financial crisis due to compensation claims on equal pay..... the council is considering selling land in order to pay a bill of £1 billion for thousands of equal pay cases launched against it.  A report says they have agreed settlements with female staff while others are still being submitted.  The scale of the payouts has made it necessary for Birmingham Council to borrow....but the ever watchful Department for Communities and Local Government have said a cap on the borrowing must hold so the council are now looking into their property portfolio worth £5.3 billion with a view to selling off something to raise the compensation cash.



' WAGES RISE FOR CIVIL SERVANTS, NO OTHER SECTOR '   Workers in Government Departments saw their salaries rise by 3.5 per cent in recent months and the number of staff vastly increased.  Research showed that over a 1000 town hall executives earned more than a £100,000 a year.

' GOVERNMENT MINISTER CLAIMS THE NUMBER OF CIVIL SERVANTS SHOULD BE HALVED '  Lord Digby Jones said as many as half of the present employees and senior management staff should be given the sack.  There are 521,620 civil servants in the UK.  The average pay is £22,160 per annum.  The average pay rise in the public sector is 37 per cent.  There is a public sector pensions deficit of £1 trillion.

' COUNCIL WORKERS WHISTLEBLOWER HOTLINE IS SET UP '  Public Concern at Work a charity organisation aims to make it easier for council employees to reveal wrongdoing or malpractice.  Portsmouth's solicitor Michael Lawther admitted that the old system of reporting was not fit for purpose.  This move comes after council employee Peter Cave revealed overpayments of £186,000 were being made to contractors who were sent out to check gas meters at council homes --- where they only had electricity meters.

' COVERAGE ON DISGRACED COUNCILLOR IS MINIMAL '  Geoff Burr has noticed that column-wise, the exposure on councillor Hugh Pritchard is sadly lacking despite the attention it was attracting around Portsmouth.



TORY COUNCILLOR STUART HUGHES who intends to stand in the elections for East Devon happily performed in front of cameras covering the issue of looting of items shipwrecked and beached in Branscombe.  He attacked scavengers vehemently.  The councillor who is a member of the police authority was arrested himself on the suspicions he had taken a BMW bike worth £15,000.  He was interviewed by the Devon and Cornwall Police.


£3 million is refunded over illegal parking fines '

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL, LANCASHIRE CITY COUNCIL, SHEFFIELD COUNCIL, HARROW COUNCIL, LEEDS CITY COUNCIL, SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL, and others are now paying back fines they illegally took from motorists.  After an investigation it was discovered that decisions to fine were basically a stealth tax, and the councils were not being challenged about the reason or evidence to support the tickets.  Sheffield Council had to refund £350,000 to 13,500 motorists.  Surrey Council paid out £2.8 million to motorists.



The Home Office came in for serious condemnation when it's Officers were charged with 870 counts of corruption.  A whistleblower accused officials at Lunar House Croydon, of offering visas in return for sexual favours.  The report in July 2006 said the scale of the corruption came as a blow to the Home Office who had repeatedly defended their staff in all sorts of accusations brought.  Figures showed that wrong-doing, misconduct and corruption was worse than they had expected.  31 people have been referred for police consideration, 79 are facing disciplinary action.  The Anti-corruption unit looked at 703 cases and decided to proceed with 409 cases.  They admitted with present staffing that 1 person in 20 had come under suspicion for corruption.


THE COALITION GOVERNMENT have been hit with a 'former 1980's Westminster child sex scandal' that was covered up by Ministers and civil servants in Maggie Thatcher's Government.....they'd like it to just go away, but that isn't happening right now as the International community look on.  The dossier compiled and written up by MP Geoffrey Dickens, now deceased, was handed over to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan (who had his own ghosts to live with...the lie about a letter).  Brittan was a lawyer, and he now admits (in 2014) that this document about paedophile activity within Westminster involving several prominent people was given to him and he handed it to the Home Office......they now say that it is LOST.   Where are the copies?  well in fact one copy was sent to then DPP Sir Thomas Hetherington by Dickens as a safety precaution.  What of an investigation by Police, well that remains blurred and not fully explained....because nothing came of this sordid scandal, it was buried.  But some are saying that Special Branch must have got to know and copied the files so that they could observe and watch the situation....which is what they do because they are a covert unit, mainly acting for the government, and a scandal involving boys and sex etc, would have been highly damaging.  There is said to be 114 pages or files etc....but Historically there may be much more on other covered up nasties that remain hidden.  Lord Tebbit a minister in the Thatcher Cabinet came out publicly saying that 'silence was used to protect the establishment'  he said there was an instinct then to protect the system which would over-ride even the seriousness of this subject.....and as we know, Savile was already doing his paedophile stuff at that time and it too remained a secret for 40 to fifty years....covered up by? and they are still digging.  Suggestions are that there must be other copies, because it was often instinct to pass the one you got and do a copy for yourself....so who has a copy now? and will those in power try to run this investigation into a 'sandpit' ?

'MINISTER WARNED OFF'  over questioning Leon Brittan -- a disturbing little item shows that covering-up is not over within the Westminster Bubble....secrecy still remains the choice.  MP Simon Danczuk said that a Tory minister told him not to stir things up and name Brittan in the 'Westminster Child Sex Abuse Scandal'....but he ignored this and said that Leon Brittan had seen a bundle of papers detailing an alleged paedophile ring in Westminster.  Simon said his way was blocked as he entered the House of Commons and he was ushered to one side. 

Update: It now appears that Special Branch are certainly involved in this scandal, as they approved the funding of PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, and told the Home Office staff to approve and pass the second year of funding to this group.  Tim Hullbert was a member of staff at the Home Office at the time and saw documents relating to the  Dossier now lost.


' A Protected Minister and the Child Porn '

SIR PETER HAYMAN, DIPLOMAT.....and more, there was one side that remained a secret and he was protected from being found out.  As the above Westminster VIP Ring furore gets underway, we see reports of the very behaviour that sees it necessary to protect the criminal, a type of criminal the establishment think should have immunity.  And, this man closely worked with The Intelligence Services such as MI5 and Special Branch?  While looking every bit the ambassador of respectability, Hayman was deep into the 'specialised gay scene' and a member of PIE.... The Paedophile Information Exchange which Savile was also in.  Whilst having a wife and a huge Oxfordshire home....he had a flat in Notting Hill under the name of Peter Henderson, where the literature and stuff on children could be safely delivered without attracting attention.  But there was a glitch, a package arrived and it fell into the hands of the police, and in 1978 they raided the property.  Unfortunately for Hayman he had his diaries safely stacked recording meetings, and paedophile activity besides extreme child pornography.  Hayman was interviewed after his cover was blown at the Notting Hill flat.... and unbelievable as it may seem, the then Obscene Publications Squad E8 and DPP let him off with a caution?




MAYOR and Labour Councillor Jayne Yeomans was jailed for twelve months after she repeatedly took funds from her local social club.  The figure was around £65,000.  She also forged her husband's signature in order to re-mortgage the house so she could acquire a further £25,000.  She was the Mayor of Carlisle.  She served as a Labour councillor from 1983 to 1996.


MAYOR EMERY-WALLIS of Portsmouth and Senior Councillor, was  arrested and questioned on suspicion of indecently assaulting a girl.  He was later released on bail but after prosecutors considered the case it was decided that there was not enough evidence to proceed with a successful outcome.  In a previous case he was jailed for nine months after indecently assaulting two teenage boys in 2001.


MAYOR OF FAREHAM, KATRINA TROTT found herself having to apologise after illegally parking her vehicle across a cycle lane.  She was caught on camera blocking an entrance to the Bath Lane Recreation facility.  Fareham Borough Council said they did not issue a parking ticket as the enforcement officer did not catch the offender so-to speak, so there will be no fine.

See article - COUNCIL TARGETS DRIVERS AND PARKING - involving the same borough, it seems there is a law for one and a different law if you are actually with the council.

THE DEPUTY MAYOR OF LONDON Mr. Clements has been charged with fraud offences according to a brief news bulletin.  Details have not been released at this time and Boris Johnson the Mayor was unavailable for comment.

MAYOR ANDY MATCHET OF COVENTRY was suspended for outrageous and lewd behaviour committed at an official ball.   Excess boozing was claimed by the mayor --- the council confirmed the sanction taken against the Conservative member.

MAYOR DISMISSED OVER 'FIB' --- Mayor Stephen Akers Beelcher has been sacked by Newcastle City Council for gross misconduct.  The Hartlepool Mayor was given paid leave to attend a funeral, but went onto visit the Portsmouth dockyard and HMS Warrior a 19th Century Warship.  However, he was pictured aboard the ship and claimed to be representing his town.  Strangely he accused the council where he was a care manager; turning whistleblower, of negligence concerning the protection of vulnerable adults....which immediately brought a denial from the council as expected! who claimed 'they'd investigated it' saying no action was necessary?

CONNIVING MAYOR STRIPPED OF OFFICE -- A Mayor in a London District was found guilty of using 'a race card' in order to gain power.  Mayor Lutfur Rahman had been discovered committing multiple electoral fraud and corruption offences by a judge to further his political career using race as an issue in Tower Hamlets.  Judge Richard Mawrey QC sitting as an Election Commissioner said that Rahman 'had driven a coach and horses through election law, and didn't care'  The judge declared his office status as void.


' civil servants get a £250 bonus for struggling into work '

Yes indeed, the public sector workers have been offered £250 if they manage to negotiate heavy snow in order to get to work.  At a cost to the taxpayer of £56,000, we can all be glad that these civil servants are being highly valued for their efforts on our behalf.  Millions struggle to work without any extra incentives, but our elite civil servants, yes, the cosseted ones, earn the right to be given a bonus, how thoughtful of the Government??



TAUNTON DEANE COUNCIL in Somerset went straight into a damage limitation mode when baby Rhiana Hardy was killed by a boiler in the council house the family were living in.  With their immunity from a murder charge or manslaughter, they prevented press and any others from getting at the truth.  They were at least a contributory factor - Contributory Negligence and an Accessory to Causing death ' ---- they answered to none of this and pretended that it was accidental, but lessons would be learned. 

TAUNTON DEANE COUNCIL used similar tactics in another case concerning a woman ' antisocial case ' who they knew about and ignored the fact that she was up to her disruptive tricks again in another area.  The officials are -- Mr.S. Boland, and a Mr. I. Taylor. --- two council civil servants who couldn't care less.


'Several council officials in Cash Fiasco -- one sacked '

SEVERAL COUNCIL OFFICIALS were issued with 'final warnings' and one was dismissed.....Inverclyde Council took seven months to finish an investigation into 'its own' and during that period, actually paid out £200,000 to four suspended council officers.  The Corporate Director Paul Wallace who got £100,000 a year, was dismissed for his role in hiring consultants that cost the taxpayer £650,000.... they were hired to cut costs!  This cutting only realised £250,000 in savings.

PS: It now appears that Wallace took the council to court accusing them of ' a lack of transparency in their dealings'............how strange that the ex-council man now wants to reveal this as soon as he's fired?


' Grotesque misuse of Council Authority '

KIRKLEES COUNCIL near Huddersfield in Yorkshire were blasted by the Judge in a case brought by the council over a sweet wrapper.  Under the anti-litter legislation this case was pursued at a total cost of over £5,000.  The Judge was furious at the way taxpayers money was spent against Miss Wilkinson. 



The Ombudsman found BARNET COUNCIL guilty of Maladministration for trying to evict a student for rent arrears.  He said due to their errors in the calculation of his benefits and they pursued her with threats over arrears and court action.  The Ombudsman said the officials in the departments lacked communications skills and written records were shoddy.  He forced the council to apologise and put the matter right and reimburse her for expenses and suggested some compensation for their wrongdoing.

BARNET COUNCIL CHEAT ELDERLY IN ORDER TO SAVE £400.000.  The council have removed house wardens in a bid to cut back on care for the elderly and infirm.  Panorama revealed the callous way council decisions were causing distress to old age pensioners.  


' Staffordshire Council 'secrecy' slammed by Judge '

Another council wanting suppression of information -- STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL were slammed by the Judge, Sir James Munby in the High Court, who said he was not prepared to 'spare the blushes of council officials' who wanted a ban on them being named.  He said the Law could not be used to silence criticism of those involved in the case of the baby boy taken from a father.  It appears the council took out an injunction in order to suppress and silence all opposition.  Their Legal Department embarked on a wide-ranging reporting restrictions in order to prevent publication of the case........so much for transparency?


' Torbay Council ignore fiddling workers Scandal '

A case suppressed for several years reveals that Torbay Council did not take proper action when a whistleblower revealed that council workers in their parks and recreational teams were going missing during times they were supposed to be at a particular ground.  Some vans were seen outside dwellings in the middle of the afternoon.  one young worker admitted he bunked off to see his girlfriend and said others did it so why not him.  Time sheets were fiddled and the whistleblower said everyone knew it was happening, but so was a lot of other scams. This case was presented to the Devon and Cornwall Police in a tip-off but nothing was done...there was no investigation by either the police or council...the entire scandal was suppressed and kept out of the public forum....and business went on as usual.


'Council Cover-ups.... How Many?'

Probably hundreds if not thousands......ROCHDALE COUNCIL hid a sex scandal involving a Boys' School in the 1990's --- 'The Knowle School Affair'.....a report of which was suppressed by them in 1991.  Phil Shepherd filed a report of abuse at the school which went before the Rochdale Council.  Health Professional Phil who reported his findings was shocked to find that his report was suppressed and nothing happened.  The report now discussed and in the light in 2014....yes nearly 25 years of secrecy, mentioned some 36 boys, some of whom travelled to Sheffield and worked as prostitutes in public toilets.  He even wrote to the Police at the time....but only now it emerges as to 'be of concern'....mainly because of the Jimmy Savile affair, Cyril Smith case and recently in breaking news .. the worst one 'The Government Paedophile Ring of the 1980's' document gone missing! and kept secret.......involving The Home Office.  Rochdale Council said it could not comment on the Knowle School sex scandal?......this has been suggested that it could have brought the government down had it been put before the public and that high level MP's suppressed the 114 page document.....and this was Maggie Thatcher's reign.


' Councils to 'divert funds' to cover pothole repairs '

A report says that councils looking for extra money to mend potholes in the roads will divert funds from other funds such as the NHS....so says Sir Bruce Keogh the Medical Director of the NHS. 


THE GESTAPO CIVIL SERVANTS -- Jobcentre plus and hierarchy



To learn more about this and see the truth go to the site dwpcorruption.co.uk run by my friend/associate, Martin.H.

The following list is one of shame, they typify the behaviour above and should not be trusted.

DEBBIE MAYES   Personal Advisor, Havant Jobcentre.

MARK STEPHENS  Under Manager,  Havant.

TONY PAUL   Branch manager, Cosham.

JASON ISAACS  Manager, Havant.

ANDY BROWN    Management, Havant.

MARTIN PRYOR  District Manager, Hampshire.

PAUL WILLIAMS  Jobcentre Complaints Section.

MEL GROVES  Jobcentre Executive.

ROLAND GINN  Benefits/Jobcentre Executive.

Ms. J. GULLIVER   Decision Maker, Southampton.

CAROL SMITH  Policy Advisor, DWP.

What have they all in common?  they all collectively delayed and sidetracked an issue of misconduct and maladministration.


NOTE:  An E-mail from someone calling himself Richard wanted to know more about Ms J. GULLIVER because they'd been sanctioned over some incident involving that 'fraud case' company A4E that received much attention for the fiddles going on in their organisation.......and we do have that report, along with an update about several of them being charged with offences.


HUMILIATION AT THE JOBCENTRE -- a letter from Julia Piper of Exeter criticises the way the Jobcentre staff humiliates claimants....and couldn't care less about doing so.  She tells of her daughter who graduated at University in Press Photography, having had great experience and tutorship with a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer at the Los Angeles Times.  She said she found her daughter distraught and almost in tears with her confidence crashed all because she went to the Jobcentre and was firmly told she should work unpaid at the Morrison's store for ten weeks.....she told her daughter not to go back to the jobcentre and wonders how many  other disenchanted young people who suffer similar humiliation just drop out of the jobless figures?



SIX FRAUD INVESTIGATORS in the Benefits Agency were discovered to have been committing fraud themselves.  The 'un-named officers ' pocketed cash in false claims for travel expenses, overtime and have lavish office parties.  One Section Head earning more than £40,000 a year is under serious investigation and another senior dole-fraud buster is being investigated over claims that a consultancy contract worth thousands of pounds was given to her brother without being put out to tender.  The falsely claimed money is in the tens of thousands of pounds.  The Debt Recovery Organisation refused to comment.

' I Could name two dozen members of staff that are on the fiddle says former employee '

£330,000 in Overtime payments claimed by staff working hideously slowly in normal time, residential courses with hotel accommodation taken by inappropriate staff, bogus sickness claims running on for months, personal time-sheets altered and increased to claim more, and a prosecution rate of just two claimants per year for each fraud officer.  Former Sussex Benefits officer D. Miller says he could name 24 employees very easily who are fiddling the system and other civil servants who should be investigated.  Mr. Miller left after he had seen a complete disregard for the public they were supposed to be protecting and serving, ' they were looking after themselves first, and this is only one branch I'm talking about/' he said.

' A Jobcentre Plus Scam '

Every year the UK Jobcentre Plus purposely call people who are signing on intentionally late to the office.  After waiting until they are ten minutes overdue for signing, security staff remove them from the waiting area and make them go to the front desk or reception to find out what is going on.  The Jobcentre staff then claim to to have been calling the claimant to sign up for twenty minutes, whilst they were waiting at the front desk.  Their claim is then suspended arbitrarily because they failed to sign on and the claimant is then required to fill in a rapid reclaim form and open a new claim.  The Investigator (under cover), noticed that there was someone every day filling in a rapid reclaim form and it was always at the same time of year, just before the unemployment figures were about to be released.  Not only does this cause the claimant to lose out on their entitlement to benefits, such as a budgeting loan after six months of claiming, but it also means that the claimant doesn't have to go on A Gateway to work Course for another eighteen months, so, in effect they are using this to purposely to try and get people to sign off, yet stopping them from going to the course in the first place by intentionally ceasing people's claims.

' A4e the bonus payout and Benefits Agency '

A secret research document shows that for every one person that signs off JSA, the Department of work and Pensions received a hefty payout of more than £2,000 regardless of how long the claimant signs off for, or whether they even go into employment.  A4e are then awarder a nice bonus from this sum.  In fact, the majority of people who sign off because of the A4e course don't actually find any employment at all, they just can't stand to be on the course anymore.  Also, whilst attending the course he was told that he couldn't get more help in any way because he was not 18 -- 24.  Yet, he was still made to attend or lose his benefits.  He concluded that A4e, a gateway contract Company, was basically a scam company who uses and manipulates JSA claimants leaving them with no income at all so that they can receive a nice amount of money; a process that should be illegal.

The scandal we published here was ignored, and now four years later, The Mail takes the credit for exposing A4e for what we told you.  TODAY in Feb 2012 four people were under arrest for fraud in the 'back to work' scheme that receives millions from the government.  Four members on the staff at the employment agency who falsely claimed that jobseekers had been placed into employment. However, a whistleblower said the official stand in regard to the arrests is riddled with concealment and reworking of the truth.  The whistleblower says that managers in the A4e are largely to blame urging jobseekers to fill out job outcomes which earned staff an £80 bonus, but the company would be able to claim up to £1,000 in success fees from the government. There were no checks on whether successful jobseekers had been working for 13 weeks, paperwork was entered in as soon as the form was filled and no questions asked. A4e have indignantly refuted the whistleblower's claims??

THERE HAS BEEN NINE INVESTIGATIONS INTO A4e since 2005 --- it has only now been revealed by the DWP -- who remained quiet on this issue for years.  They said they had all been investigations into fraud at the company. In five cases the company was ordered to repay thousands of pounds to the taxpayer. Irregularities had been discovered and an employee in Hull had been found guilty on eight charges of forgery.

NEW REVELATIONS AT A4e --- Founder resigns ---EMMA HARRISON the Head of A4e resigned amid the expose of a whistleblower -- Employee Tracie Spiers telling how jobseekers were coached into signing blank timesheets and forged signatures. She said staff routinely forged signatures on documents....she said the jobless clients were asked to sign blank timesheets every Friday at the centre where she was in Slough. If the targets were not met, then staff signed bogus signatures on blank forms to reach the targets set by government. It is stated that the Police have moved in on the Slough office and have begun investigations into fraud. It has also been stated that others have come forward at other A4e centres and investigations are to be conducted.

MORE YET ON A4e --- 'Unusual Company behaviour and clam up' --- One man reveals his story, Sean White of Lewes, near Brighton, was signing at his local Jobcentreplus when he was referred to A4e which was supposed to help him find employment.  He was to begin a one month work placement known as Mandatory Work Activity --A4e phoned him from their Eastbourne office saying it was setting up a placement lined up with his experience and skills and after a short while he was given the okay and given a start date which was confirmed. He liked the job but couldn't get any travelling expenses from A4e and was suddenly told by the Jobcentre that his placement hadn't been vetted and the start date deferred? yet he was already on the placement as arranged by their Eastbourne office!  Sean became highly suspicious when he was contacted by his A4e advisor who insisted I dealt with them and not with the Jobcentre...after He told them of the Jobcentre call A4e went silent and withdrew...and then the Jobcentre told him he had failed the placement test on health and safety...he asked A4e to contact the Jobcentre several times but nothing came of it.  The A4e matter has now been taken up by investigators at the DWP, and his Jobcentre have bypassed A4e and MWA and referred him to a proper work programme....he says so far the A4e have remained silent despite repeated requests for information?

A4e to be investigated by Whitehall --- A Fraud Probe into the 'back-to-work' agency has been ordered to run alongside the current police investigation. A spokesperson said that the DWP has immediately commenced its own investigation as a result of new allegations. It is said that A4e hold £180 million of contracts to deliver the Government's Work Programme.

A4e --- The Epitaph --- It has now been conceded that corruption is on a large scale at this organisation, yet, looking back to the first glimpse.....it started with quotes of ' It is an isolated case' - followed by ' it is mainly confined to one branch' -- then as it erupted into a full scale situation -- it was SILENCE.....this is the order of accountability....deny, deny, and try to lie your way out of it in the hope no-one spots anything else....if that doesn't work answer nothing and get your supporters to knock the camera out of anyone's hand and threaten investigative journalists.....this has all been done in the past to deflect any concentration of getting at the truth.....such is the politics of government, big business and the judiciary....history repeats itself but regularly fails to learn from it.

A4e -- Corruption no problem, quite acceptable, as they look set to get another Government Contract despite being under investigation for fraud. It hardly comes as a surprise these days, This one is with guess it? with the a branch of the Law --- The Home Office, to run a helpline on discrimination and employment tribunal advice on whether employees can sue their employers. This comes as ten welfare-to-work contracts are being investigated by the DWP all awarded to A4e. It has been revealed that A4e had the status of 'preferred bidder'  and they say crime doesn't pay!!

Strangely but true, it is a fact that former Labour Home Secretary DAVID BLUNKETT works as a part-time advisor for A4e and has recently been given a pay award -- from his £30,000 a year previously, to £35,000 now.

This is a perfect example of transparency suppressed in order to cover-up and keep things from the public.

' Nine former A4e staff are charged with fraud '

Nine staff members from A4e's Welfare to Work programme have been charged with fraud over fiddles in the taxpayer funded employment scheme.  The CPS announced that they had formally charged three men and six women with 60 offences including conspiracy to defraud, multiple counts of forgery, plus the making and possession of articles to be used in fraud.  A4e are paid more than £200million a year by the government to help the jobless get back into work....but some of their staff wrongly claimed payments for people who were not their clients, and for finding jobs for people who were in fact, still unemployed.

IT HAS TAKEN SEVERAL YEARS....AS BENEFITS A4e STAFF ARE FOUND GUILTY ......... There has been much said and long periods of denials since this case hit the headlines.  That's what it takes for these people who have had time to 'take out evidence, change scenarios and manufacture the story they want the public to swallow' such is the law and WDP........'DEFRAUDING THE PUBLIC' should be a major concern especially as Duncan-Smith ignores much of this as he attacks the unemployed.  This Scandal was out in 2010, five years ago......and the verdict now is that 10 employees of A4e have been sentenced for abusing the taxpayers out of £300,000....the company were accused of 'fostering a culture of dishonesty'  whilst treating benefit claimants as guinea pigs to their twisted desire of power and pursuing financial gain by deceit and fraudulent activity. We shall probably never know the whole story due to lawyers preventing it from disclosure on the 'security' grounds they dream up.  However, what little we have we can publish....the ten who failed to use their influence to stay out of the net.  So far we have Nikki Foster from Reading on 8 counts of fraud and one of conspiracy... yes folks, just one! so much for ten offenders awaiting sentencing.....yet this company had scores of government contracts....as we say....watch this space for a cover-up by government lawyers and the DWP offices.

PS: Strangely they were all 'convicted' at Reading Crown court......yet we have one name?

'The halting of benefit payments to claimants as used in punishment tactics 'backed by the DWP and Job Centres' was slammed by a court tribunal in Edinburgh....and punitive sanctions against people who wished to take a representative with them to the tribunal.....were tactics used by A4e.......and an A4e employee had a laptop containing the data on 25,000 claimants was reportedly stolen....and it was never recovered....A4e were fined just £60,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office.......... and the DWP just say nothing and pretend they were not aware of the fraud.....until it came up and bit them.


'CDG another contractor who vanishes the unemployment figures '

The Jobcentre and Government pretend this contract trains the unemployed back into work, but its first duty is to take claimants out of the benefit figures and sidetrack them to another system not included as ' jobless '  the claimant signs off and is required to under the Gateway Project and are referred to by Jobcentre staff as being employed by the contractor? 

THE CAREERS DEVELOPMENT GROUP, and this concerns their Fratton franchise, only offer a learning plan, many claimants are led into thinking they will be trained in a skill or vocation by the Jobcentre staff who tell this lie so often that they now believe it.  CDG are a registered Charity, not an Industry leader in training people for vacancies.  Sadly they have many flaws and techniques that border on the unlawful at times, and I mean Human Rights Law.  One young man, Daniel was thrown off the course (which would likely affect his benefits) because he refused to go over his C.V. after having another C.V. approved by one of the training staff.  The next case, and this one is serious in many ways.  Michael, a diligent claimant who followed all required jobsearch targets found himself being treated like a naughty child by a member of the staff.  He was 'bawled out ' in front of a full room of claimants (clients), and told to go to the office.    He was as he put it -- interrogated, and was accused of being in a pub and drinking.  Michael is actually tea total and was having a coke a cola with a meal.  She ranted about policy and being under the influence.  At lunchtime Michael saw the female staff member in the pub and she was drinking alcohol.  It seems there one law for them and one for the clients he said.  He also mentioned that this was not the first episode he has had with this same member of staff.  Again she used the tactic of humiliation in front of everyone in the room.  She accused him of taking her Job Leads that she was going to inspect, Michael handed her his folder and she did not find them in his papers.  She did not apologise, and Michael quite rightly claims 'victimization' in these circumstances.  Other than these incidents, it is practice for this group to make threats and bully clients knowing that they are immune because of cover by the Jobcentre.

' The DWP have no duty of care and they could not care less about you '

The JOBCENTRE and DWP officials denied a spastic claimant a payment from a hardship fund put in place by the Government to help in these situations.  Mr. Anderton was at his wits end financially, especially as he faced having his gas supply cut-off.  A Sogat Union Official could not believe the callous way they dealt with the invalid claimant.  ' It's unbelievable what little respect these civil servants have for the public ' he said.  A letter from the Department said ' We regret it has not been possible for this department to help in this matter '   Luckily with the Union's intervention on behalf of the man the decision was reversed later.

' No fair Legal system at the DWP, the Lawyers will see to that '

Mentally Handicapped Benefits claimant Mandy Kilburn managed to win her claim on appeal after challenging the Jobcentre and DWP over a cut in benefits. In court the callous DWP Solicitor, and there are several?  said ' this case raises a very important point of Law '  It became quite apparent that they were setting out on a course to destroy the Adjudicator's decision.  Mandy was not allowed to have Legal aid, claimants are usually poor and they cannot argue points of Law.  The DWP brought in 2 Barristers, 2 Solicitors, plus officials, and they snatched back her short-lived victory.  LAWYERS are SCUM and this case proves it.



THE INVESTIGATION CALLED 'PROJECT RATCATCHER ' WAS LAUNCHED IN AUGUST 2001 and went on until December the 31st 2003.  It was to root out corruption in the Jobcentre and DWP and report its findings.  Those findings we have here.

The Rat catcher Project was due to the strange events of people being exposed to fake charges and bundled out of jobcentres by the Police and how claims were lost and so on.

There is an engrained policy of them and us and that is still present today.

The common issues were:

making appointments but never issue a letter.
Send a letter 2 weeks after an event took place.
Cancellation of benefit but notification 2 weeks later.
Losing papers for recording signing on.
Failure to enter payment evidence on a system.
Misuse of CCTV to spy or laugh at claimants.
Add jobs to a claimants account but never tell the claimant.
Sent claimants for jobs that were closed.
Refusal to supply a notice that a job was closed.
Sending claimants to jobs that did not exist.
Expecting the claimant to know that an employer had changed address.
Refusing people to sign on.
Making appointments when they were not required.
Filing out PVP forms to the point of no evidence.
Refusal to offer help and advice.
Lied to the claimant over district offices and regional offices so that the complaint could be investigated.
Changing post offices without prior knowledge.
Destruction of receipts so that the claimant could not apply for a future CSA budget loan.
Sending money to the wrong address.
Making false allegations to the police.
Refusal to supply a receipt for the handing in of an application form for work or benefit.

The solution was odd, but there is a set of obscure offices that the DWP would sooner the public not know about.

The staff in Jobcentres treat the public as a joke because the vast majority of the public does not know who to complain to.


district office.
Caxton house.
Quarry house.
ADELPHI buildings.
Parliamentary under secretary
secretary of state.

Project Ratcatcher showed very clearly that the main offices of the DWP did not know what went on in Jobcentres and had no plan to investigate so the only way to beat the civil servants known as 'civs,' was either take them to court or to send legal papers to the regional offices.


The above account and facts are supported by our next item.


' Whistle-blowing on the Jobcentre Staff '

Richard Barrymore (our Private Investigator) supplies us with the following articles.

Mrs P. who works part/time in the Jobcentre said ' There's lots of things go on that I can't possibly tell you about as I'd get into trouble, all that secrecy stuff.  You have to watch your back, some of them are after rising up the ladder and if you don't pull their way they make sure you are not welcome.  But I can tell you some of the standard excuses we are told to give out when we cannot be bothered or we know something has gone wrong with the system, and that means we are at fault, but we blame it on the claimants, its easy to do.







' Social Fund low on priorities '

It was discovered that the Benefits Agency spend more on postage than the social fund for the needy.  It spent around £64 million on mail and a poultry £49million on the fund which supports emergency payments.  Postage cannot help the poorest families whereas an increase in the fund can said Mr. Caan.


' Three year ordeal at the hands of an insensitive Benefits Agency '

A sick divorcee suffering from cancer spent three years lighting her home with candles and huddling with her children over a gas-ring for warmth.  Her Lawyer said  of the agency ' seriously at fault, careless and deplorably inadequate.  The woman's electricity was cut-off because of an unpaid bill, and had her benefit claim been properly managed things would have been very different.  Officials even made a mess of backdating her claim and ignored their own mistakes. 


' The Scandal of The Elmfield Training Scam '

ANOTHER DODGY TRAINING SCAM GOVERNMENT BACKED -- Costing the Taxpayer millions of pounds.  The main key figure in this scam was its connection to Morrison's (who deny they knew what was happening).... people were sent by Elmfield to be Morrison's workers.....which was worth £1.300 each person to the company who would claim that money from the Government for 'the apprenticeship even if the learner didn't want to do it' The Commons Select Committee Adrian Bailey suggested there was a political agenda behind this scheme, but didn't say whether it was to massage the job figures......and was certainly included in their boasting of getting people back to work......it makes one wonder how many dodgy agencies are receiving public money to give a false image of the employment figures used to distract the public from really examining what the truth is?


' False Evidence by solicitors, Harassment and False Allegations by Benefits Agency '

When they're wrong they're right, that's the Benefits Agency and they do it with the aid of the DWP solicitors.  Mrs.G. Moore suffered harshly at their hands when they levied false accusations in statements to prove their case that my claim for benefits was suspicious.  My solicitor met with them and showed them proof, yet they put me through mental and physical pain, and she is 80.  They still continued to insist their false evidence had credence even though it had been proved otherwise.  They should be prosecuted.



HOSPITAL LAB BOSS VICTORIA GRUBER STOLE ALMOST £2,500 by submitting bogus time sheet claims.  She falsified time sheets to make it look as if she was working longer hours at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham near Portsmouth.  She was sentenced to a 120 day prison sentence suspended for eighteen months.  A report says their special in-house fraud unit prosecuted 422 cases in the National Health Service.



DAVID MORTON a finance chief with the National Health Service took over £133,000 to pay for his own business, a luxury car and his divorce.  The accountant lined his pockets with public money to offset the settlement in his divorce and further his own interests.  He faces being struck off the register and the police were called in as soon as the fraud was discovered.  St Thomas and Guy's hospitals are working with him in a bid to get repayment it is said.



Very secretive and poorly covered at the time. But this involved Wimborne Minster and Corfe Mullen concerning an eviction company and strange goings on that involved the police and solicitors.  It appears from the report they lied about certain facts surrounding the eviction, and at some point a Judge was involved in the affair.  It came out that they had lied about the eviction company in order to cover up another matter.



It is claimed that a bribe of £400,000 was paid to the then home secretary Michael Howard by criminal John Haase.  He claimed his early release was secured through the Home Secretary's cousin, Simon Bakerman.  The incident went back to 2004 and subsequent arrangements around the affair became confusing and complicated.  Haase said, ' We had a million to play with so £400,000 was to pay off Michael Howard when the judge's letter reached him.'    There was no comment from Mr. Howard and the whole matter seems to have been suppressed since it appeared in November 2008.



On the 6th of March 2009, a council official was arrested on corruption charges by the Newcastle Police.  This happened after the earlier arrest of another official from The Newcastle City Council.  A spokesperson declined to give details of the circumstances leading up to both arrests.


Revealed: Government, police & local councils all among public bodies who flouted anti-secrecy laws

THE public bodies who fought tooth-and-nail to keep secrets from you are today exposed by the Record.

The Government, police forces, councils and taxpayer-funded quangos all flouted anti-secrecy laws by knocking back legitimate Freedom of Information requests.

They were forced to back down by Kevin Dunion, ­Scotland’s first Information Commissioner, who ruled in favour of the public 359 times since the new rules came into force in January 2005.

The worst offenders were the Scottish Government, who wrongly refused to disclose ­information 78 times over the last seven years.

However, they also received the highest number of requests of any public body.

Second on the league of shame were Edinburgh City Council, with 22 decisions against them.

Third were Glasgow City Council with 17 decisions fully in favour of applicants, and fourth were Scottish Water with 15.

Among legitimate requests knocked back were details on the numbers of sex offenders in various areas – with Strathclyde Police, Grampian Police and Northern Constabulary all falling foul.

Surgical mortality rates were also wrongly withheld by the NHS, as were details of public payments to firms of private consultants.

Dunion and his office made 1336 decisions to December 14, 2011.

As well as the 359 fully in favour of the person appealing a refusal, 450 were partly in their favour.

A person who gets knocked back for an FoI request must first appeal to the public body before going to the Information Commissioner.

It is time-consuming, meaning many members of the public give up, even if they have a good case.

But public bodies often fight to the bitter end, despite decisions being overturned by the ­Information Commissioner.

Public bodies’ disregard for the laws is still widespread seven years on – and even appears to be growing.

Last year saw the highest total for successful appeals by the public – on 85 occasions.



Apparently, the Whitehall handbook code of conduct says :  Civil servants should conduct themselves with integrity, impartiality and honesty.  Also that they should not seek to frustrate or influence the policies and decisions  -- yet the staff at Havant do not come anywhere near to this ideal.  It says that civil servants are not directly accountable to the public when it comes to freedom of information  --- they use it and abuse it while you lose it!



£4 Billion a year is the cost to the taxpayer a recent study informs us about council staff who play the ' sickness card ' twice as much as workers in the private sector.  Employees were discovered to take 13 . 5 days off sick each year compared to 7.9 days in private firms.  Although 'faked illness' was a seemingly big issue, the senior managers played this down by saying it was up to ' line managers' to follow up this issue.  The report recommended that council chiefs interview workers who are taking 'suspiciously' long breaks on illness grounds.  It is of no surprise that the managers pretend that there is nothing to worry about, because they are not particularly worried and nor do they fear action being taken  -- they are a protected species.



The Government downplayed recent reports showing fraud in its ' Welfare to Work' schemes despite one of its flagship's A4e (mentioned earlier) was compromised by serious fraud.  Fake job applications were discovered to be going on at another contract flagship NETWORK, the DWP were not prepared to comment on this or another incident being exposed at a third organisation.  Secrecy seems to be the keyword for the DWP and this has been ordered and recommended by the DWP Lawyers at New Court, 43, Carey St. London.  An insider says that they are anxious to keep a lid on this matter at any cost, and will take appropriate action to keep details away from the press and public --- even if it means issuing threats.

A4Es Emma Harrison is getting £100 a week in Government cash for each person they handle, yet she probably claims not to know anything about the corruption in her organisation. She is ultimately responsible for the corruption in A4E either by ignorance or turning a blind eye - ignorance is no defence in Law it is said, but few Lawmakers or companies actually follow this themselves.  Channel 4 display the company as a moral subject to get people back to work, but they too have been involved in corruption in a phone in scam, not just once, but twice-- see Related topics.  Its amazing how a television company and A4E think they have the right to display themselves as honest when they are certainly not.



THE BAD BENEFITS AGENCY and a Government so appalling that all involved should be fired, including the Lawyers.  This case is about a boy of two, orphan Aaron Richards, who contracted a rare form  of meningitis.  He had both legs amputated and one hand had to lose all its fingers.  Someone who cared, and that certainly was not the Benefits agency or government, raised a sum of £13,000 to help the boy's guardians cope with the stress and give the boy a decent life.  But were the Benefits Agency helpful? NO, not at all, in fact they took measures to stop the lad's benefits.  This is the truth about the Benefits Agency and DWP.  They have no feelings of goodwill to anyone and I want this to show that even if they do not like it being published.


' Government and Councils add to misery and cruelty of elderly in care '

CRUEL CARERS is the headline exposing the abuse of the elderly in care homes and NHS hospitals. These things have been known about by the councils and Government for years, but conveniently brushed aside for political reasons.  Thousands of elderly people are being abused and suffering neglect at the hands of sadistic staff. The report is truly shocking, but not amazing or unexpected.  It accuses councils of spending less money on providing fewer services for the pensioners in addition to rife age discrimination.  Cameron has long issued spin and lies to make believe he cares for the aged, which is cynical and disturbing. It sees around 500,000 old age pensioners as being put at risk by councils and private care homes, and says many of these incidents amount to abuses of human rights, and are the culprits brought to book or removed, NO.


' The Benefits Agency are prejudiced says disabled man '

GROSS VICTIMIZATION claims disabled claimant Simon Spratt of his local Benefits Agency.  To show willing, the man who suffers asthma, eczema and various allergies, took a part-time job which he was told would help his future job prospects.  Unfortunately, the job fell through earlier than he expected, and he returned to his jobcentre hoping to get on a workplace or training scheme.  Due to conditions of his health, they said he wasn't actively seeking employment so they couldn't allow him benefit.  Simon had already shown willing to attend a training course, but they were not willing to listen.  He had to spend what little savings he had to just get by, and the Government pretend the money is there to help those who need it most.  And as we have seen with the expenses scandal, we now know who they really mean.


' Obey the Law, --- Not the Benefits Agency,  --- it doesn't feel it has to '

A   SURVEY REVEALED THAT 47 PER CENT OF OFFICES FLOUT THE LAW ON PAYMENT DEADLINES.  After a case involving one claimant, Paul Rowlett, who was dreadfully crippled with a very rare arthritic disease, the benefits Agency were ordered to pay his claim in full and on time.  Sixteen months he and his family waited, after a fire destroyed their home and left them in temporary housing.  Even when this Agency is obliged by law to carry out legislation, they feel that they can ignore it, presumably on the advice of their solicitors??

Another claimant Dave Pickett finally got a payment he was entitled to,  --- 31 months late.



Have you ever wondered why there are so many delays in the calculating and handing out of benefits? well, it's all to do with tactics employed by benefits officers.  A tribunal member spoke out and said that the serious ill claimants are being made to wait without good reason.  The benefits agency are asking for adjournments so that they can decide who should receive them,  The argument is that officers need time to check whether there is any other way of avoiding damage to health before paying a grant.


' Retired Council Benefits Officer says 'the gaffs were overlooked'

COUNCIL WORKER Richard Fowler was eminently qualified to handle the claims in the housing and council tax department, and he thought his colleagues were the same.  However, a few months later in the position of benefits officer, he discovered mistakes were being made daily by other members of staff who used the office like a social centre.  They had papers and files in their hands and they gossiped freely, but not about the claim or the need to solve a claimant's problem; and some of those problems needed an urgent response --- which could have been dealt with if they had been on the ball.  Some of the staff lost files, and this happened because they didn't know where they had left them.  Whenever this kind of thing happened someone would say ' it will show up in somebody's tray -- we'll look at it then'.  This delays a claim and the claimant suffers all because of one civil servant, and the lack of care by senior staff.  ' I brought up the subject of gaffs and mistakes, and was told to forget them, and if I stirred things up I'd be sent to Coventry ( ignored by others in the office).  Errors occurred every week by people who were incapable of working out benefit, but that didn't bother the managers.  So long as they looked as if they were doing a job --- that was acceptable and no one questioned it.  And there was always someone who would cover you in return for a favour later.  I've done accounting for years and have systems that work, but all I saw at the council offices was incompetence.'



TAUNTON DEANE COUNCIL in Somerset found themselves in court due to the inaction of one officer - tenancy relations officer, Mrs. S. Boland.  She was accused along with the council of maladministration and professional misconduct due to a decision to suspend benefit.  The council solicitor, one Ian Taylor embarked upon a familiar theme -- saying the plaintiff did not have a case, and that this action was premature, and he would seek to bring this to the court's attention.  During the nine months that followed he made attempts using the familiar  ----- Lawyer's grip on court procedure to have the case thrown out.  After failing in this he resorted to the changing of solicitors so that some sort of intimidation could take place, a sort of stealth yet bordering in the legal.  Luckily the Judge opposed these moves and could not find that the council's reason for these tactics held water and Deputy District Judge Van. Oppen found the council guilty of negligence.  The council payout was a mere £233 plus costs, and strangely due to the council having words with the local paper, the article never appeared in the press, although Phil Hill the reporter was keen to run with it earlier.  Attempts were made to get an explanation, and he ignored calls and letters.



There is chaos in the Benefits Agency a leaked report tells us, but they do not seem to know or care about what it actually means.  A Government Ombudsman clearly stated that costs are spiralling due to poor administration.  The report showed that some people were being paid too much whilst others were being paid too little, and this was not being remedied because no one could sort these matters out.  A Whitehall insider said ' the mistakes can be put down mostly to human error involving relatively small sums of money, but which add up to a large amount.  Little can be done once incorrect benefits had been paid out and they hoped that benefit office staff learn from the errors and take more care next time??'

An official memo said that improved training schemes are being introduced for staff and managers have been meeting to work out foolproof methods of calculating individual claims.



MR DAVID VALENTINE a Benefits Fraud Inspector in Windsor hatched a plot to fabricate serious charges against another man over an affair.  Paul Eagles the victim, spent three months in the cells before being released without charge.  Using his position within the Benefits Agency, he alleged that a benefits overpayment had been made in connection with a fraudulent claim.  VALENTINE -- A FORMER POLICEMAN? turned Benefits Inspector was suitably armed with prior experience and the knowledge to fit-up Mr. Eagles --- a fact that doesn't surprise anyone who goes to the police files on this site.  Valentine conducted a campaign of violence and intimidation against Paul Eagles with the sole intention of destroying the man's reputation and life.  When the affair was discovered Maidenhead Council suspended Mr. Valentine.  Mr. eagles was exonerated from cheating the benefits system, but not before the system helped to support a lie by one of their 'trusted' civil servants?


' Benefits Office in cover-up over employee's conduct '

The situation at a Wellington Benefits Office in Somerset borders on the disbelief when it came to a complaint from claimant.  The complaint was not registered or properly investigated and arguments between the client and a manager's assistant was allowed to get very personal.  All attempts by the claimant to raise the issue of being treated unfairly were 'railroaded' and he was threatened with eviction from the office (something other offices have done in order to squash the right of a claimant).  Misuse of powers is not that rare and many of these civil servants use these tactics to cover up their mistakes and discrimination.  The claimant suddenly found himself booted out to a course of job search at a nearby centre.  For 6 weeks he had coffee, looked at papers and did the odd call, without success of a job.  Ironically, one can see that all of this was to silence him and make the problem go away.  The problem is the Benefits Agency, but their arrogance prevents them from seeing this.


' What happens when the Council or DWP get it wrong? '

The simple answer is in two parts- a cover-up or obstruction in the compensation claim, and in most cases they don't even tell the wronged person about compensation at all.  They hope 'ignorance' will work in their favour.  Council and DWP Lawyers are infamous for 'slowing down or baulking a claimant' often issuing denials (quite dishonestly) knowing they can rely on 'qualified privilege' to see them through.  And in the case they do pay, there is always a part of the page that says 'this is not an admission of liability'   Council Staff or DWP Staff pretend they don't know and fob off the wronged person by saying they must take up the issue with someone else?  and even if an adjudicator took a wrong decision, they are protected by immunity, and a Legal Department that will go to any length to make things difficult for the claimant.  Having wronged them, they have no conscience or moral values, its all part of the system -- a public system that lies and attempts to make things worse.  The lawyers using devious practice methods delay proceedings even in the pre-court hearing stage having in effect forced the person to go to court.  Sadly for the claimant, the court is the Lawyer's playground and in essence they play out the case like a game..... often involving the Judge an an ally! as they make out the council or DWP did no wrong because it was all a mistake that could have been sorted out in the passing of time?   suggesting that it could have been amicably settled -- shifting the goalposts to make the claimant look like the unreasonable party, when in fact they orchestrated the entire thing for their paymasters.  And if there is a settlement, it is often derisory and lower than it should be.


' Corrupt Local Councils and the scams they indulge '

A report by David Freud, an advisor to the government says that the benefits system has been milked by the greedy and feckless, often with the collaboration of incompetent or corrupt local councils.  He says the Incapacity Benefit is leading to housing estates where most of the people are out of work on benefits, which could be for life.  He suggests that some council officers and benefits staff are steered away from examining the claims in favour of going after easier targets.  He says a good reason for this and one they should be ashamed of is, that people who are claiming incapacity benefit do not register as unemployed --- good for Government figures.  Some ministers have actually preferred to collude with a system which effectively defrauds the public he adds. 


' Council at the centre of Investments Fraud '

TORBAY COUNCIL found itself at the centre of an International Bank and Investments Fraud investigation as cops swooped to uncover the ring that operated in the seaside town of Torquay in September.  The fraud amounted to millions it was revealed.


' Council Gaffe in Berkshire '

WOKINGHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL RELEASED DATA ON 18,000 RESIDENTS -- The council 'mistakenly' released data on 18,000 residents to Marketing Companies because of a 'glitch' on their programme supplied by a contracted company.  They apparently sent out letters of notice warning people that they inadvertently gave out information that might result in junk mail etc.  The software company did not answer its phone despite attempts to get a response.



Conservative Councillor PAULINE BUFFHAM was fined £400 for failing to stop when required by the police.  The Lincolnshire Councillor was chased by police as she sped away in her car and all attempts to slow her down failed until they employed a 'stinger'  The Police said she was driving erratically when she was spotted, she claimed that Police Constable Andy Jarvis was rude to her and she has lodged a complaint against the force.


' The £800 a minute expenses for council committee meetings '

MP's expenses? just consider one councillor Salim Ullah who refused to comment on the allowances such as £9,698 and the fact a committee chairman gets an additional £8,609.  Mr Ullah managed ten minutes with the Appeals Committee  receiving the additional amount at a Tower Hamlets, London, meeting.  Taxpayers money funding these expenses are claimed by the council to be reasonable?


' MP in £100,000 Charity Funds Disappearance '

ANTHONY STEEN MP for South Hams in Devon could or would not account for missing charity funds of £100,000 said to have been lost.  The MP was unavailable for comment and the matter was said to be under investigation at the time.


' Council rebuked for second time by Ombudsman '

HACKNEY COUNCIL was for a second time criticised by Mr. Yardley the Ombudsman over the same thing.  The Council's social services just cannot grasp their responsibilities to claimants because as I see it, they are unwilling to take advice or work with my office as laid down by parliament '  Mrs Keeney suffered unduly at their hands and no one in the civil service cared, because they did not consider her case serious enough?  He also rebuked the Benefits Agency who stood by and did nothing while Mrs. Keeney went without vital resources.  They were ordered to pay £1,500 compensation.  ' Both you the council, and Benefits Agency, should be ashamed over the way you have acted ' he said, ' I am the second Ombudsman to have this case before me, and that is a disgrace.'


' Misrepresentation by the Benefits Agency '

A LOCAL AUTHORITIES ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE accused the Benefits Agency of making misrepresentations to the committee over the housing benefits.  Mr. Castle for the Association of Metropolitan Authorities said that councillors were extremely annoyed by the attitude of the Benefits Agency.  He accused the Agency of providing the committee with all this information without consulting a single local authority on their evidence.  He said that the Benefits Agency had misrepresented local government by not pointing out to the committee that the provision of benefits was run by local authorities in an entirely different way to the Benefits Agency offices.  The Agency had not given any indication to MP's or Councils about the diversity of services provided and the complications in paying out housing benefit to a wide range of people.


' Caring Council Couldn't care less '

COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL should be trying hard to help people in the community, but all they could do for grieving mother   Di Pritchard who lost her son, was condemn her cheaper memorial bench in favour of having her pay £700 for their 'approved ' one when she had found one for £137.  The bench is quite adequate and paid for by friends and herself, but the council couldn't care less about this or their feelings, but all too often it's the way councils do act towards the taxpayer.



WYRE BOROUGH COUNCIL apologised to a couple after reporting them to police after cops had to payout Joe and Helen Roberts for oppressive behaviour.  The couple had dared to write to their local council about certain leaflets that were sent to residents.  They said one of the equality officers had reported the couple to the police and we now recognise that a fundamental weakness of procedures went wrong in this case.  We now insist that more than one officer looks at a case before action -- we apologise for the mishandling of this matter.'


' Arrested Councillor claims he is above the Law '

AVON COUNTY COUNCILLOR TIMOTHY COLLINS thought his standing as Police Authority boss would carry the day when the Avon and Somerset Police pulled over the car in which he was a passenger.  The driver was found to be drunk, but Mr. Collins tried to intervene saying he was the son of the Chief Constable.  ' You don't know who you are dealing with, I am with the Police Authority '   Collins was handcuffed and charged and found guilty of threatening violence towards police officers.


' Council found negligent still denies liability '

CORBY BOROUGH COUNCIL was found guilty by the court of negligence in a case brought by the parents of deformed children who were affected after toxic waste was linked to the council site.  For ten years the council knew about the waste at the depot but refused to heed warnings or complaints.  The judge agreed their was a link to the children's' deformities due to the exposure the tip provided.  He allowed compensation claims to go ahead against the council from several families. 

THE COUNCIL intends to appeal and challenge the decision and still denies they were responsible, which of course is not unusual --- council denial is the first course their Lawyers insist upon, they rarely own up to maladministration, wrongdoing or corruption as you have already seen on this site.



WIGAN BOROUGH COUNCIL BOSS NADINE WAKELAM was found guilty of defrauding the council of almost £200,000.  Liverpool Crown Court sentenced the 'compulsive shopper ' to two years imprisonment.  She and her husband (a council finance manager) enjoyed joint salaries bringing in £70,000 per annum.  The council boss created 62 fraudulent invoices for work and fictional services.  For a long time no one thought to challenge the invoices and because of her seniority, they treated them as official and paid out as a matter of course. Her husband John Wakelam was accused of money laundering and abetting his wife, the jury could not agree on a majority and they cleared him.


' Dirty work by Hounslow Benefits Office '

After 18 months, a tribunal decided that the Benefits Office had acted unfairly in the case of claimant, Pamela Richmond.  She had been denied her widow's allowance payments to the amount of a £1,000.  Staff continually made her life hell with the games they only know too well that they put their victims through.  The rules could be moved according to their whims and if they so decided, as they did in her case, she failed every time as they concocted stories and interpreted the regulations to such a bizarre and perverse way.  A spokesperson at a local Law Centre said ' they have fabricated things to fit the rule book and have invented a claim that she owes them money, which of course is completely untrue '   The only way forward for Pamela was to go to a tribunal to get her money back, -- which would involve costs far out of her reach, and the Benefits Office already knew that and used it to their advantage.  It was obvious that their claim she owed them money was invented at a higher level and backed by unscrupulous solicitors for the department.  Luckily our story ends well for Pamela, -- The Hounslow Workers Support Unit funded the bill after hearing the injustice, and at the tribunal  The Benefits Office were ordered to pay her all monies and back payments.  The Benefits Office were unavailable for comment?



' Job training rip-off was known by Blair many years ago '

Millions of pounds have been made by so called job training centres and companies.  Tony Blair knew this in the late 1990's and chose to ignore it.  £180m was paid out to organise 'phantom jobs and training courses' according to the Audit Office.  £22m was paid out for training which didn't take place.  A great deal of money was never accounted for and inaccuracies were covered-up so that no individual civil servant could be traced.  Hundreds of youngsters were sent to do phoney jobs.  One firm turned out machine parts which ended on the scrapheap, they were not needed or ordered.  A spokesman defended the activities as ' as long as they get quality training that's fine,'


' Lack of accountability in Benefits system '

MR. PETER BARCLAY of the Government Watchdog committee who looks into reforms in the welfare system claimed that the lack of transparency and accountability in the housing benefits system was down to the government refusing to answer for administration failings.  This being because local authorities handled the applications -- ' council departments are staffed by people that do not follow the guidelines they should -- or feel have to.'


' The Councillor's squalid secret '

MARTIN RICHARDS was a Woodspring Councillor who was in the running for mayor.  He claimed that he was in favour of better housing and had this as his campaign leader.  Yet he was later exposed as having a crumbling Victorian tenement in the centre of Weston - super - Mare in Somerset.  Most of his tenants lived in squalor but he never mentioned this as he paraded around the area seeking votes.  He resigned after it was decided that his membership could be self serving in relation to grants on housing -- particularly his own.


' Homes of the old seized by Councils abusing their powers ' 

COUNCILS ARE TARGETING THE PENSIONERS AND VULNERABLE in order to grab their homes in an easy snatch made possible by John Prescott MP.  This raucous and objectionable northerner obviously has little regard for people who have saved for years to buy their homes.  In interviews he openly shows his more common side and appears to use this to get his way by shouting others down.  Recent Tribunal papers have revealed that councils attitudes have been aggressive and overzealous.  What is most amusing about the report is their defence to the actions of seizing pensioners houses -- ' We only step in when a homeowner has been unwilling to cooperate, the seizure is approved by the Residential Property Tribunal so that the house can be let to council tenants and the rent is passed to the owner --- after the council has covered its costs?? '

Have you ever seen their costs?  you'll be lucky to get anything after they have dreamed up all sorts of admin costs, most of them invented in order to claw in as much cash as possible.


' Bumper pay-offs and civil servants '

A RECENT ARTICLE mentions pay-offs and perks for civil servants.  It says  on an average redundancy pay-offs are around £60,000.  The taxpayers Alliance rightly says that these civil servants have been enjoying this kind of thing for far too long.  But there is one further problem about this -- Councils will not allow a mere individual to look at their financial structure or tell them anything without calling in the security to evict the member of public or get their council solicitor to deny access by way of secrecy being pertinent to his job allowing no one without authorisation to look at anything.  He will quote Data Protection and Information restrictions, anything that will make the enquirer feel uncomfortable or unable to go any further.  Lawyers are like this at the councils as we have already shown in the section ' FEATURED LAWYERS -- see ' Lawyer threatens Pensioner '


' Civil servants make sure they benefit the most '

CIVIL SERVANTS ARE TO GET BEST PENSIONS IN GENEROUS TAXPAYER TOP UP.  This report by the Pricewaterhouse Group of Economists claim the evidence shows that they will get a 35 per cent top up on their final pensions.  The generous self payment will make public sector workers nicely catered for compared to the private sector which looks to be in great trouble pension-wise.  Ros Altmann a former Treasury Pensions Advisor said ' it will be a rising burden on the taxpayer '


' Government lies on youth jobs, supported by the DWP '

THE GOVERNMENT MINISTER DWP said in a recent statement, that the nearly one million youth element of the unemployed will all have guaranteed jobs?  But How? she says that they have catered for 100,000 and have 40,000 places in training schemes.  Claims that Industry in the shape of 150 companies are on board to help in this matter.  The sums do not add up.  If those 150 companies hired 10 each it would only fill 1500, if it was 100 each they could take on, it would be 15,000.  So, taking her claims it would still only add up to 155,000, and as we are looking at nearly one million, it shows the government are hopeless at maths, which might indicate how bad they run the country.  Yet, they did alright in their expenses fiddle -- they knew what added up then --- especially as it went into their own pockets.  If one moved the youth unemployed figure by half, there would still be a deficit of huge proportions.  It is clear to see that the DWP believe in their own lies.  But they are masters in deception -- just look at the Lawyers they employ.


' Data Protection and the Corrupt Councils '

It's interesting to note that councils demand the full if not prying information details from benefit claimants, self employed and others.  They also claim to be 'honest' data controllers.  yet, they pass around information to all and a sundry whether they be Government or private firms who request an under the counter favour, --- it's more in the line of 'abusing the police computer regulations ' thing, except there is no crime where the council is concerned, they are immune from prosecution.  Any of their civil servants can claim to be 'data controllers' so that shows you how safe the act is, --riddled with holes and fully absorbed in corrupt practices.  Simon Davies of Privacy International said 'some of these council activities regarding using and giving out data should be prohibited, particularly in regard to information passed to bailiffs '  He says these creeping allowances and misuse of legislation is beyond the remit of a council and would not be approved of by the voters and taxpayers.  It is rather strange that a council such as Havant in Hampshire or Chichester can order that they see someone's full accounts and books, yet they deny the citizen a right to see their books, which could be another sign of them hiding facts or false accounting -- but they are probably allowed to do this under Brown's corrupt government.


'Council Payment blunder penalises students '

LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL wanted to claw back overpayments made to students the previous year, despite not showing the students how to properly use the code.  Fifteen to twenty students from Lytham St. Annes had been working as cleaners on the minimum wage, now they've been served with demands for repayment, and some may face court if they fail or cannot pay it back.  Some of them face bills around £600 to £2,000.  A council officer said ' We're duty bound to recover overpayments'


' MP's use taxpayer's money to boost profits for themselves '

THE EXPENSES SCAM has not been the whole story according to a recent report.  MP's have been profiting from taxpayer-funded mortgages claimed on a regular basis despite the expenses fiddle.  Sir John Stanley admitted that Parliamentary colleagues were making huge gains due to these mortgage claims.  Former Environment Minister Barry Gardiner made a profit of £198,500 on a taxpayer funded second home.  Millionaire Tory Greg Barker made a £320,000 profit on a flat the taxpayer 'helped him to buy'  Sir John said the few cases he could reveal were only the tip of the iceberg -- under the system at present MP's get mortgage interest on their second home reimbursed by the taxpayer.  He also said ' they get major outgoings like council tax, gas and electricity charges paid by the taxpayer'  Over many years MP's have been making hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result of fleecing the taxpayer in any way they could whilst claiming to be honest and law abiding!


' False promises and shortcomings by the Tax Credits Department '

THE UNDERTAKINGS BY CIVIL SERVANTS AT THE TAX CREDITS CENTRE WERE PROVEN TO BE FALSE as we are now informed by a claimant who was assured that any back payments would be taken into account at the date claimed.  This did not happen although the claimant was repeatedly told that his claim would be automatically backdated to the point of his claim.  When he received his overdue tax credit allowance it left out four weeks and this in effect was ignored by the civil servants who told him not to worry.  The phone centre proved to be inadequate, and this call in customer centre was supposed to cut time and veer anyone away from lengthy appeals.  The claimant therefore had to appeal against the award, and several months later was told he was entitled to the back claim.  This all goes to show how incompetent this department is and the glib lies they tell clients.  Closely related to the DWP, one can see how the corruption spreads from one government department to another. 


' Former Civil Servant admits that staff enjoyed bullying claimants '

MRS. P we shall call her as she does not want to be identified -- we did try to change her mind.  Mrs. P has worked in the civil service for twenty-three years and says she has witnessed many things that management would not like exposed.  In the council she came across staff who would conspire together to target particular claimants they had listed that had been difficult!  Some of the ways of intimidating them were simple ploys such as making them wait much longer than anyone else, and then tell them they could not find the particular file and make another appointment.  Another ploy was to deliberately go over old ground and say that they had not received clarification therefore there would be some delay, when in fact they had taken the form out of the file along with the proof and put it in a drawer.  When she worked at the Jobcentre she said she herself took part in making clients lives a misery because several other members of staff found the game too irresistible to pass up on.  They all knew how vulnerable a claimant was and that they had no power of redress if they complained -- ' It was their word against ours  --- and we won every time '


' Hinckley and Bosworth Council blamed for Terrorized Suicide pair '

The coroner for the Leicestershire district said that failings in the council contributed to the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francecca.  The two women had been the target of yobs who made their lives hell and not worth living.  The council knew who were the offenders yet did little in the way of real protection.  Gang activities happened frequently outside the victims home.  33 complaints were made, the inquest heard that a gang of sixteen youths roamed the area without any fear of police or council officials.  The police were also implicated in the contributory charges that arose from this incident.


' Slight of hand -- fiddle of expenses again with MP's'

Yes, the Government civil servants are at it again and have been all along while the distraction of the other fraudulent expenses fiddle has made headline news.  Openness and trust is a joke and the recent programme 'Dispatches' revealed that when they tried to follow the expenses trail of MP's flying off on trips abroad.  Try as they did, the researchers found it almost impossible to get proper accounting or answers as to why some of these MP's were making so many trips abroad.  Thousands of pounds were being claimed and paid out under the guise of 'working for their constituents'  Much of what they showed could hardly be said to be in the interest of constituents -- some living on the breadline.  But living in fancy hotels and jetting around at the taxpayers expense must be appealing and better than having a job?


' The Council Tax Scam '

COUNCILS ARE RELYING  ON FINES to boost funds for mainstream objectives already guaranteed in their programs.  Car Parking has been highlighted as a major part of this fiddle.  The public are led to believe that all services to the public have been budgeted for ----by these civil servants who are thought to possess the highest skills in this area of serving the people of their borough or area.  Councils bandy about false pledges of no one being unfairly treated, but this is obviously a lie.  Nowhere in the funding is there a clause saying we must have fines to provide a proper service, fines were supposed to be a deterrent against breaking rules, but the council are depending on as many people as possible to break the rules so things can be supported in their finance aims.  Surely this is double edged and morally dishonest, but councils are, that's why they don't open their books to public scrutiny.


' Benefits Staff lose £900million through it's own errors '

CIVIL SERVANTS in the Benefits Agencies lose a staggering £900m due to their own incompetence it was revealed in the Appeals Court.  This was exposed after losing a legal battle over forcing claimants who'd been overpaid to repay it.  Solicitors for the DWP had no legal right to threaten because a 1992 Act did not give them the right.  The judge ruled that the Benefits Agency could not force harassed and distressed claimants to hand back money wrongly paid due to staff blunders.  This ruling came after a two year court battle.  It was revealed that claimants were threatened with County Court Action by solicitors for the DWP --- see featured Lawyers for more on this disturbing case.


' Council Security Guards used in Suppressing Free Speech '

A report has shown that many councils use security staff to suppress public enquiries that the council find too difficult to reply to.  Such as misuse of taxpayers cash and corruption on building contracts.  The security guards are regarded as civil servants but see themselves as the police.  Many have criminal records that are secretly covered over and if found out -- it was a mistake that was overlooked.  As we said --- transparency and freedom of information is not the truth, and these employees -- the guards, have no interest in serving the public,  --- the public beyond the council and government offices.


' Cover-up as Council influence stops Newspaper from publishing expose '

TAUNTON DEANE COUNCIL AND THE SOMERSET GAZETTE in conspiracy to pull a scoop story by reporter.  The story concerning a court action against the council that lasted nine months -- one in which the council lost, was suddenly pulled without explanation.  The reporter had approached the plaintiff after he had learned of the case via a 'postbag letter' and gave assurances that he would not give in to external pressure or let the council prevent the story appearing.  When the story failed to appear the plaintiff went to the Gazette for an explanation.  He was denied this and they refused to let him talk with the reporter who was now absent.  It was later discovered that the council spokeswoman who was in charge of press releases was indeed a regular friend of the Gazette Reporter and he knew of her well.  This case shows that the Press are not always to be trusted and that they claim falsely to be free to print the facts without undue influence.  A conspiracy to suppress the truth was entered into by the Somerset Gazette and Council Officials when they knew the story was not favourable to themselves -- and it might go down badly with the public.

STRANGELY AS IT MAY SEEM, the above story is not just a small newspaper thing  --- we have learned that the biggies like the Sunday People, Sunday Mail, News of the World are selective when it comes to exposes and council confrontations are mostly steered away from no matter how good the story is.


' Civil Servants turn a blind eye over MP's expenses '

A recent report concerning the expenses scandal shows that many civil servants trusted with examining claims did very little to curb  outrageous claims by ignoring 90 per cent of them and paying them out with almost zero scrutiny.  Basic checks were abandoned in favour of showing their bosses how loyal they were.  The staff were indeed not only nice to their employer but generous as well, they did not query claims or see if the claims were justified at the Department of Resources.  Their role in the scandal was suppressed and it was only when a request under the Freedom of Information revealed how devious the department and the staff had been.


' Poole Borough Council in Excessive Covert Spying Incident '

CIVIL SERVANTS of the Poole Borough Council spent weeks at the cost of the taxpayer hounding and snooping into the life an affairs of Jenny Paton using powers granted by the Labour Government.  It was found they wrongly suspected the woman of lying and arbitrarily set out to trap her, but failed.   Businesswoman Jenny branded the council's behaviour as outrageous at a tribunal looking into the matter.


' Council Town Workers numbering 20,000 snoop on people '

IT HAS BEEN REVEALED THAT AROUND 20,000 CIVIL SERVANTS HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE POWER TO ENTER THE HOME WITHOUT A WARRANT  -- Council snoopers have assumed the power to enter people's homes without gaining a warrant in the search for information.  They are relying on secondary legislation using energy laws and safety etc to bolster their aggressive and arrogant behaviour granted by the Labour Government who passed 1,043 state powers of entry.  The Public Right to Privacy which Brown was so keen to back is worthless and it is a fact that Mr.Brown knew of it, but continues to keep silent and distant from his own contradictions to the British Public and taxpayers.


'Injured worker gets £1.8million from Fenland Council '

Michael Bagridge who worked as a 'binman' was awarded a compensation package of £1.8million from Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire.  Luckily for him the council did not dispute liability (which is the normal way they proceed in their legal departments).  Michael was badly injured when the council truck hit a parked lorry and cab he was in was crushed... he had to be cut out of the wreck.  It is notable that Michael had to sue the council.


' The civil servant who rakes in £310,000 in just one year '

High flier? NO...just a guy who-- a civil servant who works with the UK Border Security Force, yes that is Azad Ootam who gets a nice slice of taxpayers cash.  Described as a ' middle manager' this individual even managed to make the bonus scandal look rather cheap, -- he was unavailable for comment and the Agency merely stated it was all within government guidelines?


' Civil servants pay themselves £130 million in bonuses '

A REPORT HAS REVEALED THAT THE TAXPAYER HAS PAID OUT OVER £130 MILLION TO CIVIL SERVANTS in one year.  The payments have been claimed in bonus schemes they have eagerly subscribed to above their normal job salaries.  Apart from regular government staff, management have been quick to seize the opportunity to get their hands on cash handouts for all sorts of lame and invented reasons.



BOURNEMOUTH COUNCIL'S LEADER STEPHEN McGLOUGHLIN has been found to have explicit porn on his office laptop computer.  The council have said it was no more than it expected, yet twenty other council civil servants were suspended over a joke which involved a porn image by the same council in a former incident.

BOURNEMOUTH DEPUTY LEADER JOHN BEASLEY has been accused of ' Conflict of Interest' concerning a favour who it is said he gave preference in a business contract issued by the council.  His case is at the moment pending according to news sources.





THIS REPORT COMES IN VIA OUR COLLEAGUES AT DWP CORRUPTION - The story was for all to see on the web.  It is a story of secrecy, corrupting power and deceit that government engages in.  ' THE ADELPHI HOUSE CONNECTION ' and John Adam St in London.  The Article (which can be seen in full on the web and on the DWP CORRUPTION Website) reveals the shady movements and behaviour surrounding MARSHALL WACE LLP - Rod Aldridge forced to resign overexposed secret loans, and BEAR GYLLIS caught fabricating documents.  There is mentions of a secret 'private members' club under Adam St run and owned by JAMES MINTER.  What of ADELPHI HOUSE?  THAT'S WHERE THE DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS IS LOCATED -- are you beginning to see things now?


' The Cabinet Minister who said - ' We do tell lies '

FORMER CABINET MINISTER WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE, then a senior minister claimed that ministers have the right to lie to MP's.  He caused a storm of protest of course as he said this as he was questioned by the Treasury Committee.  This statement shocked all and made any claims of running a honest government absolute nonsense.  His statement savagely tore into the so-called rules for ministers and centuries of parliamentary practice ( not entirely new -- see the South Sea Bubble affair of the 1700's at the top of the page).


' Labour MP under Investigation '

West Lancashire MP Colin Picktall aide to Jack Straw came under police investigations concerning financial discrepancies.  He was questioned by detectives over his election spending.  A file was said to have been passed to the CPS, but nothing was ever heard of it again?


'  The Crooked Civil Servants '

INDEED, A HEADLINE SAID THIS VERY THING -- It claimed that civil servants and Whitehall staff were defrauding the taxpayer.  £9million was said to be the cost and that this was just the tip of the iceberg.  Frauds were being committed by departmental and agency staff, especially where they have colluded with outsiders.  Intriguing though it might be it was revealed that quangos, and there are many many such things set up by government, are not compelled to report fraud within their own body to the Treasury.  Millions go missing and unaccounted for in this way and civil servants have the gall to claim poverty and mistreatment by the very public that are unable to stop council chiefs, council lawyers etc of having huge salaries and claiming bogus expenses.


' Long-running benefit swindles by civil servants '

COUNCIL OFFICIALS HAVE ROBBED TAXPAYERS out of £650,000, and the swindle went unchecked.  This was a report into a labour run town hall.  THIRTEEN EMPLOYEES WERE SACKED, THIRTY-THREE RESIGNED and FOUR WERE GIVEN FINAL WARNINGS.  Scores of false housing and council tax benefit claims were uncovered by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.  All 50 civil servants faced disciplinary proceedings and some of the worst cases were prosecuted.  At the time of the report it was said that there were still 28 more cases under investigation.  The fraud was said to have been in operation for several years showing that the corruption was deep and for most of the time well hidden.  Earlier checks had been thwarted by restrictions in the Data Protection Act that wasn't supposed to be an aid to covering up staff corruption a spokesperson said, ' but employees saw it as a defence and used it after council lawyers suggested it.'


' Benefits Agency in £2million fiddle by staff '

Released figures made public by Mark Harper, Shadow Minister, revealed that taxpayers have been defrauded out of £2 million by benefit cheats within The Department of Work and Pensions.  Of course, this is not the first time, we have mentioned other such fraud in the Benefits Agency on this page.  Most of the fraud involves expenses fiddling, fraudulent overtime claims and theft of DWP property (this was not specified or detailed in the report).  Jonathan Shaw of the DWP made the usual attempts to play this down, even in the light of a rise in fraud within the Department.  Last year in 2009, forty-two civil servants were identified in investigations.  £216,149 was estimated to have been lost through other fraud not specified, and this involved 156 members of staff. 


'Council spends £214,000 of public money on 'blogger hunt'

A five year hunt and £214,000 was spent by SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL because a blogger insulted several councillors.  It actually hired USA lawyers to trace the unknown blogger 'Mr Monkey' who said he was going to expose the truth about three councillors in the Labour run constituency.  The blog attracted 4,000 hits a day as investigators went looking for him.  But they had to abandon the chase in 2009 with no results, the council said it had a duty of care to protect its employees from malicious accusations?......which we will never know about now, and why were they so keen to silence the blogger at a staggering price of £214,000?



YES, here we go again, it never stops even though they tell us that it will.  STEVEN BYARS, PATRICIA HEWITT and GEOFF HOON are all seen on a programme that catches them selling their lobbying expertise and boasts of being able to amend the law by having a discreet word with the right man as part of the service they can offer.  Byars lied and fibbed, but still wants £5,000 a day if he works for the right clients.  The other two quoted £3,000 a day, rather a bargain eh to get your own way and have an MP swing the deal or vote in your favour.  Deceit by this government will never be over, history shows this, it's in their genes!!

IN 1995 ' THE CASH-FOR-QUESTIONS' SCANDAL' hit the headlines bringing down two Tory MP's GRAHAM RIDDICK and DAVID TREDINNICK who asked for £1,000 payments as backhanders for Commons Questions.


' 20 More MP's break rules on lobbying and foreign expenses '

THE REGULATIONS WERE BREACHED 400 TIMES by 20 members of parliament.  MP Andrew Digmore breached the rules more than 90 times over trips to Cyprus.  MP Liam Fox breached the rules twice.  MP Norman Baker broke the rules 37 times, and Tory Vice Chairman Richard Spring failed to register a trip to Mauritius before asking four questions in the House about Britain' relations with the Island.  They all enjoyed ' expenses-paid' trips and their foreign hosts paid for the hospitality.  Yet declaring this as they should took another dive and as usual they made no mention of it.


'Did Civil Servants doctor Hillsborough Web'

A report has suggested that a civil servant in Merseyside may have inserted derogative comments into the Wikipedia pages on the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.  They identify the civil servant as born in London, and living in Merseyside.  It mentions that the Home Office has interviewed a suspect after receiving evidence, but his identity has not been revealed as yet.  It also concludes by saying the suspect made other changes with editing.....they say he has denied the allegations!


' Government training financial Rip-Off '

A REPORT BY THE NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE admitted that as much as £22million has disappeared on courses that simply did not exist.  None of it cannot be accounted for despite words and phrases of ' transparency ' and ' the Freedom of Information' bandied about and uttered by desperate civil servants.  One aspect ' Fake Jobs' was an issue with a County Training Council in Essex that took on 900 jobless people to make parts which eventually ended up on the scrap heap.


' Benefits Fraud Squad accused of Harassment and Intimidation by Benefits Office '

LOCAL BENEFITS STAFF IN BODMIN gave out leaflets to claimants accusing the Benefits Fraud Team of bullying, harassment and intimidation.  Bosses were annoyed at the lack of loyalty, yet staff stood by their accusations and said investigators wrote their own rules, acted outside the law and thought themselves beyond it.


' Claimants Ignored and blamed for Benefits Errors '

INCOMPETENT STAFF IN BENEFITS OFFICES are getting one third of benefits decisions wrong according to the Child Poverty Action Group.  Its report says that almost a third of claims are incomplete or just wrong are the fault of civil servants who add to the misery of the claimant.  When challenged, the Benefits Agency disagree and put the blame on the client claiming they do not make errors, it's the claimant's fault!


' No prosecutions for corrupt office staff '

A LEAKED MEMO has revealed that a number of staff at a Benefits Office in Greater London have been guaranteed that no action will be taken by bosses in respect of irregularities in claims and unaccounted cash paid out.  The deal is said to have been made with the union so that good relations may continue to exist.  The offences surround claims that collusion and certain arrangements resulted in managerial and others receiving under the counter payments.  Apparently, the decision to take no action has been taken by the DWP because they consider the fraud to be ' low-level' which can be handled at Office level discreetly?


' Pension Fiddles in the Civil Service '

It appears that civil servants at The Ministry of Defence abused the pension scheme in the 1980's rather routinely than one would imagine....and the author Michael Albin of Blackburn, himself a former civil servant at the MOD whistle blows here.  He says he has no reason to believe that it isn't still going on now.  He says it was quite common for someone to be promoted in their last year in order to increase their pension, and it was also a perk that they could be given priority on all overtime.  He said where someone worked the evening shift, and were approaching retirement, they would be made night-shift manager, which would increase their pension by a third.  Another scheme or scam was involved in moving expenses when changing jobs, you started outside London buying a small house or flat, then applied for promotion into central London.  The MOD would effectively pay for your mortgage for a similar house in London. After 5 years you applied for promotion outside of the Capital and upgraded your house to a larger one.  By repeating this process every four or five years you end up retiring with a large house in Central London, then downsize and retire to the seaside in a small cottage banking the profits and being rather well off.  Some people knew the relocation scam so well that they taught the expenses staff what could be claimed for and how to successfully get it.


' Bennington - another job creation fiasco '

YET ANOTHER NAME TO ADD TO THE LIKES OF A4E AND CDG who have all been contracted by the DWP who claim to be helping the jobless back into work.  The DWP are very liberal with their contracts and taxpayers cash and accounting for it requires no effort, their lawyers can fabricate or falsify something or other!  Bennington like the others engages in this ' classroom' type situation whilst leaving others who have been inducted and move up the board, go into another room - scanning papers for vacancies '  All these people are sent by the Jobcentres for a number of specified weeks -- and only a tiny few ever successfully get an actual job.  Others return to the merry-go-round and their former position - waiting for it all to start again.  While these people are at Bennington's the DWP and Jobcentre Plus fiddle the jobless figures and create a nonsense that is almost impossible to make sense of.  It all boils down to this in truth - we take 10 claimants -- 6 go to Bennington, and now we only have 4, so that makes 4 unemployed, and that is how the government work the fiddle.


' Council have it covered to extract parking penalties no matter what '

COUNCILS ROUTINELY SET THEIR OWN SCENES to get money from the unsuspecting taxpayer, and cars and parking are one of their particular little 'nasties' they benefit from financially.  Fair or Foul?  councils couldn't care less....such is the case for one person who tells us what happened.  John Lindeck of Ledbury was a regular visitor to the area of Stoke Newington who takes great care to display a visitor's parking voucher each day.  However, on one day when Arsenal have a home match a special charge is levied.  On August the 4th 2013 he got a parking ticket when he didn't expect to....and was told that was because Arsenal were playing a home friendly....but there was no reference to this in the papers.... he complained about the unfairness of this...but paid.  It happened again on Jan 1 2014....but accepted he didn't really look into it fully before parking....on January the 5th there was a home match and he had his voucher.....which didn't really work fairly at all...it had an evening kick off...his voucher covered from 12 noon to 4-30pm and he'd been got again.  He now realises this is all about money making, a council scam to fleece the motorist.....and more stranger is that Stoke Newington is 2 miles from the actual Arsenal Stadium!



LORD MICHAEL ASHCROFT has benefited from an ideal tax situation in the U.K. for almost a decade thanks to the way the Tories and Government Officials act.  Political Reporter, Nick Robinson describes him as ' secretive' in the way he hid his tax status.  Yet this man has a big part in the laws of this country -- but does not live here and does very nicely tax-wise due to being ' non-dom' which effectively allows him to pay no tax.  You may think that this is something new, but it isn't, it has happened before.  The Lords and MP's have done quite well in tax avoidance.  Millionaire John Cahill, formerly of British Aerospace didn't pay a penny of tax in his twelve week job -- and collected a £10million golden handshake on his retirement -- he earned £530,000 a year --for two years, not bad eh? Privilege has its rewards, and where have we heard that word before? Lawyers maybe?

CONTINUED ACCUSATIONS OF CORRUPTION surround Lord Ashcroft, including a police investigation into dealings at his home base abroad. A Panorama Programme was halted by Lord Ashcroft's Lawyers who pull every trick they can to avoid allegations being proved via TV detection. It came out in the programme that finally got shown -- that unexplained and dubious dealings were unearthed amid denials by Ashcroft who seemed to have invented complicated smoke-screens to confuse the public aided and abetted skilfully by his lawyers.


' Immigration staff rake in bonuses as they bungle benefits '

IMMIGRATION STAFF AND OFFICIAL RECEIVED £15MILLION from bonuses paid by the taxpayer amid a report revealing that asylum seekers had received too much in benefit allowance.  An audit showed that nearly £10million was mistakenly paid out in housing benefit and allowances.  Payments even continued after their cases were dealt with.  These figures were conveniently buried away by Home Office staff and the size of the problem or how many years the blunder has been going on for was withheld.  It has also been revealed that ' Department Officials have written off the money because of ' legal obstacles' -- is that a quaint way of saying lawyers? 


' Immigration Officer sent to jail for corruption '

BENJAMIN ORORARO an Immigration Officer from Kennington in London was jailed for five years at Croydon Crown Court, when he was found guilty of accepting £50,000 to enable 19 people to be granted residency. He worked at the UK Border Agency and it was heard that he fiddled documents to make sure the 19 who should have been refused, stayed on in the UK.  He was convicted on 19 counts of taking bribes.


' Line Manager at Immigration Office is jailed '

IMMIGRATION OFFICER SAMUEL SHOYEJU was said to have let in as many as 44 illegal immigrants --- He amended and destroyed records to cover up and used colleagues date-stamps and accessed secure data network bases in order to show a trasil away from himself if anyone got suspicious.  He was jailed for seven years by Basildon Crown Court.   The UK Border Agency said they had great trust in him as a public servant and having broken that, the sentence reflected how serious it regarded his actions. Shoyeju was form Canvey Island in Essex. The investigation and case were said to have cost the taxpayer a great deal of money.


' Expenses Scandals come and go - they never go away '

POLITICIANS HOPE THAT NO-ONE REMEMBERS THEIR FIDDLES AND SCAMS, but they have happened over and over again.  Take the one about DAVID WEEKS MP and MILES YOUNG MP, both Tories.  They were in London's Westminster Council, and these two spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money saying that they had done nothing wrong and it was within the rules.  At the time, Westminster council was embroiled in a £21miilion scandal over using public money to boost Tory votes with housing deals for yuppies.  Mr. Weeks was dropped as leader when auditors implicated him in the scam.  His successor Miles Young just carried on where Weeks left off.  These MP's learn nothing.  The first thing that Young did was to have a lavish party funded by the taxpayer costing then £1,100. He considered the public purse like his own spending money and expenses were truly milked for all that it had.


' M.O.D. Civil Servant got a £84,000 bonus as a consultant '

DEFENCE CONSULTANT ARCHIE HUGHES merely a public servant to the government received a £84,000 bonus as an extra payment for his on top of his basic pay of £155,000 per year.  In 2009 he received a bonus of £126,000 for running the department despite its many failings.  It's certainly an eye-opener when you are completely aware that the Government value an individual on minimum pay at just over £5 an hour.


' Harriet Harman MP tries to cover up expenses claims '

THE MP HARRIET HARMAN APPROACHED THE WATCHDOG COMMITTEE AND TRIED TO PREVENT THEM FROM EXPOSING OTHER MP'S IN THE SCANDAL. She put pressure on the Commons Watchdog not to reveal the worst cases of claimed expenditure.  Sit Thomas Legg who was conducting the audit was approached by Harman who said it would be inappropriate  to make certain things known.

390 MP's, almost half of the House, were ordered to pay back into the £1million that should be repaid. 

FIVE MP's were given one week to pay back more than £50,000 in over-claimed expenses.

FOUR MP'S CLAIMED TO BE ABOVE THE LAW when they cited a clause in the Bill of Rights - 1689. They were DAVID CHAYTOR - ELLIOT MORLEY - JIM DEVINE and LORD HANNINGFIELD.  They immediately consulted eminent QC's who incidentally suggested this move -- and they like being above the law as we have already shown in ' the featured lawyers' part of this site.  All four are intent on defeating the interpretation of the Theft act, and like their lawyers, convinced they will, and in all events that's how it will probably go.


Finally to end this update we have one item on Tony Blair ?


' Corruption surrounds Blair in Iraq Oil Dealing '

TONY BLAIR in his earlier years was honing his image and future career in Durham.  One Birmingham University Doctor who knew him very well said ---- ' He was never very likeable, and you never trust a snake do you?'

Blair was secretly hired as an advisor by the U.I. Energy Corporation who have invested heavily in the oil fields of Northern Iraq.  Mohammad Tofiq Rahim, a Deputy leader in Iraq has called for an investigation into possible corruption.  He quantifies this by mentioning that the Korean Corporation needs concessions desperately in these oil fields, and Tony Blair is excellently placed politically -- in that he can easily call on Jalni Talibani, the President of Iraq for a favour.  Also supporting the suspicion further is that Ashti Hawrami the man in charge of awarding oil exploration contracts in Iraq, is under investigation by the Financial Services Authority.  It has also emerged that Hawrami recently met with Kyu-Sun Choi, Chairman of the U.I. Energy Corporation who served two years in prison for bribery?


' 25,000 civil servants are paid over £100,000 a year '

A REPORT into pay at local councils has stated that 25,000 public paid workers are getting in the excess of £100,000 a year, and it goes onto say that 5000 others are on £150,000, whilst the Government are telling the low paid that they must cut back and live on what they already have without any expectancy of a wage increase for up to a couple of years.  Apparently, the Taxpayers Alliance has damned this greed and called for austerity within government departments.  It also says this information had to be prised out of the government using the Freedom of Information Act.


' Expenses Scandal MP's get £1million handshakes to go '

Fiddling MP's involved in the 'Expenses Scandal' will receive a nice payout as they share in a £153 million pot for standing down at the General Election.  They will receive around a £1million each consisting of generous pension allowances and other perks no other person, and I mean the average voter, could ever aspire to in their working lifetime.  Many of these fraudsters and fiddlers were prepared to face the voters, and we know why.



CORBY DISTRICT COUNCIL have agreed to a compensation payout after being found guilty of negligence.  Payouts were made to 19 victims because they failed to clear up an old steelworks site that could have been dangerous and a health risk to children.  Toxic waste led to disabled children and the High Court made the council apologise besides the compensation.


' DWP defend their handing out of £4,500 grant to set up Psychics School '

THE DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS came under attack as critics of the payments to set up a school for psychics were branded as 'a disgrace and waste of public money '  A spokesman defending the action said it came under their 'Want2Work' ideas.  However, the Welsh Assembly chiefs have launched an internal investigation into the funding of this school especially looking to ' who is going to benefit from it and is it in the public interest'.



CIVIL SERVANTS WORKING AT THE CRB HAVE WRONGLY BRANDED 15,000 PEOPLE AS CRIMINALS - It has been paying compensation to the innocents who have had a difficult time even trying to get justice and has already paid out £290,000 of taxpayers cash in apology payments -- and this only refers to 2009.  Most of the mistakes have been made by staff who processed the wrong details got ' mixed up ' in what information was to be used.  A CRB spokesman said they had paid out tens of thousands of pounds and admitted to maladministration by the bureau.  Campaigners for freedom said that the careless attitude with data by civil servants showed their ignorance and arrogance towards the Data Protection Act when it involved ordinary citizens -- yet when it came to councils they fiercely defended their rights to data and anyone wanting information from them ' their solicitors get really defensive and refer you to the freedom of information act and bandy about how they cannot impart anything unless it is requested through the right department, yet here they are messing up people's lives and making them go through time consuming appeals to clear their names all because they did the wrong, and they just walk around pretending nothing has happened.'


' £3 million and penalty fine for Serious Fraud Office who did not pay VAT '

THE GOVERNMENT OFFICE that investigates corporate corruption in Industry and banking etc, became the villain and was on trial itself for failing to pay VAT.  It is said that the 'cash-strapped' unit has been forced to pay the HMRC a £500,000 penalty after underpaying its VAT bill of more than £3million.  Amazingly, this almost police unit investigating wrongdoing were committing a crime themselves..... so who can you trust?


' One man spends thousands on a war against Council over parking ticket '

SUNDERLAND COUNCIL have met a foe that is spending almost everything to fight them with in a legal battle in the HIgh Court.  Neil Herron is disputing a £60 ticket issued against him regarding a Controlled Parking Zone, and Neil  argues that the law says it must be marked by yellow lines.  He claims that because they made changes the tickets have become invalid -- Sunderland Council disagree.  The case started in 2006, and he managed to win a judicial review and will be at the High Court in May.


' Another Driver fights council and wins for damage to car '

Frank Cattrall took on COLCHESTER COUNCIL after they ignored potholes in the road that caused Mr Cattrall to fork out money on repair bills to his vehicle.  Rather than admit fault (usual response) they said they knew nothing of the holes and suggested he had poor driving skills!  They went on to dismiss his claim for £500 worth of bills to his wrecked suspension on the car.  Not defeated by the council attitude, he made inquiries through the Freedom of Information Request Service, and discovered that the same council knew about the road damage as a council worker had made a report during an inspection.....the pothole was even given a 'priority' listing but never fixed.  He sent a copy of the evidence....but they still refused to acknowledge responsibility or blame...so having given the council a chance to do the decent thing he took them to the Colchester County Court where the council were ordered to pay him the £500 and pay costs of £115.

PS: What this proves is the inability of the council to behave reasonably towards the ratepayer and voter.


' Council and Government snooping is on the up '

LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS are making six applications a day to spy on citizens it has been revealed.  1,166 applications by government and the police were granted.  The UK is listed as third in the top ten of countries prepared to spy and snoop into the private affairs of individuals.  They already spy on internet users accessing e-mails, accounts and passwords.  Phil Booth of the NO21D  Privacy Campaign said ' they are absolutely determined to gain access to people's most sensitive details claiming that in certain cases is necessary - but avoid close scrutiny of this claim.'


' Social fund no-go for couple in Sunderland '

Applying for grants at Sunderland Council and relying on the Benefits Agency to be fair can be one of those moments you wish hadn't.  For Darlene Hunter and Trevor Atkinson it was a huge mistake.  Both services took ages to look at their applications as they sat broke in their council house without several vital amenities, only to be told later their applications had been turned down.  The social fund invented by the government was a total fiasco, and luckily outsiders reading about their plight gave them help.  So much for social services eh?



' Camden Council in scandal of children's home abuses '

CHILDREN WHIPPED AND TORTURED was the headline accusing The London Borough of Camden of administering a brutal regime of physical and sexual abuse in its homes for children.  Mychaela Cook told of boys being whipped with the belt for being naughty and girls having their hands burnt over a hot fire besides some sexual attacks.  These incidents happened regularly over twenty or more years without intervention or proper investigation despite complaints being made.  Since being discovered, legal actions for damages have been made against the council and funded by the Legal Aid Board.  The council withdrew into their usual stance of denial and said that these allegations would have to be tested in the courts.

THE NORTH WALES 'CHILD ABUSE' CASE involving council care homes for children has now come into the spotlight with the expose on Jimmy Savile, paedophile and visitor to children's homes......recent news says they are to re-open the case.  It has also been revealed that there were over 80 people questioned yet only 7 brought to trial!  We now hear of a senior Council figure being accused....but no-one is naming him.....at the present that is?


' Local Government Child Porn Collector is Jailed '

GOVERNMENT SURVEYOR CHARLES NORRIS with the Greenwich Borough Council was jailed for four years by Maidstone Crown Court.  Police seized 5,500 photographs, another 5,500 colour slides, 100 videos and 200 books along with 29 photograph albums featuring young boys.  He was charged with taking indecent photographs of children and making an obscene video involving boys of 14 and 15 depicting acts of gross indecency.


' Government men prey on boys for sex kicks '

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OFFICER MICHAEL COLGATE and EXECUTIVE OFFICER JOHN MACDONALD of the Scottish Land Registry were convicted of possessing and importing child pornography.  Colgate from the Bracknell with the Met Office claimed he was interested in 12 year old boys and liked to see them being controlled, spanked and caned.  MacDonald who wrote requesting material said he was from a legal background and needed it to be 'hush, hush'  and preferred uniformed boys or uniformed men caning young boys similar to an officer and cadet scene.


' Lambeth Council in trouble with judge '

LAMBETH COUNCIL were ordered to explain its social services handling in which a 14 year old boy was whipped and assaulted by his governor father because the lads failed to do his homework.  Southwark Crown Court bound the council appointed man for two and a half years.  It was shown that the boy had been beaten for a period of two years and this had led to scarring.  Judge Pearlman demanded that the council give a full account of how this was allowed to happen.


' Council home in torture case against children '

BOYS WERE TORTURED AND BEATEN BY SOCIAL WORKER and two male colleagues.  Newcastle Crown Court heard evidence of how boys were beaten with fists at Witherwack House in Sunderland.  Glynis Tamblin, Alan Dingwall and Kevin Roffe stood in the dock as the sordid details of their regime shocked the jury.  Nine boys were called to give evidence, and the council was reprimanded for trying to play down the situation even though they had suspected something wrong was happening in the home.


' Councillors called to resign after sleazy stunt in bad taste '

COUNCILLOR JIM WALKER and COUNCILLOR SANDY BLAIR were pictured in a restaurant with girls in school attire brandishing school canes.  The publicity stunt was for the opening of 'school dinners' in Belfast, just like its London counterpart that features spanking and caning in the restaurant with customers. 


' M.P. resigns over spanking sessions '

TORY MP PROFESSOR ROSS HARPER resigned when it was revealed that the minister took part in spankings with vice girls and paid £100 a time.  One time chairman of the Scottish Party, Harper frequently took part in sessions in which he wanted spanking said vice girl Jeanette.


' Another Spanking M.P. in vice girl sessions '

LIBERAL MP MICHAEL MEADOWCROFT visited massage parlours where he paid £50  a time for spanking sessions.  The MP for Leeds West, did not deny it or try to keep it a secret the reporter said.  When asked about it later he said it was not him, but vice girl Samantha confirmed it was.


' Harvey Proctor - the scandal of the MP and spanking of rent boys '

BILLERICAY MP HARVEY PROCTOR is a name that one is hardly likely to forget, especially the two above MP's as he took a rent boy dressed in school wear into the house of commons.  One of those reasons was that he lied to his party and constituents in desperation to hold on.  But it crashed around him as more was revealed about his many boys and the canings he administered.  He was finally thrown out of the party and went into hiding.  He was later charged with four counts of gross indecency when he appeared in court.


' The Tax Dodging MP into spanking '

TORY MP EVELYN KING was exposed by Debbie Green who took part in spanking sessions with Mr. King. He was once the Labour MP for Penryn and Falmouth before finally becoming a Tory MP for South Dorset.  Debbie says she dressed as a schoolgirl and schoolboy to satisfy his taste for school scenes.  At the beginning of the relationship he used a fictitious pseudonym ' John Armitage '


' Kinky Spanking for Civil Servant '

High Street Banking Monitor civil servant IAN ERSKINE revealed a hidden secret when his sudden disappearance sparked a police visit to his flat. Police made a forced entry into the Notting Hill flat where they discovered porn magazines, whips, canes and bondage gear packed in cases and drawers. Erskine was an Assistant Advisor in the Bank of England Supervision Section -- it was discovered that a 'special cheque book' had gone and was being used since his disappearance. It was also said that Bank of England Security staff had been called in over the matter.


' The Mystery MP on spanking visits to vice queen '

Adelaide Serrano claimed that Special Branch had her prosecuted to cover up an MP and keep secret his identity the Knightsbridge Crown Court heard.  She claimed her phone number was suddenly changed after she had refused requests from Special Branch.  The riddle remained as the court considered the charge of keeping a disorderly house.


' Education Committee Deputy Chairman with torture cellar '

When the police broke into Mr. Rogers house they discovered something that resembled a torture chamber of old.  Chains, whips leather gear and more adorned the walls of this cellar; a sound-proofed one at that.  The Education Deputy was a respectable pin striped suited man by day, but in the evening he was visiting gay bars and S & M clubs.  Videos were found on shelves and mirrors positioned for victims to see themselves being whipped.  Neighbours in Osborne Road, Levenshulme, Manchester were completely oblivious to what was happening.


' Moral Guardian Peer quits over Spanking Situation '

LORD HULME of Cheltenham, the £48,000 a year chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Commission stood down after he admitted cheating on his wife and having a secret affair with Tracey Kelly when it was revealed they had enjoyed spanking sessions, which he told reporters was having to end.


' Immoral Britain gets £10 billion for Economy from Drugs and Sex '

A report confirms that the UK gets 'serious cash' from illegal drugs and prostitution which boosts the economy of the UK.  It says both activities are worth 0.7 per cent of GDP....equal to that of Agriculture.  The National Statistics Office said that based on 2009 prices, prostitution will add £5.3billion to GDP, and drugs will boost the economy by £4.4 billion.  Some campaigners for a better Britain were saddened and surprised that the illegal activities were contributing to what is thought as a good economy and figures to be proud of.


' Failures in the civil service are nothing new '

EVER SINCE THE DAWN OF 1854 when Stafford Northcote and Sir Charles Trevelyan were required to look at the civil service -- they found widespread dishonesty, poor skills and a complete lack of integrity apart from a failure to carry out their duties for the public in a way that should have been expected.  The commission set about creating a new work ethos, to disengage civil servants from doing the job for personal enrichment.  The object was to make the new service be driven by a desire to serve, but as we have seen countless times, whether it is in government or local government, it was never quite achieved.  The greed is still ever-present and so is the corruption.


Benefits Agency Impedes Claims '

GRANTS AND ALLOWANCES were deliberately delayed in an attempt to decrease payouts and claims, and at best; wear down claimants so that they would discontinue or give up.  The Agency claimed ' that it needed time to check claims more thoroughly'  Tribunal member Andrew Hayles said ' this is an attempt to forestall and cut down on the work needed to prepare for appeals.  It is an outrageous attempt to undermine what is supposed to be a safety net for claimants by deliberately delaying decisions.'

'CLAIM TAKES SIX YEARS TO RESOLVE' - Fresh consideration was given to 'the urgent need' of a woman claimant.  Described by the Benefits Agency as ' an unfortunate and prolonged history' the claim wandered in the pipeline and went before a commissioner after going before another commissioner two years earlier! the commissioner at the time, William Walker recommended urgent action then after accepting her case, but the agency appealed and it went on another walkabout.  I suppose this is what the Benefits Agency call ' working for the community caring for people '


' DVLA and Harrow Council swindle woman over misuse of powers '

Recently highlighted on a consumer TV programme was the awful behaviour of the DVLA who issue driving licences and excise road tax demands in the complicity with Harrow Council in depriving a woman of her £3,000 motor vehicle and at the same time-- fining her.  The mix up was fairly and squarely between these two bodies, and they were not even bothered about the harm they had caused.  Harrow Council sold the woman's car saying they had powers to do so even if as it turned out -- they'd got it wrong.  They in turn said this was due to the wrong information provided by the DVLA.  The DVLA claim they never get anything wrong?  A fine can be tripled and go way beyond what is reasonable, even if the owner of the vehicle is not to blame.  Melanie, the owner of the car has never been compensated, and it was only when the programme intervened that they said they would look into the case?  Many others have complained about this government department, and have got nowhere because of the attitude of civil servants working there.  A judge in one case after considering what the department had done said ' the DVLA had no statutory powers in requiring a person to notify them the DVLA when they did not receive a reply to having applied a SORN -- off road declaration.  The Chief Executive of course differed, as one would expect.  He said he sympathises with Melanie and others who have complained about the appalling service.  One man after hearing a civil servant on the phone at the DVLA telling him they never got things wrong, made an application to the Freedom of Information, and it returned with what can only be seen as a breach of the act ' saying they had no figures of complaints lodged against the DVLA -- which means the DVLA deliberately obstructed such or never intended to comply with the Act.  Yet, the Chief Executive gave out a figure on complaints when he was being pushed into answering, so this is proof that they are quite well aware of the complaints and that there must be many.  Yet, they still go on threatening and fining with complete immunity -- obviously driven and provided by the government lawyers, and we already know how corrupt they are.

' DVLA Civil Servants in Data sell off to clampers '

A REPORT HAS REVEALED THAT PRIVATE DATA ON PEOPLE ARE BEING SOLD to vehicle clamping firms,  some who have very dubious reputations and immoral ways of getting around the law. More than a million requests for drivers details were sold off by the DVLA despite legislation on Data Protection.  Full details are passed on to fee paying firms without the slightest worry because the DVLA has immunity and can do what it wants knowing that Whitehall Lawyers will twist rules and make out the case for government. This all came to light when Simon Tse, The Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicles Licensing Centre told a Commons Committee that 1.2million articles of information had been sold to private parking companies in one year being a part of 21 million articles of data given out, and disclosed the departments earnings being £8.5million per annum. The organisation Civil Liberties described the dealings as a scandal in the trade in personal details to rogues the government were pretending to control and eliminate whilst having another agenda based on profiteering.

DVLA HAVE INNOCENT MAN ARRESTED --- Michael Cook went to renew his vehicle tax disc in the local office of the DVLA in Newcastle -- Eagle Star in Gosworth, when on producing an MOT he was detained and arrested by police because they accused him of having a fake document.  Arrogant staff at the DVLA refused to act in a caring manner and moved into high alert strategy thinking they were about to nail a crook, but the real crooks turned out to be the DVLA.  The colour of the MOT was the wrong shade of green, but it was issued by the government vehicle testing station.  Police locked up Mr.Cook in a cell for 3 hours, took his DNA and fingerprints before it was proved the document was genuine. He has since been issued with a replacement, but no apology from the DVLA or compensation.  Mr.Cook has since gone on to seek legal advice on suing the police and DVLA.

'DVLA sell off details of 7,000 drivers to convicted company'

It was announced in a small tucked away news article that the DVLA had sold off the information and details of 7,000 drivers to a company that had been found guilty of 36 offences against the motoring public. The firm Observices Parking Consultancy -- a fancy name for clampers, run by Director Douglas Harris, were fined a staggering total of £29,850 by Wolverhampton Magistrates Court.  The court had even made mention of the despicable tactics used by the firm. Yet, the caring authorities lifted the ban on this company??  I think we can all see what the DVLA stand for.


' £150,000 spent by council on graves to face Mecca '

HIGH WYCOMBE TOWN COUNCIL came under heavy criticism for its wasteful spending on extending a cemetery so that Muslim graves could be positioned to face Mecca.  The screwball idea is obviously a pandering to middle east influences and fear according to one observer, ' they daren't say no in case they come under fire' he said.  A council member accused the plan as wasteful in these economic times and attacked it has being over the top.


' Council Snooping on the rise and all backed by the DWP '

Unlawful hacking of the Customer Information System which belongs to the Department of Work and Pensions is being looked at by council staff. The Database holds the records of around 85 million people. Some council staff were dismissed for looking at data on friends and family, but two thirds of them were just let off.  The DWP does not hold details on its own staff caught snooping through the data and it is easy to see why. There was 124 breaches by staff last year, the ones caught that is.  The DWP gave the pretence that they care, but evidence of this is not much more above nil.



BIRMINGHAM COUNCIL the accounting body responsible for ASTON PRIDE'S £55Million budget is said to have known about a breach concerning unauthorised payments for five months and did nothing even though a whistleblower warned them about it.  The payment of £100,000 was made to ANTHONY COLLINS, SOLICITORS without going through the formal tendering process.  Investigations have now been launched despite their reluctance to act on the information of a whistleblower.


' Judge tells expenses fiddle MP's they must stand trial '

THREE MP'S AND A PEER HAVE VOWED TO SIDESTEP THE LAW by using old laws not really meant for covering up fiddles.  A judge said there was no logical, moral or legal justification for these cases not going to court.  Now taxpayers face a bill of £1million in legal aid because the politicians have applied for it.  MP's David Chaytor, Elliott Morley, Jim Devine and Lord Hanningfield who are accused of expenses fraud and pocketing thousands as a result argue that they cannot be tried in a court according to a 300 year old law.

In the latest round of legal moves, it appears that the MP's have lost their appeal to escape trial as the appeal judges ruled against them.  It is said they intend to take the matter to the Supreme Court next?


' 7 Council Housing Department staff are sacked '

BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL sacked seven civil servants from their housing department after they landed the city with a £7.5million compensation bill over an issue where tenants were suing the council for the bad condition of properties that had been allowed to fall into disrepair.  Ironically, the manager of the 7 people team who were supposed to fight off the claims ' providing evidence' took early retirement, and astoundingly, three of the seven now work in the same legal firms that launched the claims against the council they were employed by?


' Conservative Peer charged with fiddling expenses '

LORD TAYLOR OF WARWICK was charged with fiddling £11,000 of expenses.  Lord Taylor is accused of the homes and property swap scam in order to claim second home expenses.  Lord Taylor will appear before the Westminster Magistrates Court in September.  He is the second Tory peer to be charged with fraud since the expenses fiddle net began to find other rogues.


' Council behaves outrageously to pensioner '

MILTON KEYNES COUNCIL came under fire as it was revealed that they have barred her 'officially' from having friends around to visit, especially if they include the care workers or anyone off the council staff.  Councils already show little emblems around offices and public rooms saying ' Care in the Community and Caring for People' but somehow Milton Keynes have forgotten this.  The only people 79yr old Brenda Coker sees are the people who come to care for her, and on her 80th birthday they prevented those who dealt with her needs and carers from attending saying it was contrary to the guidelines.


' Town Hall Pensions account for one quarter of the council tax '

A DISTURBING REPORT REVEALED that councils took the taxpayer for over £5billion in order to pay for pensions of civil service council staff and workers.  This sum is likely to rise rather than fall in the next few years, and the spokesman for the Local Government Association, a body representing councils, said ' the recession produced a fall in investment income while increased contributions from staff have only just kicked in' which in essence means they realized how bad this would look if it became public knowledge.


' Libdem Councillor on Assault Charge '

CIVIL SERVANT COUNCILLOR CHRISTINE JAMES of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council was arrested by Dorset Police and charged with assault. She is reported to have attacked fellow councillor IAN JAMES from whom she was separated (married). Previously a supporter for battered women and campaigner for the Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum, doesn't do her any favours.


' Tory Treasurer quits over revelations '

DAVID ROWLAND the wealthy Tory party treasurer as stepped down as reports name him the ' shady financier ' related to his string of financial affairs, business tactics and playboy life. He gave £2.7million to the Tory Party. Now the Conservatives are worried that they may be 'tainted' and see him as an embarassment.


' Council Watchdog over council spending is to be axed '

THE TAXPAYER'S SAVIOUR is no longer seen as being value for money by the government who have announced plans to scrap this department, which was set up to scrutiny council spending. The inspection duties have now been handed over to the National Audit Office. Some see this move as a deliberate attempt by the new coalition government to make sure the taxpayer is left in the dark and less able to know about what councils spend on services. Rather typical of a government after 'an expenses scandal' that left them bruised.


' Eurocrat Politicians about to get triple pay '

POLITICS IS INDEED A DIRTY AND CORRUPT PLACE, and one a variety of lawyers, ex-lawyers and business men like to get involved in.  Corruption surrounded the European Committee last year, but findings on investigations have just run aground and mysteriously disappeared? Now these MP's from the UK and the rest of Europe are set to award themselves a pay boost. It is planning a 2.2 pay rise at the end of the year with bonuses in line to grab a further 1.3 per cent. Germany described this move as ' greedy ' and the European Taxpayers Association's Michael Jaegar said the rises were unbelievable. The salary of the Director would take his pay to £18,500 a month?  It is already claimed that the highest paid civil servants are the EU Officials.


' The Benefits 'Open Government ' policy that never was '

THE BENEFITS 'TELL US ABOUT IT' BOOK that claims itself to be transparent and happy to declare a designed box 'OPEN GOVERNMENT' really do tell a pack of lies.  It says they are committed to the principles of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information? --since when?  One has only to look at benefit staff fiddles and the expenses scandal to see this is false. They claim their staff will treat all people in a fair and courteous way, yet another lie, a lie that is exposed by the many articles on this page. It goes on to say -- where a complaint is made about discriminatory behaviour we will ensure that appropriate steps are taken to correct and improve the service,  --- yet another lie -- as we have exposed the system as it closes rank to protect the civil servant passing the complaint around and around and shaking their heads in disbelief that a claimant could be accusing them.  It seems that the season of 'rotten apples' is more or less permanent with no signs of cure, pesticide or replanting, the civil service are most certainly corrupt and will go on being that way.


' Travellers win against council after 6 year eviction battle '

BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL landed taxpayers with a bill for £200,000 after losing a six year eviction contest to get rid of the extended family of travellers, the Doherty's. Birmingham housing councillor John Lines said ' I have just received a legal bill for more than £200,000 and must pay half of it immediately or face prison. This money will line the pockets of those squatters and their lawyers.'


' House of Commons Officer on the fiddle himself'

GOVERNMENT OFFICER ANDREW GIBSON who was responsible for looking into MP's expenses is said to be facing jail for submitting bogus invoices himself. It says he created three fake bills in the name of MP's who were retiring or leaving their posts to pay off gambling debts. The resources budget officer from the fees office was said to have paid £5,875 into a friend's account. His bogus invoices  were only discovered during police investigations into the expenses scandal. Gibson and the friend were due to appear at Southwark Crown Court but pleaded guilty before the jury were sworn in.


' Lib-Dem Candidate accused of fraud '

LIB-DEM CANDIDATE DR VINCENT McKEE is under investigation for fraud a report says. Complaints by students and parents say their accounts have been plundered after signing up for tuition. One parent said she agreed to pay a bill of £380 for tuition through her bank, and found to her horror that £3,260 had been taken from her account. Others also complained of similar happenings in connection with the tuition fees and Mr. McKee. It says the Lib-Dem party have suspended him and that an investigation will be carried out.


' Corrupt Benefits Officer goes to Jail '

BENEFITS FRAUD INVESTIGATOR BADRUL ISLAM worked in the benefits division for many years including being one of its fraud investigators, yet he succumbed to corruption by fraudulently obtaining £200,000 out of Newham Council. It was only discovered when one colleague spotted a £13,000 payment to a landlord which did not make sense. As they investigated, the entire benefits staff came under suspicion until they identified the authorization code which pointed to Badrul Islam. The payments of around £75,000 were being paid to a letting agency -- Eurobanga Letting, and a further £125,000 to Elite Property Services. Difficult as it was, especially a seasoned operator within their own department able to dodge and falsify, they linked Badrul to the two men of each Letting Agency. A court sentenced Badrul Islam to 2years and four months imprisonment.


TAXPAYERS GET THE BILL FOR LIMOUSINES ORDERED AND USED BY CABINET MINISTER JOHN REED - A bill of around £4,000 was presented to taxpayers so that Reed could attend football trips according to report. A person speaking for Lord John Reed said it was necessary in order to protect the minister?

MP DAVID CHATOR GOES TO JAIL -- former labour minister David Chator was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his part in the ' EXPENSES SCANDAL '  It is stated that he swindled £22,000 of illegitimate expenses, and declared he was not guilty of any wrong-doing -- like so many of them. Southwark Crown Court heard how he faked bills to back up his claims. Bogus rent claims -- imagined computer services -- is the first of four cases to be heard on fiddling MP's.

THE MURKY WORLD OF MP EXPENSES IS BEING SOFTENED AND HIDDEN as secretive repayments are made by MP's who don't want to appear before the courts, and luckily they have been provided with a get out of jail card free.  16 cases of secret repayments were exposed --MP David Tredinnick paid back £755.50, MP Anthony Steen paid back £561 and MP Janet Anderson paid back £5,700. The report says that were attempts made by the Labour Office to suppress this information.

MP'S ARE BILLING THE TAXPAYER FOR £500,000 OVER SPIN TRAINING -- A report reveals that Spin lessons for MP'S are costing around half a million pounds. The Deal with CAPITA was taken out by MP'S for a two day course on influencing and persuading techniques.

COUNCILS ARE SPENDING £315MILLION ON CCTV in order to spy on civilians, despite cuts in public services and other slashes in their budgets. A survey of 336 councils shows why their are concerns over the system dubbed as ' Big Brother is watching you ' The UK's surveillance society shows no signs of stopping, and more alarmingly they find money for it no matter what cuts are made elsewhere?

CIVIL SERVANTS 'require resilience training' TO HELP THEM COPE?.....Yes, those weary jobsworths are being offered courses in resilience training to cope with situations of work pressure.



OWEN CAMERON a councillor on Thanet District Council quit his position after being jailed for four months for drink-driving. It was said that he arrived at the court drunk? as he appeared before Margate Magistrates.


' Labour Peer dismissed over expenses fiddle '

BARONESS UDDIN has been removed from the House of Lords after being exposed as a cheat who took £40,000 of expenses cash. She has been ordered to repay £125,000 and is suspended for 18 months. Lady Uddin claimed she was too poor to pay back the money?


' Council waste Taxpayer's cash  on legal squabble '

GREAT AYCLIFFE COUNCIL in County Durham have spent £50,000 of public money arguing over a chair in a battle of who sits where.  The pathetic scrap ended up at a tribunal and council members, Lib Dem Billy Blenkinsop and Labour's Dorothy Bowman being the two on the council who were running up time and money. It is said this squabble and costs have been going on for 16 months? all on the taxpayer.


' Wife and son of MP lie over drink/drive charge '

MP BRIAN BINLEY'S wife and son - Matthew Binley are said to be facing a prison sentence after making false statements to police after a drink/drive incident. FORMER POLICE CONSTABLE MATTHEW BINLEY crashed the car into a bollard while over the drink limit. He was bailed and charged, but two days later his mother arrived at the police station saying she had been driving that day, and made a statement to that fact. They only charged the former police constable after finding a 'draft statement' in his handwriting so that his mother could copy it. They were both charged and appeared before Northampton Crown Court. Interestingly, MP Brian Binley did not appear at court but information says that he paid back £1,500 in the expenses repayment having breached the rules.


' MP Woolas thrown out of party over lies '

MP PHIL WOOLAS left the labour party in disgrace over stirring up racial tension in a bid to win over voters. Woolas often appeared on TV programmes shouting down opposition and arrogantly twisting things so that he appeared to be right. A specially convened court agreed that he made false statements about a rival in the election. The immigration minister lost his seat and banned from the house of commons for three years. His appeal against the decision was turned down by judges.


' Ex-Ministers are caught in sting over cash for access '

MP GEOFF HOON,  MP STEVEN BYERS and  MP RICHARD CABORN have been disgraced after being caught on secret cameras touting themselves to firms offering access to parliament and favourable deals. Geoff Hoon was banned for five years -- Byers was banned for two years, and Caborn was banned for six months.


' Civil Servants are incapable of 'waste-cutting' report says '

OUT OF EVERY £7 OF PROMISED SAVINGS ONLY £1 WAS ACHIEVED. -- A damning report revealed that civil servants are incapable of addressing the situation. The Public Accounts Committee delivered a verdict on labour's pledge to produce £35billion on savings as unattainable by civil servants.


' Council spin job to go ahead despite protests '

A £120,000 salary spin job has been given the go ahead with councils despite all of their promises to help cut back on waste. The Local Government Association is to re-introduce the council post of ' Director of Strategy ' after being give a rough reception over the soaring pay of chief executive John Ransford.


' City Council in £15,000 job farce '

Taxpayers are footing £15,000 on finding a new executive only to find that the man appointed was already doing it. Confused? yes you may well be. Salford Labour council were looking for an ideal candidate for the job of ' Director of Children's Services '  -- the same department that had dismissed its previous Director. Suddenly, the post was given to Nick Page who had been ' Acting Director ' for a year.  Is this called wise spending?


' Southend council comes under heavy fire from taxpayer '

Taxpayer Brian Ayling of Essex says the rot must be stopped. He points out that an enormous amount of public money is being wasted by his local council -- Southend. He goes onto say the council are spending money on expensive schemes of no benefit to the local residents. He openly says that councils like Southend have developed over the past twenty years like a malignant cancer, with departments growing out of all proportion to their necessity. Councillors have been swept along on a tide of ' grab what you can'. Mr Ayling we must point out does not say these things from a position of mere onlooker, no -- HE WAS A COUNCILLOR HIMSELF IN 2000.


' Jobcentre tells woman you can't have a job until you are on benefits '

A desperate job seeker -- Lynne Dawson was shocked to find staff at her jobcentre turning her request for help down.  The Jobcentre Plus in Derby said she did not qualify for a meeting with their advisors unless she was on jobseekers allowance.  She was angry that she didn't want to be on the dole and wanted help for getting a job, and here was a sign saying jobcentre and if you weren't signing on you don't get a job with us. One staff member leaving for lunch told a reporter on the case ' the jobcentre plus is not there to help people get jobs. It is there to give people money and show them what jobs are out there '


' Not the exact truth on BBC's Saints and Scroungers '

DOMINIC LITTLEWOOD MIGHT BE PLEASED WITH THE SHOW, but it isn't all that he cracks it up to be. That is the problem with this 'so called hero presenter' -- in it to win it is more likely. He presents the Benefits fraud people as they would like  to be seen, the warped and highly edited version. They show the scroungers being caught and lots of this ' Reconstructions acting ' all meant to represent the facts. But we have heard it from one former disgruntled investigator that not all calls made by the public are even listened to let alone investigated. For certain reasons top brass leave certain people alone without any explanation even though it is obvious that the suspect is clearly up to something. If one of the investigators or staff is caught fiddling, it has to be okayed by managerial staff at the very top and it has to go through a process known as ' damage limitation ' before the likes of Littlewood can have it on a programme. He told us that he came under fire for examining cases and asking questions, which resulted in staff and colleagues deliberately thwarting him. This eventually led to him being removed - transferred to another department without any reason being given. The DWP fraud investigation team do not like to be caught out or their work seen. Although Littlewood is right to praise the 'Saints' he says that the people and managers who turn down applications of the needy are not named or shown in the show, and that component is quickly left out and glossed over. So let's have less of the drama and propaganda, it's very worn and lacks the truth.


' One law for them, and one for the others '

HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HEAR THAT ONE AND HAVE IT DENIED? almost consistently by the courts and DWP -- they believe their propaganda so much that they think it is the truth.  The trouble here is they can corruptly make it work their way despite feeling it has interfered with the rights of the citizen.  Judicial reviews are rare and costly, and it depends who you are in order to make it happen. The criteria is so complicated that it needs lawyers to use it or sidestep the process to actually benefit from this one.  Take the DWP, they can move an army against a suspect or claimant and we cite a case of last year.  A complaint was made plus allegations, against staff at a jobcentre. The person making these was escorted off the premises.  The complainant returned with a witness and asked to to confront and question the staff member -- the police were called by the DWP to assist them throw out the independent witness and the claimant.  The claimant applied for and requested all documents in connection with the complaint and to see the file on the complaint. They were refused and told to write to the Freedom of Information in connection with this. This was carried out although very time consuming, and this was obviously what the DWP intended. A solicitor replied from the department saying that a fee would be required in exchange for some general information, but the file and notes of the in-house staff and managers were data protected and were not available despite them being a vital part of the complaint case. On the other hand, the DWP and Benefit Officers can seize all data on the suspect and claimant including personal matters, bank accounts and much more by their laws -- with the assistance of the police of course. Some statements by them have been known to lie or appear fabricated after collusion to support staff, something we have come across several times. If you try to parade these in front of a judge he won't listen and allows excuses like error etc. One other area that is fascinating law wise, is that the DWP can film claimants and suspects, follow them etc, but if an individual tries the same thing on DWP staff they are stopped by security staff and get a letter saying that they have breached the privacy act or committed harassment, and we have seen evidence of this, but you cannot reverse this when they hound you, because they say the law backs them up...so as we began, there really is one law for them, and one law for you.


' Council Chief Executive in rape incident '

CONWAY COUNCIL'S CHIEF EXECUTIVE Byron Davies appeared before Mold Crown Court on a charge of rape against a woman colleague. The council boss who lives Yelverton, Devon was said to have committed the offence in the Castle Hotel in Conway. The £100,000 a year executive was suspended from his council post.


' False invoices MP fiddled £9,000 '

MP JIM DEVINE got his opportunity to go before the court. He was charged with making false claim expenses of around £9,000. The list of false claims says Printing of leaflets, cleaning work etc. It is said that he acted dishonestly from July 2008 to May 2009 when he made the false claims for specified items that were not carried out or existed, the latter applying to the printing. The trial continues.

LATEST NEWS: Jim Devine has been found guilty of making false claims and defrauding the taxpayers.


' South London Councillor gets £118,000 in allowances! '

YES INDEED, the gravy train in government rolls on. Tory Councillor Steve O'Connell claims that he is not only entitled to make such claims but is also worth the money -- paid by the taxpayer -- who else?  The former bank worker, yes -- bank worker, the Croydon Councillor claims expenses of £117,888.


' Labour Council Boss is paid £168,000 '

YET ANOTHER FAT CAT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL -- Despite the fact that his council, Hartlepool District Council, is facing cuts of 19 per cent in their budget in spending for the public, Councillor Paul Walker is set to have a pay rise that takes his salary to a staggering £168,000 per year.


' Government still continues to hoodwink the public '

In fact every government does it, and they have ever since they took their seats in the House of Commons, that is the nature of the beast that craves the power to control.  They think throwing two or three MP's to the crowd in a sacrificial attempt to show good faith in solving the expenses issue of corruption and fraud will satisfy most of the public. Many others involved have in the main walked away and disappeared from view, and not by accident but by choice. Lies by government still go on, and the UK Government are masters of the art to deceive, they have had plenty of practice. The many articles listed on this page prove this and the many more that will be added can only point to this conclusion.  This article will not change anything, but we would rather it be seen than not so.


' Councillor unmasked as Outlaw Biker Gang Member '

TEWKESBURY CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLOR JIM MASON was discovered to be a member of an infamous outlaw biker gang named by Europe cops as a crime group who police have been trying to round up in connection with crimes; often involving rivalry between the hell's angels bikers. He denied being a member when reporters asked him, but photos confirmed he had been a member. The Council and Conservative Association refused to comment about the 'exposed double life of the councillor '


' Jobcentre tells transsexual to be a man to get work '

DARLINGTON JOBCENTRE in County Durham is accused of giving insensitive advice and ridicule by Andrew Cook (transsexual) who often goes under the name of Tina Cook. He says they wink at him and call him ' darling ' and recommend him for waitressing at posh restaurants knowing fully well he would not get the job. He has now launched a formal complaint against the DWP for disrespect and abuse.


' Council spending gone mad in several districts report '

WHERE AS ALL THE MONEY GONE? yes, that's what taxpayers really want to know, and they were not amused to read a recent report showing that -- LONDON councils spent £30million in three year refurbishing their plush offices for civil servants.  Hounslow council leader got £35,000 to improve his office, and Hillingdon council spent £30,000 on upholstering their chairs.  LAMBETH spent £550,000 on producing the council newspaper. BASILDON forked out £400,000 on illuminating a Hollywood style sign of 5 foot spelling out Basildon.  GOSPORT in Hampshire spent £7,350 on fact finding trips for staff. WILTSHIRE spent £475,000 on 're-branding and inventing themselves ' A new logo cost £179,227 and unused uniforms cost £113,327.  DEVON spent £500 on printing leaflets telling people they could not salt certain areas in bad weather. SCARBOROUGH spent £504 on monitoring wet weather, £235 on a water survey and £570 on shopping tips and advice.


' The smell of corruption cannot be hair-brushed out '

THE GOVERNMENT ARE CONSISTENT ON TWO FRONTS, trying to play down lies and hiding corruption by calling it mistakes and errors in judgement.  We now have fraud investigators raiding the treasurer's office of the Conservatives.  A probe has been launched as part of a criminal investigation into nine people at the business premises of former Tory Party Treasurer David Rowland.  The FSO arrested the Tchenguiz brothers this month and is looking into how several major depositors in Kaupthing were able to withdraw cash holdings just as the bank went bust leaving millions of other investors to suffer a huge financial loss.


' Yet another Peer goes to jail for expenses fiddle '

LORD HANNIGFIELD was sent to jail by Maidstone Crown Court for dishonesty, for a period of nine months. He was labelled as a 'benefits cheat' by the public who sat watching the case.  This former leader of Essex County Council was found guilty on six counts of fraud -- false accounting, -- laughingly he had his sentence reduced on claims of poor health, something a lawyer would have suggested perhaps?


' Lying Peer and Cabinet Minister is jailed for fraud '

ELLIOT MORLEY another government expenses MP, who denied all charges, was said to have wept at the court's decision to send him to jail.  Morley was sent to prison for 16 months when he appeared before Southwark Crown Court. It was said that he claimed £31,333 for a ' phantom mortgage ' and grossly exaggerated the amount he was paying for another property.  Lies, and more damned lies, seems to be a theme that exposes ministers, government employees, cops and lawyers, and we feature as much of it as we can, and we have absolute bundles we're still working on.


' Tory Councillor in vote rigging goes to jail '

SLOUGH BOROUGH COUNCIL'S TORY COUNCILLOR DISGRACED ESHAQ KHAN was sent to jail for three and a half years by Reading Crown Court.  The Councillor and five others hatched a plan to use ' ghost voters ' to win the local elections. He was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and commit perjury.


' MP Huhne smiles on despite the many allegations against him '

GOVERNMENT MINISTER and Energy Secretary CHRIS HUHNE has over quite a period of time, been accused of lying over £60,000 concerning election expenses, and an inquiry was started? Then there was the criminal matter of a motor offence, in which his ex-wife said she'd secretly taped him pressuring her to accept his speeding points in order that he escapes a driving ban. But he continues to look as if none of this matters, and he might be right, he's odds on to sail through this and become untouchable.


' 7000 Council Staff are given free mobile phones costing £1.2million '

MANCHESTER COUNCIL have issued their staff with mobile phones costing the taxpayer over a million pounds, while at the same time making cutbacks in their budget that affects the public.  It employs 11,500 workers and has given out 7,032 phones and 232 blackberrys.  The council have responded by saying ' mobile devices allow staff to work flexibly and efficiently '  Strange that, especially when their union are saying more workers are off ill due to stress and workloads. In today's world most of those people already own a mobile anyway?


' Councils sell personal data to junk mail firms '

There is much said about data being protected, especially by councils, but it has been revealed that councils throughout the UK are selling it to make a profit. A junk mail company can by the public's personal data for £21.50 and get 1,000 names and info.  Justin Basini of Data Company ALLOW said councils should not be allowed to sell lists of residents and give a company access to their details.  Council Lawyers who we challenged made excuses and pointed at data laws saying that the data protection act meant only a sanctioned data controller could see and use such data on individuals, and other use was strictly denied. --- except to them and the council.


' Benefits Appeal Judge cheats benefits system '

TRUSTED CIVIL SERVANT and Welfare Appeals Judge SUSAN ELLIOTT-JONES who passes judgement on claimants, appeared before a court charged with falsely claiming more than £8,000 in benefits.  The civil servant from Ingatestone, Essex, pleaded guilty to failing to report a change of circumstances, and was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 costs at Chelmsford Magistrates.


' Councillor Jailed for Money-Laundering '

The former councillor for Nelson in Lancashire, MOHAMMED ANSAR was jailed for 10 months at Burnley Crown Court. It was heard that he laundered £92,000 in cash provided by the gains from his two drug-dealing sons, Shamraiz and Khobibe. It also emerged that the town councillor was dodging paying taxes.



' Payments made to leaving staff are not to be made public, council order '

A GAGGING ORDER was made concerning £400,000 of taxpayers cash involving 13 civil servants a report has revealed.  Council Boss Andrea Hill earning a staggering £218,592 a year oversaw ' compromise agreements' totalling £400,000 paid out in just three months.  The ' Cash-strapped ' Suffolk County Council is already set to make budget cuts of £44million to public services refused to say who had authorised the 'gagging agreements' and individual payments being made to 'leaving' staff. The same council it is revealed, is facing a 'sickness bill ' of £5m over 'stressed out staff'.


' Official mistakes by staff add more to Benefits Fraud Bill '

CIVIL SERVANTS IN THE BENEFITS OFFICES are playing their part in soaring benefit fraud, a report reveals despite 23 years of concern from the watchdog who warned the Agency repeatedly. Official mistakes by staff are now at £3.3billion. THE DWP annual accounts for 2010/2011 show that the situation has been hampered by fraud and error since 1988.  Government departments have been aware of this for years, but tend to allow the DWP to do as it sees fit without any intervention.


' Gun possessing Councillor and child porn collector goes to jail '

JOSEPH SHAW, Wigan Town Councillor, was arrested by police after it was discovered he had over 2000 child porn images downloaded to his computer. After a search at his home by police a Smith and Wesson revolver with ammunition was found under his bed. He appeared before Liverpool Crown Court and pleaded guilty to 17 counts of possessing indecent child images for which he received one year's jail, possession of a firearm - 5 years, and ammunition -- another two years.


' Kent Councillor and Sheriff is jailed over child porn '

FORMER COUNCILLOR MARTIN FISHER of Canterbury, Kent, was sent to jail for ten months by the court after pleading guilty to five charges concerning the collection of child sex photos and indecent images of young children. He was also convicted of indecent assault against a vulnerable youngster. The court jailed the former Sheriff of Canterbury and local councillor for ten months and have banned him from working with children for a period of ten years.


' Government reneges on promise to be transparent on expense fiddle MP's '

THE INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENTARY STANDARDS AUTHORITY have announced that they will not be 'naming and shaming expenses fiddling MP's because the think it unfair?  Apparently, Luke March the Watchdog's compliance officer has done a u-turn on this in favour of the MP's.  This allows over 40 politicians to walk away feeling pleased with themselves at having succeeded dodging the public just as they wished. This is yet another sign why the Government cannot be trusted.


' A catalogue of Government waste spending and no one cares '

It seems incredible that this country went crazy over 'the expenses fiddle' that involved crime by MP's, yet the ball falls short at the net like a small kid who cannot concentrate. The public cannot see further than the end of their noses, and for the Government and other services, --- this is a jolly good wheeze. Corruption will thrive, mainly because it's a question of when and if, otherwise it's business as usual for the Government crooks. An article recently exposed how the Government spent £3,500 on a computer when it could have got the same thing from PC World at £250. This Government spends around £16 billion of taxpayers cash on IT systems, many of such that are scrapped after purchase and others break down and do not work as hoped. Critics have pointed out that if such spending occurred in the business community, the firm doing it would go bust. But this will not happen for the civil servants, the money is like an 'ever-filling' well, and they have put in laws that say they can take it without your permission, a little like a criminal case of borrowing a vehicle without consent, but they don't have to appear in court or face a charge, they can steal or borrow as long as they like.


' Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne and the Speeding ticket Saga '

There is much talk in the press about the affair of the lies, connivance and deception in the 'speeding case ' surrounding politician Chris Huhne, who's wife said that he'd lied and persuaded her to take the rap.  It appears that the strange, altogether -- unclear file, has now gone from the police to the CPS (where it may just be possibly buried without trace) . He was also under suspicion of 'expenses rigging' but somehow even that has been watered down by the Electoral Commission to ' minor discrepancies '  It is speculated that Huhne and Miss Pryce (estranged wife of Huhne) could be charged jointly of perverting the course of justice and go to prison, but we can tell you here, that is not going to happen, the worms will slither beneath the soil and we shall hear no more about it.

MR.HUHNE brought more speculation about his honesty when it was discovered that he'd made a 'gaff' on an internet tweet and in it he said he wanted to keep his fingerprints off an unspecified story which must appear as if it had come from someone else ?  Normally when one refers to fingerprints in this context, it often means make sure I don't leave a trace or can be identified in a crime.  He was questioned on the BBC, but looked very unconvincing with answers he gave to the interviewer.

Yet another delay, another false hope no doubt, as this MP tries to slip away amid more confusion brought about by the Legal Professionals. Headlines now refer to 'Police want Huhne and ex-wife charged over penalty points deal' --- it says the police are trying to charge? Huhne and his ex-wife!! and claims that there is 'plenty of evidence' for charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, but it is not happening, and the ball has been thrown to the CPS....and we know the bungles they do and the lean they have towards their paymasters in government, I think we can safely say this story and what criminal acts took place will never reach the court.

This case and story runs like a Whitehall farce --- Huhne has now been charged along with his wife for perverting the course of justice, he has resigned his government seat.....and so the story goes on........and do we have a conclusion to this?   NO.........are we likely to?  NO.........will we hear more of this?  DOUBTFUL.....not if the government have their way.....and accepting the fact they run The Justice Ministry.......the shredder is available!

The Chris Huhne Saga in the endgame:  Chris Huhne pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court (Mon 4th Feb 2013)......finally revealing that he'd lied over and over about the driving incident.......the report says his constituents who backed him throughout the many years were now bitterly disappointed and felt conned by a man who claimed it was all a mistake and fabricated to get him.  as he left the court he said he was resigning from his post and ministerial position, but had nothing further to say on the matter.


' Ombudsman attacks failures of Hull City Council '

HULL CITY COUNCIL has been heavily criticized by the Ombudsman over the way they failed a 14 year old boy who was being threatened with a knife on several occasions. Knife Crime is supposed to be considered serious, but social workers failed to tackle the situation leaving the boy vulnerable to attacks and intimidation. It was said they completely handled the case badly and in turn the council did not consider this a priority, and where were the police?  -- that seems to be a mystery...nothing from them at all.... it says quite a lot for that phrase ' care in the community '  evidentially --- a myth and figment of the imagination.


Quango sucks cash from taxpayers in huge payoff '

£500,000 PAYOFF to boss of discredited agency is another huge drain on the taxpayer as the government carry on as usual. The South East Development Agency is to be scrapped in 2012, and as a result payoffs abound as the Government spends money like water.  The Agency staff has volunteered for voluntarily redundancy which means packages for 15 members of staff getting a handshake of £100,000 each and six others receiving £200,000 which is rather nice for these civil servants.  7 other regional quangos have taken £23.4million for 800 staff on redundancies, but these are dwarfed by other RDA's who are paying 111 staff £51,461 each in redundancy, a total sum is expected of £5.7million in that area. So there you have it, civil servants can still rely on a gravy train.


' Job Centre Civil Servant in £8,000 Swindle '

CHRISTINE GREEN an employee of the Department of Work and Pensions Jobcentre falsely claimed £8,000 whilst being with the Benefits Staff. She appeared before Lincoln Crown Court charged with deception and fraud after falsely claiming Carer's Allowance of £8,368 over a three year period.  The claim was spotted by another worker and reported to the bosses. She was given 50 hours of community service.


 ' Another Quango Pays itself £5.2million of Taxpayers cash '

TWENTY-FIVE OFFICIALS ARE TO RECEIVE £200,000 each in golden handshakes in redundancy payoffs. The Quango is a Government Spending Watchdog, THE NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE.  Payoffs are said to go as high as £750,000 for some members of Senior Staff.  The Lay-offs are said to be part of the Governments drive to cut administration costs by 15 percent in the next three years.  It appears that Civil Service rules cater quite nicely in redundancy packages for their members, and cannot be questioned. It's hard to believe that the tax system has been so badly corrupted by Governments throughout the years, and used to support the chosen ones and in other cases held back in order to subvert justice and deny those who can least fight back, but that's Government Policy throughout the world, and not only just confined to the UK. Government corruption is like a garden weed, it flourishes, grows, and overcomes everything else in the garden in order to survive, and it's no use to anyone?


' Another MP on Fraud Charges '

MP MARGARET MORAN a Luton South MP, was charged with false accounting in relation to £60,000 being falsely claimed in expenses. She faces trial on 21 charges including forgery and fraud relating to bills claimed on another home belonging to her partner between 2004 and 2009.

RECENT NEWS COVERAGE ON MORAN of Luton has stated that she defrauded taxpayers of £80,000 and forged invoices to do with claiming for dry rot treatment at the Southampton home, the subject of the ' flipping ' between the two properties.  She appeared before the City of Westminster Magistrates and has been duly transferred to the Southwark Crown Court in October.  She was apparently the MP for Luton South


' Government Health Care Nursing breaks Law '

The Minister responsible said the Law was there in place to prosecute, but he quickly deflected the matter to being one of co-operation and measures -- all in the face of a report that has revealed that a 30 out of a 100 were failing elderly patients so badly that what they were doing was against the law.  But if you think these people or Health Authorities will be charged? you will have to wait a very long time, it just will not happen.  We've seen in the past where departments have not met the laws laid down have just got away with providing the minimum service required by law.  The law does not apply to them, it is a smokescreen, propaganda continually attached to most of what this government says. This or any government will not prosecute any of its own for just failing to give or do what the law says. they have provided for ways out of it long before they generated the farce of ' the law applies to all ' without favour.


' When a Council gets it wrong they don't admit it '

In this case we are looking at Leytonstone/Waltham Forest.....and a bill (the dreaded council tax) presented to a pensioner who didn't really owe it.  But of course, they insisted he did.  In fact the house had been sold and the new owner hadn't notified them, whereas the pensioner had written and taken time out to actually be present in their local offices.  Even on telling them he was assured it would be put right, but hey presto, he got yet another demand.... for an increased sum.... with threats mentioned of court action.  Believing in the system, he thought this would right itself and all would be well.  Things went quiet..... until a bailiffs demand arrived saying a court action had been carried out, and that they were about to get the cash or seize goods.  After great difficulty going over the matter, it was discovered that the council had made an 'error' (yes, one of those) and without apology the demand was terminated..... and they never admitted that they got it wrong.


' Member of Benefits Staff defrauds system of £12,000 '

MARK GOLDSMITH-WHIITE a worker in the DWP at Plymouth Benefit Delivery Centre appeared in court charged with defrauding the benefit service of £12,000 by taking money on 22 occasions that he was not entitled to.  He used claims by people who'd stopped making a claim by keeping them active and paid the money into his own bank account.  He was told by the judge that a jail term could not be ruled out!


' DWP Cover-Up on Low Pay figures to hide facts '

It was revealed that an 'Intern' situation was hiding the fact that people were being used as a sort of job-training yet not being paid despite a law on the minimum wage. Some were being given expenses only and told that they were receiving valuable job training, and this also went for MP's who in turn were found to be using unpaid people as ' Interns' to do hours of work for nothing.  It was agreed this cut across the law and the DWP were actively breaking the law but covering-up this fact wherever possible.  The TUC called for more enforcement in the area of low pay in the light of the government itself taking unfair advantage of these ' Interns '


' Council use threats to curb citizen posters in public '

HULL COUNCIL are yet another load of bullies in our list, they threatened Nicola Bayston, a vet, who was putting up posters asking for people to help trace missing pets.   They said she could be fined up to £75,000 if she did not comply with their order.  Yet as she points out --- they, these civil servants can and do put up voting posters and other such notices wherever they want, so yet again there is one law for citizens and no laws for the civil servants... at least no law to worry about with all that Crown Immunity.


' Another MP resigns amid accusations of dodgy behaviour in office '

DR.LIAM FOX - THE DEFENCE SECRETARY suddenly resigned somewhat days before an inquiry into allegations of misconduct.  Most of the case surrounded trips and a best man who appears to have been at 22 meetings and several other places. It also revealed the man had business cards saying he was an advisor to Mr.Fox, who actually denied he'd authorised any such post?  mystery abounds about the strange affair with very few answers being given.  But as we well know -- this is normal in the realms of Government.


' Council Staff in £700,000 fraud '

SEVERAL COUNCIL OFFICERS from Wansbeck District Council are at the centre of a fraud investigation totalling more than £700,000  believed to have been pocketed by them.  The Senior Council Officers will have legal action taken against them at the Northumberland's District Council -- the matter surrounds inflated salaries and expenses -- the file is reported to have gone to the CPS and Northumbria Police.


' Lewisham Council accused of fraud and illegal actions '

LOCAL COUNCILS TRAPPING AND FINING MOTORISTS? not just that -- Beryl Mason says that Lewisham Council rearranged road signs in order to deceive, but she had photographic evidence showing the road as it was with the original signs. She says the council's actions are illegal and a fraudulent attempt to extract money from many road users. The council are obviously hoping that no-one could go up against them or have evidence of a criminal act, but sadly Beryl, councils like Lewisham are corrupt.


' Shame of Bully boy councils who use bailiffs to harass and threat '

ROSSENDALES are a company that hides behind its own lies and the shirt tails of over 150 councils who employ them to seize goods and cash on their behalf --- knowing that a good number of bailiffs act aggressively, threaten and do not comply with any regulations.  This kind of thing is being sanctioned by council solicitors who in turn threaten pensioners and anyone else they can derive their perverse pleasure from.  These bailiffs act like crooks, and ROSSENDALE'S have been carrying out the dirty work for these councils for years.  The fact that the council get some of it wrong in the first place doesn't count.  Once they have instructed and contacted the ' machinery' they just let it happen.  We showed you a case in 'featured lawyers' one solicitor Michael Smith who threatened a pensioner and told him not to speak to anyone about the case after his council paid out and had to right the wrong they did - the firm they hired? -- yes ROSSENDALES.  150 councils are involved in this tyranny allowing bailiffs to act like gangsters.  Web pages are posted by thousands of victims who openly accuse ROSSENDALES of criminal acts that go unchallenged.  We heard that the government have delayed new laws on this subject --- the reason is very obvious.


' Basildon District Council in Council Tax Cover-up '

The mis-banding of property values for council tax higher payments in Basildon was revealed by MP John Baron who said he had absolute proof that this kind of corruption practised by Basildon District Council was Government backed. He said they refused to correct the tax inspector's errors to save money and face. He went on to condemn this deliberate deceit to taxpayers and said 'the whole basis of a fair tax system is undermined if the state conspires to overcharge the public in this way'


' DWP Civil Servant in £40,000 Fraud '

CIVIL SERVANT JANICE LEE a worker in the Department of Work and Pensions was found guilty of defrauding the taxpayer and system of fraudulently claiming £40,000 as a result of lies over child-care costs. Teesside Crown Court heard how she claimed these benefits while she was employed to look at and examine other people's claims. She was bailed to appear for sentencing, the judge said prison would not be ruled out when she appeared at the next sitting.


'Erewash Council and Derbyshire Police under suspicion '

CORRUPTION investigations are underway by WebWatchers NAME AND SHAME who are currently looking into activities by council employees and Police Officers in the Derbyshire Constabulary.  We looked into this council and have the following results that indeed point to a good reason to suspect something.  One report mentioned that after Electoral Fraud Claims, a  journalist investigating was beaten up, and the matter was being investigated by the police?  in another -- The Ombudsman was accused of being in league with the council in regard to Council Officers practising deceit and lies over the processing of public complaints. Trevor Nunn who began looking into it and collating material said there was proper and undeniable evidence proving this.  Another report featured Councillor Robert Dockerill who was fined £10,000 at Birmingham Crown Court for downloading Child Porn and indecent images of children from the Internet onto council computers.  The former teacher at Loughborough Grammar School, was disqualified from holding office at the council.


'Corruption of Civil Servants'

16 Counts of corruption involving bribe payments to M.O.D employees were exposed when the FSO mounted an investigation. James McGeown director of VIS Security Solutions managed to acquire contracts worth £16.2million while paying bribes to William Marks, the Deputy Senior Commercial Officer for the Ministry of Defence.  McGeown pleaded guilty to corruption.  William Marks was paid £66,500. Another civil servant, John Symington received £18,000, he pleaded guilty to 4 counts of corruption. Carol Kealey, sister of Marks, obstructed the investigation police when they were investigating the financial affairs and it was she who conducted financial transactions for Marks through a bank account in her name.  McGeown was also charged with money-laundering, the case took six years due to the complexities involved.


' Derby Lib-Dem Council Leader is given Suspended Sentence '

DERBY DISTRICT COUNCIL BOSS MAURICE BURGESS was given a nine month suspended prison sentence at Nottingham Crown Court.  He pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a 7 year-old boy twenty-three years previously. it was also read out in court that he had another conviction in 1971.


' Edinburgh Council Officials in Corruption Probe '

FIFTEEN COUNCIL OFFICIALS are being investigated for corruption at the City Council, and all have been suspended while the Lothian and Borders Police carry out an investigation. When claims of bribery being rife at the City Council's Building and Conservation Programs Department were shown in a BBC Programme ' Scotland's Property Scandal' appeared.


'Council ordered to pay £3,000 compensation for excessive delays '

BRIGHTON AND HOVE COUNCIL appeared in court after causing delays and unreasonable stress to a tenant who had to wait more than a year to return to his flat that needed urgent attention.  The tenant found himself subject to being fobbed off and disregarded each time he approached the council about the time it was taking to fix the property.  Staff were said to have engaged in using excuse after excuse without thought to the claimant's well being or circumstances.... leaving the man with no alternative but court action.


' Lib-Dem Council Candidate and Canvasser jailed for 3 years for Child Porn '

KARL LINDON a candidate for Aylesbury Council was given 3 years in prison after being caught in a paedophile ring of 47 traffickers of child porn.  Police found 2,500 indecent images of children which he swapped with others online and by post.


' Disgraced Council Boss Investigated over Drugs '

FORMER GLASGOW COUNCIL BOSS STEPHEN PURCELL found himself being investigated by the police over drug use involving cocaine criminality, it was also stated that 'other matters' were also being reviewed and under consideration.  It centres around council contracts and that they may have been obtained corruptly in circumstances pointing to an irregular award for services.  As rumours and allegations arose, council members began ' the denial' procedures often used in these matters.


' DWP Civil Servant steals £24,000 '

MARK HAMILTON, a JobcentrePlus civil servant admitted in court to stealing blank giro checks from the office and cashing over £24,000 for himself over a period of seven months at the Glasgow JobcentrePlus Office.


' 20 Members of Benefits Staff are Disciplined '

TWELVE MEMBERS OF STAFF IN THE JOBCENTREPLUS, Four from The Disability and Carers Services, Two from the DWP Pensions Department, One from The Child Support and One from the Department Corporate Centre were disciplined over breaches of data-protection and inappropriate use of personal data was admitted by Stephen Timms the Employment Minister in a public statement.


' Council Housing Officer in Fraud '

ANDREW MARSH, a council officer in Sheffield was jailed for two years and eight months for his part in a VAT Tax Fraud with a South Yorkshire Policeman.  He with others set up a bogus company in Sheffield called 2Go and set about claiming millions in VAT refunds on goods that were never sold or bought -- there were 6,000 fake business transactions invented to make it all look legitimate.  The Police said it was one of the biggest tax swindles ever attempted.


' Council Tax Bailiff in Tax Fraud'

A Lancashire Council Worker, STEVE HARRISON, who was employed as a council bailiff was dismissed after being found guilty of submitting false documentation.  He pleaded guilty at Fleetwood Magistrates Court to aiding and abetting the evasion of liability?


' Story Suppression by Minister fails in court '

CABINET MINISTER CAROLINE SPELMAN lost in the High Court when she tried to keep a story concealed --- It was concerning her son Jonny Spelman who played for the England Under-15's Rugby squad.  He had been found taking a banned steroid drug, but Environment Minister Spelman sought a gagging order which was not given in court. The judge ruled that the public had a right to know.


'Civil Servants waste £31billion over incompetency '

The National Audit Office reported in an annual assessment of government departs that £31billion pounds were wasted on poor skills within the civil service. It pointed out billions were squandered on 17 projects mainly in the IT area, the worst department coming under fire was the M.O.D.  The report concluded that these people were poorly trained or qualified in the areas they were dealing with especially in the contracts awarded and given.


' Conning the Public -- Fiddling the figures '

MASSAGING THE FIGURES OR STATISTICS -- is rife in public bodies as often suspected but never shown, the reason being for this is 'TO LIE' to conceal the truth -- so we took a closer look at this and show just the little lies

THE POLICE SERVICE and The Facebook Racism incident claimed publicly there were only 150 cops involved; saying this over and over in various press statements.  We dug further and more widely to finally unearth one other report saying it was 187, the figure had been changed so that 37, twenty-five percent of it just vanished.

Staying with the Cops --We have the Met Spending Fraud inquiry that announced publicly that 40 cops had been investigated, but further digging revealed that another out-of-the way statement admitted to 60 cops, so there had been a third drop in the public statement, 20 had vanished.

The HMRC were into the same lying procedures too, allowing a drop in the publicly stated figures of civil servants dismissed or disciplined by changing the offences -- downgrading as it is called!! re-modelling the system of accountability to only reflect on those that could now be downgraded to error or mistake in the new appraised system of fiddling.  On one set of publicly claimed figures the claimed 100, but digging around it changed on another statement to 369.  Later public statements widely publicised said 116 members of staff had been dismissed, but after some digging around it changed to 294.

The DWP annually change their figures, altering reports and again, issuing a public statement that has false figures -- but not according to them! as they have re-assessed offences in the staff Disciplinary process downgrading a sizeable figure to ' errors and mistakes' thus being able to take them out of the figures and tell themselves convincingly it isn't a lie and they haven't conned anyone?

Well it doesn't wash, it is false accounting (a criminal act in other situations) they should learn that they must tell the same lie all the time in the hope to get away with it convincingly, but even then, websites like ourselves will expose them for what they are.


' £438,000 of taxpayers money spent on renting trees?'

A DOZEN RENT-A-TREES have been contracted by MP's for their offices down at the side of the River Thames it has been revealed. This report has come to light only because of the Freedom of Information Act, otherwise it would have been nicely hidden out of sight.  It is said they feature in the courtyard of Portcullis House, and were imported from Florida.  Their maintenance per year is around £32,500. Even the cost of Portcullis house was £235million way beyond the first costing price of £165million estimated.

TOWER HAMLETS COUNCIL AGREES TO £1,000 a day DEAL for aide to Mayor --- The council is said to be cash strapped and in poverty. MP Eric Pickles accused them of wasting taxpayers money saying it was astonishing how one of the poorest boroughs could squander public cash in this way.  -- They can and do Mr.Pickles!

COUNCIL ROW LEADS TO PUNCH THAT BREAKS DENTURES -- Tory Council member Penny Jackman slapped UKIP member Mike Beggs at a 'counting session' for the seat on Lymington and Pennington Council in Hampshire. Mr.Beggs who received an apology afterwards is considering legal action after he discovered he had a repair bill of £1,000 to his dentures which were broken in the fracas.

KENT COUNTY COUNCIL FACES TRIBUNAL -- Geoff Stevens took the council to an employment tribunal for discrimination. He claimed that Chiefs in the council were monitoring his phone calls including a call he made to his doctor to see if his claimed condition was true. A council spokesperson refused to comment on the case.

£8.5MILLION SPENT BY MINISTER ON OFFICE RENOVATIONS!! --- Cabinet Minister, Francis Maude was in charge of eliminating and cutting down waste of taxpayer's money, when it was found out that he was having millions spent on renovations at Whitehall. A spokesperson claimed that there would be no savings really if they didn't go ahead with the renovations!! .... maths is obviously not a strong point in the Government.


'MP in £13 expenses scandal '

MP ADRIAN BAILEY a labour MP claimed £13 for attending a Remembrance Day service --- The MP Chairman of the Commons Business, innovation and skills Committee earning around £80,000 a year tendered the expense along with a donation of £3.15. It was revealed that he often claimed on coffee, cake and other snacks, which is approved by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority?


' MP in assault-brawl case avoids jail and resigns '

LABOUR MP ERIC JOYCE escaped going to jail after appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court where he was given a fine of £3,000, a 12 month community order and three month ban on entering public houses. He was convicted of brawling when he assaulted MP Stuart Andrew and then political aides -- Luke McKenzie, Ben Maney, and Labour Whip Philip Wilson. He pleaded guilty to four counts of assault and was ordered to pay compensation to his victims of £1,400. The former soldier of The Black Watch has now resigned from the Party.


' Major donation for access gaff embarrasses Tory Party '

The conservatives found themselves being branded as the 'old values - old ways' party not to be trusted when Tory Treasurer PETER CRUDDAS was caught on secret cameras offering to connect the donor with a special seat and invitation to see David Cameron or any other Cabinet Member.  For £250,000 he said he could arrange this as he talked to Sunday Times Investigate Reporters who posed as donators interested in getting special favours for a financial donation to the Conservatives.  He has since resigned when it became publicised, but on top of that came Cameron's refusal to name the donators he entertained at special dinners. Then hours later having seen this as a glaring mistake, he offered up just a few saying that this was open accountability?


'Ministers in Cover-Up over council tax Scandal '

UP TO 700,000 RESIDENTS HAVE BEEN OVERCHARGED BY COUNCILS -- The wrong banding tax, wrong assessments have been going on under a cloak of secrecy -- Ministers have been accused of hushing the matter up, and they knew about it in 2005.  They implicated the HMRC who hide in the shadows on this one, who did nothing to urge councils to come clean.  The matter was exposed when ministers were forced to reveal the papers and notes of a Whitehall Meeting.  It was said by Caroline Spelman ' The Government has been caught red-handed' fiddling council tax to make families pay more' -- using their misguided legal powers to extract cash without question.


'Retirement Plan for Council Staff well funded by Taxpayer'

The taxpayer again pays out something in the region of £1 billion so that staff retiring early can benefit from a full pension. This is said to have been casually going on for three years, and all perfectly within their own rules as claimed by the Civil service.  40,000 staff had their pensions topped up who were leaving before their official retirement age. The figures gained by The Daily Mail as obtained by the freedom of information act are as follows:  Financial Year ending 2011 -- Wiltshire £2.4 million -- Stoke-on-Trent £3.1 million --- Tower Hamlets £3.4 million  -- Islington £2.85 million  -- Hertfordshire £6.3 million -- Gateshead £3.5 million  --- Cheshire East £2.7 million --- Bolton £4.45 million. 167 other local authorities failed to give any figures.  Some good money there?


' Care Quality Commissioner Inspector took Bribes '

A Northamptonshire Care Home Inspector 'not named' has been arrested over faking of reports and money laundering by the City of London Police.  It is stated that a whistleblower reported the 43 year-old woman who works with the CQC. They said they had investigated the allegations concerning the Inspector and found them substantiated and immediately terminated her employment before referring the matter to the police. They added that the Inspector failed the providers and the organisation and failed to protect the vulnerable elderly who use those services.


' Councillor takes feud too far is convicted of harassment '

BRENAN MURPHY a former Conservative Parliamentary Candidate appeared before Chester Magistrates Court and was found guilty of prolonging a hate and victimisation campaign against his neighbour. Murphy who's garden backed onto the Disley golf-course in Cheshire was fined £300 and given a two year restraining order banning him from speaking to neighbour Christopher Boyd. He was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1,500. He was charged with ' committing harassment without violence '


' Ex-Cop and Benefits Fraud Investigator caught cheating '

IAN HARRISON a Benefits Fraud Inspector with the DWP, formerly a Police Officer, appeared before Blackpool Magistrates Court charged with obtaining disability benefits fraudulently. The claim for a back injury originated from when he was in the police force....and claimed benefits....however, he got better and still went on claiming and incredibly took up employment as a Benefits Fraud Officer going after false claims!!  The court sentenced him to a nine weeks suspended jail sentence ---suspended for two years. It is reported that the 70 year-old has paid back the improper payments (he received £10,000 the higher rate disability allowance per annum).


' Town Halls to be curbed yet again in regard of snooping '

Yet again we have the old snoopers game going on, which was going to be curbed before, being promised to curb their powers again......with what success?   Councils and Town Halls are reported to have accessed private data, and civil liberty campaigners want them barred from getting Internet e-mails, texts and more. The Police have jumped up from their guns and truncheons to say they need to get at publicly private info because of terrorists!   The report says 400 councils are able to access all electronic private data made available to them using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. In 2011 134 councils snooped into more than 1,800 items of electronic data using the Act to absolve themselves and cry 'special privilege and Crown Immunity' so as far as we can see, they will carry on as usual.


' The one that will get away -- Expenses cheat deemed unfit for trial '

FORMER MP MARGARET MORAN has been said to be unfit to stand trial in a result of cheating her expenses by £80,000. The Luton South MP is said to be in poor health and suffering from heavy depressions.  Her condition was submitted to Lewes Crown Court through consultant forensic psychiatrist Philip Joseph.


' Council Finance Officer steals from the vulnerable ill '

CHRISTINA HOOLIGHAN, a council finance officer with Trafford Council in Greater Manchester, appeared before Manchester Crown Court charged with theft. It was heard in court that she faked documents in order to pilfer cash from mentally ill people who trusted her.  She handled the budgets of around thirty people who could not and didn't have the capability to understand such involvements.  It is said she grabbed more than £10,000 over a ten month period. She admitted to four counts of fraud, and was told she could face prison when she returns for sentence on the 23rd of May.


' DWP and Jobcentre rewrite Human Rights to include ' forced work'

One equates 'forced work' with prisoners in a time when they could give 'hard labour' as a sentence, and refusal meant flogging and abuse to the offender in any degree of inhumanity the prison decided. The DWP are in a report; are saying two strikes and you work unpaid -- meaning two failed interviews or drop outs of a work programme and you do unpaid work for the benefits for up to 30 hours a week.  Jobcentre staff already have too much power as we have already shown, this only turns them into the prison staff of the bad old days enacting their sadistic nature on those they want to hurt, because the state gave them the power to inflict acts of retribution and get it wrong without fear of consequences.  When one reviews the Charter on Human Rights there is no clause where it says another person or state official can impose their will and conditions by force at the detriment of another except by order of a court having been found guilty of an offence.  So, yet again, we have DWP Lawyers and Managers licensed to interpret and rewrite or create an unmentioned clause to the Charter.


' Council Manager steals £117,000 from disabled '

MANAGER FOR THE DISABLED at Bristol City Council, STEPHEN PARRY was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court on serious charges of theft against the vulnerable.  Parry was in charge of allocating funds to improve disabled people's homes, but he decided to help himself in a home improvement for his own £300,000 house in Wells.  The court found his actions despicable and sentenced him to 20 months in prison.


'Brown has a selective memory at Leveson Inquiry'

GORDON BROWN faced the tribunal, looking at times uneasy, yet still able to avoid and leave out things that might have had some relevance to his credibility as a 'proper witness' --- Michael Guy a former News Corp World Editor remembers Brown saying he never got too close in with Rupert Murdoch (18 months earlier) and goes onto say he contradicts himself now -- Brown attended a conference in Idaho and the Hayman Island do, which Tony Blair flew half way around the world to attend to persuade Murdoch to support Labour. Brown, four years later, made the journey himself to make sure Murdoch remained onside with Labour. Brown was lavishly entertained by the Murdoch Corporation and threw himself into question-and-answer session on whether Britain should join the Euro. He gave all the right answers Murdoch wanted to hear, yet at the recent Leveson he made no reference to this meeting or trip to Murdoch in Idaho?


' Council Boss Jailed '

BARNSLEY COUNCIL'S COMMERCIAL MANAGER FOR TRANSPORT was jailed for two and a half years when he appeared before the court.  ARTHUR MULLETT stole £173,526 over a period of five years it was said -- instead of banking the entire income from services and MOT's etc, he placed cash and some cheques into his own bank account.  He was only discovered when a 'Line' Manager found things did not add up in the accounts.


'Councils at war in 'dirty tricks' game claim it's good 'Honest' fun? '

TWO COUNCILS -- SKEGNESS and BRIGHTON, are locked in a tourism campaign according to a recent report, and this involves 'rubbishing' the beaches claims. It was said Skegness did posters using images of graffiti covered walls in Blackpool and Brighton to reflect a bad investment for the holidaymakers money, and the posters also included the words ' For sights you will want to remember'  --- Visit Skegness followed this to indicate that tourists should avoid the other two.  Blackpool and Brighton are said to be annoyed and are not seeing the affair as banter or good clean fun.  One paper said it was a 'tacky' spectacle to say the least, but strangely, this kind of thing if it had been the work of the public or an individual, would have led to the courts and council lawyers would have been having a great time categorising this as a slur, defamation and even an offence taking the most serious view....yet when a council does it, it is said to be 'good honest fun'


' Senior Civil Servant Jailed for Fraud '

SENIOR CIVIL SERVANT COLIN PEARSON of Hull, was jailed for a period of three years over a £1.9 million tax fraud.  He appeared before Hull Crown Court where it was heard that he had posed as a Tax Advisor and ran a pensions scam.  The Foods Standards Agency Officer set up false companies saying they were based overseas.  He conned the HMRC into getting the companies being qualified for a recognised overseas pension scheme.


' Redundant Council Boss gets £589,000 Payout '

THE TAXPAYER'S GRAVY TRAIN ROLLS IN TO PLATFORM GRAB IT -- For Council Boss Katherine Kerswell, who was on a four year contract with Kent County Council.  This open council refused to say how much they'd paid out saying it was all very confidential.  But new rules under the 'transparency in Government' proposals by the coalition forced the secretive council to come clean despite their reluctance.  Lawyers or the council did make every effort to impede the request it must be noted.


' Haringey Council not so honest and bullies to boot '

News comes in that this 'middle of the road all pleasing council' are not that at all.  It appears that they make up their own law with the help of their legal department and onboard solicitor at Haringey Town Hall.  This emerged as questions arose about their 'controlled parking scheme' covering parts of North London including Crouch End. A local boiler repair man fell foul of their restrictive parking nonsense and they sent him two demands for payment, £165 plus a further £150 if ignored. The man appealed against it direct to the council but was rejected, and in manner became very condescending.  The man's firm took up the issue with PATAS a Parking Tribunal.  Haringey offered no proof of the alleged offence and the tribunal threw out the case....they came to the decision that the allegations and contraventions had not taken place as no-one produced the ticket or copy of. There is serious questions of honesty that this council must be subjected to, was a ticket issued at all? and why must most victims of this kind of thing have to face paying without ever being able to challenge these council fines? It also raises the point that councils like Haringey, Walthamstow and Leytonstone go unpunished.....and get away with it absolutely free.


' Councillor convicted of harassment '

Parish Councillor and leader of Enborne Council, near Reading, Chairman Douglas Staple decided he could not tolerate a fellow member whose presence he detested.   Marllyn Ray after retiring from her seat had sent in 70 complaints herself, even though she had been on the council.  This infuriated Chairman Staple who after resorting to revenge by using a website found himself before the magistrates. He had apparently enrolled her onto a sexy singles website which in return sent the woman replies from interested parties leading to suitors bombarding her with propositions causing her distress.  Found guilty, the councillor was asked to resign and was banned from being in contact with Marllyn Ray. He was ordered to pay £735 in fines and costs.


' Council Cover-up on Water Park Scandal '

As former Water Park CEO Dennis Grant went to jail -- the question of a £165,000 payment from the council to Watermark emerged as 'missing' --- meanwhile Gloucestershire County Council were 'forced' to hand over a land deal legal file claim; they apparently did not want seen!   As in usual cases with council staff, getting straight answers was impossible, and they all appeared to have something to hide?  Accusations of obfuscation by those in power at county and district level were posed --- and a demand to know what their public servants had been up to were asked.  By simply throwing Mr Grant into the slammer so that he could be consumed by the wolves in the hope it would all go away was simply ludicrous --- as corruption will be unearthed and those behind it revealed........when we have more on this we will be back to update this.


' Land Registry Pays out £36 million in compensation for mistakes and fraud '

In the light of recent communicates on this, we shall feature more wrongdoing by this government body, but first we look at this item ......... Among its failures, it allowed 'anybody' to change house ownership details without any checks or proof being asked for -- and bogus signatures were not checked or challenged.  Julie Jenkins Head of Fraud at the Land Registry has only called for a 'balance' of protecting the individual and protecting property?  she added that the Registry were there to protect people's assets!  (concerning Julie Jenkins we have learned though not confirmed, that there are rumours of that she is being investigated for fraud -- and we are looking into this).

Before we feature the next case on the Land Registry you would be well advised to go to the Featured Lawyers and read what retired solicitor Michael Josephs reveals about conveyances (The Conveyancing Fraud)

'Fraud and Corruption at The Land Registry '

COMPLEX AND CONFUSING? not really, it's another case of 'Land Theft' made to look legal, orchestrated by legality and done for money........ What we have here is really beyond just the sub-title, and its implications are far reaching for those that own land or buy land unaware of the dangers that lurk unseen or not imparted by the Land Registry, a Government Department that has very little accountability.  We have many players, some central to the plot and others that have done their utmost to hinder and muddy the waters in an attempt to confuse.  The subject is a piece of land, not all that big really, but its importance lies in the fact that is vital for access to the road and adjoining property, which has been effectively 'stolen' with the help of the Land Registry and the parties that required it...thus 'imprisoning' the real title holder and making other users impotent in their own plans having to rely on the good will that doesn't exist.

The strip of land is wide enough for vehicles and horses to travel to the adjoining field or road...it is a matter of being several yards long........... the chronology is thus set out below of events that seem unreal.

Wrong charges were put against the registered title causing mistakes and mix-ups.

The Change of name by another party (surname being altered to real title owner's name) appeared to be and was effectively seen to look like the real title holder.  The aforementioned 'Changeling' proceeded to initiate a charge against the title.

A Postcode wrongly recorded at the Land Registry went on file ---- An enquiry by the real title holder quoting the proper postcode and title number to the Registry was not challenged; in fact, it was accepted, and they confirmed ownership -- a new document requested confirmed that errors had been corrected since the first registration.........things seemed okay now.

But then. without consultation or notice, the Land Registry surveyed the land on the request of a neighbour who proceeded to put a claim in for this strip of land for which they were not entitled.......it was now to be disputed.

The real title owner called for an immediate investigation which was soon passed onto the Adjudicator --- out of the blue came another assault on the title and ownership -- the registered land was passed on to these neighbours!   because in the interim time the Registry would not provide documentation or assist the DPA.

Corporate Lawyer for the Land Registry Michael Westcott-Rudd at Peterborough was horrified to learn that the 'missing' conveyance (requested by the original title holder) was with the Land Registry.

The matter was then subsequently put before Detective Sergeant Ian Jarman, Head of the Economic Crime Unit, who said that the document must be returned to the rightful title owner.  This eventually led to a copy being given by the Land Registry very reluctantly.

Now we arrive at the next phase, a trip to The Great Grimsby Combined Courts where the persons granted false title to the land 'lied on oath'.....things were not looking good for the real owner, it was one against many!

The upshot of that move was that the Adjudicator refuses an Appeal, which in turn lets the Land Registry disengage itself from coming clean and being properly accountable (a get out of jail card nicely sewn into the fabric of stretched legality).  Later, a confidential letter to the Land Registry Executive Dr Catherine Raines is opened and read by many of the staff, much to the annoyance of Dr Raines, She then requests for a re-send of the letter --- what follows is silence....she then ignores contact and further correspondence.

Now the case turns again to a sinister aspect -- Police harassment no less!  they tell the rightful owner not to make the issue a criminal matter --- the forged conveyance document  is suddenly claimed to be true? now the real title holder is subject to being held in the police station who refuse to provide notes etc.  Threats of arrest follow if the real owner uses the registered land as access -- then enters the Judge, who threatens to have the real title holder imprisoned....and why? because she entered a document into evidence -- the real title holder looked on the Internet prior to the hearing looking for guidance and information.  Seizing on an item from a web page called ' Cook on Costs' a legal help advice forum, she downloaded a relevant article by Judge Cook written to another enquiry concerning land problems etc.  The threatening Judge accuses the real title holder of 'forging the Judges signature?' on a copy of info copied from the Web!

The next stage concerns three police officers -- all have the same surname (incredible eh?) who visit or speak with her -- differing threats of arrest, handcuffing and being dragged to the police station ensue.  The use of scare tactics began to emerge in order to persuade her to drop the matter.  Another typical attempt to harass comes in the shape of scruffy Pc Steven Morris (brother of Inspector Morris) -- he threatens the possibility of arrest while the neighbour at a distance shouts that he must 'get the deeds'  --- more arrives in the claim by the Constabulary that Constable Hanson and Sergeant Patterson visited the real owner on site...but this didn't happen...it was a false claim....she never met with the Sergeant and the meeting with Constable Hanson took place at Mablethorpe Police Station.  Letters were now being invented to suit every occasion.  Strangely, and completely ignored by the 'opposing annoyance' the original evidential letter by the vendor's solicitors, confirmed along with plans, that the land belonged to the real titleholder.  In court the neighbours used the firm of John Barkers Solicitors -- solicitor Ian Robinson threatened the title holder (in 2010).

Many other things happened such as the mysterious 'anonymous letter' which was tracked down by Chief Inspector Phil Vickers --- who did not reveal the author's name.  Original landowner Mr Wilson who sold the disputed land was not interviewed!   Even now as we close this article, the subterfuge still goes on.

The cautionary tale here is that anyone could end up with someone else's legal charge on their home and land, and if there are hidden facts and conditions about your property -- then you could lose everything -- and some do while the Land Registry stands back and does nothing.

NB: The above article is only believed to be correct, as we requested proof in the form of documents which showed corruption in regard of persons and institutions accused beyond reasonable doubt.....these were not sent to us though we requested them by e-mail and we were assured they had 'proof' we could see.

THE SECOND CASE:  ' The South Wight Borough Council and Planning 'Harassment Claims' Isle of Wight.

The dispute centred around the land known as the Forest Haven Nursery in Freshwater and Mrs Burchell-Lockwell (Complainant).  The whole thing began in 1981, and the 280 page documented file finished in August 2000.  During this long battle, the council got very angry about the 'corruption claims' -- especially Shirley Smart a 'LibDem Chairperson in Council planning.  In 1999 Mayo Perkins, Solicitors for Mrs Burchell-Lockwell wrote to the council expressing that their client believes that members of the Planning Department acted in a deliberately obstructive manner, impeding any sale of Forest Haven.   Mrs Burchell-Lockwell previously wrote to council officials, David Jagger, C.Boulter, M Jordan and Mr Cornwall at The Planning Dept giving evidence and offering proof of her rights, saying that 'she never once disobeyed anything the planners asked her to do (27/1/1996).   The Island's Senior Planning Officer, Colin Attrill admitted that South Wight Planners made an 'error' when they relied on incorrect information that was given.    The file (we have) also reveals that the council got the police to arrest Mrs Burchell-Lockwell, and in 1993 July she won the right to stay in her home -- she told The County Press 'that she had been victimised by the Planning Dept -- she was pleased that she had won her appeal against their eviction notice.

The above case and file tells us there are great problems in the Planning Systems with councils and ultimately - The Land Registry often leading to 'cover-ups' and council agenda's that are carried out by stealth and underhand tactics of 'the Big Brother/1984' style.  Lastly, one council official, case officer, Mr C.Boulter comes up time and time again (a little too often to dismiss as coincidental) who seems to delight in being 'the villain' always impeding and stirring things up, who at times looks to be on a personal crusade against the woman......and as Mrs Burchell-Lockwell says 'harassed her and promoted actions against her using his position'

Note:  We are told these kind of cases are happening all over the UK and nothing is being done to stop it.

Solicitor Michael Joseph was right about the 'Conveyance Fraud being manipulated by solicitors and councils, and it is still going on now! .........this is your early warning wake up.

'Buying Planning Permission -- who really benefits?'

CHALLENGES DESIGNED TO FAIL --  The Government have (with expensive lawyers) made it deliberately costly for people or groups to take on councils that make 'suspicious' or controversial decisions that do not stand up to being logical, cost effective, or in the interests of the public who they are suppose to serve.  The opposition at 'citizen level' have to show, prove or demonstrate a council's decision is improper to withhold certain 'bias' information at an inquiry -- with mainly three considerations being applicable: Unlawful, Perverse, or not within the correct procedures.  This is called a Judicial Review in the High Court, the cost being around £500,000 and above to the losers! and in most cases it is not the council picking up the tab -- and should they be wrong, the council's legal defence or challenge is paid by the taxpayer? and those legal departments at the council charge around £150 plus an hour for clerical work on the case....and the average brief can be from 600 to 900 pages and documents. 

THE PLANNING PROCESS DISTORTIONS -- The thoroughly 'Rigged' planning system in Britain at first glance appears to be balanced and fair to all ( but in reality it is biased and it is in the fine print those add-ons and double-talk references that hold the key -- they are legalistic and make no sense to the average Joe, so people just look at the key words thinking they are safe, they little realise that interpretation is all and the lawyers have it fixed....though some of them can hardly understand it especially if they're not Government or council lawyers). Britain 'hides' one fact from its citizens, and goes against EU Protocol on Planning -- and one should be asking why?  All the other EU countries allow the public to challenge a council's decision using the Planning system itself to object without the public having to bear the costs of disagreeing with their so-called representatives, whose wages and salaries are paid by those citizens it cheats and lets down far too often.  In the UK, the only cost-effective challenge left to the citizen is the Local Government Ombudsman (and the council have already weighed this up knowing that the case is in their favour).  The Appeal is somewhat flawed, as his powers are very limited.  His decision can only be based on the narrowest of technical criteria -- mainly looking at provable maladministration, and if your case strays or doesn't match the criteria strictly...hey presto, your case fails.

BUYING PLANNING PERMISSION, WHO DOES IT? -- Often its the Developers who have their eye, or should that be 'financial greedy eye' on a piece of land, building or likewise.  These wizards of 'gameplay' are often adept at waiting for the right moment (especially if they get the word the council need cash or are looking for their coffers to be added to.  They wait as the objectors steam in until they become tired or depleted of finance knowing the time is right for the local authority to grant them permission.  Councils under an economical squeeze are reluctant to take on the developers, and shudder at confrontation, becoming passive and often partners where they both emerge gaining from the arrangement...leaving the public to suffer 'just another blow to their pride and aspirations'........the following case exposed this cosy arrangement...possibly revealing that it goes on frequently This case ripped open the hidden agenda and Council Planning system much to their embarrassment -- We call this 'THE NEWBURY SCHEME - AND SANDLEFORD'  A lawyer acting for a competitor in a Construction Company who tendered a bid, became suspicious at the Planning inquiry and asked who was paying for the council's Barrister?  A question that would not normally be asked!  taking into account that the Liberal Democrat Council's expert witness and barrister supported Sandleford Developments.  Those mere mortals who were observing thought the answer simple.... obviously the council and ratepayers? but NO, the council looked nervous as they revealed that Sandleford's Backers -- a company called TRENCHERWOOD HOMES, had made a contribution to the council's legal fees and had also footed the bill for the council's Landscape Official.... and what's more, it turned out this had been going on for two months....some un-named council officials had been in negotiations with Trencherwood, they claimed it was to 'save on public expenditure'.....but to those present they decided it was 'a conflict of interests' which was quite a reasonable charge to make especially as this was done in secrecy - the Chief of the Environment Committee told the opposition and disgruntled campaigners that 'It would have come to light in the fullness of time!' (oh yes, pull the other one).   This prompted a backlash and the people wanted to know how many other payments were made by Trencherwood to the council?  Officers then became evasive and were finally forced to admit that their Agricultural Consultant had been paid too!

IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST OR CONVENIENTLY SHOVED TO ONE SIDE  (2006) --- In a communicate to the then Home Secretary one Charles Clark,  Mr D. Law of St Ives in Cornwall wrote to the MP wishing him to be aware that there was a conflict of interests -- 'A Conflict of Parliamentary Status' in relation to a matter of H M LAND REGISTRY who he alleges allows and accepts the first registration of unregistered property and land with false documents and false statutory declarations -- who refuse the affected party, redress, and wilfully allows the situation to run on with conveyancing solicitors able to re-register the blighted properties in the knowledge that they know the situation is not right or correct.

In his letter to Charles Clark he offered to supply evidence!

He furthermore says that from 1990 he had evidence of false documents sent to The Land Registry, named solicitors --- and relevant government departments -- and the Police who ignored the situation.  He quoted the Criminal Law Act of 2000 showing that it was an arrestable offence in regard to 'false instruments' etc, and wrote to Michael Townsend, the Home Office Solicitor asking for clarification and an explanation?

But nothing came of this, even though he had carefully notified them of 'the victims' in this matter, their losses, litigation costs and acts of maladministration perpetrated under the radar without question or redress.

THE UNPLEASANT, UNDEMOCRATIC PLANNING PERMISSION SYSTEM --- Ordinary people's anxieties were thrown to the wind as councils saw developers as 'the golden goose' to their financial shortfalls, allowing 'a concession in the regulations' for planners to accept 'help' - meant council officers could save time and money.  The 'Buying of Planning Permission' wasn't an issue, especially as many councils were accepting 'help' - so local authorities thought nothing of being in an 'enabling role' for developers.  It was easy to see why people became worried about the power and influence of these developers, the political influence and money leading to abuses and distortion corrupting development policy in the UK.  The Conservatives cared very little, they prided themselves on making speeches about 'the free market' and its principles -- self sustaining -- and not needing government support.  But in reality, this led to a situation of 'sink or swim' attitude, with small firms suffering while the giants took everything including support from the government (in terms of financial bailouts etc).  At the time, the final voice ((government) in Planning matters was Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Secretary of State for the Environment.....he was judge and jury.  But it was said by many that his department were placed in a situation of 'a conflict of interests' being a Regulator of Planning -- and weirdly promoting these developers.  Under John gummer in 1993, his Department for the Environment boldly said it was the 'Construction Industry's Advocate within Government'... to promote policy and improvements in the Planning and Development area, and instantly, began a review of the legislation 'TO REMOVE UNNECESSARY REGULATORY BURDENS' -- in other words, make it easier for the councils to run roughshod over protest groups and do alright with the developers - thus creating a new situation within government to remove most of the legislation that was intended to defend ordinary people's rights.  It took away the burden of enforcing these to something new which was taking away rights and giving them to the civil service who could rely on developers to help them out financially when the need arose.  It is interesting to note that this 'conflict of Interests' within the Planning, Councils, Developers vs the People, gathered momentum under the Conservatives while they were in government and worse...... It actually blossomed under Labour!


' The Green Arrows -- exposing corruption in councils and Government '

We were so impressed by a colleague site, that was clearly doing more into exposing council corruption that we feel they should have a mention here.  It, the web page is called 'Liars, Buggers and Thieves' and it has a massive content covering court cases and tribunals on councillors and councils.  So if you want more go to  http://liarsbuggersandthieves.blogspot.co.uk   


' Councillors investigated over Corruption '

TWO BURY COUNCIL EXECUTIVES were arrested by police in a raid concerning bribery and corruption.  Council Leader, Bob Bibby and Jim Taylor are facing an investigation over planning applications.  It is said that Councillor Bibby took a £10,000 bribe in connection with an application tendered to build 200 homes and a warehouse on a site in Bury Road.


' DWP Benefits Advisor caught fiddling benefits '

DEAN WOODS an Employee of The Department of Work and Pensions -- A Benefits Advisor Officer in Preston was pulling his own scam whilst dealing with claimants.  He was claiming £15,000 in benefits for over four years. Ironically he also got his bosses to foot a bill of £40,000 to specially adapt a work station for him. However, it was a tip-off that led to a raid on his house which uncovered a rather different style of life to that of an invalid who had a bad back that meant he could not walk or work well. Film was found of him cavorting about around a snooker table and photos depicting him in various physical jaunts, all current. Preston Magistrates jailed him for 60 days after he admitted to having not notified the Benefits Section that there was a change of circumstances.


' Councillors pay themselves a rise of 28 percent despite recession '

We visit this topic over and over again, the Councils that have no regard to taxpayers whatsoever. They talk about recession and cutting back on services yet when it comes to more pay -- they are there voting for it to be higher.  It seems 28 per cent isn't really enough for many of them as they set their sights on even more cash later.  Hundreds of councillors are all to get more in expenses! allowances!    The report says that one government minister Bob Neill says the rises are 'unjustifiable'  --- Six Government departments including the Home Office and Ministry of Justice have enjoyed considerable pay rises.....some of which have been masked as 'grade' payments.


' The Government and its Secret Courts '

BRUTALITY AND COERCION have been levied at a system of Law only thought to be in the hands of a dictatorship or third world banana republic (Singapore?).....  Mr Justice Mostyn presiding over a case in a Secret Court told the defendant (not really the right word) that the mother should not know of the order for a C-section and authorised 'reasonable and proportionate force if required.  The Court of Protection.... and one asks who is it protecting and who from?  possibly the law itself.  Because this is a move made by the State and it goes against natural justice...and the court operates under an enforced veil of secrecy.  The Alessandra Pacchieri Case shows what happens..... so you should scan the Internet for more on that, providing the Authorities have not taken down pages on it.  Secret Courts are very questionable because they are a step back into the dark past when the law did unspeakable things to prisoners and the accused.... using position and power to rid themselves of any person that might challenge their way.


'The UK Border and Home Office Fiasco '

IMMIGRATION CONTROL? ---Well, one former Met Police Border Control Officer has told the newspapers a few simple truths....Firstly The Home Office  He says that genuine foreign students seeking papers are treated appallingly, especially in their dealings with the Home Office.  They are often cut-off during phone conversations or cut-off after a recorded message.  He says some staff are openly hostile.  He says this talk of 'Bogus Students' is mainly a ruse to cover up the fact that foreign students are more likely to be singled out and stopped.  The results of 'bogus applicants' being discovered has been minute.  (Chris Hobbs. London W7)


' Atos the benefit assessors were planning to go '

DWP Ministers claimed they were dropping the 'Benefit Assessment Company Atos' over troubles that embarrassed the government, but Atos leaked the information that they had tried to leave the deal some months earlier.  Atos were hired to determine fitness in claimants, which of course could and did affect claimants, some who said they had been subjected to cruel heartless decisions, which led to public anger and demonstrations against the firm (run by the French).  But the real villain here is MP Ian Duncan-Smith....the man who denies that his Universal credit system is not up to speed.....only 3,200 people are on it in the country...... and he's still calling it a pilot scheme.


' Councillor on three charges of theft '

DERBY COUNCIL'S FORMER CHAIRMAN ROBIN BALDRY failed to enter a plea when he was charged with three counts of theft at Derby Crown Court.  The Court heard allegations that he stole thousands of pounds in expenses totalling £5,056.71 from the County Council.  It was also noted that he had been suspended from the Conservative Group until the case is completed.


' Kent County Council give payout to Official of £420,000 '

She just worked 20 months for Kent County Council --- Civil Servant Katherine Kerswell, the County Chief walked away with a generous settlement of nearly half a million pounds!  Then she just walked right back into another government post which earns her £142,000 --- and they say they are not in it for the money?   Her job is believe it or not!  'to reform the civil service' 


' Expenses MP resigns '

DENIS MACSHANE LABOUR MP who submitted false expenses claims for three years resigned from office. He had been found guilty of submitting 19 fraudulent claims plainly intended to deceive it was said.  There were calls by the Conservatives to re-open the case and have the police bring criminal charges.  The one-time councillor and former minister for Europe said he had considered continuing as an MP for Rotherham, but finally decided to stand down.


' One year's Expenses claimed in one go'

THE SAGA OF MP MARGARET MORAN rolled on at the trial where it is said she claimed £60,000 in expenses, one invoice being £22,500....around the maximum annual expenses allowed to claim in 2008.  Because she claimed to be ill just before her trial, it was decided that it would still continue in her absence.  Some of these expenses included the claim for 'dry-rot' at her Southampton home. She was accused of committing 15 charges of false accounting.....the jury must now decide if she committed the acts and fall within the charges that were made?


' Yet Another Expenses Cover-Up? -- So it Appears '

As we indicated on the first article we published, The Expenses thing would move on to another after they worked out what way they could conceal things from the public.  Now it is 'Renting to other MP's, claiming expenses, and having it kept secret'   News fresh from parliament snoopers say that the Government officials are refusing to give details about several Mp's who are renting second homes at the taxpayers expense.  The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority issued names of around 270 names renting homes at the public expense along with info on the landlords.  What followed after this was that Parliament blocked the release of data on 51 more MP's.......... and so it goes on again!


' Civil Servant and Government backed 'Gagging' Orders '

THE TERM OPENNESS AND TRANSPARENCY suffered yet again as the emergence of an NHS Whistleblower revealed that this government lie quite frequently and cover-up facts quite often.  GARY WALKER a former Chief Officer at the Lincolnshire Hospital Trust revealed amid breaching an agreement, that he was paid £500,000 in a package that swore him to secrecy about matters in the NHS.  He claims that he has some 3,000 pages of evidence but risks being sued by NHS Lawyers.  He was sacked in 2010 for allegedly swearing at a meeting.... he was dismissed and gagged from speaking out in what is termed as a 'settlement deal' for unfairly being dismissed from his employment.  In a BBC interview he said ' one must not embarrass a civil servant or a minister, as it could prove damaging '  Since the interview he has been threatened with legal action over the interview.  He claimed that he decided on this stand because of a danger to his family?.....The NHS through a spokesperson admitted that there are 'gagging clauses' in some NHS Contracts!....and that they are going to look at these in the light of this case.

NEW NHS WHISTLEBLOWER TELLS OF FIXING THE FIGURES - and the attempts of bosses to gag her.  Mrs Haynes Kirkbright said bosses at the NHS tried to silence her. She spoke out and said that the 'NHS broke every rule in the book' when she worked with the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust. 

NB: No matter whether they look into this, the jack is out of the box, and this proves they are still doing things in secrecy and operating covert situations.....in order to keep things out of the public gaze.


'Immigration Executives accused of Misleading Parliament'

Not surprising really, especially as a report accused the Border Agency of incompetence and inefficiency on a huge scale citing a catalogue of errors.  It went on to remark that the UKBA operation was inept that 150 boxes plus containing letters from asylum applicants, and their lawyers etc, were in a Liverpool Office, and none had even been opened.


' Wasting Taxpayers money -- just consult the councils '

A Programme looking into how the councils waste taxpayers money revealed some interesting things one would have thought un-necessary if 'transparency' actually worked, but we all know it doesn't and never will where there is money to be misappropriated.  WIGAN COUNCIL came in for a buffeting as it was spending huge amounts of money on its trips oversees to its 'twinned' town Onjey.  It was said it puts aside £25,000 a year for a group of councillors to go out to be in the twinned town.  It was also revealed there is what's so wonderfully termed as a 'council credit card' ......and 432 councils spent £440 million using this card to fund trips, meals, hotel receptions and other extras.  One Council actually spent cash on golf lessons, while another bought football match tickets.  In one case a councillor for Brent was actually living in Brighton.  The Rev David Clues was still being paid £8,000 a year by the London Council.  He said he'd resigned and claimed his allowance was going back to the Lib Dem Coffers....but an investigation revealed no resignation, and that he was still entitled to claim his expenses, so in fact he'd lied on camera.  Wirral Council were featured especially as in 2008 four Senior Council Officers had been suspended over irregularities found in a £40million road contract with Colas....one of those suspended accepted a 'compromise agreement' and received £151,000.  It was found that there had been 36,000 deals like this entered into by councils costing the taxpayer £260 million pounds.  The agreement is like the 'Gagging Order' the person signing agrees not to take legal action and is not allowed to whistleblow on the council.  It was also discovered that some £30 million of taxpayers money had been spent on 'Chauffer Cars'.  So there you have it, just the tip of the iceberg.....and it's set to continue growing in this country.

 NB: The Coalition Government has made moves to scrap The audit Commission who more less kept an eye on Council Spending.....and this will lead to councils 'policing' themselves.......and you know what that will mean!


' MP's Policy Chief in no motor insurance incident'

ED MILLIBAND's Policy Chief Jon Cruddas appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court after being caught in a vehicle with no valid insurance and an expired MOT certificate.  District Judge John Zani gave Cruddas an eight week driving ban and fined him £300 -- but as he had six penalty points already, the six for the offence triggered the driving ban automatically.  He was driving in his Land Rover through London when he was stopped by police.


' Brentwood Council answer Information request with 425 'blanked out' pages '

THE GOVERNMENT were always happy to boast about transparency and The Freedom Of Information Act' saying that it would now enable people to get answers to questions they wished to serve on councils etc, but Russell Quirk found the awful truth of this Act really meant the reply documents e-mailed to him by officials at the Essex Council took an hour to print?  because 425 of them were blanked out with black print using his inks.....and to add a poignant note, Russell Quirk is a Conservative Councillor in Brentwood who, worried by the fact that taxpayers in his constituency could be short-changed in a deal to build a cinema which was costing millions on the council owned land, so he asked some questions....and even though he knew maybe some might not be, he was stunned to find most of them blanked....and it must have taken a great deal of council time to do it, he said. The Council said some of the information was deemed too sensitive for the Public to have?


' PM sidesteps issue on DWP job Fiddle '

AT PRIME MINISTERS QUESTION TIME in the House of Commons (12/12/2012) A backbencher raised the question of statistics and wanted an answer to what was in a story printed in two newspapers -- The Record in Scotland, and The Mail...who said that Job Placement figures were being manipulated in order to meet DWP targets.  David Cameron responded by completely dodging the question of manipulation by praising the lowering of the jobless figures he'd already touched upon.......as to the real question posed?  that sank without a trace.

GOVERNMENT ADMIT INVOLVEMENT IN MURDER -- Cameron apologised publicly for the State's involvement in the murder of a solicitor in Northern Ireland.  The results of a report into the man's death found collusion with the police and security (Army etc) being steered by the Secret Service (MI5 and MI6), who actively engaged in a murder plot.......The PM said this was unacceptable?


Around the Web --- ' The Elite 635 '  -- The Peter Prankerd File:

THE 'ELITE 635' THAT'S THE GOVERNMENT -- The House of Commons we are informed.  Who says that they make sure that their pensions are well provided for -- and also that everyone else has a situation of being worse off.  He tells us that they are the ones who arrange and pass new laws to keep us in line!  But, apart from this he wanted us to know something overlooked for obvious reasons which we should have access to, and for everyone now reading this here goes:

84 MP's have been arrested for drink driving offences.

21 are currently defendants in ongoing lawsuits.

8 have been arrested for shoplifting offences.

14 have been arrested on drug related charges......taking and supplying.

71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit history.

3 have served prison time for assault.

17 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least two businesses.

9 have been accused of issuing and writing bad cheques.

7 have been arrested for fraud.

29 have been accused of spouse abuse!

And collectively he states -- they have cost the taxpayer some £92,993.748 in expenses.


' Man wins legal battle against Wiltshire Council '

MOTORIST John Samuel was fined over a £1 parking fee after he parked his vehicle by Tesco's.  The sign was obscured and he didn't know he was liable to pay anything, but Wiltshire Council had attached a £50 penalty notice to his car.  He was still unaware of a sign, and after some difficulty he found one at almost ground level on a low wall.  Not wishing to do battle, he took photos of the obscured sign and a cheque of £1 to the council.  As per usual with council responses, they rejected his claims and said he would have to attend a Penalty Tribunal up in Bristol!   At the tribunal were two officials from Wiltshire and they submitted a 74 page dossier.  However, all did not go the council's way (as they thought and expected), the adjudicator decided the sign was not in a good position and inadequate.  She cancelled the parking ticket issued by the council......the council would not say how much the case cost their taxpayers (which also had the cost of two reps and the huge amount of paperwork).....so there you are.......no accountability or transparency.


'The Westminster Council and the 'fiddled accounts' '

OCT 2012 --- An article tells of one Council Finance Chief Barbara Moorhouse of The Westminster Council who manipulated the accounts to falsify a bleak picture of affairs that could enable her to force cuts to services etc.  It is said that she ordered staff to 'doctor the numbers' and hide some £18million to throw off questions and deceive others into believing things were in disarray.   Peter Duncan former financial analyst at the same council told a tribunal that she provided misleading figures to councillors who had influence over decisions.    He told the tribunal he was victimised for whistle- blowing.  He said she told him to implement 'unlawful' manipulation.

Other strange comments and facts connected are that Mr Duncan's Lawyer Paul Grant of Bernard, Chill and Axtel were 'two days' late in presenting his case.

And that in the Scandal of Dame Shirley Porter's Homes for Votes (and three cemeteries) sale, that the terms of settlement of the claim against her is to remain 'A Secret' for 100 years.

Although you can't be certain about who, why and what here, you can be certain that the government will always claim they are transparent and open!  ..................while all the time, lying through their teeth.


'Council Staff pay in just £1 for every £4 to cost of their pensions '

It's not really a surprise to the public that council staff (civil servants) do very well in the pension stakes.  Looking after themselves is more than a hobby, it has been going on for ages.  A Report says something like £6 billion of an £8 billion scheme is paid for by the taxpayer giving every indication that the public employees are getting special treatment.  The Government Communities Department said in the last financial year, the Local Government Pension Scheme put in £1.84 billion towards the maintenance of staff pensions whilst the State's contribution was £5.92 billion.


'Child Sex Abuse Ring in council care homes to be investigated '

A new Report (2013) says the Police are to investigate a 'paedophile ring in the establishment' that being in council care homes for children.  This is not the first or second case or investigation into child abuse by a council run care home, Portsmouth had one and tried to cover it up in the 60's/70's.  North Wales had one, and that just came to a 'fade out' despite hype saying it would be fully investigated.  Here now, we have another 1980's case of child abuse returning to haunt the civil service and councils.....the re-opened investigation centres on the Grafton Close Children's' Home in Richmond, South West, London where boys were taken to the Elm Guest House to be subjected to sexual abuse.  Rumours abound of visitors for that pleasure were two high court judges, foreign office official, former ministers, police officers and others.  The Inquiry is now to interview the boys at that time........Grafton Close was shut twenty years ago....so they are not looking to anyone after 1993. In 1988 the reports of abuse were raised, and a file prepared, but leads were not followed despite the conviction of Peter Righton who was importing child pornography which gave the police 'clear intelligence' of a child sex abuse gang working in the Barnes area not far from Richmond. 


'Fiddled figures were quoted in earlier warning to NHS'

COLCHESTER HOSPITAL are said to have manipulated cancer patients waiting times, and that patients records were being altered.  Apparently Whistleblowers were not interviewed and the management would act very oddly by demands of 'show me the evidence of wrongdoing' knowing that the staff would not come forward fearing for their jobs.  Such a state has been fostered by the NHS and attempts to be rid of it are still meeting with manager resistance.  Quotes of a patient contacting Dr Coutts in 2011 about his medical records got a negative reaction in that he required the patient to provide proof of alteration before he would investigate.


' Corrupt Council Manager and Financial Officer '

This caper outdoes many for inside jobs!  it stars PETER NICHOLSON OBE, The Head of The Youth Offenders Team at Newham Council and his Financial Officer operating a fraud scam within the department.  He took on the position in 2000.....by 2006 he was billing 'business trips' to Canada to the council...inviting family and friends to come along.  A rather good expenses situation, but this wasn't the end of it, with the aid of his Finance Officer who could watch his back they invented 'ghost employees' with real salaries.  Sherin Basrakar had a little side business, an employment agency....and soon they had 'employees' on the council payroll -- Sharon Brown (did not exist), and David Tuck (he did exist but no-one ever saw him, nor did they see any work he did, supposedly did) one got £43,000 and the other £100,000.  Timesheets for them were signed by Nicholson, applications were made by Nicholson......further investigation revealed a third 'Ghost Employee - Alex Brown.  The trips to Canada were around £6,000 each, and three of them showed no real claim on the council funds.  In April 2012, they along with Tuck appeared before the Crown Court on charges of fraud and money-laundering.....Nicholson got five and a half years in prison, Bazrakar four years, and Tuck eighteen months.

What is ironic is the fact they were managing a youth offenders team!


' £22  Million paid out by councils for road-damage cars '

A Report has outlined the serious cost being borne out by taxpayers for the councils with bad roads that are causing damage to vehicles in England and Wales.  Compensation of £22.8million is being paid out to drivers who made claims for damages as a result of 'pot-holes' in 2012.  Despite the amazing 'differential' tariff on road duty for vehicles, the money is being adequately spent on road repairs, according to WHICH Magazine who carried out the survey and Freedom of Information request.


' Council wave £286,000 Credit Card bill by former leader '

ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL can be nice to some people, so long as it's one of their own of course.  Their Former Leader Lord Hanningfield has been excused from paying off his £286,000 credit card bill, and they have decided not to pursue him over it........and he was actually jailed for expenses fiddling!   It later turned out that the Council had also paid his Westminster Bar Bill of £4,600.......and as if this wasn't enough, it turns out that Audit Committee has revealed that his staff at the council had claimed £70,000 for things like restaurants, trips abroad, Ascot, and nice hotels........not bad eh?


' 100 Whitehall civil servants dropped for £2.5m...and then rehired '

PUBLIC MONEY is a wonderful thing, especially if you're in the civil servants and have the power to spend it with the civil servants in mind......100 staff were given a nice 'redundancy' of around £2.5million by the taxpayer, and when that was achieved, they were then rehired into the service for a nice well paid salary to reflect how they care for their own.  There's a nice little clause in their redundancy deal, and that is if they are not back within 6 months they can be rehired without having to return or give back the payoff!


' Man's long battle with council ends in victory '

It's always well to know that a council will fight someone against them for as long as they can, and stretch it out (something advised by their devious lawyers) to wear the opposition down.....after all, they just dip into public money.  NOTTINGHAM COUNCIL did this, but chose not to inform their legal department for some time, hoping that their civil servants could tough it out.  This incident happened in 2010 November, and the snow was on the ground and those council traffic wardens were out in search of victims.  But this day of fleecing the motorist did not quite go to plan, and they were observed by Tony who filmed them.  Misconduct is a mild term, as they traffic wardens spent time on 'fixing' the situation.  A motorist arrived when the snow had fallen and parked near to others unaware there was lines......but the wardens waited, and then went to clear the snow so they could claim the motorist had deliberately parked knowing there was a line.....and then put tickets on the vehicle.  Later when Tony challenged them...a man and woman warden they denied having brushed away the snow.....even the council defended the 'bent' officials despite being sent a copy of the filmed footage....and said they were satisfied with their decision to fine the motorists.....despite persistent lies coming out from Nottingham Council, he had a copy sent to their legal department, and they went against their own council colleagues, and the fined motorists were reimbursed......as to those wardens......nothing was said!


' Taxpayer's £400million goes on ' Snoopers' Charter '

A report says it hasn't even begun, yet it has already cost the taxpayer £400 million....revealed as being run up by the Home Office.  This is the legislation to collect personal data via pc's and e-mails...plus phone calls it claims.  And this amount is calculated to only represent a quarter of the bill so far (£1.8billion)...showing that the financial predictions of the scheme were not trustworthy.


'Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate accused of Fraud '

EX TORY MINISTER MICHAEL MATES hoping to secure the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for the post in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, found himself on the other side and under investigation for Electoral Fraud.  He was a candidate for the £85,000 a year job until a former lawyer challenged his application saying that Mates had lied on his application about his address, which was not in Hampshire as he stated but in West Sussex...the matter is being investigated by the police......... the ones he wanted to be boss over, which is rather ironical!


' Council Reneges on promise to the Homeless '

WEST BERKSHIRE COUNCIL/NEWBURY COUNCIL promised there would be help provided for the needy and homeless, and that there would be no need for any one to sleep out rough during Winter...... but suddenly they broke this pledge and announced they had changed their mind? and that the resources could not be found to honour this promise...... the leader came out with 'economic climate and tough decisions'.... no surprise there.


' Pensions 'Protector Group' and Kodak Deal'

THE GOVERNMENT'S PENSION REGULATOR came under heavy criticism over a holding back a report into it's handling of the Kodak Retirement Fund.  The deal amounting to £419 million paid to Kodak's Parent Company in the USA under a UK scheme has alarmed observers.  The scheme which affects 15,000 pensions should have been allowed to enter the Pensions Protection Fund while the Regulator was pursuing the £1.9 billion legal claim against Eastman Kodak in the USA in the bankruptcy court.


' Labour (former Lawyer) Councillor tries to Gag Press and story '

LABOUR POLITICIAN TESS GANDY fought for a year to stop the public and Press from finding out that was due in court on charges of being arrested for being drunk and in charge of a toddler.  The Press made the mention that she had been cautioned over a similar offence......THE FORMER BANKING LAWYER used her skills to prevent her identity being found out and applied for reporting restrictions.  Magistrates however, refused to grant this...so she then went on to seek an injunction in the High Court, and they ruled against her too.  She had fought for twelve months after being arrested in ASDA in August 2011, being later fined £100 and ordered to pay £85 costs plus £15 victim surcharge. (She also, assisted by fellow solicitors gagged their local paper The Lowestoft Journal and Eastern Daily Press, preventing any publication of the case).....such is the way of this species!


' Pensioners betrayed by the Government '

It was a promise that could not be fulfilled, and the guaranteed over-generous payouts in pensions were leading to disaster.  The Equitable Life Pensions were experiencing a crisis, and Sir Peter Davis of The Prudential knew this was facing him, and to make matters worse, inflation and interest rates were falling.  Millions of people were relying on these pension payouts -- Equitable reacted to the dilemma in a way their clients could not foresee.  Equitable and their Lawyers applied to the courts to have the payouts to their clients 'limited' (reduced) (fixed) and in secrecy they were negotiating a take-over by other insurers.  It was 1997, and Labour was here with Shadow Chancellor Gordon Brown, his department was using the accountants Arthur Anderson, to search out new sources of tax income (Andersons failed the Delorean Sports Car firm in Ireland in its role as auditor, the firm went bust).  Behind the scenes and highly embarrassing to 'New Labour' two tax proposals 'highly sensitive' (in the run up to the Elections) were put forward -- One, a proposal to remove the dividend tax credit (a measure that would realise several billion pounds to occupational pension schemes, a mainstay in Britain's retirement pension system.  Secondly, being a less 'disturbing' tax was proposed using the profits generated by the Power Utilities, many now controlled by Foreign Interests, who were paying out huge bonuses to Executives who were making excessive earnings.  But this possible scandal never hit the headlines.  Only a few years earlier in 1991, The Mirror's Maxwell caused a huge pension scandal, so Labour were not interested in bringing themselves down by having the new scandal being aired at the elections; the matter had to be kept silent.  As Labour basked in its winning glory, the next ten years saw the pension system failing and falling into crisis, followed by the credit crunch of 2007 to 2009.  It was to lead the way into misery for millions of people who thought they had safe pensions, and why?  ---- the government, MP's with self interests, inaction and penny-pinching were out to deceive and ride the situation out no matter what it did to pensioners.

See 'The Great Pension Robbery' by Alex Brummer - Random House Books - 2010 ISBN 9781847940377.

'PENSION COMPANY DROP IN INVESTMENTS BY £370 MILLION -- Pensions Giant HARGREAVES LANSDOWN had £370 million wiped from their investment portfolio in shares on the FTSE on the Stock market.  This was a drop in their pensions and savings by twenty percent.

PENSIONERS DATA SOLD FOR FIVE PENCE -- A report has highlighted the situation of companies breaching the Data Protection Act as they sell pensioner's pension details......and as little as 5p per pension....the Information Commissioner's Office says it is investigating these claims and spells out that it can fine these companies up to £500,000....if caught.  The Newspaper Industry said that their reporters could get hold of 15,000 people's pension pot details sidestepping any checks.....and that many of these sell offs were being instigated by the telephone 'cold calling merchants'


' New Cash-for-Questions Scandal involves Labour Peers '

A SITUATION ONCE SAID TO BE OVER, and vows that they had learnt lessons fro the previous scandal seems to have just blown away in the wind......as a documentary involving investigative reporters expose that MP's have not learned anything at all.   Two Labour Lords and a former Cabinet Minister fell headlong into the 'sting' carried out by TV Journalists out to prove 'where there's money, you'll find a willing politician ready to take it even if it is immoral '     The three Lords are Lord Mackenzie, President of The Police Superintendents Association, and once Law Advisor to Tony Blair.  Lord Cunnigham, Agriculture Minister and Unions man, and Lord Laird once a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament in 1970.  All three were asked how much would it cost to do some favours that would be financially beneficial using their position and influence......and you've guessed it, they all deny wrong-doing!  (May 2013)


' £74million cost of fiasco fighter plane goes to the taxpayer '

THE TAXPAYER IS PICKING UP THE BILL for the Royal Navy's new carrier project in acquiring the new type harrier jump jet plane -- the USA built F-35 joint strike Fighter plane instead of the more capable F-35C version.  It was blamed on immature data and flawed assumptions of which the subsequent work cost £74million.  The National Audit Office said the results of this were -wildly over optimistic assumptions....and that this saga continued to be a terrible waste of public money.


' Britain's Complicity in International Child Kidnap '

CERTAINLY CIVIL SERVANTS, LAWYERS AND JUDICIARY HERE -- This is the story the Government are hoping only a few will see, but we will let the World know --- and we begin with the man they are victimising and making life for him as unpleasant as they can:

NIGEL COOPER has gone to great lengths to get his daughter returned to him, and he mistakenly trusted the British Government and Legal Profession to act honourably.  Mr Cooper lives in Belgium (almost in exile) as a naturalised citizen. He served in the Royal Navy for 22 years, has thirteen Military Medals, and worked for NATO which should qualify him for respectful and proper treatment from Britain.  But no, they don't want him here, and they obstruct legal representation being obtained, which under International Law, he should get.  His Marriage was not entirely successful or as well as he'd hoped and he parted from his wife. They had a daughter, Bailie, who he was granted custody of, and he took the child to live with him in Belgium because his former wife had alcohol problems etc,   Bailie enjoyed being with her father, and she too was granted naturalisation and was a Belgium citizen.  In a 'better time' the former wife visited Nigel and Bailie in Belgium, and things took a turn for the worse.  She snatched the daughter using subterfuge and made false representations including forging etc, to whisk her back to the UK without Nigel being consulted or actually being aware this 'kidnap' had taken place.

Of course, this move was illegal, and against the sovereignty of Belgium, so Mr Cooper began the long and time consuming journey of going down all the proper channels to have his daughter returned. But everything he did met with little respect for his rights, which has now forced him to make an appeal to The Crown here in the UK.  There was a case, involving Judge Justice Maylan before the Family Division, Newcastle (Case No UP12C00002) on the 22nd of March 2012.  Despite a Bench warrant in the name of his Royal Majesty King Albert the Second of Belgium ordering the immediate return of Bailie Cooper, Justice Maylan decided to throw the International request Article 11 of Brussels Bis 11 (abducted minors) to one side (virtually ignoring it) and let the abductor have the child.  The Order was made known to the Royal Courts of Justice?   In April Mr Cooper wrote to Lord Justice Thorpe's Office (11th April 2012) highlighting that a miscarriage of justice had been made, and Lord Justice Thorpe concurred that the Belgium International Order by Judge Hiernaux had adopted the correct due process in accordance with EU Internal Law and Treaty's.

Mr Cooper continues to fight for his daughter's return, yet Sunderland Social Services refuse to comply with the International Warrant even though he has bent over backwards to meet their terms, terms they create that are impossible for him to meet (because he cannot get back into Britain), and they know it.  What they are doing is 'maladministration' and they are not being brought to court for this offence.

Mr Cooper tried to get lawyers in the UK to do something, and found out that the Legal Profession will not take on the case -- and learnt that they must not take on 'his' case if they want to remain in practice.

Nigel Cooper appears on the Web on Video to explain his case, requesting that the UK Government put a halt to this nightmare and comply with International Law......but to no avail.....by their inaction they put themselves squarely in the collusion and aiding and abetting a crime of the kidnap of a citizen of another country.

Update: it is now April 2013......well over a year and this recent communicate shows what the Judiciary are up to

The Uk have frozen me out, they have refused my judgement which is impossible to refuse, I've been refused legal aid, I've been refuse legal assistance, I've been refused at all points of the UK legal system.  someone does NOT want this judgement serving on the Uk.

It's time Britain and it's Judiciary be brought before The International Court in the Hague.


'DWP to blame for benefit misery to thousands '

More than 40 percent of appeals by benefit claimants are successful against The DWP it is said, but they are still firmly fixed on making life a misery with claimants....and in this they are making wrong decisions the Public Accounts Committee have said.  Problems with the government targets to force people back into work by any and most means are causing assessments to be grossly exaggerated, wrong and causing vulnerable people on the sick and disabled, and those needing support allowance.  The CAB have said that there has been an 83 per cent increase in the number of confused people now seeking help in this area of benefit.  They said ' We found the department to be unduly complacent about the number of decisions upheld by the tribunal and believe that the department should should ensure that its processes are delivering accurate decision-making and minimising distress to claimants'

DWP AND GOVERNMENT IN DENIAL OVER FAILING WORK SCHEME -- Not surprising really when one actually tries to communicate with any civil servant in the Employment Sector of Benefits --- This fiasco and cost of the multi-million programme is now showing results of only 3.6 percent of claimants on the scheme have found employment in the first fourteen months.  It is said by the Public Accounts Committee that this work scheme is failing the long-term unemployed. Margaret Hodge, the Chairperson threw a broadside when the DWP were denying this failing by disclosing that 'Not one of the 18 providers had met its contractual obligations and targets, and that the DWP published 'invalidated' data from a trade body representing The Work Programme, it's just not on she said.   'Misleading and Deceitful' come to mind......but that's how the DWP do things.

BENEFIT CLAIMANT TAKES DWP TO COURT AND WINS -- In the appeal court on Tuesday 12th of Feb/2013, a claimant won her case over unfair work practices ' BACK TO WORK SCHEME BROKE THE LAW' -- Judges ruled that it was against the law for the DWP(Government) to force someone to take a job without pay, with a sanction of removing benefit if she did not accept it.

In a interview following the news, Government Minister for Work and Pensions, Mark Hoban MP denied that it changed the law and said it was ' a mere difference of opinion?'.....challenged again that this was a ruling of law by the Justices at the Court of Appeal he then went into the 'old claptrap' rhetoric of party political training on how to repeat the best line over and over again.....he claimed what they were doing was right?

THE CONTINUING ONSLAUGHT BY THE BENEFIT AGENCY AND DWP TOWARDS CLAIMANTS:  The DWP are making it the rule that Jobseekers must travel up to 3 hours in order to secure a job, 90 minute journeys are not an option or they risk losing benefit.....all claimants must take up job offers immediately and expect to work up to 40 hours or more on 'the minimum wage' and must report in for work at any time demanded by the employer, which surely must breach Human Rights' but the UK don't really adhere to that, they carved up the Human Rights thing and only chose what they could get away with....using those Lawyers at the DWP to do the dirty work.  What they don't say in this travel thing, is who pays this 90 minute travel each day back and forth, and we discovered that hardly any employer gives a guarantee allowance of travel when they have other employees walking into work and others coming by car....One Employer said ' We can't be expected to give a travel allowance for just one or more workers when we don't' give it to the others, it's not compulsory anyway, they would have to pay that themselves out of their pay, it's not down to employers'  We pointed out that someone might get £250 (minimum pay) a week but use £20 to £30 a day in fares to travel 90 miles...leaving them with around £100 net pay or less,,,,,the answer was 'claim benefits to top it up'  (and just how does this person working all hours 90 miles from their home town claim this...they can't attend the Jobcentre and wait for an advisor...who would calmly tell them they've been signed off and no longer a claimant......so DWP and Duncan Smith.....what the hell do you care......you don't.....and you don't have the answer either!


'Jobcentre and DWP Culpable in Job Scam that ripped off seekers '

PROMISES OF EARNING £30,000 and even an interview office in the Job Centre --- Yes, KALMINDON used the jobcentre to place adverts of 'guaranteed jobs' all sanctioned by the DWP.  But there was no job, and every unemployed applicant was asked to pay £2,500 to be on 'a training course'......the man behind this 'assisted' scam was COE James Akin, he was later prosecuted for fraud.


' Wadebridge Councillor said disabled children should be put down '

COUNCILLOR COLIN BREWER claimed he did nothing wrong in making the comment and refused to resign amid calls to do so.  The remark was said to have taken place in 2011 at a disabilities charity.  He said he'd already wrote a letter of apology to The Standards Board after the formal complaint was made by The Charity's Rep' Theresa Court. In the speech he said 'disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down'......'I don't think I have done anything wrong' he said.


'MP's problem over sex charges gets worse '

NIGEL EVANS THE DEPUTY SPEAKER IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS was already having a rough time trying to fend off last months accusations of male rape and assault by 'friends' he knew for many years.  He denied all the allegations at the time and the furore died down, but just as it was safe to go out again he was re-arrested  by police investigating three new allegations of indecent assault, which now brings the total to five charges.


' Lib Democrat and the Child Sex Offences '

DORSET COUNCILLOR RYAN HOPE was suspended from the council in the light that he is facing serious sexual offences against children.  The Councillor representing Weymouth and Portland is facing 7 charges including rape.....it was noted that the council took a long time before they took the suspension action?


' Fraud Cover-Up by Whitehall '

GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS ARE NOTHING NEW -- News that £80,000 was misused involving one of the ' free schools' brought about the revelations of false invoices submitted by Whitehall Staff.  It says that some of this money went on the usual such as parties, furniture for staff and first class rail travel....all done before with councils and government (Which can be seen on this page).  It says there was a catalogue of irregularities at The Kings Science Academy in Bradford. Some accused Michael Gove of suppressing  this two year old case for five months (after receiving the findings of an Internal Investigation).


'Inconsiderate Council Lose Ticket Case '

ISLINGTON COUNCIL in North London lost a parking ticket case they brought against Mr Watson.  He was ticketed by council wardens despite having the invalid blue badge which was for his mother's use, and although a 4pm system operated, they slapped a ticket on his car at 4.4pm......they sent him a fixed penalty of £130, which stated it could be reduced by 50percent if paid within 14 days.  David Watson wrote to the council, but they refused to acknowledge the circumstances or situation.  David went online and found Barry, a sort of expert in this field who was willing to represent his case, but couldn't get there on the day,  Mr Watson went alone and the chairperson at the appeal ruled in favour of Mr Watson.


' Parking Ticket Council Scam .

COUNCILS READING, HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM TOOK CENTRE STAGE........ They grabbed a massive £4.5 million in fines in just the period of one year.  In fact it was revealed that they'd recently increased the price of a traffic tickets.  29,000 were given penalty tickets for being in a box junction, which almost qualified for a 'trap' in many ways as motorists trying to negotiate a turn found themselves held in the box due to oncoming traffic not giving way.....the stranded motorists were then caught on camera and fined.

NB.  In the programme is was revealed that the Hammersmith Mayor's car had been caught, but was later exempted from receiving a ticket?

One comment from some irate motorists wanting to challenge...was that councils refuse to co-operate with legal requirements in The Freedom of Information Act.....many do not give information and some do their damnedest to not co-operate, balk enquiries and actually deny such requests.


' Council's Traffic Warden jailed for lying '

SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL'S ticket warden Karl Crompton duly received a prison sentence for the blatant lies he told when he fabricated a report saying that a motorist ran him over.  Backed by the council, he actually brought charges against the motorist Mr Phipps in October 2011.  He said that Mr Phipps had run him over due to a dispute over a parking ticket.  The Jury could not help coming to the conclusion that in his position as a Council Employee he had delusions of the power he assumed it gave him, and believed he could actually get away with the claim.  He told several lies to the Police in Telford in order to 'frame' Edward Phipps.....police only became suspicious when some of the allegations did not match the event after interviewing Mr Phipps. Luckily for Mr Phipps, CCTV revealed there had been no such incident at the time given by the Council Warden...so they dropped the case against Mr Phipps and turned their attentions on the ticket warden, and later charged him with attempting to pervert the course of justice.  He denied the charge even though a jury at Shrewsbury Crown Court convicted him at a previous hearing......he was jailed for four months, the council said he has been banned from being out on patrol and will face a disciplinary tribunal.....they also said 'all our civil enforcement officers are fully trained'.........you can bet they are!


'The Pothole Scenario -- Councils pay £2.5million to Motorists '

COUNCILS AND POT HOLES?  back on the agenda as it is revealed that councils paid well over £2.5 million in compensation to motorists.  A survey revealed that around 2000 adults had their cars damaged due to bad roads with holes strewn about in several places.  Some said that in some cases 'avoiding a hole was impossible' and that some holes just couldn't be side-stepped due to danger.  Councils in Britain had received 32,000 complaints with compensation claims attached.......A motor Organisation said there was too much 'short-term fixing' going on in councils which meant that the repair did not last and the problem resurfaced, along with more claims.


'The Expenses thing takes another turn for the worst '

NEWS THAT THE £98MILLION MP EXPENSES BILL IS HIGHER!  Yes, it was announced that the new 2013 expenses bill will be 7 per cent more in newly acquired figures.  They are saying this is mainly down to larger staffing budgets needed to run things?  The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority have agreed that spending is now higher than in the run-up to the scandal that shook Westminster in 2009.

THE EXPENSES THING LIVES ON --- 2013 and we have a Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi who claimed expenses to help run his stables...... the taxpayers have been paying his electricity bills to keep his horses nicely warm in his stables.  He presented an expenses bill of £5,822.27........for oil heating on his estate!  He later claimed he was mortified by 'the mistake' and apologised.

EXPENSES MINISTER FACES JAIL -- Former Labour Minister Denis MacShane was found guilty of creating false claims in his expenses.  The court found him guilty of making false receipts to the amount of £12,900.  2009 seems long ago when the government were caught in a huge expenses fiddle, but four years later as we predicted at the time, it would happen again.  The ex-minister used the money to fund trips to Europe and other petty indulgences.

MacShane was jailed for six months by a judge who said the MP had a 'flagrant breach of trust' in making false expenses claims when MacShane appeared at The Old Bailey.


' Parish Council act unreasonably towards teenager '

DERSINGHAM PARISH COUNCIL complained to Police, and had teenager Kurtis Green grabbed and questioned by police.  Their hope was clearly to seem him charged, but not all teenagers misbehave.....in fact Kurtis did unpaid work for 12 years on the Memorial in Norfolk, and the 19yr old was actually authorised to do it.....so what was his crime?........he'd been accused by the council of possible theft and causing damage?.....the theft was water!.....he and a pal had connected a water supply for the flower beds around the memorial.... The village War Memorial?.......the police said that a file would not be going to the CPS.....as to the council.....they didn't respond.


' Town Councils that should be ashamed, but aren't '

WIDOW LEFT TO DIE BY COUNCIL -- News of a house-bound pensioner given no food or medicine for 9 days,  Gloria Foster was that pensioner who is 81.  Gloria had suffered several strokes and was dependent on visits from carers who did visit four times a day.  Although she was assigned to the Agency Carefirst 24, it was shut down and she was unaware of it nor told.....but the Surrey Council knew.  The Social workers failed to read her medical notes clearly mentioning she had dementia.....they were going to phone her (one cursory call) but the social worker failed to carry this out.....and that worker went on holiday.  The council attempted to make a log look as if a call was made to Gloria....but phone records showed there had been no such call.  Mrs Foster died of pulmonary thromboembolism and deep vein thrombosis.....the council said 'she slipped through the net'

COUNCIL TELLS CARE WORKER TO LIVE OFF TAXPAYERS -- BASILDON COUNCIL IN ESSEX feature here in this incident where a care worker was told she would be better off quitting her carer's job and going on benefits.  Single mother Chelsea Press was struggling to make ends meet despite having a job as a carer part-time...so when enquiring about advice on earning more, an officer at the Basildon Council told her she ought to sign on for benefits.......later, the Deputy Council Leader Phil Turner said he was surprised to hear this!


' Bolton Council 'court secrecy over two tax dodging councillors'

One wonders what it took to get the court to grant two councillors anonymity when they had been found guilty of not paying their council tax.  The two council officers owed £4,660 in arrears for the period of 2011/12/13... the Judge presiding said 'shaming them and revealing their identities would violate their human rights.  One was a Labour Representative and the other Conservative.  It was later revealed that the council's lawyers had made a request to be involved in the decision making process at the court tribunal.  Bolton Council would not comment when approached by the Newspaper 'Bolton News'


' Lib Dem Party Senior Exec Investigated for touching Women '

AN INVESTIGATION HAS BEGUN amid revelations that Lord Rennard the former Chief Executive has been accused of inappropriately touching women by Bridget Harris who worked as a Special Advisor to Nick Clegg when she did an interview on Channel 4 News.  She said she had been the subject of unwelcomed sexual advances from Rennard. at a conference in 2003.  Similar allegations were made by Alison Smith, a Politics Lecturer at Oxford University. She said the incident took place around 2007....and had reported the matter to Paul Burstow the then Chief Party Whip.....but never heard anything more of it.  Lord Rennard's Lawyers have replied by saying their client has always behaved appropriately and was unaware of any complaints made against him. However, the Liberal Democrats have confirmed they are launching an investigation into these serious claims.


' Advisor to Cameron is accused of Harassment '

PATRICK ROCK Parliamentary advisor to the PM has been accused of harassing a colleague.  He was also detained by police in February about the matter of porn when the cops searched the Downing St Computer according to the report.  It is then said he tendered his resignation 19 days after the incident....Mr Rock was involved in drawing up proposals for Internet porn filters......the delay has fed speculation that there was a cover-up by the government put into action during that period to help him. 


' Downing Street Cabinet Officer in child porn case '

CIVIL SERVANT Whitehall Communications Officer Sebastian Crump faces a jail sentence after being caught with around 400 child porn images on his pc.  Amazingly enough, the civil servant was advising the government on its websites.  At the Westminster Magistrates Court it was heard that Crump had around 400 indecent images of children and animal abuse.  He is due to appear before the Crown Court later.  It is said that the Government kept the story secret for six months....... and furthermore, Patrick Rock the deputy director of the No 10 Policy Unit was arrested on child sex charges....on suspicion of hoarding images of naked children, and he was involved in tackling online child abuse images, giving advice on safety to the young against paedophile advances and activity.


' Bail given to ex-deputy speaker '

MP NIGEL EVANS who appeared in court accused of sexual crimes against seven men was granted bail at Preston Magistrates Court.  It is said that he denies the rape and sexual assault charges made against him.  The Former Deputy Speaker at the House Of Commons was visited again by police after the first charges were made against him, and this resulted in more accusations which will be heard at the Crown court.


' HS2 Cover-up -- Ministers accused '

MINISTERS and Civil servants are usually behind such things.... so here we go -- A secret report into the failings of the Railway project has had some of its details 'leaked'..... suggesting major concerns about the risky time table, the costing and management.  The news is that Ministers are trying to block the publication of the Major Projects Authority Report before the Commons vote on the £50 billion project...... and it suggests that PM David Cameron has sent out secret memos......warning of the danger politically...... not much of a secret now is it!


' Brawling 'Bar Crawler' MP is let off '

MP ERIC JOYCE was reported for being involved in a drunken brawl in the House of Commons.  He was later arrested on suspicion of assault when he fought two officers.  This as the story goes, wasn't the first time, a year earlier the Falkirk MP was forced out of the Labour Party over something similar, when he head butted a Tory MP and assaulted three other politicians.  Apparently, he admitted four counts of assault and given a community order, fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,400 in compensation to the victims.....but as to the Commons Brawl,...he has been banned from purchasing alcohol.


'Fraud MP denies charges '

MP PETER BONE of Wellingborough denies committing benefit fraud.  Police raided his home and put him through three hours of questioning he said.  Surrounding this case is the talk of a long standing dispute with Northampton County Council concerning the funding of care for his mother-in-law, which i8s about to be heard in the civil courts.  The charges centre around the question of assets his mother-in-law has before benefits of around £100,000 were given.


' Former Lawyer and Labour MP accused of fake identity on Wikipedia '

MP CHUKA UMUNNA, who represents the constituents of Streatham, and considered a rising star in the Labour Party is accused of 'doctoring' his own Wikipedia Page to include him being compared to USA's Obama.  It says he uses the pseudonym 'socialdemocrat'  The former Lawyer says he cannot recollect tweeking the details on the site, despite him being hauled in to apologise for describing patrons of the nightclubs as 'trash' and 'C-List wannabes'   Another MP said that Chuka seems to be more interested in shameless self-promotion.


' MEP in Money-Laundering Inquiry '

FORMER MEP NIKKI SINCLAIRE who represented UKIP in the Midlands as an Independent has been charged with misconduct in public office and money-laundering by the police.  It yet again surrounds that old 'expenses fiddling' -- it is said there were false expense submissions and suspicious transferrals through a bank account?


' Honesty classes for MP's.....what a joke'

The thought of this is laughable.....mainly because its not in their nature.  Of course, these Honesty classes are only for 'new MP's and recruits'..... and they are being made compulsory according to the article.  This idea if it is an idea, comes from the Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Office, Lord Bew.....which he says is to avert another major scandal like the 'expenses'.......which one ought to tell him.... still goes on.  Lord Bew is apparently a lecturer in History and Politics at Queen's University in Belfast.  

PS: Having looked into some of that History ourselves, the centuries are littered with Political Scandal, covering illicit obtainment of shares, concealment of truth, fiddling expenses, false claims and not acting in the public interest just to name a few of the actions engaged in by MP's.


' Somerset Council unlawfully detains autistic girl '

COUNCIL ACCUSED OF SHODDY WORK BY JUDGE -- The case of an autistic teenager taken into care by Somerset County Council angered Judge Nicholas Marston.  He said that they had wrongly taken the teenage girl and banned her parents from seeing or having access to her.  He also came to the decision that their actions had arbitrarily harmed the girl rather than the council's assertion that the family harmed their daughter.  Lawyers for the family maintained that the case was one of the most serious cases of the deprivation of liberty seen by a court.  He blamed council staff for taking decisions that resulted because of a flawed investigation.  This led to a 14 month battle by the parents to get justice.  The couple from Yeovil are suing the council for damages.


' Mayor receives fine over taunt '

TOWN MAYOR JASON WARD  of Southam, Warwickshire, issued the taunt while he was refereeing a youth game of football.  He was fined by the Football Association £35 for taunting the boy, Johnny Adair who suffered a broken leg, and neither stopped the game or showed the appropriate duty of care.....it was later found that the 16yr old had suffered a shattered tibia on the field during a tackle with another player.


'Council accused of a 'clear violation of public trust'

THE MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION accused the sell off of a statue was a clear violation of public trust, they said that Northampton Borough Council's decision to sell an ancient Egyptian statue for around £16million was taken without consulting them properly.  Despite it being sold partly to fund an expansion programme at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, the Museums Association has banned the council from its membership for five years.


'Lying on oath MP has conviction reviewed?'

JAILED IN 2011, TOMMY SHERIDAN of the Scottish Socialist Party -- former leader, was found guilty of perjury during a second defamation action against the News of the World, now defunct paper....he apparently lodged an appeal to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission....apparently he won some £200,000 from the Paper but ended up on perjury charges and was found guilty in 2010.


'MP spends a night in the cells over attack'

CONSERVATIVE MP DAVID RUFFLEY Former Shadow Police Minister was arrested and cautioned by police after attacking his artist girlfriend.  After an argument broke out he demanded that she leave his luxury flat, and went to get 'help' to remove her, but his rage only led to her phoning the police who arrived and arrested him.  The police later said ' the police attended an address in Marsham Court, Pimlico, and arrested a 52 year old man on suspicion of common assault.  He was taken to a central London police station and has since accepted a caution for common assault.

CAUTIONED MP DAVID RUFFLEY STEPS DOWN -- The MP announced that he will be stepping down from office at the next election....it is said he had been summoned to a meeting of his local party in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.


'Secret Veto for Chancellor enables him to put 'no go' on fraud investigations '

The message to the public couldn't be more clear, Government can and do hush up and hide facts especially if it doesn't look good for them.  George Osborne under an agreement with the Serious Fraud Office means that they must get authority to launch 'sensitive or complex frauds' through the Treasury first......and that the treasury may keep the facts secret, and the decisions of those investigations locked away without public scrutiny.  The Report says the Government have already done this in the past with several inquiries it has deemed 'embarrassing and politically damaging'.......it was said this information was discovered by the Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry when she was dealing with funding and the SFO.

In conjunction with the above 'secrecy' by a Minister we turn to a recent piece of history!

'Home Secretary Suppresses Vital Material '

THE MICHAEL HICKEY CASE -- The Police Prosecution looked quite overwhelming for Michael Hickey -- and Why?   well thanks to THE HOME SECRETARY MICHAEL HOWARD  who it appears (confirmed by the Judge in the case, Lord Justice Brown) suppressed material vital for the Defence Solicitor Mr Jim Nichol.  Justice Brown said it was 'unfair, and clearly exceptional'   He ordered that the Home Secretary release the documents back to The appeal Court.  Justice Brown said The Home Secretary's decision not to allow him to see statements by an alleged victim was 'irrational'    Solicitor Jim Nichol said 'This means that the Home Secretary can no longer keep secret vital documents in a court case, people are going to be quite horrified at what the Home Secretary has been sitting on'

Comment -- Sadly, not so, the people are quite blaze, and in the main don't care a jot.... they forget about it a week later... and that's what the Police and Government rely on.


' Town Halls carry on fleecing the motorist infinitum '

PARKING CHARGES, in fact any such charges, approved of and enforced by their 'expensive lawyers' are and have been going on for decades with councils, so recent news declaring that they earn £340 million from parking fines is not a surprise to anybody.  An article labelling them as GREEDY COUNCILS is fairly tame in reality, and the right word would be 'EXTORTIONISTS'  The report says some councils have more than doubled their incomes in the past twelve months with parking fines.  MP Eric Pickles says that councils were being actively encouraged to break the law by their overseeing body The Local Government Association.

£10 BILLION has been raised from stealth taxes a study reveals..... the Audit Commission says that some of the councils are using parking and other charges to boost their income because of the cuts ordered by the coalition government.  A fifth of council revenues are paid for by these moves to boost council coffers by fines and parking charges.  But this it says might be in jeopardy due to a proposed ban on spy cameras used for the imposition of parking tickets as a crackdown on town halls using the system unfairly.  It will allow those who have been hit by the council with unfair fines to get back double on appeal.

TOWN HALLS CONTINUE TO SELL DATA --- It's a fact that if you want data from a council they will try not to let you have it quoting the Data Act...and even when you use the Freedom of Information Act...you could be 'blanked' or find most of the pages blanked out in black ink covering every line except 'dear sir'....they routinely send out this kind of crap knowing quite smarmily that they have provided the request with nothing and charged for it.  Yet by the same token, this precious private data is sold by them for as little as five pounds to a private company....mainly resulting in people's junk mail getting larger.  2,700 individuals bought the names from the register over the past five years and the council took in excess of £250,000.........YOU GET NOTHING.

COUNCIL'S AND THE £502 MILLION PARKING RIP-OFF -- Not a new subject, merely an addition to what is already known by us, and published by us so far.  This time it is The town Halls of London, of which there are many within the Greater London area.  The report says that the 'On street parking schemes' are raking in huge sums from the motorist..... and that their revenue from this went up by £7million from a year earlier when the pot was £502million in 2013.  Kensington and Chelsea seem to be doing rather well from this act against motorists.

COSTLY 'ERROR' BY COUNCIL COSTS THE TAXPAYER £50,000 -- Newcastle City Council sent out the wrong information to around 200,000 local residents in how to register their vote....and the wording was incorrect.  It has now corrected the costly error and resent out the new guide to changes on how to vote.


' Judge goes against Home Office over misuse of powers '

AN IMMIGRATION JUDGE has ordered the Home Office to bring back a deported family immediately...Theresa May's Department has been told that they overstepped the law and their powers when they deported a family back to Nigeria.  He ordered that the family be returned to Britain in a landmark ruling that has shook the UK government.  It is said that the Home Office will face 'contempt charges' unless the woman and her five-year-old son are located and transported back to the UK at the government's expense by Thursday.   Theresa May and the Home Office declined to be interviewed or comment!


' Government Gagging Orders deliberately played down '

TO BELIEVE IN YOUR GOVERNMENT, IS TO BELIEVE THAT PIGS MIGHT FLY --- You should never trust MP's or Government....you will end up lied to or severely disappointed.  A report has just revealed that Government Departments spent around £28 million using secrecy clauses (confidentiality clauses as they put it) when awarding severance payouts to civil servants.  This method has gone on for the past three years costing the taxpayers dearly.  Approximately 1,053 civil servants were given a nice payoff in return for signing that they would not discuss council business, rows, faults etc, stopping them from talking about their departure....and for this they could expect a good reference too.  These compromise agreements have been used for a good number of years, well before the figure of 3 years was put forward, but the government and councils have made the subject taboo, and the legal departments have enforced this strictly.  It also by its very nature of being a 'gagging order' helped the government push the subject aside.....hence their new rush to quieten it all down since a few whistleblowers have opened the can.

NHS DELIBERATELY GAGS 266 WHISTLEBLOWERS --- On the subject of 'Gagging Orders' a report has revealed that £4 million pounds has been spent by the NHS on 'secretly' gagging people who want to tell it like it is.  This kind of expense has gone on for the last three years mainly to stop workers who care from exposing the worst of patient care.  These Doctors and nurses have been paid off in return for their silence the report says. 


' Cameron and the false promise '

THE 2014 WINTER FLOODS -- The Prime Minister made TV speeches that there would be no limits on spending as far as 'The Flooding Problem' and those who have suffered.....money was not the issue he said, time and time again....and as he was saying this, it was revealed that some councils were charging flood victims for sandbags!  Many places were left unprotected for two to three months...and the Environmental Agency were used as the Scapegoats.....and being blamed at a time when the Agency was having its budget cut and losing 1500 people who were being made redundant.  Eric Pickles slammed them one minute in a TV interview and then in the House of Commons he praised them?  However, news leaked later showed that there was not going to be any new money found, and that spending was actually down.....so once again....the usual crap from politicians.

CAMERON AIDE COULSON JAILED AND FACES RETRIAL FOR CONSPIRACY -- Former aide to the PM Andy Coulson found guilty in the 'Hacking Trial' and jailed, will now face a retrial for conspiracy in that he has two charges outstanding on conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.


'Home Office accused of misleading is stopped by ASA '

THE ASA attacked the Home Office Campaign in which they urged immigrants to 'go home'.....and used misleading arrest statistics to con the public.  It was said that the Home Office used vans with posters in publically displaying posters through six London Boroughs during July....which attracted 224 complaints.  They depicted a person wearing a sign saying 'In the UK Illegally? Go Home or Face Arrest'......and other info saying 106 arrests last week in your area.......the Home Office came out with the statement ' that they had not been found guilty of issuing something that was offensive and irresponsible?......how sweet!

HOME OFFICE CONDEMNED IN REPORT FOR SHAMEFUL ACT AGAINST ASYLUM SEEKERS -- The Home Office is not having a good 'press day' as certain secrets are being unearthed about what it does behind closed doors with its solicitors and lawyers making great attempts to operate covertly. News emerging on 'lost papers in a Government child sex scandal will undoubtedly find them trying to cover up as much as they can as that becomes more clear......however, to the Asylum Scandal...and the disgraceful conditions at Heathrow.  Four years ago revelations appeared about the 'detention of children for immigration purposes' (which we have covered).....a strong worded report from the Heathrow Independent Monitoring Board says that it had seen many cases where asylum-seekers including children have been held for long periods in the small holding rooms, these have been described as cramped.


' What Democracy? asks battle-scarred weary ex-councillor '

ROBIN PAGE was a councillor who worked on the theory that they were there to help people, but now knows what they got up to wasn't much use to any voter or citizen.  He tells of the huge waste of money spent on the wrong things and how most decisions on spending were robbing the needy.  He was once with Cambridgeshire District Council. He mentions going on a 'diversity course' in the evenings costing the council £1,900, which was held in a council chamber....and noticed that the furniture which had been replaced just after eight years was gone and the council had spent £45,000 on new decor.  He recalled an incident when he upset a fellow councillor and was summoned before The Standards Board....a Quango of 'thought police' introduced by the infamous loud man of politics, John Prescott, at a cost of £8 million a year.  The bemused councillor saw this as more of a 'Kangaroo Court'  employing expensive 'big wig' lawyers who argued over the 'meaning of words'.....after about six hours he was given a reprimand......he calculated that this case must have cost in the region of £5,000 and saw it as a waste of money........which made him realise that local democracy had become a disgraceful charade.


 '£850 a day for a council PR specialist '

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY,.....and its a public nest egg.......ROTHERHAM COUNCIL thought nothing of hiring a public relations officer for £850 a day, even at a time when they are having this 'child sex abuse scandal' still fresh in the minds of their voters.  They say they need this man, Mark Fletcher-Brown to provide 'specialist communications support' to the stressed council......and they have already paid him more than £9,500 since employing him in November of 2014.


'PM decries Russia while Tory Donor negotiates deal '

BEING 'TWO-FACED' IS NOTHING NEW WITH GOVERNMENTS and this coalition is no different, especially as it is led by the Conservatives.  First we have Cameron demanding tough sanctions on Russia to the EU partners while hiding the fact that Britain was heavily trading in arms to Russia...and had issued more export licences than previously done.  We now learn of a Tory Donor who is negotiating to finance a Russian Oil Company targeted by the USA in sanctions meant to hurt Putin's Government.  Vitol oil trader is about to lend Russia's Rosnet $2 billion dollars in exchange for supplies of refined products over the next five years!  These new revelations risk embarrassing David Cameron and giving him a 'headache' with his US counterparts....but no doubt he will spin and weave a web of diplomatic deceit to say it's not his fault and hope that will get him off the hook yet again.


'Social Worker for council guilty of misconduct '

COUNCIL SOCIAL WORKER Suzi Smith was found to have falsely accused dad, Jonathan Coupland of abuse against his own daughter..... and at a Disciplinary Hearing she was found guilty of misconduct where she was told that her fitness to practice was impaired, yet she was not struck off or suspended....she was just given a three year caution order?  The Panel held in Kennington, London, decided she had made the false allegation against Mr Coupland because she was angry after a clash of personalities.   As a result of her decisions Mr Coupland was handcuffed by police and questioned for ten hours at the police station.  Cafcass, funded by the Justice Department sacked Suzi Smith and awarded Mr Coupland £86,000 in damages.


'Innocent man gets rough deal over Cameron '

JOGGER DEAN FARLEY became the victim of Cameron's Police Security when he accidentally bumped into David Cameron while he was out running.  Not that interested in Cameron or politics, the jogger was arrested at the incident in Leeds after the police tackled and grabbed the man.  The North Yorkshire Police said 'there was nothing sinister about the incident' which in fact requires another look at it considering their History.  Dean was released later...he didn't even realise he'd run into the PM as no-one he talked to knew that he was visiting Leeds.


' Ex -Council Employee was Fraudster '

THE COUNCIL HEAD OF CRIME PREVENTION -- Was committing a crime himself, as he siphoned around £230,000 in funds meant to be going into new playgrounds for children.  DAVID ARCHER who worked for the ESSEX COUNCIL.....Chelmsford.  Was said to be impeccable in regard of reputation during the six years he was routing money to himself.  The Senior Manager appeared before Chelmsford Crown Court where he received a jail sentence of three years.  It was said in court that at one time he was Chairman of The Crime and Disorder Partnership with the local Police.


' Council offer damages of £500 for taking wrong decision '

THURROCK COUNCIL refuses to apologise publicly for the distress they caused Jack Barnes and Cheryl Rich when they decided to seize their daughter Misty, who they took away for nine months.  'When it was seen that they had got it wrong, they just wanted to hush it up and buy us off for £500' said Cheryl.  The Judge described the events leading to the council actions as a 'debacle'.....and even amid the legal moves the council had taken the decision to put the child up for permanent adoption.  The council already knew the couple loved their child but hardly helped them in their plight to secure a stable home for Misty, seeking to act otherwise and bar the couple from keeping her.  Social workers are said to have played an important 'anti-move' in all of this giving the couple a hard time.  The Judge said the social services had totally mismanaged the situation.  Its quite obvious there is much more, locked away in the council offices and which staff had a key hand in doing this to people who were 'disabled' from the outset, but legal services and a council boss will not want you to see the stuff!


' £17,000 perks from Tobacco Firm to MP's '

GOVERNMENT ads say smoking is bad and in public want it gone, but away from the public gaze MP's are accepting perks, or sometimes commonly called 'freebies' from Benson and Hedges a report tells us.  It says they took advantage of tickets worth around £17,000 to see Operas and The Chelsea Flower Show...Japan Tobacco International which manufacture Silk Cut, Benson & Hedges, Camel and Old Holborn have offered out these so called 'gifts' to Conservative MP's......and three Labour MP's included....are all quite acceptable to getting in to this offer......so much for their moral stand on smoking?


' DWP Fraud Investigator commits fraud '

ELIZABETH LEWIS a DWP Fraud Officer first appeared before Cardiff Crown Court, and later at Swansea Crown Court where she was given a suspended prison sentence.  She was found guilty of money-laundering despite facing two charges with her husband, ex soldier Mark Lewis.  They both ran a Charity called MSL Mountaineering which seemingly looked to help society.  However, in 2010 the Charity Commission began to have concerns about their accounts.  Digging deeper they found irregularities and inflated figures to 'disguise expenditure and income'  Right from the start the Charity chose to make claims from HMRC and its gift aid scheme.   Even the trustees were hoodwinked when questioned.  From 2007 the pair made 12 claims for 'benefit' in the gift aid getting Government cash being around £800,000.  It was discovered by investigators that Elizabeth Lewis received £30,000 of that money into her own account.  There were also real and fictitious forms saying that donations came from stars of sport, TV and films....but on contacting 100 of these, they said they had not made any donations to the charity.  Mark Lewis was jailed for 4 years.


' Government's Universal Jobsearch -- third of jobs are bogus '

THE DWP kept the news of this mostly to themselves? as it makes the Welfare to Work scenario less convincing and a fabrication if looked at clinically....The DWP were forced to admit they were investigating 179 Employers on the site who were breaching the rules.  Claims that a third of a million vacancies listed were bogus and didn't exist has angered and outraged observers who were constantly told that there was jobs out there for all the unemployed if they looked....but when it emerged that National Fraud Investigators are looking into this scam, which targeted the North West in particular...the DWP looked embarrassed.  Universal JobMatch was set up in 2012 requiring Jobseekers to apply in order to receive their benefit allowance. (2014)  

THE DWP AND CUTTING  THE YOUNG'S BENEFIT -- News leaked says that this government are suggesting that apprentice pay should be axed (benefits) for those claimants under 18.  The 'think tank' are asking for the minimum wage requirement should be lifted and abolished in the case of those entering apprenticeships.  The GMB union spokesman Brian Strutton says that 'if they get their way poverty would be normal and depending on benefits would actually increase, and be greater than it is already'


' The DWP Sanctions Scandal '

133,000 sanctions have been overturned and those people have to wait many weeks of clerical delay by DWP staff....such is the leaked information that now shows the DWP getting it wrong but saying very little about it in public.  This concealed information has revealed that many of those picked on by 'adjudicators' at the Job Centres etc, have had to turn to food banks in the interim period after the judgement has been overturned. The likes of Edwina Curry and Ian Duncan-Smith pretend that food banks are not needed...showing what little regard they have for peoples lives.  The government actually refuse to discuss the topic, closing all attempts by TV investigators to get dialogue or answers....which is known as 'stone-walling'

The people 'could' answer this by voting out the Conservative-Liberal coalition...and that couldn't happen soon enough...so in 2015 get them out and make the others promise to put the wrongs right or else!

PS read the stuff below if you're not yet convinced.


' DWP fail claimant by refusing to correct a problem '

Sadly for one pensioner who died, the £20,000 PAYOUT BY THE DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS came too late.  This case highlighted the stubbornness of staff and managers to understand a claimant and how they treat a claimant when the problem was created by them and they refuse to correct it because they won't.  All too common really with Jobcentres and the DWP -- Parliamentary Ombudsman Julie Mellor who looked into the case said ' An elderly woman and her family were let down because of service failure and poor complaint handling' she said her department upheld the claim and recommended that the DWP and its Independent Case Examiner apologise to the family and pay compensation of £26,514 plus interest to the claimant's family.  The details of their efforts to wriggle out are as follows -- The DWP failed to send a computerised prompt to the 90 yr old woman's council (Essex) that would have triggered automatic housing benefit she was entitled to.  Her family realised the mistake and it took them 5 YEARS to battle with government officials from the Pension service who refused to correct the error?  In fact, the Pensions Service did not even consider the complaint until after the woman had died!   In an effort to thwart the family and crush them, DWP Lawyers and staff fell back on 'policy' and the Pensions Service wrongly claimed it prevented them from paying out compensation the next of kin of deceased claimants.  An Independent Claims Examiner was brought in when the family refused this decision, and to their disbelief, upheld the Department's ruling.  So they went to the Ombudsmen, the final appeal, and won their claim forcing the council to pay up the money owed.


' Coalition Government force kids to rely on free school breakfasts '

2013 and the day of food kitchens, poor banks, and finally school children attending school early so that they can get a free breakfast.  Call me Dave and Nick Clegg are quite happy to see the British nation at the soup kitchens.  Blackpool became the first place where pupils are going to be provided with a free school breakfast.  Teachers have said this move was necessary to combat growing numbers of school pupils arriving at school hungry because their parents could no longer provide a decent breakfast in the morning.  The report says this initiative was followed up by a similar scheme in London, the country's rich capital, and heartland of the Government.  The Blackpool Authority have said 500 pupils at their Primary School have taken advantage of the free meals.

The escalating need for FOOD BANKS is eroding the Welfare Safety Net -- say food experts, who have now calculated that around 350,000 people are becoming reliant on handouts and help.....the Trussell Trust said that there was now a network of 345 food banks around the country having to supply the needy and vulnerable.

FOOD VOUCHERS FOR 100,000 -- The latest report on this scandal is that The CAB are stepping in with help to people with 100,000 emergency food vouchers over the 2013 Christmas period (just a short-term relief), the  Charity Chief Gillian Guy says the need for so much help in emergency food requests is 'extremely worrying'

CHARITY WARNS OF DICKENSIAN TIMES for people in need who are now flocking to food banks which are now opening in every town.  'We are reverting to work house scenes and poverty known in Dickens times due to Ian Duncan-Smith and the Coalition Policies' says Action for Children.

FTD: The Flying Tax Duty --- started in the latter half of the 1990's at a rate of £5 --- and what is the price now with this Government?  around £250 (family travel)  the highest in the world (along with petrol duty), making Britain the worst place to fly from and uncompetitive according the airlines..... and the government says they will kindly only raise the cost by one percent......not lower it........so add this to the election blog.

MP EXPENSES ON THE RISE AS PUBLIC ARE DEFLECTED TO OTHER MATTERS -- 2014 and the expenses thing now out of the headlines as the government hoped, top £100 million according to the latest figures.    More than £11 million was claimed on accommodation, travel etc, and another £11 million on office costs say the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority......and there is talk in the air that they are seeking a rise in salaries too!

'MOVING THE GOALPOSTS' something the government do frequently and have been doing for years, now in Jan 2013, the country is moving into a third recession......and growth in Industry is said to be 'ticking over' in a flatline situation.. and the economy shrank in 2012.....yet the government claimed recently that employment had gone up....but analysts cannot see how this could be when firms were not expanding in order to explain it.....another explanation could be 'massaging the figures', something that this coalition have done before now in order to deflect the public attention away from something more unpleasant?

'WE WON'T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN'  says DPM Nick Clegg -- But that wasn't strictly true, no more so than the failed and broken election promises on student fees...which is not forgotten.  And what won't he or they allow to happen? the answer is -- People to suffer as a result of benefit caps, but they did and they are....in fact there were 276 families 'evicted' or uprooted from where they lived....and some sent to live as far away as Birmingham having lived in London all their lives.  Many of these claimants on housing benefit etc, are having their allowance cut by over a £100...which is pretty disastrous.  Clegg's Liberals broke many of their election promises in order to team up with Cameron's Conservatives.  What is happening is very sinister and deceitful, people are being turned against each other by Politicians. the media TV and rubbish like The Mail.......to satisfy their own ends.

PS: In relation to the above, it is claimed that the cap in benefits were to help these people back into work, yet figures show that only 1 in 10 of those affected have a job as a result of this.

This lot said that Global Warming was coming, now they've moved the goalposts on this and say nothing as Winter now lasts almost 6 months, and farmers for a third year running are forecasting low harvest yields, more imports, and increased high food costs to the people; huge cuts to welfare benefits -- just how long will this apathetic public keep paying huge rises in Electricity and Gas, wages  frozen or reduced and the worst future on record.........they are indeed being manipulated by the Rich and Greedy.

Government MP's want a 32 per cent pay rise!  An article says these top civil servants want a huge pay rise because they cannot manage on £65,000 (the average pay).......the Conservatives say it should be £96,740!

Human Rights less important!  William Hague, the Foreign Secretary said that terrorism meant they had to forego human rights abuses by countries in order to fight terrorism.

Iain Duncan Smith Work and Pensions Secretary claims he can live on £53 a week, perhaps he ought to be given the chance in the next election by making him redundant.....sadly, this cretin is currently on £1,5581 a week and lives in a £2million pound mansion with pool, tennis court and more.

Iain Duncan Smith's benefit reform wastes £40 million.....the computer system is not yet ready.....despite the fact he's already started the cuts to the public.  And he maintains his reforms are still on track in the face of the farcical launch of the Universal Credit being in just one area of Britain -- 'The North-West of England' 

Iain Duncan Smith's new slam at Jobless could be contrary to Human Rights -- Forcing the new ' Sign-on everyday or lose benefits' could and should be challenged in the courts under The Human Rights Act.  The Government are putting in new rules to mandatory force jobseekers to travel everyday to sign on or lose their benefits.  It could easily cost a claimant £3 a day.....£15 a week in fares.....fares they are not prepared to cover or reimburse.....the benefit is calculated for living only....and does not carry the words 'allowance calculated for travel'.....this would incur hardship of an undue nature...imposed by them, which could fall under and within the Human Rights on 'torture and cruelty' which should be tried in the European Court against Britain ASAP.

AIDE TO Duncan-Smith threatens to shut down food bank because he fears the 'political harm' that it might do as the election nears in 2015.  It is suggested by the Newspapers that responsibility lies with Private Secretary to Duncan-Smith, MP Andrew Selous....and when asked he got rather furious.  Mr Mould of the Trussell Trust who set up the food bank system  said he was approached by someone delivering a message from Ministerial level and it was said in anger.

There are 6.7 million 'Working Poor' in 2014, and these are official statistics, and it is recognised that low wages are creating this.  5.2 million families are below the living wage.  1.4 million are in a minimum wage situation getting just £6.50 an hour.  Yet the majority and higher earners are on £10 to £20 an hour, three times what a poor worker can get.  Incomes it is said have plummeted under the coalition government.  Amazingly, one Charity advert said 'it was an absolute shame that in 2014 Britain, food banks were here'

CONSERVATIVE Duncan-Smith plans more welfare cuts of £12 billion if they get in at the May elections in 2015, saying also that there will be a two year freeze on benefits anyway.  Its probably time for Duncan-Smith and his cronies to be thrown out......they haven't even noticed that petrol is back on the way up.... and Osborne is still pretending that its dropping lower...... and everyone is better off.

Those 'suspect' government statistics --- claims of more in employment and a major improvement in the economic picture doesn't impress Paul Kurland of Billericay...who had a closer look at the claims.   'How many of of those in work are actually underemployed in part-time low-paid jobs? and in addition, how many of those in full-time positions are on insecure zero-hours contracts with little or no employment rights?

Benefit Cuts hit poorest as council tax bills keep on rising --- A report says more than 2 million of the poorest citizens are facing higher council tax demands in 2014....and it says those on benefit are having their allowances reduced amid this.  Some have had their allowance totally withdrawn...and there has been 16,000 people in London alone who have been the subject of debt and bailiff action for non-payment of bills (to the council).   The CAB have said that those struggling to pay their way has rocketed especially those receiving Housing Benefit.

Government neglects unpaid overtime  of 8 hours each week for one in five workers.  £640million of unpaid overtime was due to workers who were never paid it.....due to workers being required to put in extra hours only to be cheated out of payment.  The TUC around 331,000 workers didn't get paid. 

£32 billion in overtime not paid at all -- The TUC has said that one in five workers put in extra working time without it being credited to their pay......and in this present climate there's no hope of it being remedied.

Emergency Fund for poor, and those in desperate circumstances is scrapped by Chancellor George Osborne.  He is scrapping the scheme which individuals were able to access in an emergency....the social fund has often been bandied about by this Government as somewhere the poor can go to if they are in need, but yet again, the coalition has set its sights on destroying the poor and vulnerable.  This valuable safety net is now up to local councils?

The Jobs Lie? ...more people employed -- Osborne Scam -- most of the figures he uses to support this are based on people going 'self-employed' and starting their own businesses in desperation of not finding work.  The Small Business Federation will tell you that most new businesses do not succeed, and often close in or after just one year....some are 'shoe-string' run ventures that are mainly run on hope and have very little turnover, but Osborne says very little of this.....many 'victims' of failed business ventures finally have to face the prospect of 'signing-on' again.....so as we can all see.....these 'employed' figures are temporary and no thanks to Osborne.

Councils are being given the power to curb civil rights by being able to ban protests --- This action means that even peaceful protests could be axed, especially ones against corrupt councils.....which is what the government and councils have wanted for a very long time.  Civil Rights are an issue for this Government, they just don't want them interfering with dodgy goings-on.... and being able to suppress them 'lawfully' is a dream come true... this news item emerged as new powers are being granted to councils by a back-door little-noticed section of the government's anti-social behaviour, crime and policing bill.

Government exposed over claims of wage improvements -- It has been revealed that if one took away the bonus culture, wages would not be above inflation, and it is this fact the MP's are leaving out in the statistics.  The claim that the economy has turned is not as true as the picture they have painted says a new report.  One can clearly see that this is an attempt to win the nearing general election by any means,

DWP figures wrong again! -- The Government constantly claim this and that, barking off statistics to prove what?  that they shout the loudest.... and what about those figures from these departments who never admit they get things wrong....the Department of Work and Pensions have been caught out and their figures disputed by the watchdog the UK Statistics Authority.   Iain Duncan-Smith bases his figures on certain factors that lead to ambiguous conclusions they said....and they were not correct.  In 2011 The Select Committee warned the DWP about inaccurate figures...and observers say they deliberately misled the public to support their policies.

Conservative Minister parks car in disabled bay! -- Romford's MP Andrew Rosindell was caught parked in a bay reserved for disabled drivers......last year it was George Osborne the Chancellor who did the same..... neither party though they were inconveniencing anyone!

'The Charity £34,000 bungle by the Government' -- Now unaccounted for, £34,000 given to 'The BIg Society Charity sparks investigation as it was discovered that the money wasn't spent on what it was supposed to have funded.  The Cabinet Office admitted failing to follow its own rules in regard to funding when its Social Action Fund Grant of £299,800 was handed over to the Big Society's parent company the Society Network Foundation in 2012.  The Childhood Fitness Project was never launched.  Strangely, the Foundation says it was given the authorisation by the Cabinet Office to move the unspent money into their general funds?.....do we have more 'Porky Pies' from the Government again?

Government create diversion as Election looms -- Cameron says nothing as news comes in that the poorest in society pay almost half of their earnings in taxes due to the Government squeeze and benefit cuts.  As VAT remains the same and no pay rises, the poor are paying more to live than the 'uncaring better-off households associated with the middle class'

As Election nears, 4,000 jobs are to go at Standard Charted again!  amid claims of more jobs and people in work this government are pleased this announcement was in the back financial city pages...... the chief executive has presided over dire profit warnings over the past year and says it must close the door on the bank's loss-making and is cutting 4,000 members of staff from its branches.

Sleeping rough and homeless on the increase as Government breaks promises yet again -- There are many rich and middle class people who like the MP's couldn't care less about the impoverished, so it comes as no surprise to hear that the number of those without a home and sleeping rough is on the rise.  It has now been revealed by The Department for Communities and Local Government that there are now some 2,744 people sleeping rough in England.  The years figure shows a rise of 330 more, an increase of 14 percent.  London alone accounted for 742 of those people....laughingly they say that this must be 'a top priority' for the next government?

Fuel Poverty affects more than a million families (in 2014) making heating the home too expensive as Winter looms, and many cut down on using it so that they can survive.  But the government just ignore this and keep cutting in the hope that the middle class and rich will support them at the elections in such a number that they can walk over the poor, having looked after their core followers.

Benefit amounts do not equal the actual costs to claimant --- Corrupt ideas, Lawyers and MP's have long thought they are immune by conning the public and actually creating diversions and fear in the Electorate -- such is the UK -- the latest move on claimants is to make them sign on every week!  shows the deviance of the Conservatives as they conveniently shove 'The Child Abuse Case' to one side in order to get elected.  Some claimants do not live near a jobcentre, and travel to sign on costing them several pounds, which the government will not pay or even consider an allowance.  The Benefit amount was decided on 'What a person needs to live on' according to ministers and solicitors...and no account was taken in regard to journey time or expenses paid.

Conservative Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says at next election they intend to abolish the Human Rights Act, which echoes the views of Home Secretary Theresa May wants the Party to withdraw completely from the European Convention on Human Rights.  Amnesty says this talk and ideas are making Britain look totally different from the rhetoric it throws at other countries about repression and the need to protect citizens rights.

Legal Aid was 'reformed' which really means cut so that only a minority can get it.....and no one knows who can get help, the government have not worked that out......they're not sure!

The Government begin to erase internal record of speeches so that they cannot be found in future!   Typically, the Conservatives have pressed the delete and erase buttons in order to hide former speeches and press releases over the past ten years..... it is said the reason behind it is to stop opposition from revealing remarks, failures and lies being told.... along with 'failed' promised pledges......the article touched on claims that they had also tried to interfere with online Search Engines content......which they obviously deny!.....what else.

Veterans who fought for UK get bum deal from Government --- they now face deportation from a country that quickly forgets, and wants to forget promises and kindness showed by outsiders who stood alongside British soldiers during the war.  Veterans Aid which helps ex-servicemen are coming to them for migration advice on issues of finding they are now facing deportation from the UK government.

Ex MP Tony Blair wants people and current MP's to stop pursuing IRA terrorists who were given a deal by his government which gave them a 'get out of jail card free' and lets murderers walk around freely.....because he says it was done in order to get peace in Ireland.....and will now threaten that situation if there are any attempts to arrest the men given immunity.  'Ripping up the guarantees will harm the situation' he claims......showing us his scruples and revealing the price he sees fit for the victims that died horribly at the hands of these criminals.

Council Workers enjoy good life in abroad trips as the taxpayer pays for their stay of boozes, sea and sun all on the pretext of being at 'a property conference' in Cannes.  This 2014 MIPIM event in France enjoyed only the best hotels and full credit card expenses....meanwhile, 235 local council officers enjoyed bars and restaurants with party-like jollies, as the Press put it.

NO HONOUR WITH CIVIL SERVANTS -- Free travel and passes were something the Government dangled in front of Senior Citizens in order to get their votes, bribery in fact, but up to 90 pensioners in Barnsley found this right granted previously snatched away.  Their right to free travel had been arbitrarily withdrawn to save on cash of course.   They actually risked arrest according to the news item posted.  They protested at Barnsley Train station, and as usual, police, security guards and whoever blocked their entrance to the station.  It emerged that South Yorkshire Passenger Executive was withdrawing benefit on around 250,000 people in the area to shore up a council shortfall of £243,000 that the government had taken away!  They didn't consider what effect that this would have on disabled passengers or very elderly, they just went ahead and did it.

SAME OLD GAME, SAME SITUATION, SAME DWP STAFF -- Year after year the Jobcentre staff penalise and hammer claimants aided and abetted by Government.  These civil servants reckon to be like the public, but the only profession like theirs was the Gestapo.  We hear of a claimant doing a week's work experience just to fill the holiday arrangement of a paid employee....and a man with many years of experience in house decoration being told he must take on the employment of a Santa in a store during Christmas or lose his benefit.  And as somebody pointed out, stand up or defy the Jobcentre Advisor and receive a sanction or lose your benefits immediately.  We learn that the DWP is working around the minimum wage as it conspires with companies to supply staff at little or no rates, and those zero hour contracts they claim work! have plenty of losers who do not know when they will be working...they trudge along to the factory only to be told there is nothing for them that day, and report in the next day.  We've covered their tricks and deceit on this page, so nothing they do really surprises us.....they never change.

ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS CAN MEAN NO WORK..... and people trapped in these are finding they have no rights at all....while their fellow citizens on good jobs and pay just ignore them in their 'I'm alright Jack' attitude that needs a good shake up.   Irregular hours can often mean working at all hours just to make ends meet, and the employment tribunals are doing nothing to force a 'fair' system because they are in the Government's pocket.

MP'S AND THE CIGARETTE INDUSTRY -- A report reveals that around one in four MP's now voting on the 'plain wrapper issue' for tobacco sales have in fact links to these firms past and present.....it goes onto say that many who have abstained from voting have accepted gifts and hospitality from these firms since 2008, naming the MP Philip Hammond.  Interestingly. Ken Clarke was a former Director of British American Tobacco...and 22 MP's out of 104 Conservatives have received hospitality from the Cigarette Companies.

GOVERNMENT LOOKS THE OTHER WAY AS FIRMS FLOUT THE DATA LAW --- Councils and civil servants pay very little attention to the data laws on individuals, and only get rattled when you go after them, their lawyers immediately see this as a priority and send out threatening letters.  The Public's personal data is almost up for grabs from anyone who wants to access it....and councils actually sell it off.  Public Bodies and corporations be it public or private (including Google and other Internet Search Engines) are flouting the laws consistently.  Data holders (administrators supposedly held to account and 'authorised') often fail to disclose the the private information they have gathered and stored on citizens....and did not enter a legitimate reason for not doing so when asked.  Researchers found that the so-called regulators were failing to safeguard the citizens rights in the Data Act...and legal obligations were 'shockingly' thrown aside or not adhered to....and this was happening daily.

The situation appears to be --  'We can have your data, by law if necessary, but you can't have ours because we have Crown Privilege...and that over-rides any law you think protects your data'

NB: At the next upcoming election we will post blogs and Tweets about the above and other incidents such as the school tuition fees broken promise and the expenses scandal, the Land Registry Fiasco and more cases from our files, to give the Conservatives and Liberals some backing to their manifestos and future promises.


A SITE WORTH VISITING --- all about MP's.......  http://liarsbuggersandthieves.blogspot.co.uk   has the most comprehensive list on crimes that MP's have committed.  It is a huge piece of work.....containing cases and facts on MP's who have committed various crimes....... so go and have a look before the next government elections, we recommend this straight-forward site....and congratulate the editor who dared to put this together on the web.


' Councils fail badly for the Disabled '

Another report shows the failure toward the disabled who are left stranded by their local councils.  It says many are being left homebound due to a culture of 'law breaking' by councils over the way they dismiss their legal obligations towards the disabled.  They care very little about statutes concerning their duties, and neither do their legal departments and solicitors who continue to get top class pay deals.  It says two-thirds of councils are failing to carry out home adaptations within the one year legal limit.... and half the councils are making disabled people wait more than two years before carrying out the essential work.  This yet again shows that the councils think they are above the law....and in what we see, they certainly demonstrate this.  And where are these lawyers who actively make derail attempts....in their huge expensive 4X4 and Mercedes Coupe's dreaming of the third house and a swimming pool.


' Devious or due process for Peerage Consideration?'

WHAT WILL £300,000 GET YOU? well, if its a peerage, you might well be advised to sink this kind of money into the Conservative money pot....one man did just two months before his peerage.  Michael Farmer donated £300.000 into Cameron's support fund and received his due reward for being an excellent donator...it appears that supporter Mr Farmer has given the Tory funds more than £6million to this mob.


'Former disgraced Tory MP bows out as nasty past approaches '

NEIL HAMILTON nowadays lording it around on TV shows with his wife claiming 'celebrity status' for god knows what, was forced out of the current UKIP elections in South Basildon and East Thurrock.  That nasty word he knew all too well, 'Expenses' came out of the blue scoring a broadside in the side of the smiling MP who was hit by corruption allegations.  The Deputy Chairman of UKIP was asked to explain his expenses claims by the Party's Financial Committee.  Hamilton was ousted in 1997 from the Tory Party following the 'Questions for Cash scandal which he thought had gone away amid his TV work!


'Tory MP arrested in connection with rape allegations '

MP MARK PRITCHARD, highflier, and a former secretary of the 1922 Committee of Backbenchers was arrested when he reported to a North London Police Station.  This followed a rape allegation made against him in Central London..... The Met police confirmed his arrest to the House Speaker John Bercow.


'Taxpayers pay over a £1million for 'never-opened' schools '

A Report says that FREE SCHOOLS that were planned for and financed, were never opened. Over a million pounds were spent on proposals......a dossier passed to the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan reveals the extent of finance.  It is expected to show that £50 million has been spent on Free Schools either described as inadequate or requiring improvement.  The sum of £1.043 million was spent on applications that later were cancelled or withdrawn......yet the government cling to the idea that the Free Schools have been an enormous success!


'Whistleblowers -- councils don't like them '

Despite MP's publicly claiming that whistleblowers should be protected rather than vilified.....the truth is that this isn't the case at all.  Councils are bullying such people to the point they lose their jobs.  In a report investigators found that councils went to great lengths to cover-up information they had and went onto silence any of it that might draw attention to making them look ineffective or culprits of a wrongdoing.  Instead of welcoming evidence of something wrong, they were more prepared to bury it or make it inaccessible  to public scrutiny.

A Paramedic 'Whistleblower' Stuart Gardner revealed that he had been banned from two NHS Hospitals after revealing the conditions at A & E Units.  He furthermore revealed that the Royal Hospital in Worcester and Alexandra Hospital in Redditch banned him because he had upset staff over what he had said....and this kind of highlights the reaction of public bodies to people who stand up and reveal something that others want burying.


' The stench of something rotten in government '

POLICE DROP FRAUD INVESTIGATION INTO SERCO FOR THE GOVERNMENT -- It should be hard to believe the Public accept such a situation as a blatant cover-up by police and the government, but they do, and will, without batting an eye lid.  Even the report on this matter cannot hide 'that something is going on and the act of brushing it all under the carpet' is all too clear.  The report, far from the front pages tells us that the government gave the Prison Group Serco 'a get out of jail free card' and had the police back off from the investigation over Serco charging the public purse for non existent tagging of prisoners who were actually dead and misled the Ministry of Justice......the police were called in to investigate 'if there was criminal intent' behind the fraud that was costing the taxpayer dearly.  The Minister, when the fraud was uncovered, said that had been a culture within parts of Serco (who have a £285 million prisoner transport contract) that has been totally unacceptable, and actions which need to be investigated by the police.  It was estimated that Serco ripped off the public, but police lamely said it found no evidence to support charges bringing against staff?.... and the Crown Prosecution Service have also decided they will not bring charges against Serco or its staff?......yet a fraud was committed.  Analysts at Liberum looking into the case said 'there may have been controlling minds, ie. corporate involvement in encouraging people to act fraudulently'......and it is all being put down to a dreadful mistake!


' Straw in 'I done no wrong' stance in payments sting '

JACK STRAW, one time Home Office Minister is no stranger to controversy, and a sting by undercover news reporters from Channel 4 TV revealed that this man twists and bends when caught coming out with that worn theme by MP's ' I didn't do any wrongdoing'.......on the programme he seen and heard asking for £5,000 a day for doing a speech.....and said he used his charm and menace, because he works under the radar.  He said he'd helped a firm change EU regulations on behalf of a Commodities company ED&F Man who paid him £60,000 a year.


' The Wikipedia Case and denials by MP Grant Shapps '

A report says that Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps angrily denied making changes to a Wikipedia Account used to make unflattering comments on the online pages of senior political figures.  The owners of Wilikpedia claim they have now blocked a user account called 'Contribsx' after suspicions that it was being used by Mr Shapps... or someone acting on his behalf?  to edit his own page and those of Tory rivals.  It went onto say that activity revealed that the 'user' had systematically removed embarrassing references on Mr Shapps Wikipedia page about tht MP's business activities under the pseudonym 'Michael Green'....other info was also altered.  A Wikipedia spokesman said 'the account is either run by Shapps or being run under his clear direction'   Although Mr Shapps alleges outsiders are smearing him, it must be pointed out that there are certain ways to get changes that can only be approved by 'administrators' who have names like 'Midnight Dave' who have been granted the editorial power because of the many inclusions having been accepted by a 'Group' in the Wikipedia powerbase.....so its not that difficult to find the right 'administrator' if you are well connected!


' The Great Big Motor Tax Fiddle by the Government '

NOT SURPRISINGLY this government.....which included the LibDems in coalition, found a way of taxing the motorist using their ignorance about changes (not greatly known or talked about) as they scrapped the excise tax disc.  There is now a 'double taxing' system which benefits the taxman and government to the tune of £38 million every year says the AA....motor tax is automatically cancelled on the vehicle the moment it changes hands to a new owner.....and deceitfully, the motorist selling the car can only claim a refund for a full month, and a seller would be very unlikely to get the timing right or have the application in time at the DVLA....lawyers for the DVLA would not answer our query regarding the 'moral dishonesty' involved.  Since the changes which no longer requires tax discs on the windscreen, Government Clampers have been on the increase and figures show that around 3,000 cars a month are being clamped (2014)....26,178 cars were clamped by the end of March.....Its hard to believe that we once had the private clampers as the menace to the motorist.....the Government have now taken that role.  (you can read about the devious DVLA in 'Related Topics' and what they get up to)


' £224 million IT Bill left for taxpayers to settle '

News says that Home Secretary Theresa May unlawfully cancelled a failing IT project leaving the taxpayer with a huge bill.   The Tribunal Arbitration Panel said that Ministers failed to follow proper procedure when they cancelled the £750 million contract with a US Defence Company, Raytheon who were to deliver the 'e-borders programme' meant to screen passengers entering and leaving Britain.  It appears there were lengthy delays that hampered the finalisation...and it was cancelled in 2010.  Apparently, the US company sued the UK Government and won the huge payout.


' Ministry blocks Prison Study on Abuse '

THE GOVERNMENT'S MINISTRY OF JUSTICE BLOCKED THE RESULTS OF A STUDY -- Researchers were 'barred' from interviewing serving prisoners and could only speak to those who had completed their sentences.  The Howard League for Penal Reform published a report into abuse at prisons claiming that 1,650 prisoners may have been sexually abused during their stay in prison by other inmates and ?  The researchers were expected to rely on and believe in figures issued by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons!  The Researchers said they had been hampered by a lack of co-operation from Minister Chris Grayling's Department.....in a Government that said at the last election.....'We stand for transparency and accountability'

'DEATHS AT A RECORD HIGH IN PRISONS' -- A report shows that there are more people dying in prison than 30 years ago.  The figures released by The Ministry of Justice tell of 235 prisoners died in 12 months up to the end of September 2014.... a 19 percent increase.


' Block on Minister's diaries is challenged and lifted in court ruling '

The government were able to block inquiries or investigations into diaries held by MP's despite the Expenses Scandal.....but after a 2015 ruling Ministers must now reveal office diaries....following two landmark victories to stop the 'secrecy and anti-transparency' being employed.  The High Court came to the decision that evidence by the Prime Minister's advisor on ministerial standards was way below what the public were entitled to expect of a senior civil servant.  The court cases came about as the Department of Health rejected a request under the Act for the diaries of former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to be released.  The Government protested that this was and should be exempt from requests under The Freedom of Information Act..... they are are now urgently considering an appeal.


'Held Dissident is given go-ahead to sue Britain'

Another one of these cases the UK government would rather have suppressed.  The man says 'I WOULD ACCEPT A SETTLEMENT OF £3 IF THE UK GOVERNMENT ADMITTED ITS GUILT'  but as expected, this is not forthcoming from the present government,  Accountability and transparency is not here.  The man was abducted in 2004 and tortured in detention because the UK Intelligence agencies MI6 connived with Libya to have him seized, and that Jack Straw, the then Home Secretary sanctioned this.  Mr Abdelhakim Belhaj won his right to sue the Government by the Court of Appeal despite Government Lawyers saying others were also involved.


'MP Alex Salmond keeps the £65,000 grant '

It would all be understandable if Alex Salmond after losing the Scottish Referendum really did retire as he said on television, but he instantly bounced back after pulling a sad face to viewers and is back seeking election as an MP.  The grant was approved to provide assistance to MP's leaving politics as a golden handshake, but Alex Salmond says he is keeping it and refuses to hand it back.  The Scottish Labour Party said it was 'a kick in the teeth' for hard working Scottish families.  He is currently running for Independence Party Recognition, but funding he has already took hardly looks independent?


' Expenses Scandal -- isn't finished as MP's are chased for cash '

It is now several years on, and the full story of bent MP's will never come out......but apparently the chase for those overpaid expenses is still on.  The news is that 38 MP's are currently under pressure to pay back the sum of £22,000 to the public purse according to The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.  (2015)

MP FIDDLES VEHICLE MILEAGE EXPENSES - A Conservative MP Bob Blackman is said to be facing a demand for around a £1,000 after claiming too much mileage allowance on his expenses more than 700 times.  The IPSA said that claims he made for travelling around his constituency over a two year period were not accurate in every instance.  He is the MP for Harrow East in London.

COUNCILLOR IN SEX LINE BILL SCANDAL -- Independent Robert Bleakey is said to have used around £2,400 in a bill from a sex-lines phone in company -- The Wigan Councillor gets an allowance of £11,000 annually to cover his costs.  He apparently attended just one council meeting in five months.  However, he cannot be removed under the council's rules, and they are powerless according to Lord Peter Smith the council leader.  Mr Bleakey is said to have accessed and viewed the porn from his laptop and regularly phoned lines from his council mobile

MEGA-RICH TORY BACKER MAKES CLAIM FOR DONATION -- Another expenses thing as super rich Iqbal Ahmed a Tory Supporter and backer made a claim on his expenses for the £12,000 donation he gave The Conservatives.

MP's LUXURY GYM GETS A £1 MILLION FOR MAKEOVER -- The House of Commons Gym where MP's go to have a tone-up on first class equipment have now landed the taxpayer with a bill for £1 million so that these greedy politicians can upgrade and have a cosmetic cleansing of their amenities, to which they have become very accustomed.  They will have a new sauna, exercise bikes, a new 'spinning studio' and a complete upgrade of the facilities.  It had an original estimate of £250,000, but now stands at £1,081,379....apparently the membership to MP's is just £38 a month.


'Appeal Tribunals no longer affordable to mere mortals'

THE GOVERNMENT in their scheme to rid opponents to civil servants and officials, have yet again scored a goal against accountability and righting wrongs.... Claims are now down by 70 per cent at Industrial and Employment Tribunals as fewer cases are being launched by individuals because they have been priced-out of the system since the government began charging employees to bring a case.... which is £1,250 to gain access to a tribunal. Since this devious move began there have been 8,848 fewer cases....and those employment lawyers said it has dropped by two thirds especially in 'sex discrimination' cases...... and the blame for this 'unfairness' is the coalition government run by Cameron and Clegg....who often say they are building a 'fairer' society.


' Bad News 'buried' by Home Secretary Theresa May '

This news arrives as talk in the Political Arena tip her for becoming the next leader of the Conservative Party and possibly a Prime Minister, heaven forbid!  The report says she delayed and manipulated the publication of an inspection report on Britain's Asylum system and immigrant situation.  It is said she is 'sitting' on five reports that are critical of the government.....one of which was done five months ago. Opposition MP's are raising questions on how far will she go to control critical stories against the government in their six month run up to the elections?   Some might say this shows she has excellent credentials to make a PM.


' Another Government lie revealed '

RECENT VIEWING of a TV programme dealing with Bailiffs exposed an untruth yet again rallied by the Government as a right......the coloured woman with kids who literally had no money to pay was turned out onto the street....and her local council said they were unable to find her accommodation.....yet we are supposed to have legislation and a safety net that takes care of the vulnerable.....the government says that under their watch they care about everybody and pretend that things are in place to see that no one suffers unreasonably....but what we have here is a lie, and a tragedy that the people of this country should be ashamed about....but sadly they're not......had it been a foal, baby or something they could gain from....the public are all too ready to put on an artificial show of goodness!


' MP in assault case at Grocer's shop '

When MP ERIC JOYCE appeared at London's Westminster Magistrates Court he put in a plea of not guilty in connection with charges made of assault and criminal damage.  The Falkirk MP was accused of beating up two youths and causing £200 worth of damage to a Grocer's Shop.  He was conditionally bailed to appear for trial at Westminster Magistrates on May the 1st.


' More councils turn off lights to save money?'

THIS LEADS TO LESS SECURITY for people having to negotiate pathways and tracks in the dark......and the public are not in favour of these cuts....as it leads to vulnerability of people coming home in the dark.  The government used to talk about safety and preventing crime, but leaving over a quarter of towns in the dark from 12pm to 5 am gives robbers and crime the best opportunity they could have.


'Government Ministers in attempt to conceal arms deals '

Not entirely unknown or unsuspected, as the British Government are continually in the activities of concealing things from the public (as in the MP's child sex abuse scandal).  A Report says that the Arms Trade between the UK and several other countries are being done in 'secretive procedures' which keeps these exports out of the public domain.   The sensitive nature of these deals immediately had the government adopt a policy of 'What they don't know can't harm us or stop us getting re-elected'.....It says that exporters are being steered towards 'open' licences which allow multiple consignments to be shipped off to the same destination without their cost being publicly declared.  The Parliamentary Watchdog said of this, that it only serves to 'inescapably reduce the transparency' that this and other UK government's have claimed when addressing the nation in elections and on TV interviews!


' Humiliation for District Council '

THE FOREST OF DEAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Waste the taxpayers money for more than eight years it was revealed.....and it took this long before they were made to apologise to the voters.  As we have already said on many occasions, the legal department and lawyers to this council must have known and covered up for the officers, at least for those that were responsible....but couldn't thank goodness prevent this day from coming.  The report says the council squandered around half a million -- £500,000......and it was the Conservatives to blame according to the attack by Labour who pushed for the story to be known.  It says most of the money was spent on 'cosmetic' refurbishment of offices etc,  and it says the council hardly listened to anybody, especially the voters.....including 'the shabby treatment of the public at open council meetings'......it is described as a scandalous waste, but they'll get over it once its out of the news.


' Legal Battle against Council is won by vicar '

In a matter of principles battle, retired vicar Paul Nicolson 82, won a victory in the High Court over excessive costs.  The vicar discovered that millions of poor people often received unfair bills for costs run up by the local councils who automatically through their lawyers and legal department take action to collect unpaid council tax.  These actions are in bundles and presented to the Magistrates who rule on non-payment allegations (made by council officials.... who often make errors and deny it) and as a result they were failing to check the accuracy of costs bills tacked onto the application to have that person convicted....and flagrantly towards the law these people are not represented or know about it....but the council lawyer ignores this in his or her arrogance and proceeds anyway....on £45,000 to £70,000, why should they care!   When they get it wrong they don't apologise and if claimed against, the lawyer issues threats that it should not be released to the Press or action will be taken (more threats) and then claims 'Qualified Privilege' if he or she is challenged about their conduct....which allows them to act on behalf of their corporate client in a 'reasonable way'.....and 'reasonable' isn't qualified or made plain in any of the British Courts......something the Law Society and Bar Council rely on to protect their members. Mr Nicolson claimed the HARINGEY COUNCIL were wrongly attaching large and disproportionate amounts on to legal costs bills as a 'penalty' imposed onto that person by the council and solicitors in order to show their strength and power over individuals and the poor who have very little say other than to vote at the local or National Election.    The Judge hearing the case said ' the magistrates had not had the relevant information before them when making the costs order against Mr Nicolson'  ......something the councils and magistrates have been doing for years without any challenges being made.......both these bodies have no principles!


' Illegal donations' claim against Lib-Dems attracts Police Interest '

THE LIBDEMS besides alienating themselves from a public they angered over the student promise affair which they broke when joining the coalition are now embroiled in a Police Investigation over 'Illegal donations' says breaking reports.  It says that the way the Party is funded and rules governing this have been breached.  The Daily Telegraph have made allegations against the party and sent their findings to the Electoral Commission.  It seems that in a 'sting operation' Lib Dem's ex chief fundraiser Ibrahim Taguri was filmed advising an undercover reporter on how to get round and circumvent the rules regarding donations, by making the donations through a cousin........well, who would have believed it?


' Dorset Council Chief faces Court Trial '

A CONFLICT OF INTERESTS -- 'FAILING TO DISCLOSE FINANCIAL INTEREST' that was the charge levied against Dorset County Councillor SPENCER FLOWERS who is now set to appear before Bournemouth Magistrates Court in December.  The Crown Prosecution Service have charged the Council Leader on three counts, in that he did fail to declare his interests in Zebra Property Solutions Ltd and Synergy Housing Ltd.  The charges relate to his position with both the East Dorset District Council and Dorset County Council.


' Private Landlords in the Benefit Trough '

The government and councils have been paying millions in benefit to landlords in 'housing benefit payments' and they've said very little about it until now, which in itself looks suspicious.  The Private Landlords waltz in and out of Jobcentres and councils quite frequently waiting to take on another family who need housing knowing fully well that this is another rich picking for their 'run down or inadequate dwelling' that is snapped up immediately because the council don't have to do much.  Often furnished with cheap and often second-hand cupboards and moth eaten carpets, these people have their allowance deducted and transferred to the landlord's account. A report says some of the rich and wealthiest landlords are being paid millions from the taxpayer, and its not the claimants fault in many cases, its often the work of a council housing officer having a deal with a landlord 'who is on their books' as being ready to take homeless or difficult families.  Private landlord renting accounts for 4.2million households....and £9.2 billion was paid to private landlords in 2013/2014.


' Civil Servants accused of wasting time and money '

It now appears in a report that the CIVIL SERVICE are spending many hours every week editing pages that are on the Wikipedia...... mostly trivial pages.  It says that there has been 600 Wikipedia edits, more than two a day that have been traced back to government departments and computers since January.  It suggests that certain edits go for controversial remarks including anti-establishment critics, erasing them or altering them....as claimed in 'The Hillsborough Scandal' when one 24yr old civil servant was dismissed.  It also says that questions should be raised over how civil servants are able to get away with wasting so much time on an irrelevant activity and to what end and why?


' Council accused of 'Social Cleansing' in tenant move deal '

Yes, a Conservative Council no less, who would have guessed it?  A report revealed that Wandsworth Council in South London are engaged in moving certain tenants to Birmingham if they accept £5,000 each.  A letter thought to be targeting Pensioners in the area sent by the council alerted Will Martindale a Battersea labour candidate to release this onto the Internet.....it offered cash to people with spare rooms to move out in return for moving into private sector properties 'within or near Birmingham'  ....... a spokesperson said that this kind of deal has been in place for many years and that every other London Borough has a similar policy!


' Councils and the 'Corporate Cards' used on spending '

The question on council staff using corporate credit cards to spend on things for their own good as hit the news yet again, with accusations that it was spent on tattoos and other 'unimportant' items.  BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL was cited in this news item....and it said £680,000 of public money was spent by council workers on 'eating out' 'hotels' at home and abroad and even visiting the Amazon Marketplace along with iTunes downloads.  A council spokesman actually admitted that they'd spent £32,400 in Asda.......and they went onto say that the cards were used 'appropriately'.........yes indeed, that's transparency?


' Payout from Council for killed cyclist who hit pothole '

NORTH YORKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL sought to avoid a lengthy court case and paid out a six figure sum to the family of Martyn Uzzell, who was effectively killed by a pothole on the A65 near Giggleswick  in North Yorkshire while on his cycle during a charity ride.  The pothole caused him to be flung straight into an oncoming car.  An inquest heard that the council had failed to repair the hole despite a traffic cop bringing it to their attention after several reports.  Famously! in a protection move for the council, the CPS said the council should not face a corporate manslaughter case or any other charges?.......Kate the wife said  she was disappointed at this decision adding that this only served to show that no-one was being held to account at the council who appear immune from prosecution......the council or their lawyers declined to comment........nothing new there!


' Inquiry report into Iraq delayed until after the election '

Ironic, but not altogether unexpected, and like the MP Child Sex Abuse Scandal, David Cameron does not want his chances being scuppered in May's General Election.  Both reports are harmful and he knows it, but after the election it can be toned down and dropped into touch.  Governments throughout time have 'fixed things' and got away with corruption, History shows that and its not going to change in 2015.   The 2003 Invasion into Iraq was full of lies and backed with false information to benefit the Blair Government.  It came as no surprise that the report was going to be delayed by several months despite it having taken nearly 12 years....or four years since the 2011 encounter.  Its called 'The Chilcot Enquiry' led by Sir John Chilcot.....delays were conveniently blamed on disagreements between Whitehall Officials and The US State Department over declassification of confidential communications between Bush and Blair.

PS: The Tories have been voted back into Power by the stupid electorate (May 2015) forgetting what this lot stand for and the past indiscretions that will be sidelined and forgotten....the Conservatives have managed to make more people  'feel middle-class and richer' at the expense of the poor.....who are not cared about by a large section of British Society....who have greed on their mind and to hell with anyone else.  Rhetoric will abound by those narrow-minded rich and bigots who want the welfare system to stop so that they can lord over others in their quest for power and possessions....after all, the poor and unemployed can have the low-paid jobs while the well off by bigger cars, holiday homes and reap the and rape the investment market by means fair or foul and stash their stuff in off-shore accounts....making sure they lobby an MP who will make sure the Law is written in their favour....a bit of 'creaming off the top' is good business sense if a lawmaker can sit on the benches of Parliament or House Of Lords....with their rich client in mind......Lawyers will soon cry ' he did no wrong' and make out that constitutionally it provided an interpretation that can be argued in one of those huge expensive lengthy appeals and Judicial Reviews.....knowing the public have no real idea what it all means.


' The 'Historic' Child Abuse Scandal in Rotherham (leads to bigger problems)'

'OH HOW WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE WITH THE WEB OF LIES WE WEAVE' -- Staff at Rotherham Council it has been revealed, knew children were at risk over a long period of time, but chose to do nothing about it --- they suppressed it instead with the help of council legal advice who told them that 'this disturbing situation could well harm the council should it be dropped into the Media's hands'.  It has now been revealed that over 6 years, 1400 youngsters were sexually abused.  The Police, Politicians and Council Department of Child Services knew about it.  Victims were brushed aside by the council and police when they came forward, and one victim said that she felt awful when he said 'You must have deserved it' and she was 14 at the time having been 'used' by a 24 year old man.  A former Executive with that council and now a Police and Crime Commissioner, Sean Wright, has been called upon to resign over it because he was their when it was happening a decade ago....he has refused claiming that others had fault in this!  Former Directors of the Child Services have been questioned but not named....so at the moment (Aug 2014) no one has been held accountable or charged with misconduct in public office..... and it will be interesting to see if this is swept under the government carpet?

Additionally, On this site we get used to all of the many denials by councils who claim they're not involved in wrongdoing; be it in the past or now.  Their solicitors say to us 'Prove it'...knowing full well they have the files and dossiers, and as one ex-lawyer said.. 'If there's something we don't want seen in the firm's files we shred it and tell an inquiry that the file has been removed...but nobody has signed it out.  They can't pursue a charge against us because all they would have is conjecture and an assumption that cuts no ice in court'  And as this case shows, when the Media do get the goods those solicitors do not come forward and disappear in the dust storm.  Its quite obvious that they are now telling Rotherham Council Staff and Managers to say nothing.  Crimes are covered up by solicitors 'quite legally' because they are allowed to protect the interests of their client in any way they see fit.....and they've been doing this for a long time since The Crown granted them 'Qualified privilege and Immunity' from being prosecuted for representing a client who turns out to be a villain, or being sued for representing a client who deals in something criminal.  If it turns out their client is a 'wrong un' ' one has to prove the lawyer knew about this at the time....and all lawyers are trained to deny and professionally lie....its an essential part of advocacy and court jousting.

'Computer files removed and recorded data wiped' -- happened in 2002 --  A 'raid' initiated by staff was carried out at the office of 'Risky Business' the council's specialist youth service to remove a researcher's draft report revealing evidence of a child sex scandal in Rotherham.  Professor Jay's dossier looking into the matter and the unidentified researcher saying had this report been treated seriously at the time by both the police and council, children then and later would have been properly protected..... and the abusers brought to justice?  Interestingly a meeting was held at the time with the police district commander and senior council officials who told the researcher never to do such a thing again! who was suspended for an act of 'misconduct' and only reinstated at a later date...because someone spoke up and said she had done nothing wrong.  Despite this, she was  requested to rewrite or remove several sections and paragraphs of her report......both the police and the council are claiming there was no cover-up?

ANOTHER CHILD ABUSE CASE AT ROCHDALE........ Nearly 250 children are at risk in the Greater Manchester area a report says.  111 of those sexually exploited children are deemed to be a 'high risk' it has been revealed, and Rochdale Council had the highest number of cases.......which is leading to the question, how many more councils are covering up or not admitting to serious faults in their childcare units?  And what about the unknown perpetrators and officials who have shredded or lost files?

NB: The only man who has reluctantly resigned over the affair is the Rotherham Police Commissioner Shaun Wright.....who held on until the bitter end refusing to go.  The Council Chief  Executive Martin Kimber stepped down from the Rotherham Council after it became clear he could no longer support his position to remain.... so it is just two out of many.

ORDERS TO LAY OFF MP -- GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION? - A new factor emerged pointing to the fact that Government officials put the brake on inquiries into LORD JANNER and an Abuse Probe.  Mick Creedon who was a Detective Sergeant at the time (25 years ago) was investigating the abuse case at a Childrens' Home in Leicester and boys being sexually abused.  The Manager Frank Beck was charged and convicted.  Mick Creedon now Derbyshire's Chief Constable said that allegations were made against MP Greville Janner in 1989, and he was forbidden from arresting him or searching his home despite having reasonable cause...but the order to desist came down from senior officers, who got their orders from the top?  He says that those allegations would now today be considered very serious....Janner is now at the centre of a Leicester Police Inquiry called 'Operation Enamel'  which has led to search warrants, rather late in the day...the Lord is 86, frail and suffering from dementia.....and somebody in the Justice Department will close the case.

ANOTHER  CHILD SEX ABUSE AREA REVEALED -- As yet another council fears the worst in the publicity expose situation -- STOKE-ON-TRENT are in the middle of a child sex exploitation scene as it revealed that there were 78 youngsters at risk in 2013 along with 27 children targeted in the city.  A council spokesperson replied in a statement that they're doing everything they can to tackle the situation.

CHILD ABUSE AND COUNCIL RESPONSIBILITY RAGES ON -- Try as they may, councils are failing to get this subject off the headlines in the newspapers.  'CARE WORKER ATTACKS REPORT' -- This comes from a whistleblower who helped expose this, Sarah Rowbotham says the investigation report led by Stockport MP Ann Coffey doesn't offer solutions and doesn't come out to support zero tolerance, and neither does it address the injustice of the Rochdale victims.  Coffey mentions that she only found 1,000 convictions in 13,000 cases of serious sex crimes against the under 16's over six years in Manchester.  And we have 'SEXUAL EXPLOITATION 'NORMAL' IN PARTS OF GREATER MANCHESTER' a report by Theresa May (Home Secretary) that says on the Manchester streets, sexual exploitation of the young was alarming, mainly because of the attitude to it, being more or less 'normal' anyway.  She said there had been 'unacceptable failings in children's welfare'   Another report says there are 'TWO MILLION CHILDREN REFERRED TO SOCIAL SERVICES' and that the councils were well aware of the situation.  It appears that local councils were inundated by concerns about children, with an eleven percent increase in new referrals.  Poverty was an issue, and poverty caused by the welfare reforms that led to children being abused and neglected.  But the councils and Government shy away from any question of their responsibility often claiming that things are getting a lot better?  Then we have the Abuse Inquiry, still not operational because two people have had to stand down due to their status of 'a conflict of interests' not entirely sorted out.  Baroness Butler-Sloss  eventually went because of her connections with people at the time of the abuse, now its Ms Woolf (Lord Mayor of London) who has links to Leon Brittan, now a Lord, who himself had a rough time over a letter and lies that seriously wounded him at the time....and he was a Lawyer!....the people don't want anyone who was part of that legal framework that let down those abused and actively binned reports.

'MISSING DOSSIER' found is claimed to be a aid to Child Sex Abuse Inquiry......The Secret File is said to contain the names of a number of paedophiles linked to the British Government at the time...and rumoured to be kept in locked archives at the University of Oxford's Bodleian Library.

UPDATE:   'CHILD ABUSE INQUIRE SET UP TO FAIL' says MP Simon Danczuk, in the latest twist on a case that could reveal all or be closed because of who it might point to.  NSPCC Exec' Peter Wanless has been chosen by Theresa May to investigate....But Danczuk believes he has been chosen to fail.  The document handed to Leon Brittan is 'lost'.....and Brittan was Home Secretary at that time also involved in the 'letter and lie' scandal.  The Paedophiles in 'High Places' will be protected and anyone thinking they won't is kidding themselves.  No modern government will allow a scandal like this, unearthed at the wrong time' to interfere with their plans, Cameron will say one thing and do another.

THE GOVERNMENT VIP PAEDOPHILE SCANDAL -- Takes new turns as it enters an inquiry that suggests that three boys were murdered in order to keep the ring secret.  The Ring said to have members of famous politicians, judges, lawyers and military men, and cops in the mid 70's and 80's is getting more mysterious as it becomes more suspicious in that no-one has been identified despite a current police investigation.  The nephew of Savile, Guy Marsden says he was one of three boys being used by the ring, who claimed that no one could touch them.  He said that at 13 to 16 he and a group of boy were taken from Leeds to London where they would meet a man who would then take them to Dolphin Square, and a flat where sexual things would take place.  He said he attended around thirty parties in different locations around the Metropolis. 'We saw people who were on TV, politicians and foreign dignitaries.  A boy then 7 said he was regularly abused by these men in Pimlico, and this went on until he was 16, Nick has come forward to aid the investigation the report says.  He tells of being taken to many parties at Dolphin Square, Pimlico, and says he witnessed a politician guest strangle a boy at a London town house in 1980 who refused to do as he was told and one boy of 11 was run down in the street by one of the ring.  He recalls being ordered as an older boy to thrash a younger boy, but refused and was then 'sexually punished' for his disobedience. But as yet, nothing is bringing the inquiry nearer to catching anyone?

THE BOY WHO DISAPPEARED? Embroiled in this Child Abuse Affair and parties involving boys for sex and punishment.....is Martin Allen 15, who mysteriously disappeared in 1979 without trace. 

30 YEARS OF CHILD SEX ABUSE AND PAEDOPHILIA AT DOLPHIN SQUARE --- All in the policing area of Scotland Yard, who are a stones throw from Pimlico.....yet they claim they knew nothing, and Parliament with those Tory MP's only half a mile away from Dolphin Square........knew nothing?  Such a claim seems absurd.  The Paedophile Ring was operating around London, in Fulham and Palmers Green, Hampstead, besides Balham and Kensington.  Squads were picking up boys in Leicester Square knowing that something was going on....but the ring was remaining a secret....... there is much to uncover and more than will be allowed.

MAN NAMES 22 in Child Sex Scandal -- John Mann the MP for Bassetlaw has according to reports named 22 politicians who he accuses as sex abusers of children in The Westminster Paedophile Probe.  The report says that he has asked police to investigate to investigate two suspicious deaths....one being a civil servant, Bulic Forsythe who was beaten to death at his flat in Lambeth in 1993....he reported told a colleague he knew about a Paedophile Ring closely associated to government figures....police said the documents had gone missing from his home...and the case remains unsolved!  Mann is also supposedly informed the police of information on three serving MP's and three people in the House of Lords?  He also brought up the question of a caretaker murdered in an arson attack who obtained several videos taken at the parties...but these have vanished too....which again adds to the confusing mystery and one real outcome looming?   Mann went onto divulge that in looking at the situation he discovered that boys from a Lambeth Care Home were being recruited as 'rent boys' many of whom frequented Dolphin Square.  He said he called in the police and spoke to two officers from Streatham Police Station who promised to look into the matter...only to get a visit from them three months later saying they had been forced to close their investigation....orders had been given from 'above'    It will all be swept away in 2015 in order to allow the forming of the next government......and no Whitehall Child Abuse ever existing.

THE WESTMINSTER MP CHILD ABUSE CASE ROLLS ON -- David Cameron desperately hopes this mushrooming of the 'historic child abuse' situation will not touch present MP's....but can't be sure, especially the older ones who were there in the 70's and 80's.  Yet we are now told that the UK government failed in another child sex abuse case on ST HELENA a British Territory in 2002, and that some men caught were merely fined £50 and that was that.  It says the UK took 12 years to begin an investigation.... and this involved around 20 children who were sexually abused by men on the South Atlantic Island. 

TORONTO POLICE said they were surprised at the 'Inaction of the British Police' when they passed on vital information regarding child sex suspects....the report says cops here in the UK refused to answer calls or return messages.....yet they'd been given a dossier containing 2,000 names.  Raids by the Toronto police in a World Wide crackdown in 2011 revealed a huge database on the Web and the UK visitors were the majority of clients.

MP ADMITS THAT THE STATE CANNOT COPE WITH CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY -- Finally we have confirmation of just how unlikely it is that anyone in past government will be brought to book.  Labour Backbencher John Mann MP says the state isn't geared up to embark on lifting the lid on child abuse cases now, or in the past, everyone in government are just beginning to realise the scale of the problem......his comments emerged as he appeared on Radio 4's 'Today' Programme.  He said the Government's Child Sex Abuse Inquiry remains leaderless because of a 'conflict of interests'.....and the Panel break-up is down to a question of credentials of some of those sitting on the Abuse Inquiry Team.  Its now months along and it is going nowhere.......as we indicated!

CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE OXFORDSHIRE --- Whistleblower says he was silenced by council and managers when he raised the alarm.....and says senior staff in the council must have known what was going on.  The Senior Child Protection Officer in the police said he marched into the offices of the county council and demanded to see the director of social services....who was  Andy Couldrick to tell him how serious the situation was.  Dermot Norridge the whistleblower said he suspected that financial pressures were behind failures to give the child abuse their priority concern.  And as things progressed things turned against Norridge and he was accused of being unprofessional and ordered to stop sending e-mails to other managers in the council......eventually in 2013, seven men were convicted and jailed....... he still believes that certain staff acted indifferently and showed an amazing unconcern to his reports.

COP SAYS HE WAS ORDERED TO LAY OFF MP -- in another twist, a former Chief Constable, Sir David McNee at the time he was boss of Scotland Yard speaks out on the time MP Cyril Smith was arrested at a Paedophile Party during a raid on a flat in Lambeth where boys of 14yrs were present in 1981.  Apparently, Smith was taken to a Westminster Station, but instead of being remanded and bailed, he was released without charge.  It goes onto say that all notebooks containing references to Smith's arrest were taken along with video evidence, and officers were warned they could be charged under 'The Official Secrets Act' if they spoke of the incident, and the matter was dropped.  The DPP ordered a 'lockdown' on the case and asked police to lie if asked any questions.

THE JENNER 'TIME-BOMB' -- 'The downfall of a government' --- Maybe not the present government of Cameron and Clegg, who skilfully kicked this scandal around so that it would not interfere with the elections of May 2015.   It is quite obvious that powerful players inside the government have been at work covertly disposing of the documents and files that incriminate Jenner, and their own departments.  The CPS says Jenner cannot appear in court due to health, and that the Jenner family can claim he is innocent....which is technically right and morally wrong.....because the family know that.  Lord Jenner has been the focus of some child abuse inquiries and has walked away due to his position in government.  Amazingly, the DPP Alison Saunders admits that Lord Jenner should be charged with 22 counts of indecently abusing children carried out between 1969 and 1988, and that he should have been prosecuted in 2007....which he wasn't and puts this down to 'mistakes' by the CPS which she will not go into or explain.....we also learn that in 1991 MP's sought to disrupt and put down any talk of charges saying they were a wicked slur.....those MP's are conspicuous by their absence?    The signs were there all the time and its highly likely that Special Branch knew and covered up the investigation, stopping it and removing files from the relevant Detectives who were looking into the case of paedophile groups operating around the Capital and discovered that prominent members were attending these activities.  Unlike 'The Profumo Affair' which did take down a government, politicians are more alert to publicity and prying investigators now and have the machinery in place to intervene before destruction.......The Jenner Affair is explosive, and what is happening right now only goes to show that there is corruption in the Westminster Society and that they can get away with it.....this Lord can and will walk away 'innocent' because he has used a system that works for the powerful!




SPECIAL NOTICE -- What you see here, is but a fifth of what there actually is. We have contributors/agents in Bristol, Glasgow, Hampshire and Bedfordshire, which leaves many areas, towns and villages out of our radar and reach -- so we do not see all press reports or incidents they publish -- even though we do try to access information from all other areas.



We shall come back soon with many more cases of unaccountable civil servants.





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